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  • Recognition of happiness from subjective, psychological and neuroimaging points of view

    Bando Hiroshi

    … Both of effective and functional connectivity of the right precuneus were positively associated with SHS scores. …

    Journal of Psychology and Clinical Psychiatry 11(2), 56-58, 2020-04-30


  • The Effects on Preschool Teachers' Qualifications and Abilities Assessed through Story-Telling and Social Skills Education from the Perspective of the Transition from Pre to Primary School  [in Japanese]

    本田 真大

    … The purpose of the present study was to examine the effects on qualifications and abilities as preschool teachers through conducting the story-telling and social skills education from the view point of the connectivity from pre to primary school. … This suggested that repeating the evaluations and improvemtents through the training of story-telling and social skills education in the seminar is effective in enhancing several traits and skills of preschool teachers. …

    北海道教育大学紀要. 教育科学編 70(2), 33-42, 2020-02


  • Novel genomic resources for shelled pteropods: a draft genome and target capture probes for Limacina bulimoides, tested for cross-species relevance

    Le Qin Choo , Thijs M. P. Bal , Marvin Choquet , Irina Smolina , Paula Ramos-Silva , Ferdinand Marlétaz , Martina Kopp , Galice Hoarau , Katja T. C. A. Peijnenburg

    … In order to gain insight into their adaptive potential to future environmental changes, it is critical to use adequate molecular tools to delimit species and population boundaries and to assess their genetic connectivity. … CONCLUSION: The target capture protocol used in this study was effective in capturing genome-wide variation in the focal species L. …

    BMC Genomics 21(1), 11, 2020-01-03


  • Evaluation of neural networks in the brain during word silent reading/recalling by magnetoencephalographic imaginary coherence analysis  [in Japanese]

    Tsuyuguchi Naohiro , Igasaki Tomohiko , Murayama Nobuki

    <p>最近の研究では, 言語野のネットワークに関して前方言語野 (Broca) と後方言語野 (Wernicke) を結合する弓状束ばかりでなく, 上縦束や下前頭後頭束など多岐にわたるネットワークの存在が明らかにされている。脳磁図 (MEG) を用いた報告によれば, 言語課題により前方言語野にβおよび低γ波帯活動が検出されている。しかし, 後方言語野を含めたネットワークは完全には解明さ …

    Japanese Journal of Clinical Neurophysiology 48(3), 113-120, 2020


  • Resting-state brain functional connectivity in patients with chronic pain who responded to subanesthetic-dose ketamine

    Motoyama Yasushi , Oshiro Yoshitetsu , Takao Yumiko , Sato Hitoaki , Obata Norihiko , Izuta Shinichiro , Mizobuchi Satoshi , Kan Shigeyuki

    … however, it is still unknown as to what types of chronic pain is ketamine effective against. … To identify the effect of administration of subanesthetic-dose ketamine in patients with chronic pain and to clarify the mechanism of the effect, we retrospectively investigated brain functional connectivity using resting-state functional magnetic resonance imaging (rs-fMRI). … We compared the differences in terms of brain functional connectivity by seed-to-voxel correlation analysis. …

    Scientific Reports (9), 12912, 2019-09-09


  • Resting-state neural activity and connectivity associated with subjective happiness

    Sato Wataru , Kochiyama Takanori , Uono Shota , Sawada Reiko , Kubota Yasutaka , Yoshimura Sayaka , Toichi Motomi

    幸福の脳活動を解明 --大脳右楔前部の安静時活動が低いほど主観的幸福得点が高い--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2019-08-26.

    Scientific Reports (9), 2019-08-20


  • The neural tides of sleep and consciousness revealed by single-pulse electrical brain stimulation

    Usami Kiyohide , Korzeniewska Anna , Matsumoto Riki , Kobayashi Katsuya , Hitomi Takefumi , Matsuhashi Masao , Kunieda Takeharu , Mikuni Nobuhiro , Kikuchi Takayuki , Yoshida Kazumichi , Miyamoto Susumu , Takahashi Ryosuke , Ikeda Akio , Crone Nathan E

    Wakefulness and sleep arise from global changes in brain physiology that may also govern the flow of neural activity between cortical regions responsible for perceptual processing vs planning and acti …

    Sleep 42(6), 2019-06


  • Elasto-plastic 3D FE analysis of the seismic behavior in culvert longitudinal direction of three-hinge type of precast arch culverts

    Miyazaki Y. , Sawamura Y. , Kishida K. , Kimura M.

    … However, there is no effective seismic evaluation method available in the current design criteria of the precast arch culverts for the observed damages correlated with the inertial force to the longitudinal direction. … As the results, the seismic behavior in the longitudinal direction of the precast arch culverts is controlled by their longitudinal, structural connectivity and confining stress of the culverts from the embankment. …

    Proceedings of the Symposium of the International Association for Computer Methods and Advances in Geomechanics (IACMAG), 2019-03


  • The effects of resistance training on bone mineral density and bone quality in type 2 diabetic rats

    Ikedo Aoi , Kido Kohei , Ato Satoru , Sato Koji , Lee Ji-Won , Fujita Satoshi , Imai Yuuki

    … Resistance training (RT) has been known to be effective in maintaining and improving bone strength, which is based on bone mineral density (BMD) and bone quality. … However, it is not clear whether RT is effective in improving bone strength in patients with type-2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM), who have a high risk of fracture. … In contrast, connectivity density and structural model index were not affected by RT. …

    Physiological Reports 7(6), e14046, 2019-03


  • Study on life-extending repair plan of road bridges considering emergency transportation road connectivity under disaster  [in Japanese]

