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  • NeugebauerModels for Color Error Diffusion Halftoning

    Wu Kaiming , Inoue Kohei , Hara Kenji

    … In this paper, we propose a method for halftoning color images based on an error diffusion technique, a color design criterion and Neugebauer models for expressing colors. … For a natural extension of the conventional method for grayscale error diffusion to its color version, we first reformulate grayscale error diffusion with a one-dimensional Neugebauer model. …

    Journal of Imaging 6(4), 23, 2020-04-17


  • A Method for Improving the Clarity of Pulmonary Nodules on Chest Radiographs Using Two-Dimensional Cellular Automata

    HARADA Yoshitomi , MATSUMOTO Shunro , MIYAKE Hidetoshi

    … <p>We previously proposed a pulmonary nodule clarification method for chest radiographs that controlled for the pulmonary vessels that were frequently extracted as false positives. … In addition, further true pulmonary nodules were detected by applying a wavelet analysis and an error diffusion method to control for density alterations caused by clavicles, ribs, and peripheral pulmonary vessel shadows (background noise). …

    Medical Imaging Technology 38(5), 236-247, 2020


  • Rediscovery of governing equations from simulation data using Genetic Programming  [in Japanese]

    ONO Kenji , KOGA Issei

    … In the proposed method, "partial differential function" is introduced into Genetic Programming to generate partial differential equations automatically, and the generated equations and data are compared and evaluated to automatically distill equations with less error. … We conducted numerical experiments to estimate the governing equation from fluid simulation data and evaluated the validity of the proposed method. …

    Transactions of the Japan Society for Computational Engineering and Science 2020(1), 20201004-20201004, 2020


  • Design of Noise Shaping Quantizers for Data Compaction of Neural Networks  [in Japanese]

    MINAMI Yuki , IKEDA Tomohiro , ISHIKAWA Masato

    … The performance of the proposed quantizer depends on the error diffusion filter. … This paper proposes a systematic design method of error diffusion filters based on features of learning data, which is used for the learning of neural networks. …

    Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 56(9), 425-431, 2020


  • Measurement of Diffusion Profile of Boron in α Iron by Secondary-ion Mass Spectrometry and Determination of Its Diffusion Coefficient  [in Japanese]

    Hamana Keisuke , Nakamura Ryusuke , Numakura Hiroshi , Suzuki Takeyuki

    … <p>We report an attempt to determine the diffusion coefficient of B in α Iron by measuring the penetration profile by means of secondary-ion mass spectrometry (SIMS). … The samples were subjected to diffusion annealing at 700ºC, 800ºC, and 900ºC for certain periods of time, and the intensity of secondary ions of B was measured as a function of depth by SIMS. …

    Tetsu-to-Hagane 106(6), 302-309, 2020


  • Comparison of q-Space Reconstruction Methods for Undersampled Diffusion Spectrum Imaging Data

    Varela-Mattatall Gabriel E. , Koch Alexandra , Stirnberg Rüdiger , Chabert Steren , Uribe Sergio , Tejos Cristian , Stöcker Tony , Irarrazaval Pablo

    … <p>Purpose: To compare different q-space reconstruction methods for undersampled diffusion spectrum imaging data.</p><p>Materials and Methods: We compared the quality of three methods: Mean Apparent Propagator (MAP); … We used the normalized mean squared error (NMSE) and the Pearson's correlation coefficient as reconstruction quality indices. … Additionally, we evaluated two propagator-based diffusion indices: mean squared displacement and return to zero probability. …

    Magnetic Resonance in Medical Sciences 19(2), 108-118, 2020


  • Development of Heat Dissipation Multilayered Media for Magnetic Hologram Memory  [in Japanese]

    Nakamura Yuichi , Boey Lim Pang , Goto Taichi , Uchida Hironaga , Inoue Mitsuteru

    … We succeeded in recording and reconstruction of 2D data in magnetic hologram without error. … To avoid this merge of fringes, we proposed a multi-layered structure in which the magnetic layers are divided by the transparent heat dissipation layers (HDL) to control the heat diffusion. … In this study, we propose a simple thermal design method for designing the HDL multilayer structure. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 140(3), 125-130, 2020


  • Evaluating the Impact of White Matter Conductivity Anisotropy on Reconstructing EEG Sources by Linearly Constrained Minimum Variance Beamformer

    Samadzadehaghdam Nasser , MakkiAbadi Bahador , Masjoodi Sadegh

    … In this study, we enhanced the forward model by considering the white matter anisotropic conductivity tensor estimated from diffusion-weighted images. … Spatial filtering, also called beamforming, is an inverse method that reconstructs the time course of the source at a particular location by a linear combination of the sensor space data. …

    Advanced Biomedical Engineering 9(0), 53-61, 2020


  • Two-in-One Image Steganography Using Error Diffusion

    Dong Ruixi , Inoue Kohei , Hara Kenji , Urahama Kiichi

    … In this paper, we propose a method for concealing a secret image into a cover image of the same size, where the most significant bits (MSBs) of the secret image are embedded in the least significant bits (LSBs) of the cover image after the reversal of the order of the bit sequences. … We also propose a method for improving the image quality of both stego and extracted secret images by using an error diffusion technique. …

    Journal of the Institute of Industrial Applications Engineers 7(2), 42-50, 2019-04-25


  • Behavior Analysis of Offshore Floating Structure subjected to Waves by using Particle Method  [in Japanese]

    IKESHITA Yoshiki , FUKUDA Masayuki , HAGIHARA Seiya , TANAKA Satoyuki , TAKETOMI Shinya , TADANO Yuichi

    … The SPH method, which is a kind of particle method, is useful for solving these problems. … However, it is known that the SPH method has problems such as vibration appearing from continuity of steady flow and vibration of solution generated from numerical error. …

    The Proceedings of The Computational Mechanics Conference 2019.32(0), 030, 2019


  • Influence of initial condition comprehensive on the accuracy of partial differential equation derivation from big data  [in Japanese]

    Koyamada K.

