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    阿久津 英憲 , 萩原 悠介 , 鶴田 覚

    日本外科学会雑誌 = Journal of Japan Surgical Society 122(1), 57-61, 2021

  • Zbtb7a and Zbtb7b: Opening naïve loci to reprogram ESCs

    Cao Hua , Huang Hong , Tang Huifang

    … <p>Bone morphogenetic protein 4 (BMP4) was recently reported to confer reprogramming capability to embryonic stem cells (ESCs) by reactivating naïve pluripotency genes <i>via</i> … The Zbtb7 family members were first introduced in the context of PNT and stem cell fate decision-making. … These findings provide valuable information on acquiring naïve pluripotent stem cells for regenerative medicine. …

    BioScience Trends, 2021


  • Lipid droplets are formed in 2-cell-like cells

    FURUTA Asuka , NAKAMURA Toshinobu

    … <p>Embryonic stem (ES) cells, derived from the inner cell mass of a blastocyst, are believed to pluripotent cells and give rise to embryonic, but not extraembryonic, tissues. … In mice, totipotent 2-cell stage embryo-like (2-cell-like) cells, which are identified by reactivation of murine endogenous retrovirus with leucin transfer RNA primer (MuERV-L), arise at a very few frequencies in ES cell cultures. …

    Journal of Reproduction and Development, 2021


  • Establishment of a novel method for the production of chimeric mouse embryos using water-in-oil droplets

    Imai Hiroyuki , Tsuda Soichiro , Iwamori Tokuko , Kano Kiyoshi , Kusakabe Ken Takeshi , Ono Etsuro

    … In the aggregation method, the chimeras are produced by co-culturing embryos and stem cells, and keeping them physically adhered, although it may not be an assured method for producing chimeric embryos. … In the injection method, the chimeras are produced by injecting stem cells into the zona pellucida using microcapillaries; …

    Experimental Animals 70(1), 84-90, 2021


  • HGF/c-Met signaling regulates early differentiation of placental trophoblast cells

    MA Yeling , YU Xin , LI Yu-xia , WANG Yan-Ling

    … hybridization assay, we elaborately demonstrated the spatial-temporal expression of HGF and c-Met in mouse placenta from E5.5, the very early stage after embryonic implantation, to E12.5, when the placental structure is well developed. … By utilizing the induced differentiation model of mouse trophoblast stem cells (mTSCs), we found that HGF significantly promoted mTSC differentiation into syncytiotrophoblasts (STBs) and invasive parietal trophoblast giant cells (PTGCs). …

    Journal of Reproduction and Development, 2021


  • Neural induction: Historical views and application to pluripotent stem cells

    Sasai Noriaki , Kadoya Minori , Chen Agnes Ong Lee

    Embryonic stem (ES) cells are a useful experimental material to recapitulate the differentiation steps of early embryos, which are usually invisible and inaccessible from outside of the body, especially in mammals. … ES cells have greatly facilitated the analyses of gene expression profiles and cell characteristics. …

    Development, Growth & Differentiation, 2020-12-02


  • Sequential peripheral enrichment of H2A.Zac and H3K9me2 during trophoblast differentiation in human embryonic stem cells  [in Japanese]

    Kafer Georgia Rose , Tanaka Yoshihisa , Rillo-Bohn Regina , Shimizu Eiko , Hasegawa Kouichi , Carlton Peter M.

    … Here, using high-resolution microscopy and quantitative image analysis, we surveyed a panel of histone modifications for changes in nuclear peripheral enrichment during differentiation of human embryonic stem cells to a trophoblast-like lineage. …

    Journal of Cell Science 133(24), 2020-11-16


  • Diphtheria toxin-mediated transposon-driven poly (A)-trapping efficiently disrupts transcriptionally silent genes in embryonic stem cells

    Bai Jie , Kondo Ryohei , Mayasari N. Ika , Shigeoka Toshiaki , Isotani Ayako , Ikawa Masahito , Sashida Goro , Kawaichi Masashi , Ishida Yasumasa