    Ogawa Fukutsugu , Chikata Yasuo

    … Therefore, it is necessary to formulate the life-extending repair plan considering connectivity of road network. … In this study, an effective maintenance plan of the bridges is simulated in consideration of the connectivity of the network by the increased risk of damage at the time of disaster due to deterioration of the bridges. …

    Journal of Structural Engineering, A 65A(0), 121-129, 2019


  • Common neural network for different functions: an investigation of proactive and reactive inhibition  [in Japanese]

    ZHANG FAN , 岩木 直

    … Bayesian model selection (BMS) showed that causal connectivity from the IFG to the SMA was modulated by both proactive and reactive inhibition. … We then compared 13 DCMs representing the alternative hypotheses of proactive modulation, and BMS revealed that the effective connectivity from the caudate to the IFG is modulated only in the proactive inhibition condition but not in the reactive inhibition. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual57(Abstract), S28_1-S28_1, 2019


  • Transport Mechanism and Distribution of Melt in Earth and Planetary Interiors  [in Japanese]

    YOSHINO Takashi

    … Melt migration in solid media is controlled by melt connectivity. … A traditional way to determine melt connectivity is determination of dihedral angle by quench experiments. … Recently, in situ X-ray radiographic observation or electrical conductivity measurement are developing as effective ways to determine melt morphology. …

    The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology 29(2), 94-102, 2019


  • Determination of Transit Service Accessibility Standard for Intercity Bus Passengers

    Abdullah Ashari , Yudono Ananto , Adisasmita Sakti Adji , Akil Arifuddin

    … <p>Intercity bus terminals function as transit facilities that tend to be less effective. … The connectivity factor is consideration of the passengers' needs (Abdullah et al., 2018), one of its indicators is accessibility to or from the transit location. …

    International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development 7(2), 92-105, 2019

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  • Cerebellar Cognitive Affective Syndrome Improved by Donepezil

    Nishida Yoichiro , Hizume Masaki , Fumimura Yuichi , Ichikawa Tadashi

    … Although CCAS has a high prevalence, the precise mechanism and effective medications are unknown. … Some projections with cholinergic transmission might form a functional connectivity between the cerebellum and contralateral association cortices, and cholinergic dysfunction is involved in CCAS pathophysiology. …

    Internal Medicine 58(7), 1003-1006, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • On-Demand Generalization of Road Networks Based on Facility Search Results

    YAMAMOTO Daisuke , MURASE Masaki , TAKAHASHI Naohisa

    … However, in the case of facility search in a web map service, for example, a "restaurant guide map," a road generalization mechanism can be more effective if it depends not only on the stroke length but also on the facility search results. … The system evaluation results are based on three indicators, namely, response time of the road generalization system, connectivity between strokes, and connectivity between stroke and facilities. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(1), 93-103, 2019


  • Elastic Channel Utilization Against External Radio Interference on SDN-Enabled Multi-Radio Wireless Backhaul Networks

    Taenaka Yuzo , Tsukamoto Kazuya

    … The densification of small cells on wireless networks is required to handle a lot of traffic for the cloud-based ICT services but inevitably needs a WBN to provide network connectivity at every cell. … Although such countermeasures are effective to avoid an external radio interference, it could be less effective in terms of resource utilization because the interfered channel may still remain resource. …

    2018 IEEE 7th International Conference on Cloud Networking (CloudNet), 2018-10


  • Proposal of Extraction and Validity Evaluation Method of Observe-items for In-vehicle Systems  [in Japanese]

    森田 伸義 , 川口 信隆 , 井手口 恒太 , 萱島 信

    車載システムの電動化およびインターネット等を介した車外端末との通信が増加している.これにともない,自動車を対象としたセキュリティ攻撃が危惧されており,実際に車載システムを狙った脅威事例が報告されている.このような脅威への対策として,車載システムのセキュリティ設計/実装時の事前対策だけでなく,セキュリティ運用時の事後対策も重要になりつつある.しかしながら,車載システムは,脅威の監視項目が明確になって …

    情報処理学会論文誌 59(9), 1709-1725, 2018-09-15


  • A simple framework for planning emergency routes in small townships in response to earthquake disasters  [in Japanese]

    Ichii Koji , Yu Nandar Hlaing

    … The framework comprises an estimation method for road damages and connectivity of the road network to hospitals. … The results found that the proposed framework is simple, but effective for predicting future aspects of disaster mitigation, particularly in developing countries where precise data are not available or not reliable. …

    社会安全学研究 = Safety science review (8), 43-54, 2018-03-31


  • Urban Growth in Himalaya: Understanding the Process and Options for Sustainable Development <Article>

    Tiwari Prakash C. , Tiwari Abhinav , Joshi Bhagwati

    … More recently, comparatively less accessible areas have also come under the process of rapid urbanization mainly owing to improved road connectivity, publicity and marketing of new tourist sites and the resultant growth of domestic as well as international tourism; … Effective land use policies need to be evolved and implemented for the protection and conservation of forests, biodiversity, water resources and agricultural land. …

    Journal of Urban and Regional Studies on Contemporary India 4(2), 15-27, 2018-03

    IR  DOI 

  • RSU Placement Method Considering Some Road Elements Effecting Information Dissemination  [in Japanese]

    五味 和良 , 岡部 友介 , 重野 寛

    高度交通システム(ITS)では,道路上に基地局として設置してある路側通信設備(RSU)が通信に参加する路車間通信は車車間通信の弱い接続性を改善することが期待されている.しかし,RSUは多く配置しすぎると道路上のパケット衝突が発生してしまうため効率的な配置が必要になる.現在,交通量に着目してRSUを配置するという手法が多く提案されているが,建物による電波遮蔽が発生する環境において,必ずしも交通量のみ …

    情報処理学会論文誌 59(2), 519-527, 2018-02-15


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