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  • Effect of Matrix Size on Lesion Detectability in CT Colonography  [in Japanese]

    Futamata Yoshihiro , Nishiyama Satoshi

    … <p><i>Objectives</i>: While computed tomography colonography (CTC) has become a non-invasive alternative to traditional colonoscopy, superficial lesions tend to be harder to detect, with reports of lesions <2 mm in height being missed. … Therefore, for the evaluation of lesion detectability using CTC, optimizing scan parameters becomes important. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 77(2), 135-144, 2021


  • An Improved Method of LIME for a Low-light Image Containing Bright Regions

    KOJIMA Seiichi , SUETAKE Noriaki

    … <p>LIME is a method for low-light image enhancement. … Though LIME significantly enhances the contrast in dark regions, the effect of contrast enhancement tends to be insufficient in bright regions. … In this letter, we propose an improved method of LIME. … In the proposed method, the contrast in bright regions are improved while maintaining the contrast enhancement effect in dark regions.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences, 2021


  • The Effect of Self-Monitoring on the Instability of Self-Image in Personality Disorder Attributes  [in Japanese]

    Kushibiki Natsuho , Mochizuki Satoshi

    <p>本研究の目的は,第一に境界性・自己愛性・演技性・回避性・依存性パーソナリティ障害傾向(PD傾向)と獲得的セルフ・モニタリング(獲得的SM)および防衛的セルフ・モニタリング(防衛的SM)との関連を検討すること,第二にPD傾向がSMを媒介して自己像の不安定性に及ぼす影響について検討することであった。大学生・大学院生297名を分析対象とした質問紙調査を行った。結果より,獲得的SMに対し …

    The Japanese Journal of Personality 29(3), 172-182, 2021


  • Making Changes of Subjects in ET Software Design Robot Contest and its Effect  [in Japanese]


    … ETRobcon (Embedded Technology software design robot contest) has held to disseminate modeling using UML (Unified modeling language) to embedded software engineers through the PBL of robot development. … Nowadays, a lot of new technologies such as AI, IoT, image processing are essential to create new business. … This paper describes the changes in ETRobocon and its effect. …

    Journal of JSEE 69(1), 1_59-1_64, 2021


  • A Pilot Study to Develop a New Method of Assisting Children in Taking Their Medication by Using Immersive Virtual Reality

    Niki Kazuyuki , Yasui Maki , Iguchi Maika , Isono Tomomi , Kageyama Hiroto , Ueda Mikiko

    … <p>Taking bitter-tasting drugs can be stressful for children who have underdeveloped swallowing skills and do not understand the meaning of medication. … Furthermore, the senses of vision and smell are known to majorly influence taste. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 44(2), 279-282, 2021


  • Flexoelectric Effect on Image Sticking Caused by Residual Direct Current Voltage and Flicker Phenomenon in Fringe-Field Switching Mode Liquid Crystal Display

    INOUE Daisuke , MIYAKE Tomomi , SUGIMOTO Mitsuhiro

    … <p>Although transmittance changes like a quadratic function due to the DC offset voltage in FFS mode LCD, its bottom position and flicker minimum DC offset voltage varies depending on the gray level due to the flexoelectric effect. … We demonstrated how the influence of the flexoelectric effect changes depending on the electrode width or black matrix position.</p> …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E104.C(2), 45-51, 2021


  • Relationship between resolution and partial volume effect among μCT, MDCT and SDCT

    MANO Teppei , HASHIMOTO Shigehiro , MACHIDA Masafumi , KIRIYAMA Yoshimori

    … <p>Partial volume effect is defined as the loss of accuracy for small objects caused by the low resolution of an imaging system. … With low resolution computed tomography (CT), the trabecular bone and cavity are mixed and the brightness representing each of the spaces is averaged. … In this study, the partial volume effect was evaluated for multi-detector row CT (MDCT) and single-detector row CT (SDCT) in comparison with micro CT (μCT). …

    Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering, 2021


  • Effect of flow in the circular 90-degree curved nozzles on ejecting oil jet behavior

    KAWAGUCHI Mikimasa , NITTA Goichi , MIMURA Keita , NISHIDA Keiya , KOUTOKU Masanobu , YAMAMOTO Ryo , NAKASHIMA Akira , OGATA Yoichi

    … <p>In general, technical methods for improving the thermal efficiency of an engine increase the heat load on peripheral components. … The nozzle of the oil jet is curved to minimize its size, and the jet interface between ambient air and oil fluctuates near the nozzle exit owing to the shape. … Few studies have investigated the behavior of oil jets ejecting from curved pipes. …

    Journal of Fluid Science and Technology 16(2), JFST0011-JFST0011, 2021


  • Influence of Image Reconstruction Method on Image Quality in Digital Breast Tomosynthesis  [in Japanese]

    Nishikawa Mami , Yoshimitsu Kengo , Tominaga Kaori , Ueno Tokitaka , Yasukawa Shiori , Hiroshige Kana , Mouri Kanako , Kozawa Yoshihiro , Uemura Tadahisa , Fujimitsu Ritsuko

    … <p><i>Purpose</i>: Digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) imaging uses two types of image reconstruction. … Although the effect of the difference in the image reconstruction method on the image quality has been reported, these studies were performed using different apparatus or conditions. …

    Japanese Journal of Radiological Technology 77(1), 14-22, 2021


  • A Study on Utilization of Social Media by Sponsoring Companies -Leading Factors of Sponsor Fit-  [in Japanese]

    Funaoka Tomohiro , Senoo Dai , Ho Bach

    <p>企業のマーケティング戦略の一環としてスポーツスポンサーシップへの関心が高まっている。企業の目的達成のためにソーシャルメディアを活用するスポンサー企業が増えている。この活用の効果を最大化するには、消費者が抱くスポンサー企業と支援されるチームや選手のイメージの適合度を示すスポンサーフィットの高さが重要になる。しかし、ソーシャルメディアのどのような内容がスポンサーフィットに影響を与える …

    Abstracts of Annual Conference of Japan Society for Management Information 202011(0), 174-177, 2021


  • Evaluating the Effect of Arterial Pulsation on Cerebrospinal Fluid Motion in the Sylvian Fissure of Patients with Middle Cerebral Artery Occlusion Using Low b-value Diffusion-weighted Imaging

    Taoka Toshiaki , Kawai Hisashi , Nakane Toshiki , Abe Takashi , Nakamichi Rei , Ito Rintaro , Sasaki Yutaro , Nishida Ayumi , Naganawa Shinji

    … <p>Purpose: Decrease in signal of the cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) on low b-value diffusion weighted image (DWI) due to non-uniform flow can provide additional information regarding CSF motion. …

    Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences, 2021


  • GAN-based Data Augmentation for Semantic Segmentation in Multiple Weathers  [in Japanese]

    NAKASHIMA Kodai , SATOH Yutaka , KATAOKA Hirokatsu

    … However, due to differences in frequency of occurrence, there is a bias in the number of data for each weather condition. … In this paper, we aim to improve the performance of semantic segmentation by designing a method that generates images of desired weather conditions and uses them for data augmentation. …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering 87(1), 107-113, 2021


  • Effects of Propeller Position and Rotation Direction on the Ishii Wing at a Low Reynolds Number

    FUJITA Koji , KURANE Kakeru , TAKAHASHI Koichi , NAGAI Hiroki

    … <p>The aerodynamic characteristics of a wing in a propeller slipstream were investigated at a low Reynolds number. … The effects of propeller position and rotation direction on the wing were clarified by aerodynamic measurements and particle image velocimetry. … The propeller positions were the center and tip of the wing model, whereas the rotation directions were clockwise and counterclockwise. …



  • [Invited Paper] Ambient Music Co-player: Generating Affective Video in Response to Impromptu Music Performance

