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  • Cauer ladder network representation of a nonlinear eddy-current field using a first-order approximation

    Eskandari Hamed , Matsuo Tetsuji

    … When there are nonlinear magnetic materials in the analysis domain, the electric and magnetic modes and their corresponding values for resistors and inductors in the CLN may vary according to the level of saturation in the core. … Considering the effects of the modes and their magnitudes on the saturation imposes a heavy computational burden, which brings the efficiency of the CLN method into question. …

    IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 56(2), 2020-02


  • Quantitative Analysis of Residual Hydrogen on Platinum Surface by Atom Probe

    Chen Sunwei , Murakami Ryo , Araki Koya , Owari Masanori

    … <p>The paper reports results of a systematic investigation of electric field effects on residual H signals in atom probe analysis. … ions are more likely to be detected at a higher electric field. … ions appear at the lower electric field. … coexist on the Pt surface and desorb at an appropriate electric field.</p> …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 18(0), 127-132, 2020


  • Numerical Modeling and Assessment of Human Exposure to Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Fields Used for Wireless Communication System Installed on a Smart Meter  [in Japanese]

    Shiina Takeo , Yamazaki Kenichi

    … In an exposure guideline, the specific absorption rate (SAR) is used as a measure of the thermal effects of human exposure to electromagnetic fields. … Although the low-power wireless communication device used for the smart meter inherently complies with the exposure guideline, the assessment of the RF electromagnetic field exposure is useful to deepen our understanding of human safety. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 140(4), 207-216, 2020


  • Numerical Analysis of Bubble Behavior and Pressure Rise Phenomena Due to Arc under Insulating Oil in Closed Vessel  [in Japanese]

    Tadokoro Tomo , Kotari Masashi , Ohtaka Toshiya , Iwata Mikimasa , Tanaka Yasuhiro

    … <p>When a fault arc occurs in oil-filled electric power equipment, it generates a flammable pyrolysis bubble. … The model is based on the Rayleigh-Plesset equation which expresses single bubble behavior in liquid to a driving pressure field with consideration of the evaporation/condensation phenomena of the bubble surface and the oil flux. … Furthermore, the authors append physical properties of gas and effects of arc energy into the bubble based on measurement and calculation results. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 140(4), 230-240, 2020


  • Development of a three-dimensional direct current electric field stimulation bioreactor to enhance the axonal outgrowth and control the axonal orientation

    NAKAMACHI Eiji , TANAKA Shohei , YAMAMOTO Koji , MORITA Yusuke , OKITA Manabu

    … <p>Until now, numerous studies on the effects of electrical stimulation on nerve cell activation in a cell culture have been conducted. … In this study, we developed a novel 3D direct current electric field (DCEF) stimulation bioreactor, which can uniformly stimulate cultured nerve cells for a long period. …

    Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering, 2020


  • Dose Rate Measurement of X-rays emitted from Crookes Tube with Leaf Electroscope  [in Japanese]

    Mori Chizuo , Kamiya Hitoshi , Sagou Yutaka , Miyakawa Toshiharu , Tanaka Ryuichi , Kakefu Tomohisa , Moriyama Masaki , Ogata Yoshimune , Akiyoshi Masafumi , Usui Toshiya , Murakami Kohsuke , Hazumi Daisuke , Nakamura Yoshiyuki , Watanabe Kenichi , Uritani Akira

    <p>高等学校などで使用されているクルックス管は,一般的に漏洩X線を発生している。X線の線量率の測定に,これらの学校が保有している箔検電器を使う方法を提案した。箔検電器の箔の開き角は電極に与えられた電位に依存して変化する。この電位はX線によって空気中に作られたイオンを集めて減少し箔は閉じて行く。しかし,空気中のイオン密度は周辺の電位や風,および箔検電器に荷電する電荷の正負の影響も受ける …

    RADIOISOTOPES 69(1), 1-12, 2020


  • Difference of Lethal Effect for Cell Type at Applying High Frequency Burst Pulse for Cancer Treatment  [in Japanese]

    Sato Hiromi , Minamitani Yasushi , Ohnishi Nobuaki , Fujiwara Yusuke , Katsuki Sunao

    … <p>Cancer treatment by ultra-short pulse high electric field is one of new biological applications. … This work focuses on difference of effects caused at applying the pulse to different types of cells for realizing cancer treatment via ultra-short pulse electric field. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 140(1), 29-35, 2020


  • Nonadiabatic Effects on Beam-Quality Parameters for Frequency-Tunable Gyrotrons

    Cheng-Hung Tsai , Tsun-Hsu Chang , Yuusuke Yamaguchi , Toshitaka Idehara

    … The proposed gun takes advantage of the non-adiabatic electron motion during the acceleration of electrons by placing an emitter on the concave region of the cathode with a relatively weak electric field. … The rapid change of the beam-quality parameters within the non-adiabatic section is associated with the significant change of the electric field near the cathode. …

    IEEE Transactions on Electron Devices, 1-6, 2019-12-16


  • ACTUAL CONDITIONS OF ILLUMINANCE/LUMINANCE DISTRIBUTION AND WORKERS' EVALUATION UNDER 'SETSUDEN':The impact of power-saving measures on office lighting in 2011, Part 2  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIZAWA Nozomu , MOCHIZUKI Etsuko , IWATA Toshie

    … In the summer 2011, the electric power consumption had to be reduced by 15 percent or more in office buildings in the eastern half of the Japanese mainland including the Tokyo metropolitan area and workers in the office spaces experienced different light environment than before the earthquake. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (758), 385-395, 2019-04


  • Development of novel one-step, fully automated in-situ hybridization of HER2 using non-contact alternating current electric field mixing