    … Diphtheria toxin‐mediated transposon‐driven poly (A)‐trapping efficiently disrupts transcriptionally silent genes in embryonic stem cells. … gene trapping is the application of insertional mutagenesis techniques that are conventionally used to inactivate protein-coding genes in mouse embryonic stem (ES) cells. …

    Genesis 58(9), e23386, 2020-09-16


  • Bidirectional Wnt signaling between endoderm and mesoderm confers tracheal identity in mouse and human cells

    Kishimoto Keishi , Furukawa Tamura Kana , Luz-Madrigal Agustin , Yamaoka Akira , Matsuoka Chisa , Habu Masanobu , Alev Cantas , Zorn Aaron M. , Morimoto Mitsuru

    呼吸器の発生をつかさどるメカニズムの解明 --発生現象の発見に基づくES細胞から気管組織の作出へ--. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2020-09-03.

    Nature Communications (11), 2020-08-27


  • Expansion of Human iPSC-Derived Ureteric Bud Organoids with Repeated Branching Potential

    Mae Shin-Ichi , Ryosaka Makoto , Sakamoto Satoko , Matsuse Kyoko , Nozaki Aya , Igami Maiko , Kabai Ryotaro , Watanabe Akira , Osafune Kenji

    腎集合管のもとになる組織を大量に作製することに成功. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2020-08-03.

    Cell Reports 32(4), 2020-07-28


  • A Modular Differentiation System Maps Multiple Human Kidney Lineages from Pluripotent Stem Cells

    Tsujimoto Hiraku , Kasahara Tomoko , Sueta Shin-ichi , Araoka Toshikazu , Sakamoto Satoko , Okada Chihiro , Mae Shin-ichi , Nakajima Taiki , Okamoto Natsumi , Taura Daisuke , Nasu Makoto , Shimizu Tatsuya , Ryosaka Makoto , Li Zhongwei , Sone Masakatsu , Ikeya Makoto , Watanabe Akira , Osafune Kenji

    ヒトiPS細胞から別個に分化させた複数の腎前駆細胞から腎組織を再生することに成功. 京都大学プレスリリース. 2020-04-09.

    Cell Reports 31(1), 2020-04-07


  • Millefy: visualizing cell-to-cell heterogeneity in read coverage of single-cell RNA sequencing datasets

    尾崎 遼 , Haruka OZAKI , Tetsutaro Hayashi , Mana Umeda , Itoshi Nikaido

    … Single-cell RNA sequencing (scRNA-seq) methods, particularly "full-length" ones, provide read coverage of many individual cells and have the potential to reveal cellular heterogeneity in RNA transcription and processing. … Millefy is designed to show read coverage of all individual cells at once in genomic contexts and to highlight cell-to-cell heterogeneity in read coverage. …

    BMC genomics (21), 177, 2020-03


  • Preliminary Study of Cell Viability at Three Cell Differentiation Levels of Mouse ES Cells using Nano-sized Titanium Dioxide

    HOSHINO Yumi , MATSUSHIMA Yasuhiko

    … <p>The viability of cells exposed to chemicals may differ depending on the degree of differentiation. … In the present study, we used a murine embryonic stem (ES) cell line, ES-D3, which does not require feeder cells in culture, to compare the viability of undifferentiated and differentiated cells following exposure to a chemical. …

    Nano Biomedicine 12(2), 83-88, 2020


  • Cell transplantation therapy using induced pluripotent stem cell-derived dopaminergic progenitors for Parkinson's disease  [in Japanese]

    Doi Daisuke , Takahashi Jun

    パーキンソン病に対する細胞移植治療は、胎児細胞移植の臨床試験で症例によっては有効であるという結果をもとに、ES細胞やiPS細胞などの多能性幹細胞を細胞供給源として研究が進められてきた。最近、世界で多能性幹細胞を使用した細胞移植治療の臨床試験が開始されており、筆者らは2018年からiPS細胞を使用した医師主導治験を開始した。本稿ではパーキンソン病に対する細胞移植治療の歴史、多能性幹細胞を用いた細胞移 …

    Drug Delivery System 35(4), 301-308, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Hormone replacement therapy using human iPS cell-derived pituitary organoids  [in Japanese]