    Fujishiro Issei , Kobayashi Anri

    … <p>When a musical instrument player performs music, the accompanying visual information can have a significant effect on the performance. … In this paper, we present an ambient music co-player (AMP) as a system that generates background videos in response to the impromptu performance of a single musical instrument player. … The AMP system evaluates the performance to interpret the real player's emotional impression and generates an influential video based on the results of the evaluation. …

    ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications 9(1), 2-12, 2021


  • [Paper] Droplet Formulation Method for Viscous Fluid Injection Considering the Effect of Liquid-Liquid Two-Phase Flow

    Natsume Takuya , Oishi Masamichi , Oshima Marie , Mukai Nobuhiko

    … <p>The study of fluid analysis includes many examples of particle methods such as SPH and MPS. … We have also performed a simulation and compared the results with those of a physical experiment in which viscous fluid was injected from a circular tube into a water tank in order to investigate the droplet formation process. … Previous studies used an interfacial tension model that could consider the influence of the other phase in two-phase flow. …

    ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications 9(1), 33-41, 2021


  • [Paper] Autostereoscopic Displays with Time-multiplexed Directional Backlight Using Curved Lens Arrays

    Borjigin Garimagai , Kakeya Hideki

    … A high level of stereoscopic crosstalk is the main problem to be solved in the conventional systems. … To reduce crosstalk, we propose a directional backlight system that suppresses the effect of field curvature only with a single layer of curved lens array. …

    ITE Transactions on Media Technology and Applications 9(1), 80-85, 2021


  • Effect of Anisotropic Thermal Conductivity of Graphite Flakes and Interfacial Thermal Resistance on the Effective Thermal Conductivity of Graphite Flakes/Aluminum Composites

    Zhao Yan , Sugio Kenjiro , Choi Yongbum , Gen Sasaki , Xu Zhefeng , Yu Jinku

    … <p>The effective thermal conductivity (ETC) of graphite flake (GF)/Al composites is significantly influenced by the anisotropic thermal conductivity of GFs and the interfacial thermal resistance between both components. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 62(1), 98-104, 2021


  • Visuo-spatial Working Memory and Processing of Auditorily Presented Articles by Chinese Learners of Japanese Language: An Experimental Analysis Using Spatial Tapping Task  [in Japanese]

    林 韻

    … The purpose of this study is to investigate whether visuo-spatial working memory (WM) is involved in the processing of spatial passages auditorily presented to the Chinese advanced learners of Japanese language. … Free-recall task and true/false judgment test were used to check the comprehension and memorization of the texts. …

    広島大学大学院人間社会科学研究科紀要. 教育学研究 (1), 549-557, 2020-12-25

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  • Downsizing of Sugarcane Harvesting and Transportation System on Minami Daitojima and Kita Daitoujima Islands in Okinawa Prefecture : Effect of Soil Compaction on Early Growth of Sugarcane Stalk and Root  [in Japanese]

    赤地 徹 , 恩田 聡 , 戒能 亜紀 , 米須 勇人 , 玉城 麿 , 井上 英二

    農作業研究 = Japanese journal of farm work research 55(4), 247-255, 2020-12

  • High Thermal and Interaction with Convective Cloud Based from Boundary Layer Radar, Himawari-8 and Time Lapse Camera Observation (Case Study: 11 September 2018)

    NUGROHO Ginaldi Ari , YAMAGUCHI Kosei , NAKAKITA Eiichi , YAMAMOTO Masayuki /KAWAMURA Seiji

    … Multiple observation to observe cloud microphysics are conducted in one of location in Kobe urban area of Japan. … In this period of high thermal, temperature observation from two nearest AWS showed increase of temperature value. … In order to analyze whether there is any effect of this high thermal towards the cumulus cloud, wavelet coherency is used. …

    京都大学防災研究所年報. B = Disaster Prevention Research Institute Annuals. B 63(B), 209-216, 2020-12


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