    Mizusawa Kaori , Imai Kazuhiro , Nanjo Hiroshi , Akagami Yoichi , Nakamura Ryuta , Wakamatsu Yuki , Sato Yusuke , Motoyama Satoru , Minamiya Yoshihiro

    … However, the lack of survival benefit in HER2-negative patients as well as the toxic effects and high cost of these drugs highlight the need for accurate and prompt assessment of HER2 status. … This method takes advantage of the non-contact mixing effect of an alternating current electric field. …

    秋田医学 = AKITA JOURNAL OF MEDICINE 45(3/4), 139-145, 2019-03-31

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  • Broadband THz absorption spectrometer based on excitonic nonlinear optical effects

    Majeed Avan , Ivanov Pavlo , Stevens Benjamin , Clarke Edmund , Butler Iain , Childs David , Kojima Osamu , Hogg Richard

    … The symmetry of the quantum wells (QWs) is broken by utilizing the built-in electric-field across a p-i-n junction to produce effective χ(2) processes, which are derived from the high χ(3). …

    Light: science & Applications (8), 29, 2019-03-13


  • Effect of electric field on the formation of semiclathrate hydrate  [in Japanese]

    UENAKAMURA Yuya , HIRATUKA Masaki , ITO Shinichiro

    … In crystals of polar molecules such as ice and hydrate, it has been reported that the electric field and current given to the system have two effects. … In particular, semi-clathrate hydrate is known to contain ions such as TBA, and it is thought that effects different from ice and hydrate are also exhibited. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), S06109P, 2019


  • Development of novel lapping technique for hard brittle material substrate using Electric Field assisted Polishing  [in Japanese]

    CHIBA Shogo , KUSUMI Takayuki , AKAGAMI Yoichi

    … This research aims to develop a novel damage less and high efficiency mechanical polishing technique for advanced crystal substrate using resin pad and Electric Field assisted Polishing. … In this report, the effects of electric field frequency on removal rate on large scale polishing machine was experimentally examined. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), S00103, 2019


  • Mathematical Modeling of a Polymer Jet in the Electrospinning Process  [in Japanese]

    NARUSHIMA Takeshi , TOJO Takehiko

    … We therefore performed consistent simulations for the straight and the whipping motion and obtained a reasonable result by applying a practical external electric field and aerodynamic effects. …

    Journal of Textile Engineering 65(5), 91-95, 2019


  • High-Voltage and Plasma Applications for Agriculture, Fishery and Food Processing  [in Japanese]

    TAKAKI Koichi , TAKAHASHI Katsuyuki

    … Pulsed high-voltage produces intense high-electric field which can cause some biological effects such as stress response (stimulation) and electroporation. … Types of pulsed power that also have biological effects are caused with gas and water discharges which include reactive species such as ROS and RNS. … The electrostatic effects can contribute to remove airborne bacteria and fungi spore from the storage house and container. …



  • Study of Fabrication of Rubber Sensor Having Simultaneously Piezo, Photovoltaic Effects And Capacitance:-New Adhesion Technique between Electric Wires And Rubber-  [in Japanese]

    SHIMADA Kunio , SAGA Norihiko

    … It is feasible to have the rubber many functions involving Piezo- and photovoltaic effects, and capacitance by utilizing a magnetic compound fluid (MCF) into a diene-type rubber, natural rubber (NR) or chloroprene rubber (CR). … In addition, at the fabrication of the sensor with using MCF rubber, the adhesion of electrodes or electric wires on the rubber is so important that the conductivity between the rubber and the electrodes should not be reduced. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2019(0), 1P1-U06, 2019



    Wang Zhuang , Cai Jiejin

    … In this paper, a new method based on Bayesian inference to reconstruct the radiation field on nuclear facilities is proposed. … At first, the net function interpolation method is used to reconstruct the radiation field on the basis of the observed data. … Considering the effects of radiation shielding, the radiation field near the shields should be reconstructed. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 1347, 2019


  • The Commercialization of Fruit Juice Production by using High Electric Field AC Sterilization Technology  [in Japanese]

    INOUE Takashi , OSAWA Naoki , NISHIKAWA Hidetsugu

    <p>交流高電界技術とは電気抵抗をもつ食品に流れる電流により材料自身が発熱するジュール加熱と高電界の印加により微生物の細胞膜に物理的な損傷を与える高電界の相乗効果により,微生物を瞬間的に死滅させる技術である.</p><p>我々は,交流高電界の殺菌メカニズム解明や食品に適した電極開発およびスケールアップによる電極,装置の耐久性試験を行い,2014年に毎時5,000 …

    Japan Journal of Food Engineering 20(4), 131-136, 2019


  • [101]-Oriented (Li,Na,K) NbO<sub>3</sub> ceramics prepared by magnetic field-assisted forming, sintering, and electric poling

    ONO Yuuki , HARADA Tomohiro , SHIMIZU Hiroyuki , DOSHIDA Yutaka , HONMA Tsuyoshi , TANAKA Satoshi

    … ceramics (LNKN) were fabricated using a colloidal method under a strong magnetic field, sintering, and subsequent electrical poling. … powder compact, which has a monoclinic phase at room temperature, the (-101) planes were oriented perpendicular to the magnetic field. … Furthermore, crystal reorientation was enhanced by domain switching under an electric field. …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 127(12), 887-892, 2019


  • Numerical Estimation on the Threshold of Nerve Excitation Phenomena by the Application of Current with Multiple Frequencies based on Frankenhaeuser-Huxley Model  [in Japanese]

    Makino Kei , Suzuki Yukihisa , Taki Masao

    … However, there is no literature which estimated the threshold of electromagnetic field exposure of multiple frequencies. … The Frankenhaeuser-Huxley model was employed to analyze nerve excitation effects. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 139(12), 672-678, 2019


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