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  • Reduced cortical bone thickness increases stress and strain in the female femoral diaphysis analyzed by a CT-based finite element method: Implications for the anatomical background of fatigue fracture of the femur

    Endo Daisuke , Ogami-Takamura Keiko , Imamura Takeshi , Saiki Kazunobu , Murai Kiyohito , Okamoto Keishi , Tsurumoto Toshiyuki

    … While absolute stresses gradually decreased from the subtrochanteric region to distal diaphysis, absolute strains markedly declined in the proximal diaphysis and were maintained at the same levels as those in the distal regions. …

    Bone Reports (13), 100733, 2020-11-12


  • Clinical Relevance of Serum Prolactin Levels to Inflammatory Reaction in Male Patients

    Yamamoto Koichiro , Hanayama Yoshihisa , Hasegawa Kou , Tokumasu Kazuki , Miyoshi Tomoko , Hagiya Hideharu , Ogawa Hiroko , Obika Mikako , Itoshima Koichi , Otsuka Fumio

    … To clarify the relevance of prolactin (PRL) to clinical parameters in patients who visited our general medicine department, medical records of 353 patients in whom serum PRL levels were measured during the period from 2016 to 2018 were retrospectively reviewed. … Median serum PRL levels were significantly lower in males than females: 6.5 ng/ml (IQR: 4.2-10.3) versus 8.1 ng/ml (5.9-12.9), respectively. …

    Acta Medica Okayama 74(5), 381-389, 2020-10

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  • Sleep Rhythm Status and Difficulties in Child-Rearing among Fathers of Four-Months-Old Infants from the Perspective of Participation and Fatigue  [in Japanese]

    出石 万希子 , 新小田 春美 , 武士 葉子 , 大林 陽子 , Deishi Makiko , Shinkoda Harumi , Takeshi Yoko , Obayashi Yoko

    生後4か月児を育てる父親を対象に,平日の育児時間と疲労感の程度からみた父子の睡眠リズムと父親が感じる子どもの育てにくさの実態を明らかにするため質問紙調査を行った.基本属性,父子の生活リズムと疲労感に関する項目,子どもの泣きと対応に関する項目,子どもの扱いにくさに関する項目を育児時間別・疲労感別に比較した.その結果,平日の育児時間別では育児2時間未満群が47.8%,育児2時間以上群が52.2%であっ …

    三重看護学誌 = Mie Nursing Journal (22), 21-30, 2020-03-31


  • 大学不適応症状を有する初年次学生のメンタルヘルス特性とレジリエンスとの関係;Relationship between resilience and mental health characteristics among the university freshmen with maladaptation in university  [in Japanese]

    佐藤 進;SATO Susumu , 鈴木 貴士;SUZUKI Takashi , 村田 俊也;MURATA Toshiya , 畝本 紗斗子;UNEMOTO Satoko , 佐々木 瑛;SASAKI Hikaru

    … ;This study aimed to clarify the relationships between resilience levels and mental health characteristics among the university freshmen with maladaptation in university. … In the freshmen with these maladapted symptoms, their levels of stress, fatigue, depression, lack of the satisfaction of university, negative stress-coping behaviors, and internet addiction behaviors were higher in the low resilience group. …

    工学教育研究;KIT progress (28), 20-28, 2020-03-25



    張 洋

    … As the remarkable improvement of people's living levels and interesting for entertainment, the theme park has become one of the most popular places for people to enjoy life. … However, since the high popularity of theme parks, based on the reality circumstance of tourists, enjoying more attraction projects and decreasing the fatigue greatly can largely improve the satisfaction of tourists. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. 理工学・工学研究科編 (61), 1-8, 2020-03-24

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  • A Study on the Relationship between Psychological Conditioning Inventory (PCI) and Performance Self-rating in American Football  [in Japanese]

