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  • Investigation of Fabric Texture Expression through Dynamic Alteration of Drapes:- Image Presentation Method in Online Shopping Environments -

    ISHIKAWA Tomoharu , TSUJI Ryota , SASAKI Kazuya , MIYATAKE Keiko , AYAMA Miyoshi

    … This study clarifies the impact that the display method of fabric drapes has on texture evaluation when it is changed dramatically in order to identify an image display method that allows easier judging of drape texture in online shopping environments. …

    International Journal of Affective Engineering 15(2), 45-50, 2016


  • Physical Properties and Texture Profiles of Mixed gels of Polysaccharides  [in Japanese]

    WATANABE Junko , AKUZAWA Sayuri , SAWAYAMA Sigeru , KAWABATA Akiko

    カードランのデザートゼリーへの利用法を検索する目的でカードランにペクチン、カラギーナン、キサンタンガムを混合し、各種混合ゲルの特性を機器測定および官能評価によって比較検討した。(1)示差走査熱量測定による熱的性質では、カードラン単独では60℃と150℃付近の吸熱ピークが認められ、混合ゲルにすると、吸熱ピークの出現温度が変化したが、カードランの影響が大きく寄与した。(2)テクスチャー特性値では凝集性 …

    日本調理科学会誌 = Journal of cookery science of Japan 29(2), 80-86, 1996-05-20

    NDL Digital Collections  References (31) Cited by (1)

  • Physical Properties and Texture Profiles of Mixed gels of Polysaccharides  [in Japanese]

    Watanabe Junko , Akuzawa Sayuri , Sawayama Sigeru , Kawabata Akiko

    … The characteristics of three types of mixed gels and two single gels, using mixtures of curdlan with pectin, carrageenan or xanthangum, and curdlan and pectin alone were compared. … In textural properties, cohesiveness was the only attribute which differed between the five different kinds of gels. …

    Journal of Cookery Science of Japan 29(2), 80-86, 1996


  • Approximate Graphical Analysis of Fuzzy Sociogram


    … The sociometry which has been proposed by Moreno [1] is one of the measrement and evaluation methods of the group structure by using crisp graph. … According to the data obtained by a simple questinnaire, we could analyze the connective structure among the members and obtain the approximate sociogram. …

    International Journal of Biomedical Soft Computing and Human Sciences: the official journal of the Biomedical Fuzzy Systems Association 1(1), 43-47, 1995


  • Classification of the Texture Profiles of Starch Gels.  [in Japanese]

    SHIRAISHI Kayoko , NAGASHIMA Nobuhiro , SAWAYAMA Shigeru , KAWASATA Akiko

    … The classification of the texture profiles of five starch gels by sensory evaluation and instru mental measurement was investigated. … The sensory evaluation demonstrated that potato starch gel was transparent and elastic, and did not easily crumble ; … sweet potato starch gel was crisp ; …

    Journal of the Japanese Society of Starch Science 38(3), 227-234, 1991


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