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  • Haptic priming effects by visually-induced haptic experience  [in Japanese]

    Abe Keiga

     This study examined the effects of haptic stimuli through visual stimuli in interpersonal behavior. The experiment participants were divided into three groups. The "harsh" group experienced hars …

    Cognitive Studies: Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society 27(1), 63-68, 2020


  • Sense of Agency Revisited and Extended  [in Japanese]

    今泉 修

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 119(167), 35-38, 2019-08-20

  • The Modern Interpretation of the Ideology between Man and Nature in the Ballet The Crane Calling  [in Japanese]

    郭 琦琪 , Guo Qiqi

    … Combined with the cultural meaning of the associated crane, this thesis discusses the contemporary cognition of the ideal of harmony between human and nature which is embodied in the Crane Calling. …

    名古屋大学人文学フォーラム (2), 17-32, 2019-03-31

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  • Traffic symbol recognition modulates bodily actions

    Iriguchi Mayuko , Fujimura Rumi , Koda Hiroki , Masataka Nobuo

    … The traffic signals are clearly thought to assist in producing bodily actions such as going forward or stopping, and the combination of symbolic recognition through visual perception and production of bodily actions could be one example of embodied cognition. … Our findings may thus reveal an example of embodied cognition in visual perception of traffic signals. …

    PLOS ONE 14(3), 2019-03-25


  • Towards embodied cognition in visually handicapped people  [in Japanese]

    月元 敬

    岐阜大学教育学部特別支援教育センター年報 (26), 17-23, 2019-03

  • Questionable research practices following pre-registration open

    IKEDA Ayumi , XU Haoqin , FUJI Naoto , ZHU Siqi , YAMADA Yuki

    心理学評論 = Japanese psychological review 62(3), 281-295, 2019

  • Goodness of the side of the dominant hand : A registered direct replication of Casasanto (2009)  [in Japanese]

    佐々木 恭志郎 , 米満 文哉 , 山田 祐樹

    心理学評論 = Japanese psychological review 62(3), 262-271, 2019

  • BoK2019, Art and Embodied Cognition  [in Japanese]

    三村 尚彦

    現象学年報 = Jahrbuch der Japanischen Gesellschaft für Phänomenologie = Annual review of the Phenomenological Association of Japan = Annuaire de l'Association Japonaise des Pnénoménologues (35), 131-133, 2019

  • 複合環境評価研究における身体化認知の意味合い  [in Japanese]

    MATSUBARA Naoki , AKADA Tomoya , GASSHO Akira , SHIBATA Yoshie , KATO Shoko

    MERA Journal 22(1), 4-4, 2019


  • Mechanisms of chronic pain  [in Japanese]

    Morioka Shu

    … In addition, patients with chronic pain often develop "learned–nonuse," a condition in which affected limbs are not used because of misinterpretation (distorted cognition) that movements cause pain. … The comparator model is involved in the embodied brain system. …

    Neurological Therapeutics 36(4), 501-504, 2019


  • Development of Software that Supports Learning Solar Diurnal Motion from a Ground-level Perspective and its Effects  [in Japanese]

    MATSUOKA Kohei , KUZUOKA Hideaki , KUBOTA Yoshihiko , KANAI Tsukasa , SUZUKI Hideyuki , KATO Hiroshi

    <p>Among science education areas at junior high school, astronomy learning is difficult because it requires learners to understand phenomena from both a ground-level perspective and a space pers …

    Journal of Science Education in Japan 43(4), 308-322, 2019


  • Climbing to yourself: A New Perspective on Motor Heuristics and Embodied Choices

    RAAB Markus

    … Similarly, I extend the concept of embodied cognition, that has been tested in simple sensorimotor processes changing decisions, to complex sport behavior coining the term embodied choices. … Thus both motor heuristics and embodied choices explain complex behavior such as studied in sport and exercise psychology (Raab, 2017).</p><p> …

    Japan Society of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences Conference Proceedings 70(0), 41_2-41_2, 2019


  • The Effect of High-Power Posing on Discount Rate at Which People Discount Future Payoffs  [in Japanese]