    村井 剛

    … The athletes' self-ratings of performance levels and physical condition were also recorded.Results show that scores for General Activity, Skill Efficacy, Fighting Spirit, Expectation Cognition, and Emotional Stability were significantly higher among first team members than among second team members. … Additionally, in the case of negative scales such as Game False Anxiety and Fatigue, first team members scored significantly lower than second team members. …

    体育研究 (54), 1-11, 2020-03


  • Evaluation of Accumulated Fatigue Damages due to Wind-Hazard-Consistent Typhoons  [in Japanese]

    DANGURI Naoki , NISHIJIMA Kazuyoshi

    … For the design of structures against wind-induced fatigue not only maximum wind speed but also the time series of wind speed and direction are generally required. … Further, it is not known on how the selection of these typhoons affect the evaluation of the accumulated fatigue damages of structural components. …

    Journal of Wind Engineering 45(3), 93-102, 2020


  • Near-Threshold Fatigue Crack Propagation in Biomedical Titanium Alloy Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr with Low Young's Modulus  [in Japanese]

    KIKUCHI Shoichi , KAWAI Takao , NAKAI Yoshikazu , NAKAMURA Yuki , AKAHORI Toshikazu

    … In this study, in order to investigate the near-threshold fatigue crack propagation in a beta-titanium alloy (Ti-29Nb-13Ta-4.6Zr; … After testing, crack profiles were observed by scanning electron microscopy, and microstructures around crack profiles were analyzed using electron backscatter diffraction to discuss the mechanism of fatigue crack propagation. …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 69(12), 875-881, 2020


  • Masked type 1 diabetes mellitus (T1DM) unveiled by glucocorticoid replacement: a case of simultaneous development of T1DM and hypophysitis in an elderly woman

    Aikawa Erika , Horie Ichiro , Naganobu Keiko , Nozaki Aya , Kamada Akie , Abiru Norio , Kawakami Atsushi

    … We report the case of a 70-year-old Japanese woman who had suffered from fatigue and anorexia for several months; … Undetectable C-peptide levels and positive results of both insulinoma-associated antigen-2 antibodies and insulin autoantibodies indicated that she had experienced a recent onset of type 1 diabetes. …

    Endocrine Journal 67(11), 1163-1168, 2020


  • Dermatomyositis with squamous cell carcinoma of the lungs secondary to nivolumab treatment: a case report  [in Japanese]

    M.D. Miyashita Koichi , M.D. Kajikawa Hiroyuki , M.D. Utsunomiya Takaya , M.D. Hosaka Makoto , M.D. Ph.D. Naito Yutaka , M.D. Ph.D. Tomimoto Hidekazu

    <p>症例は74歳男性で,肺扁平上皮癌の再発に対しニボルマブを投与中であった.3回目の投与後,倦怠感,前頸部発赤,四肢の筋力低下,嚥下困難などの症状が生じた.近位筋優位の筋力低下,眼瞼,前頸部の紅斑,手指皮疹などの皮膚症状およびCK,アルドラーゼの上昇を認め皮膚筋炎と診断した.ステロイドパルス療法および免疫グロブリン大量療法など免疫療法を施行したが,肺癌進行により死亡した.免疫チェック …

    Rinsho Shinkeigaku 60(11), 768-772, 2020


  • Quality of Life During Chemotherapy in Japanese Patients with Unresectable Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

    SHIBAYAMA Kaoru , KOSUGI Toshifumi , SHINCHI Koichi , KAWAGUCHI Yasunori , OTSUKA Taiga , KOGA Futa , NAKASHITA Shunya , OZA Noriko , URESHINO Norio , SADASHIMA Eiji , KUROBE Kentaro

    … At baseline, the global health status (GHS) score was low (50/100), and 9 patients (30%) were experiencing significant levels of mental distress. … Scores for the GHS, five functional scales (physical, role, emotional, cognitive, and social), nine symptoms (fatigue, nausea and vomiting, pain, dyspnea, insomnia, appetite loss, constipation, diarrhea, and financial difficulties), anxiety and depression generally did not deteriorate during chemotherapy. …

