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    YAMASHITA Takuzo , MIYAMURA Tomoshi , OGAWA Toshiyuki , KUMAGAI Tomohiko

    … In this model, however, three-dimensional flow field cannot be generated. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (740), 1621-1631, 2017-10


  • Development of pH measurement device with high-precision using microfluidic device and semiconductor-based ion sensor  [in Japanese]

    NOBUKUNI Masashi , SASAKI Yuta , YAMADA Akira

    … The pH values have been measured by the glass electrode method, however the operator suffers from the slow response and instability of the electrode. … In contrast, ion-sensitive field-effect transistor (ISFET) is a semiconductor-based sensor device, and it has advantages such as small size and quick response to the solutions with low buffering capacities. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2016(0), 2A2-18b5, 2016


  • Simulation of a Liquid Jet using the Lattice Boltzmann Model for Immiscible Two-Phase Flow

    SAITO Shimpei , ABE Yutaka , KANEKO Akiko , KANAGAWA Tetsuya , IWASAWA Yuzuru , KOYAMA Kazuya

    … The velocity field and interfacial shape are compared with the experimental result using PIV and Laser-Induced Fluorescence (LIF). … The interfacial instability and fragmentation behavior of the jet can be also simulated. … Comparison of the LB simulation with experimental data shows that the time series of jet leading edge can be simulated within an error of around 10%. …




    Chiu Pao-Hsiung , Lin Yan-Ting , Chang Chin-Jang , Chan Yea-Kuang

    … An interface capturing scheme, implemented within the framework of the conservative phase-field method, is applied to simulate the incompressible two-phase flows with large density ratio and surface tension. … The solutions computed from the resulting dispersion-relation-preserving advection schemes can minimize the dispersion error. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2011.19(0), _ICONE1943-_ICONE1943, 2011


  • An Experimental Study of Head Instabilities in TMR Sensors for Magnetic Recording Heads with Adaptive Flying Height


    … We did an experimental study to investigate the effect of the thermal stress due to the heater for adjusting adaptive flying height (AFH) on the readability and instability of tunneling magnetoresistance (TMR) sensors. … The thermal stress degrades the reader performance by inducing voltage fluctuations and large noise spikes that causes the magnetic recording system having poor bit error rate (BER). …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics 91(12), 1958-1965, 2008-12-01

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  • Influence of Non-Axisymmetric n=1 Toroidal Mode Instabilities on Reconstruction Measurements of Magnetic Surfaces for Compact Torus Plasmas  [in Japanese]

    TSURUDA Mayuko , KATSURAI Makoto

    … The influence of non-axisymmetric instabilities, specifically the n=1 toroidal mode, was studied on the magnetic flux contours that are numerically reconstructed by use of magnetic field profiles measured in Proto-TS-4 device. … field data are used to reconstruct the poloidal magnetic surfaces(Ψ) on the assumption that plasma configuration has axisymmetry. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 123(4), 338-345, 2003-04-01

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  • Disruption,MHD and Plasma Control  [in Japanese]

    YOSHINO Ryuji , OZEKI Takahisa , TOKUDA Shinji , IIO-TSUJI Shunji , YAMAZAKI Kozo

    Characteristics of disruptive plasma termination, amelioration of disruption, MHD activities and plasma control for tokamak discharges are presented from the viewpoint of designing ITER.

    Journal of plasma and fusion research 76(2), 116-126, 2000-02-25

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  • Sap Flow Measurement Using a Digital Heat-Pulse Sensor  [in Japanese]

    YAMANAKA Tsutomu , KAIHOTSU Ichirow , NAKATANI Aki , IIDA Shinichi

    … In this study, properties of errors in measuring flow velocity by the digital heat-pulse sensor were investigated by laboratory experiments using a sand column and by field observation in a pine forest.<BR>Laboratory experiments showed that the measured heat-pulse velocity was overestimated. … A semi-theoretical correction method was proposed and applied to the result of field measurement. …

    Journal of Groundwater Hydrology 41(4), 307-318, 1999


  • Disruption, Plasma Control and MHD  [in Japanese]

    YOSHINO Ryuji , YAMAZAKI Kozo , TOKUDA Shinji

    … Limitation of the normalized beta, effect of the sawtooth on the energy confinement, beta limit improvement by toroidal plasma rotation, and avoidance of error field instability are now investigated to support ITER design. …

    Journal of plasma and fusion research 72(6), 513-516, 1996-06-25

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  • Features of SOI DRAM's and their Potential for Low-Voltage and/or Giga-Bit Scale DRAM's

    YAMAGUCHI Yasuo , OASHI Toshiyuki , EIMORI Takahisa , IWAMATSU Toshiaki , MIYAMOTO Shouichi , SUMA Katsuhiro , TSURUDA Takahiro , MORISHITA Fukashi , HIROSE Masakazu , HIDAKA Hideto , ARIMOTO Kazutami , FUJISHIMA Kazuyasu , INOUE Yasuo , NISHIMURA Tadashi , MIYOSHI Hirokazu

