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  • Characterisation of gut microbiota of obesity and type 2 diabetes in a rodent model

    IBRAHIM Khalid S. , BOURWIS Nowara , DOLAN Sharron , LANG Sue , SPENCER Janice , CRAFT John A

    … Taxonomy and predicted metabolism-related genes in obesity and T2D were markedly different from controls and indeed from each other. … Capacity to increase energy extraction via ABC-transporters and carbohydrate metabolism were enhanced in Obese and T2D rats. …

    Bioscience of Microbiota, Food and Health, 2020


  • Sport Nutrition and Medium-chain Triglycerides  [in Japanese]

    NOSAKA Naohisa

    … <p>The objective of the present article is to review literature concerning the effect of supplementation of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFA) on energy substrate metabolism during exercise and body composition. … Fat is an energy substrate that is stored in large quantities in the body, and in order to improve the performance and to acquire the body composition desirable for competition characteristics, promotion of fat utilization has been investigated from the aspect of training and diet. …

    Oleoscience 20(4), 163-170, 2020

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  • 2-Methylthio Conversion of N6-Isopentenyladenosine in Mitochondrial tRNAs by CDK5RAP1 Promotes the Maintenance of Glioma-Initiating Cells

    Yamamoto Takahiro , Fujimura Atsushi , Wei Fan-Yan , Shinojima Naoki , Kuroda Jun-Ichiro , Mukasa Akitake , Tomizawa Kazuhito

    … Cdk5 regulatory subunit-associated protein 1 (CDK5RAP1) specifically converts N6-isopentenyladenosine (i(6)A) to ms(2)i(6)A at position A37 of four mt-DNA-encoded tRNAs, and the modification regulates efficient mitochondrial translation and energy metabolism in mammals. … CDK5RAP1 maintained the self-renewal capacity, undifferentiated state, and tumorigenic potential of GICs. …

    iScience (21), 42-56, 2019-11-22


  • Association between Lysosomal Dysfunction and Obesity-Related Pathology: A Key Knowledge to Prevent Metabolic Syndrome

    中川 嘉 , 島野 仁 , Yuhei Mizunoe , Masaki Kobayashi , Ryoma Tagawa , Yoshimi NAKAGAWA , Hitoshi SHIMANO , Yoshikazu Higami

    … WAT contains many adipocytes with energy storage capacity and secretes adipokines depending on the obesity state, while liver plays pivotal roles in glucose and lipid metabolism. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(15), 3688, 2019-07


  • Metabolic Plasticity of Astrocytes and Aging of the Brain

    Morita Mitsuhiro , Ikeshima-Kataoka Hiroko , Kreft Marko , Vardjan Nina , Zorec Robert , Noda Mami

    … In addition, astrocytes have a robust enzymatic capacity of glycolysis, glycogenesis and lipid metabolism, managing nutrient support in the brain parenchyma for neuronal consumption. … Here, we review the plasticity of astrocyte energy metabolism under physiologic and pathologic conditions, highlighting age-dependent brain dysfunctions. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(4), 941, 2019-02-02


  • HIF-1-Dependent Reprogramming of Glucose Metabolic Pathway of Cancer Cells and Its Therapeutic Significance

    Nagao Ayako , Kobayashi Minoru , Koyasu Sho , Chow Christalle C. T. , Harada Hiroshi

    … Most cancer cells, on the other hand, are known to produce energy predominantly through accelerated glycolysis, followed by lactic acid fermentation even under normoxic conditions. … In addition, we summarize our own findings revealing that a novel HIF-1-activating factor enhances the antioxidant capacity and resultant radioresistance of cancer cells though reprogramming of the glucose metabolic pathway. …

    International journal of molecular sciences 20(2), 2019-01


  • Regulation of Brown Adipose Tissue Function via Metabolites Derived from Diet by Gut Microbiota  [in Japanese]