    Asian Journal of Human Services 19(0), 42-54, 2020


  • Improvement Effects of Back Aroma Treatment on Relaxation and Fatigue of Early Puerperal Mothers  [in Japanese]

    Takemoto Nao , Uranaka Keiichi , Asazawa Kyoko

    <p><b>目的:</b>産褥早期の褥婦に対して背部へのアロマトリートメント介入をし,リラックス感および疲労感の変化を明らかにする.</p><p><b>方法:</b>分娩後1から7日目の褥婦30名に対して15分間のアロマトリートメント介入をした.比較群をおかない一群事前事後テストデザインの準実験研究であり,属性,リ …

    Journal of Japan Academy of Nursing Science 40(0), 160-167, 2020


  • Differential Diagnosis of COVID-19: Importance of Measuring Blood Lymphocytes, Serum Electrolytes, and Olfactory and Taste Functions

    Nakanishi Hiroki , Suzuki Motohiko , Maeda Hiroyoshi , Nakamura Yoshitaka , Ikegami Yosuke , Takenaka Yuya , Mori Yusuke , Hasuo Takahiro , Hasegawa Chihiro

    … The frequencies of fatigue, loose stool, diarrhea, nasal obstruction, olfactory dysfunction, taste dysfunction, underlying hyperlipidemia, and the prescription of angiotensin II receptor blocker (ARB) were significantly higher in COVID-19 patients than those in non-COVID-19 patients. … The counts of leucocytes, neutrophils, lymphocytes, eosinophils, monocytes, and basophils and the levels of chloride and calcium in blood of COVID-19 patients were significantly lower than those of non-COVID-19 patients. …

    The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 252(2), 109-119, 2020


  • Developmental Changes in Food Balance during Breakfast, Lifestyle, and Indefinite Complaints from First Grade to Sixth Grade in Elementary School  [in Japanese]

    Nagahara Manami , Ohta Masanori , Umeki Yoko , Nanri Akiko , Hayabuchi Hitomi

    <p>【目的】小学校に入学した1年生が6年生になるまでの6年間における,朝食の食事バランスと生活習慣や不定愁訴を調べ,生活習慣及び不定愁訴と朝食の食事バランスとの関連性を明らかにした。</p><p>【方法】2011年入学の1年生(<i>n</i>=91)を対象に,起床や就寝,朝食,共食,食事の手伝い,不定愁訴に関する自記式質問紙調査を6年 …

    The Japanese Journal of Nutrition and Dietetics 78(4), 131-142, 2020

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  • Muscle fatigue evaluation method of driver at long time driving based on blood lactate level increase  [in Japanese]

    YAMAKAWA Takumi , HAYAKAWA Soichiro , ASANO Katsuhiro , TSUTSUMI Shigeyoshi , IKEURA Ryojun

    … <p>There are many things to consider about the fatigue of drivers during long time driving, such as the driver's driving posture. … In order to confirm the degree of fatigue, many studies have been conducted on methods of measuring fatigue during driving. … Therefore, we focused on the blood lactate value used as a physical fatigue evaluation characteristic mainly for muscles. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(889), 19-00433-19-00433, 2020


  • A case of early diagnosis of invasive pulmonary aspergillosis, based on elevated (1→3)-β-D-glucan level, during immunosuppressive treatment for interstitial pneumonia  [in Japanese]

    NAKAMURA Takeshi , KOBAYASHI Sugako , YOKOYAMA Kazuhiro , KUSAMA Fumiko , HORIKAWA Yoshinori , HOSHIYAMA Yoshiki , MORO Hiroshi , NARITA Ichiei

    <p>症例は70歳代の男性で,間質性肺炎に対しプレドニゾロンおよびシクロスポリンによる治療を継続中であった。定期受診時に喀痰の増加や全身倦怠感を訴え,当初は細菌性肺炎が疑われたため,外来で抗菌治療の方針となっていた。一方,院内検査で患者の帰宅前に(1→3)-β-D-グルカン(β-D-グルカン)値の上昇が判明したため,緊急を要する事態として検査技師から主治医に直接電話連絡し,深在性真菌症 …