    … Soft error immunity was improved greatly by the complete isolation of the active region when the body potential is fixed. … The soft error immunity in a floating body condition and the dynamic refresh characteristics were degraded by the instability of the floating body potential. … Process and device approaches such as the field-shield-body-fixing method as well as circuit approaches like the BSG scheme are required to eliminate the floating substrate effects. …

    IEICE Trans. Electron. 79(6), 772-780, 1996-06-25

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  • Japan-China International Gravimetric Connection(III). Sensitivity Characteristics and Measurement Accuracy of LaCoste & Romberg Gravimeters(Model G).:—Sensitivity Characteristics and Measurement Accuracy of LaCoste & Romberg Gravimeters (Model G)—  [in Japanese]

    Nakagawa Ichiro , Shichi Ryuichi , Nakai Sinzi , Nakamura Kajuro , Higashi Toshihiro , Li Ruihao , Chen Yihui , Wang Dongchu

    … Romberg gravimeters (G-196, G-305, G-484 and G-605) for the purposes of (1) calibrating scale values of each gravimeter employed, (2) precisely determining a gravity value at each measured station occupied, (3) establishing a precise gravity net composed of 24 gravity stations in the standard baseline field of gravity values in Lushan Mountains recently arranged by the Chinese authority, (4) experimentally reconfirming specific characteristics of mechanical sensitivity of La Coste & …

    Journal of the Geodetic Society of Japan 41(2), 171-195, 1995


  • Operational Scenarios to Avoid Disruptions in JT-60U  [in Japanese]

    YOSHlNO Ryuji , NEYATANI Yuzuru , ISEI Nobuaki , MATSUKAWA Makoto , HOSOGANE Nobuyuki

    … Disruptions observed in JT-60U can be classified into six types, which are caused by the density limit, the errorfield, the β_p-collapse, the low l_i dt4rilcg the plasma current ramp-up, the high l_i during the plasma currelct ramp-down with low plasma density, and the vertical positional instability. …

    Journal of plasma and fusion research 70(10), p1081-1101, 1994-10

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  • Proposal of Super Time-Saving Method : Time-Space Method  [in Japanese]

    Saitoh S. Takeo , Nakamura Makoto , Gomi Tatsuhiko

    … The TSM has an outstanding feature that it can eliminate the so-called numerical instability since time integration is not necessary, which has been the biggest problem in the principal numerical methodologies in the past. … Namely, no error propagation in the timewise direction occurrs for the TSM. … The TSM will be also effective for other problems in the field of solid mechanics and so on. …

    Transactions of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers. Series B. 60(570), p515-522, 1994-02

  • Proposal of Super Time-Saving Method: Time-Space Method.  [in Japanese]

    Saitoh S. Takeo , Nakamura Makoto , Gomi Tatsuhiko

    … The TSM has an outstanding feature that it can eliminate the so-called numerical instability since time integration is not necessary, which has been the biggest problem in the principal numerical methodologies in the past. … Namely, no error propagation in the timewise direction occurrs for the TSM. … The TSM will be also effective for other problems in the field of solid mechanics and so on. …



  • Control Engineering as an Integrating Discipline from the 17 th to the 21 st Century

    Anderson Brian D. O.

    … The earliest drivers were applications problems in the field of time measurement, mills and steam engine speed control. … Major control tasks included control with zero steady state error, and achieving fast response to a step change, without instability or excessive overshoot. …

    International Journal of the Society of Materials Engineering for Resources 1(1), 10-26, 1993


  • Objective Evaluation Method for Commutation Sparks

    Okubo Katsuhiro , Aoki Shu

    … Although the spark occurrence will cause significant problems for electric machines, no clear estimation methods for the brush sparks have been established so far because the sparking is the short gap discharge phenomenon that contains extremely short pulses with instability. … At the field in manufacturing plants, brush spark has been judged traditionally by visual inspection referring to the spark chart (for example, appendix chart of JEC 54). …

    TANSO 1989(138), 141-145, 1989


  • Response of “Climate Drift” to Statistical Adjustment

    Johansson Å. , Baer F.

    … This model, although simple, contains nonlinear advection which is responsible for the instability process. … This process induces error growth and sets a limit to the predictability of the flow. … The second procedure corrects the forecasts at regular time intervals during the integration, using systematic errors calculated from an independent dataset, thereby allowing for an interaction between the systematic and random parts of the error field. …

    Journal of the Meteorological Society of Japan. Ser. II 64A(0), 785-803, 1986


  • Pressure Measurements in Ultra High Vacuum

    OKADA Takeo , AOKI Shin-ichi , YAMANAKA Akio

    … That is, (1) the pressure measurements by the Bayard-Alpert gauge, (2) the dependence of the discharge current in the getter ion pump on pressure, and (3) the decreasing characteristics, of the emission current with pressure and time in the field emission diode.<BR>In the range of 10<SUP>-11</SUP> … Torr, the pressure error measurement by B-A gauge is considerably laige due to the X-ray effect and the instability. …

    Shinku 6(11), 442-449, 1963


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