    Taga Shiori , Suga Hidetaka , Kimura Toru , Arima Hiroshi

    下垂体は、多様なホルモンを分泌することで全身の内分泌システムを制御する中枢器官であり、生体の恒常性維持および機能調節に大きな役割を果たしている。ゆえに、ひとたび機能不全に陥ると、さまざまな重篤症状を引き起こす。下垂体機能低下症に対する治療はホルモン補充療法であるが、根治療法はなく、より優れた治療法として再生医療に期待がもたれる。筆者らは、マウスおよびヒト多能性幹細胞から機能的な下垂体ホルモン産生細 …

    Drug Delivery System 35(4), 285-292, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Establishment of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells from Dedifferentiated Adipocytes  [in Japanese]

    Hashimoto Makoto , Uekusa Shota , Ono Kako , Goto Shumpei , Hosokawa Takashi , Koshinaga Tsugumichi , Matsumoto Taro

    脱分化脂肪細胞 (DFAT: dedifferentiated fat cell)は,成熟脂肪細胞を天井培養することにより得られる間葉系幹細胞に類似した多分化能を有する細胞である.本研究はヒト DFAT に山中 4 因子を遺伝子導入することにより iPS 細胞の作製を試み,ヒト皮膚繊維芽細胞 (HDF)と誘導効率を比較検討した.センダイウイルスベクターを用い山中 4 因子を DFATに遺伝子導入し …

    Journal of Nihon University Medical Association 79(5), 275-286, 2020


  • Research and Development Strategy for Future Embryonic Stem Cell-Based Therapy in Japan

    Umezawa Akihiro , Sato Yoji , Kusakawa Shinji , Amagase Rin , Akutsu Hidenori , Nakamura Kazuaki , Kasahara Mureo , Matsubara Yoichi , Igarashi Takashi

    … <p>Herewith, we review an updated progress of regenerative medical products using human embryonic stem cells (ESCs) in Japan. … At the first stage of ESC derivation, murine feeder cells have been used in line with Japanese guidelines on public health associated with the implementation of the xenograft. …

    JMA Journal 3(4), 287-294, 2020


  • GATA factor-related hematopoietic diseases  [in Japanese]

    SHIMIZU Ritsuko

    <p><i>Gata1</i>遺伝子欠失マウスは卵黄嚢造血ができないため,胎生12.5日までに重度の貧血により胎生致死となる。<i>Gata2</i>遺伝子欠失マウスは,血管内皮細胞と造血幹細胞の共通祖先細胞であるヘマンジオブラストの機能不全により,全身の出血をきたして胎生10.5日程度で死亡する。一方,<i>Gata3< …

    Rinsho Ketsueki 61(9), 1112-1119, 2020

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Bone Morphogenetic Proteins Inhibit Ciliogenesis of Ependymal Cells <i>in Vitro</i>

    Hiraoka Kotaro , Inada Hitoshi , Yanai Kazuhiko , Osumi Noriko

    … <p>Ependymal cells have an essential role in regulating the dynamics of the cerebrospinal fluid flow by the movement of their multiple cilia. … However, molecular bases regulating differentiation of the ependymal cells and their ciliogenesis have not been fully elucidated. …

    The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 252(3), 199-208, 2020


  • Generation of chimeric mice with spermatozoa fully derived from embryonic stem cells using a triple-target CRISPR method for <i>Nanos3</i>  [in Japanese]

    MIURA Kento , MATOBA Shogo , HIROSE Michiko , OGURA Atsuo

    <p>【目的】コンディショナルノックアウト(cKO)マウスは,組織特異的あるいは時期特異的な遺伝子の<i>in vivo</i>機能解析にあたり強力なツールである。しかしながら,cKOマウスの作出には,CreトランスジェニックマウスやloxPノックインマウス等の複数の遺伝子改変マウス系統を作出・維持する必要があるため,時間と労力を要する。本研究では,ES細胞に由 …

    The Journal of Reproduction and Development Supplement 113(0), P-90-P-90, 2020


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