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  • Iridesence of Pseudohypersthene  [in Japanese]

    Sato Eitaro , Makino Kuniaki

    本研究ではPseudohypersthene(旧:異剥石)と呼ばれる金属光沢のイリデッセンスを放つ斜方輝石の発色原理の解明を試みた.Pseudohyperstheneは(100)面にブッシュフェルト型の単斜輝石の離溶ラメラをもち,ラメラに沿うように無数の厚さ50-150nmの板状イルメナイトが離溶している.このイルメナイトラメラに垂直に反射光を入射すると青色やオレンジ色,緑色などの鮮やかなイリデッ …

    Abstracts for Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences 2013(0), 64, 2013


  • Three-dimensional cooling pattern of a granitic pluton I : The study of exsolution sub-solidus reactions in the Toki granite, Central Japan

    YUGUCHI Takashi , TSURUTA Tadahiko , NISHIYAMA Tadao

    Exsolution coarsening produced microperthite textures with albite-rich lamellae in this pluton, whereas deuteric coarsening resulted in patchperthite with albite-rich patches. … The width and spacing of the albite-rich lamella in microperthite increase systematically and prominently with elevation in the pluton. … This indicates that the Toki granite effectively cooled from the roof during the exsolution coarsening stage. …

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 106(2), 61-78, 2011-04-01

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  • Isocubanite in lherzolite xenolith from Ichinome-gata, Akita Prefecture, Japan  [in Japanese]

    KITAKAZE Arashi , OHYAMA Tsugio , ITOH Yoshinori

    … one is as exsolution lamella type in monosulfide solid solution (mss) and the other is a rim type observed around mss. … Textures and chemical compositions of mss and isocubanite suggest that isocubanite occurred as an exsolution product from the originally formed monophase of mss, which had been crystallized during the metasomatic process in the upper mantle.<br> …

    Japanese Magazine of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 38(6), 235-239, 2009-11-30

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  • Chromite from Higashi-akaishi peridotite mass in Ehime prefecture  [in Japanese]

    Kadota Ryo , Minakawa Tetsuo

    今回、東赤石かんらん岩より見出された2タイプの産状をなすchromiteの組織、組成について検討を行ったので報告する。タイプ_I_:かんらん岩を切る著しい蛇紋岩化作用を被った領域から見出された粒状結晶において、格子状のラメラ組織が観察された。Chromite結晶は4相からなる。結晶リムはほぼ端成分magnetiteからなり、chromite成分の多いmagnetiteがchromiteホスト中に格 …

    Abstracts for Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences 2009(0), 118-118, 2009


  • Origin of spinel lamella in olivine of harzburgite from the Pauza ultramafic rocks in the Kurdistan region (NE Iraq)  [in Japanese]

    Mohammad Yousif Osman , Maekawa Hirokazu

    Annual Meeting of the Geological Society of Japan 2007(0), 340-340, 2007


  • Feldspar in felsic orthogneiss as indicator for UHT crustal processes

    HOKADA Tomokazu , SUZUKI Satoko

    … Such feldspar grains commonly display zonal structure with respect to the volume of exsolution lamella; … Pre-exsolution one-phase compositions have been recovered separately for the feldspar core (an:ab:or = 20-28:53-56:17-28 in tonalitic samples and an:ab:or = 15-17:37-48:36-48 in granodioritic samples) and for the whole feldspar grain (an:ab:or = 24-29:58-63:13 in tonalitic samples and an:ab:or = 18-20:45-56:24-37 in granodioritic samples). …

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 101(5), 260-264, 2006-10-01

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  • Elongated orthopyroxene porphyroclasts as a shear sense indicator and kinematic history of the Horoman Peridotite Complex, Hokkaido, Japan

    SAWAGUCHI Takashi , GOTO Kentaro , TAKAGI Hideo

    変形したカンラン岩中の伸長した斜方輝石ポーフィロクラストに発達した(100)離溶ラメラの内部非対称性は, 独立した剪断センスの指標となる可能性がある.統計学的にこの有用性を検証するために, 北海道・幌満カンラン岩体の異なる構造ユニットにおいて, XZ平面上での3つの幾何学的パラメータ(R : 伸長比, θ : 伸長方向, φ : (100)離溶ラメラ方向)を測定した.R-φおよび伸長比で階級分けし …

    The Journal of the Geological Society of Japan 107(2), 165-178, 2001-02-15

    J-STAGE  References (25)

  • A New Phase of Natural Feldspar, AnxOr100-x, X.IMAGE.50.

    TAGAI Tokuhei , HOSHI Takeshi

    … A TEM micrograph obtained showed two kinds of exsolution lamella, A and B and an inclusion, where the compositions of A and B were determined as Ab<sub>43</sub>An<sub>57</sub> …

    Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B 71(2), 72-74, 1995


  • Transmission Electron Microscopy Applied to the Studies of Sheet Silicates and Related Minerals.  [in Japanese]

    UEHARA Seiichiro

    … Since the early seventies, when HRTEM was established in mineralogical studies, the real structures of minerals, such as crystal defects, intergrowths of different structure types, twinning, and exsolution lamella, have been investigated to obtain information about geological events and to understand crystal structures and crystal chemistry by this method. …

    Journal of the Mineralogical Society of Japan 23(3), 111-125, 1994


  • Dependence of exsolution textures in synthetic augite on its composition and cooling rate.

    FUKUDA Koichiro , YAMANAKA Takamitsu , TOKONAMI Masayasu

    Exsolution textures of pyroxene minerals are regarded as effective indicators for the sake of deducing the thermal histories. … Quantitative relations between lamella wavelength (λ) and C.R. …

    Mineralogical Journal 13(6), 376-389, 1987


  • Evaluation of a crust model of eucrites from the width of exsolved pyroxene.

    Miyamoto Masamichi , Takeda Hiroshi

    … An attempt has been made to locate known eucrites within a proposed crust model by estimating the absolute cooling rates from the width of exsolution lamellae of augite in pigeonite. … We simplified the model of exsolution phenomena such that the growth of the exsolution lamella will be controlled by the diffusion of Ca atom perpendicular to the lamella. …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 11(3), 161-169, 1977


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