    GOTO Tsuyoshi , KIM Minji , KAWARASAKI Satoko , TAKAHASHI Haruya , KAWADA Teruo

    … <p>Although gut microbiota play an important role in regulating host energy metabolism, the underlying molecular mechanisms are largely unknown. … Compounds produced by gut microbiota, such as short-chain fatty acids might be related to the regulation of host energy metabolism. … Brown adipose tissue has a high thermogenic capacity and plays an important role in maintaining body temperature in cold environments. …

    Oleoscience 19(4), 145-152, 2019

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  • Relationships between longitudinal changes in physiological capacities and running performance in 800-m runners

    Tanji Fumiya , Nabekura Yoshiharu

    … <p>    We aim to clarify relationships between longitudinal changes in aerobic and anaerobic energy metabolism capacities and training in well-trained 800-m runners, and to identify strategies for effective 800-m training. …

    The Japan Journal of Coaching Studies 32(1), 79-88, 2018


  • Investigation of bio-degradable organic species for redox flow battery

    SUZUKI Seiichi , USUKI Takuya , SUGAWARA Kazuki , ITO Takuya , KATO Shigeru , SUGANUMA Hideki

    … Arid land has wide area and plenty of natural resources for energy production. … However output power of natural energy resource is not stable in general. … So, large-scale energy storage is essential facility for practical use of natural energy as primary resource. … The solutions of active material are circulated between the battery cell and reservoir, and battery capacity is proportional to the liquid amount in reservoir tanks. …

    Journal of Arid Land Studies 28(S), 177-180, 2018


  • Relationships between rate of increase in post-exercise blood lactate concentration and performance of short-term high-intensity exercise in track athletes

    Takei Naoya , Takahashi Kenya , Kakinoki Katsuyuki , Hatta Hideo

    … However, it is still controversial whether PBLC has a correlation with exercise performance, and if it can be a reliable indicator for energy metabolism during short-term high-intensity exercise. … It is assumed that RIBLC indicates lactate transport capacity and plays an important role in 400-m sprinting. … Based on these results, RIBLC could be a new indicator for energy metabolism during short-term high-intensity exercise.</p> …

    The Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine 7(5), 253-259, 2018


  • Relationship between 800-m Running Performance and Aerobic and Anaerobic Energy Metabolism Capacities in Well-Trained Middle-Distance Runners

    Tanji Fumiya , Tsuji Toshiki , Shimazu Wataru , Nabekura Yoshiharu

    … <p>The aim of this study was to elucidate the relationship between the 800-m running performance and aerobic and anaerobic energy metabolism capacities in well-trained middle-distance runners. …

    International Journal of Sport and Health Science 16(0), 70-76, 2018


  • Modulation of Neurogenesis through the Promotion of Energy Production Activity Is behind the Antidepressant-Like Effect of Colonial Green Alga, Botryococcus braunii

    Sasaki Kazunori , Othman Mahmoud B. , Demura Mikihide , Watanabe Makoto , Isoda Hiroko , 礒田 博子 , 佐々木 一憲

    … Algae have been recognized as important resources providing functional components due to their capacity to exert beneficial effects on health. … Microarray and real-time PCR results revealed that EEB treatment induced variation in the expression of several genes associated with neurogenesis, energy metabolism, and dopamine synthesis. …

    Frontiers in physiology (8), 900, 2017-11


  • Pioglitazone improves whole-body aerobic capacity and skeletal muscle energy metabolism in patients with metabolic syndrome

    Yokota Takashi , Kinugawa Shintaro , Hirabayashi Kagami , Suga Tadashi , Takada Shingo , Omokawa Masashi , Kadoguchi Tomoyasu , Takahashi Masashige , Fukushima Arata , Matsushima Shouji , Yamato Mayumi , Okita Koichi , Tsutsui Hiroyuki

    Journal of Diabetes Investigation 8(4), 535-541, 2017-07

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  • Metabolic analysis of radioresistant medulloblastoma stem-like clones and potential therapeutic targets