    Hirota Atsushi , Ichikawa Jun , Hayakawa Hirofumi , Nishizaki Yukiko , Oka Natsuki

    … This study focused on embodied cognition for adjusting discount rate easily and solving problems mentioned above. …

    Cognitive Studies: Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society 26(2), 231-242, 2019


  • Ghost Engineering: Designing Our Cognitive Functions by Modifying Our Body  [in Japanese]

    Narumi Takuji

    … Recent embodied cognition studies revealed that our mind can be influenced by the states and recognition of our bodies. …

    Cognitive Studies 26(1), 14-29, 2019


  • Nudge with a forward posture:~manipulation of a decision-making environment will enhance willingness to change one's attitude~  [in Japanese]

    SHIRASUNA Masaru , HONDA Hidehito , UEDA Kazuhiro

    <p>ナッジおよび身体性認知の先行研究に基づき、本研究では新たなタイプのナッジとして、意思決定環境が作り出した体勢から、特定の意思決定を促すことを提案した。本稿では、前傾体勢が実際に意思決定に影響を与えるのか、またもし与えるとしたら、どのような意思決定がより影響されるのかについて、それぞれ検討することを目的とした。2つの行動実験を通して、実験参加者の前傾体勢が意思決定を、とりわけ自身の …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 1G3OS13a04-1G3OS13a04, 2019


  • The Influence of Visual Heaviness on the Perception of Scarcity  [in Japanese]

    Hiraki Ikumi , Togawa Taku

    <p>身体化認知理論への注目により,感覚が消費者行動に及ぼすさまざまな影響が明らかになっている。本稿では,製品の希少性知覚に対して視覚的重さが及ぼす影響を検討する。製品パッケージのカラー(実験1)と製品画像の掲載位置(実験2)を操作した2つの実験を通して,視覚的重さの経験は,当該製品に対する希少性知覚へ影響を及ぼすことが明らかにされた。さらに,視覚的重さが希少性知覚へ及ぼす影響は,製品 …

    Japan Marketing Journal 38(4), 35-46, 2019


  • The past in the left hand, and the future in the right hand : An embodied timeline of memory  [in Japanese]

    内木 智美 , 月元 敬 , ナイキ トモミ , ツキモト タカシ , NAIKI Tomomi , TSUKIMOTO Takashi

    岐阜大学教育学部研究報告. 人文科学 = Annual report of the Faculty of Education, Gifu University. 岐阜大学教育学部 編 68(1), 131-138, 2019


  • Motor experience forms a representation in perceptual-motor systems  [in Japanese]

    乾 信之 , Nobuyuki INUI

    … From such embodied cognition perspective, it seems that motor experience can impact high-level cognitive activities (e.g. language or physics comprehension).This idea carries strong educational implications. …

    鳴門教育大学研究紀要 鳴門教育大学 編 34, 356-372, 2019

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  • 嫌いなヤツにはあえて近づけ:―接近・回避行動の反復による対人印象の変化―  [in Japanese]

    Numata Keitaro , Hori Mayuko , Shimazaki Tsuneo

    JAPANESE JOURNAL OF RESEARCH ON EMOTIONS 26(Supplement), os15-os15, 2018


  • Understanding the Diurnal Motion of the Sun by 360° Panoramic Video: Evaluating Embodied Cognition  [in Japanese]

    KANAI Tsukasa , KUBOTA Yoshihiko , KAWASAKI Kyosuke , MATSUOKA Kouhei , KUZUOKA Hideaki , SUZUKI Hideyuki , KATO Hiroshi

    … This study aims to help students comprehend the diurnal motion of the sun using a 360° panoramic video, based on the body motion, which traces the motion of the sun. In Practice 1, the effect of the embodied cognition was confirmed using the 360° panoramic video. … It is presumed that one of the causes of the results is the necessity of advanced cognition in order to comprehend the diurnal motion viewed from the ground based on overlooking one's own posture.</p> …

    Journal of Science Education in Japan 42(4), 290-300, 2018


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