    … Assuming that a PDE is a linear regression model composed of partial differential terms, the coefficients are estimated by regression analysis, and the difference (error) between the true and the estimated coefficients is minimized. …

    Proceedings of the Conference of Transdisciplinary Federation of Science and Technology 2019(0), D-4-3, 2019


  • Development of Estimation Method of <sup>222</sup>Rn Level in Water Considering Its Diffusion from Polyethylene Bottle to Atmosphere  [in Japanese]

    KAWABATA Kuniyo , KITAMURA Yujin , TOMIYASU Takashi

    … The radon concentration in groundwater is usually measured on the sampling site, due to a decrease after sampling by its continuous decay and diffusion to air. … To measure the radon concentration at a laboratory, we tried to estimate a diffusion coefficient of the radon for a polyethylene bottle used for keeping water samples in this study. … We estimated the diffusion coefficient by measuring the radon concentration in the water at different times after several hours of keeping. …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 68(5), 333-338, 2019


  • Problems in Solidification Model for Microsegregation Analysis of Fe–Cr–Ni–Mo–Cu Alloys

    Kobayashi Yusuke , Todoroki Hidekazu , Mizuno Kenji

    … <p>Microsegregation of a Fe–Cr–Ni–Mo–Cu alloy was studied with the calculation model on the basis of two-dimensional concept considering diffusion of solutes during and after solidification. … The calculated results were compared with the previous experimental results of the microsegregation profiles obtained by random sampling method. …

    ISIJ International 59(2), 277-282, 2019


  • Variational Multiscale Finite Element Method Based on Bubble Element for Steady Advection-Diffusion Equations

    Okumura Hiroshi

    … This paper presents a variational multiscale (VMS) finite element method based on the bubble element, which enables the establishing of a multiscale function to stabilize the advective-diffusive limit and the discontinuity in steady advection-diffusion problems. … Furthermore, it is proved that the present VMS method is equivalent to stabilized finite element methods with the space of piecewise linear functions on elements. …

    富山大学人間発達科学部紀要 13(2), 297-304, 2019

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  • A Simple Method of Image Halftoning by Adding Random Numbers

    Tamaru Naoyuki

    大妻女子大学紀要. 社会情報系, 社会情報学研究 = Otsuma journal of social information studies (27), 81-88, 2018-12-30


  • Color Halftoning Based on Sparse Neugebauer Model  [in Japanese]

    ウ カイミン , 井上 光平 , 原 健二 , 浦濱 喜一

    … We proposed a method of color error diffusion based on Neugebauer model.In this paper, we used the MBVC (minimal brightness variation criterion) to improve its outcome. … The improved method is based on a sparse Neugebauer model. … Experimental results showed that the proposed method can reduce halftone noise visually. …



  • Two-in-one Color Image Steganography Using Error Diffusion  [in Japanese]

    董 芮希 , 井上 光平 , 原 健二 , 浦浜 喜一

    … We proposed a method of two-in-one image steganography using error diffusion for grayscale images at the 70th JCEEE in Kyusyu last year.In this paper, we improve the method to make it also available for color images. …




    SAKAMOTO Koji , KAZAMA So , TOUGE Yoshiya

    … Runoff analysis was conducted to validate the accuracy of bottom snowmelt processes proposed by Saito et al.(2017) using laboratory snowmelt experiments and a one-dimensional advection diffusion model. … In addition, sensitivity analysis of meteorological data was conducted to identify the cause of error in the runoff analysis. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. B1 (Hydraulic Engineering) 74(5), I_313-I_318, 2018


  • Is the Quickest Way for Flow Control to Repeat Trial and Error?  [in Japanese]

    ISHIKAWA Hitoshi

    … Researchers have to decide the various control parameter which was required in their flow control method. … Is the Quickest Way for Flow Control to Repeat Trial and Error? … Here we'd like to discuss how to find affordable flow control method and its parameter effectively.</p> …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2018(0), W051002, 2018


  • Selectively Embeddable Multi-bit Steganographic Method for Palette-based Images  [in Japanese]

    Ueda Yoshiaki , Koga Takanori , Suetake Noriaki , Uchino Eiji

    … The stego-image of the steganographic method is divided into full-color images and palette-based images. … In this paper, we propose a new multi-bit steganographic method for the palette-based images. … (1) Embedding degradation is not remarkable because palette-based images have been degraded due to color quantization and error-diffusion processes. … (2) The embedding error tends to greater than full-color images due to usable colors are few. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 138(12), 1595-1603, 2018


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