    Sun Lue , Moritake Takashi , Ito Kazuya , Matsumoto Yoshitaka , Yasui Hironobu , Nakagawa Hidehiko , Hirayama Aki , Inanami Osamu , Tsuboi Koji , 松本 孔貴 , 坪井 康次

    … The energy metabolic pathway is a potential target of cancer therapy because it is often different between cancer cells and normal cells. … Here, we assessed reactive oxygen species (ROS) production, mitochondria function, oxygen consumption rate (OCR), energy state, and metabolites of glycolysis and tricarboxylic acid cycle in rMSLCs and parental cells. … Additionally, rMSLCs had low mitochondria mass, low endogenous ROS production, and existed in a low-energy state. …

    PLOS ONE 12(4), e0176162, 2017-04


  • Effect of carbohydrate and fat rich meal intake on endurance capacity and energy metabolism.  [in Japanese]

    松島 佳子 , 浅井 美智 , 水野 有香 , 高橋 里奈

    東海学園大学研究紀要 : 自然科学研究編 (21), 35-48, 2017-03-31

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  • Relationship between 800-m running performance and running economy during high-intensity running in well-trained middle-distance runners

    Tanji Fumiya , Tsuji Toshiki , Shimazu Wataru , Enomoto Yasushi , Nabekura Yoshiharu

    … <p>Running economy (RE) at an intensity above the lactate threshold (LT) is reported to be the most important aerobic capacity for estimating 1,500-m running performance. … The reason that the RE at intensity better reflects the energy metabolism during a 1,500-m run, is that it is performed above the LT intensity running. …

    The Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine 6(5), 355-358, 2017

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  • Estimation of accumulated oxygen deficit from accumulated blood lactate concentration during supramaximal running in middle-distance runners

    Tanji Fumiya , Tsuji Toshiki , Shimazu Wataru , Nabekura Yoshiharu

    … <p>The maximal accumulated oxygen deficit (MAOD), which is the gold standard for anaerobic energy metabolism capacity, requires multiple tests for evaluation that impose a heavy load on subjects. … The maximal accumulated blood lactate (ΔbLa) concentration is also a measure of anaerobic energy metabolism capacity, and is related to the accumulated oxygen deficit (AOD). …

    The Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine 6(5), 359-363, 2017

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  • Methylmercury: From toxicology to environmental health management  [in Japanese]

    CHAN Laurie Hing Man

    … The neurotoxicity of MeHg has been linked to its hydrophobicity and soft acid properties which instil it with the capacity to diffuse freely across the blood brain barrier and bind strongly to soft bases like sulfur on cysteine residues in proteins. … approaches have shown that MeHg disrupts mitochondrial function, in particular energy metabolism and antioxidant defense. …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 43.1(0), SL3, 2016


  • Lauric Acid Stimulates Ketone Body Production in the KT-5 Astrocyte Cell Line

    Nonaka Yudai , Takagi Tetsuo , Inai Makoto , Nishimura Shuhei , Urashima Shogo , Honda Kazumitsu , Aoyama Toshiaki , Terada Shin

    … <p>Coconut oil has recently attracted considerable attention as a potential Alzheimer's disease therapy because it contains large amounts of medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs) and its consumption is thought to stimulate hepatic ketogenesis, supplying an alternative energy source for brains with impaired glucose metabolism. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 65(8), 693-699, 2016


  • Influence of δ-Amino levulinic acid on body fat, body weight, and blood property in diet induced obese dogs

    Ozawa Yuki , Miyanari Setsuko , Uetake Masayuki , Mizutani Hisashi , Kimura Nobuhiro

    … ALA has been reported to have potentials to improve energy metabolism and has been shown to inhibit accumulation of intra abdominal fat in rats. … As such, we sought to determine whether or not ALA supplementation can exhibit the same fat preventative/reductive capacity in diet induced obese dogs. …

    Journal of Pet Animal Nutrition 18(1), 18-24, 2015

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