    Japanese Journal of Medical Technology 69(3), 474-480, 2020

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  • Comparison between conventional acupuncture and press tuck needle acupuncture for physical and psychological fatigue in office workers:-A randomized open-label parallel group comparison study-  [in Japanese]

    MUKO Arisa , SAKAI Tomomi , TANIGUCHI Hiroshi , FUJIMOTO Hideki , MATSUURA Yuto , KAIJIMA Hirotsune , KAIJIMA Mikako , TSUJIUCHI Keiko , KOGA Yoshihisa , YASUNO Fumiko

    【目的】身体的・精神的疲労感を自覚する就労者に対して鍼灸治療と円皮鍼治療を介入し、 疲労感への効果を比較した。 【方法】[研究デザイン] ランダム化比較試験とした。 ランダムに鍼灸治療群 (ACP群)、 円皮鍼治療群 (PTN群) の2群に割付けた。 [セッティング] 関東大都市圏Aクリニック院内鍼灸治療室。 [対象] Aクリニックの就労者。 組入れ基準は、 20歳以上45歳未満、 身体的・精神的 …

    Zen Nihon Shinkyu Gakkai zasshi (Journal of the Japan Society of Acupuncture and Moxibustion) 70(1), 2-13, 2020

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  • RANS and LES Simulations at Partial Load in Francis Turbines: Three Dimensional Topology and Dynamic Behaviour of Inter Blade Vortices

    Doussot F , Balarac G , Brammer J , Laurant Y , Métais O

    … However, to respond to the increasing demand for flexibility mainly due to the integration of renewable energy in the electric grid, the operating range of Francis turbines has to be extended towards smaller discharge levels without restriction. … In these off design operating conditions and due to these phenomena, dynamic stresses level can increase, and potentially lead to fatigue damage of the mechanical structure of the machine. …

    International Journal of Fluid Machinery and Systems 13(1), 12-20, 2020


  • A fatal case of exacerbated liver cirrhosis caused by acute hepatitis E virus infection: atypical dynamics of anti-hepatitis E virus antibody titers  [in Japanese]

    Okano Hiroshi , Sase Tomohiro , Saito Tomonori , Mukai Katsumi , Nishimura Akira , Takahashi Masaharu , Okamoto Hiroaki , Asakawa Hiroki , Tsuruga Satomi , Nose Kenji , Tochio Tomomasa , Kumazawa Hiroaki , Isono Yoshiaki , Tanaka Hiroki , Matsusaki Shimpei

    <p>10年前に軽度の肝胆道系酵素値の異常を指摘されるも,その後医療機関受診がなかった72歳の男性が肝硬変による肝不全疑いで入院した.AMA-M2抗体陽性とIgM高値より原発性胆汁性胆管炎が肝硬変の原因と考えられた.保存的療法にて肝不全はやや改善したが,入院時血清よりIgA-HEV抗体とHEV RNAが検出されたことから,肝硬変にHEV感染を合併し肝不全に進展したものと診断された.HE …

    Kanzo 61(6), 326-334, 2020

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  • Effects of black vinegar beverage intake on exercise-induced fatigue in untrained healthy adults: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial

    Inagaki Shun , Baba Yoshitake , Ochi Takayuki , Sakurai Yoshie , Takihara Takanobu , Sagesaka Yuko M.

    … <p>In this study, healthy participants aged 30 to 45 years, who do not exercise regularly, were administered black vinegar beverages (containing acetic acid) daily for 7 days and assessed for feelings of physical fatigue following exercise. … The evaluation was conducted mainly using the Visual Analog Scale (VAS), which assesses feelings of physical fatigue, to measure levels of serum creatine kinase (CK). …

    The Journal of Physical Fitness and Sports Medicine 9(3), 115-125, 2020

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