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  • Multiple ionization and Coulomb explosion of molecules, molecular complexes, clusters and solid surfaces

    Yatsuhashi Tomoyuki , Nakashima Nobuaki

    … Intense femtosecond lasers as well as X-ray free electron lasers provide new means to produce multiply charged molecular cations. … This review focuses on recent advances made in studies of Coulomb explosion imaging, highlighting the use of this process to determine the static structures of complex molecules, geometric isomers, chiral molecules and molecular complexes. …

    Journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology C: Photochemistry Reviews (34), 52-84, 2018-03


  • Transition from nonsequential to sequential double ionization in many-electron systems

    Pullen Michael G. , Wolter Benjamin , Wang Xu , Tong Xiao-Min , Sclafani Michele , Baudisch Matthias , Pires Hugo , Schröter Claus Dieter , Ullrich Joachim , Pfeifer Thomas , Moshammer Robert , Eberly J. H. , Biegert Jens , 仝 暁民

    … Understanding strong-field double ionization of many-electron systems is an important fundamental problem with potential implications for molecular imaging within this regime. … We utilize these facts to successfully image a molecular dication using laser-induced electron diffraction. … This methodology can be used to study molecular dynamics on unprecedented few-femtosecond time scales. …

    Physical review A 96(3), 33401, 2017-09


  • Molecular Orbital Imaging by Multi-Dimensional Electron Spectroscopy  [in Japanese]

    Yamazaki Masakazu

    Electron spectroscopy combined with a scattering experiment offers a powerful means to study spatial characteristics of a one-electron wavefunction in molecules or in continuum states. … Here we review recent developments in such multi-dimensional electron spectroscopy studies which utilize atomic, photonic, and electronic collisions. …

    Molecular Science 11(1), A0093, 2017


  • Coherent Imaging Using SACLA  [in Japanese]

    NISHINO Yoshinori , KIMURA Takashi , SUZUKI Akihiro , JOTI Yasumasa , BESSHO Yoshitaka

    … <p>X-ray free-electron lasers (XFELs) with femtosecond pulse duration offer an innovative solution to transcend the spatial resolution limitation in conventional X-ray imaging for biological samples and soft matters by clearing up the radiation damage problem using the "diffraction-before-destruction" strategy. …

    Nihon Kessho Gakkaishi 59(1), 18-23, 2017


  • Structure determination of molecules in an alignment laser field by femtosecond photoelectron diffraction using an X-ray free-electron laser

    Minemoto Shinichirou , Teramoto Takahiro , Akagi Hiroshi , Fujikawa Takashi , Majima Takuya , Nakajima Kyo , Niki Kaori , Owada Shigeki , Sakai Hirofumi , Togashi Tadashi , Tono Kensuke , Tsuru Shota , Wada Ken , Yabashi Makina , Yoshida Shintaro , Yagishita Akira

    … We have successfully determined the internuclear distance of I2 molecules in an alignment laser field by applying our molecular structure determination methodology to an I 2p X-ray photoelectron diffraction profile observed with femtosecond X-ray free electron laser pulses. …

    Scientific Reports (6), 2016-12-09


  • Ultrafast photodynamics of pyrazine in the vacuum ultraviolet region studied by time-resolved photoelectron imaging using 7.8-eV pulses

    Horio Takuya , Suzuki Yoshi Ichi , Suzuki Toshinori

    … The ultrafast electronic dynamics of pyrazine (C4N2H4) were studied by time-resolved photoelectron imaging (TRPEI) using the third (3ω, 4.7 eV) and fifth harmonics (5ω, 7.8 eV) of a femtosecond Ti:sapphire laser (ω). … Although the photoionization signals due to the 5ω - 3ω and 3ω - 5ω pulse sequences overlapped near the time origin, we have successfully extracted their individual TRPEI signals using least squares fitting of the observed electron kinetic energy distributions. …

    Journal of Chemical Physics 145(4), 2016-07-28


  • Controlling electron-ion rescattering in two-color circularly polarized femtosecond laser fields

    Mancuso Christopher A. , Hickstein Daniel D. , Dorney Kevin M. , Ellis Jennifer L. , Hasović Elvedin , Knut Ronny , Grychtol Patrik , Gentry Christian , Gopalakrishnan Maithreyi , Zusin Dmitriy , Dollar Franklin J. , Tong Xiao-Min , Milošević Dejan B. , Becker Wilhelm , Kapteyn Henry C. , Murnane Margaret M. , 仝 暁民

    … We uncover the conditions that lead to enhanced electron-ion rescattering, which should correspond to the highest single-atom harmonic flux. … Using a velocity map imaging photoelectron spectrometer and tomographic reconstruction techniques, we record three-dimensional photoelectron distributions resulting from the strong-field ionization of argon atoms across a broad range of driving laser intensity ratios. …

    Physical review A 93(5), 053406, 2016-05


  • Ultrafast Electron Diffraction and Deflectometry with Electron Sources Generated and Accelerated by Intense Femtosecond Lasers  [in Japanese]

    Sakabe Shuji , Hashida Masaki , Tokita Shigeki , Inoue Shunsuke , Teramoto Kensuke , Watanabe Kouta

    … <p>A next challenge for advanced electron microscopes is the development of high-speed electron microscope with the high time resolution. … As the beginning, ultrafast electron diffraction has been studied. … To observe phenomena of irreversible processes, intense short electron pulses must be indispensably developed, but there is an essential problem as the spread of the electron pulse by space charge effect. …

    KENBIKYO 50(3), 164-169, 2015


  • Ultrafast internal conversion of aromatic molecules studied by photoelectron spectroscopy using Sub-20 fs laser pulses.

    Suzuki Toshinori

    … While the photoelectron kinetic energy distribution does not exhibit a clear signature of internal conversion, the photoelectron angular anisotropy unambiguously reveals the sudden change of electron configuration upon internal conversion. …

    Molecules 19(2), 2410-2433, 2014-02-21


  • Imaging of live cells in solution by femtosecond X-ray laser pulses  [in Japanese]

    KIMURA Takashi , JOTI Yasumasa , BESSHO Yoshitaka , NISHINO Yoshinori

    … By freezing the sample in time using a femtosecond pulse duration, an X-ray free electron laser (XFEL) can overcome the radiation damage problem, which limits the achievable resolution. … We performed a live cell imaging experiment using the SPring-8 Angstrom Compact Free-Electron Laser (SACLA). …

    Oyo Buturi 83(10), 830-833, 2014


  • Femtosecond Time-resolved Electron Microscopy  [in Japanese]

    Yang Jinfeng , Yoshida Yoichi , Shibata Hiromi

    … A new radio-frequency electron gun based ultrafast relativistic electron microscopy (UEM) has being developed in Osaka University to probe directly structural changes at the atomic scale with sub-100 fs temporal resolution in materials. … The first prototype of femtosecond time-resolved relativistic-energy UEM has been constructed at end of October in 2012. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 134(4), 515-520, 2014


  • Direct imaging of the near field and dynamics of surface plasmon resonance on gold nanostructures using photoemission electron microscopy

    Sun Quan , Ueno Kosei , Yu Han , Kubo Atsushi , Matsuo Yasutaka , Misawa Hiroaki

    Light : science & applications (2), e118-1-e118-8, 2013-12


  • Solar Cell Evaluation using a Laser Terahertz Emission Microscope  [in Japanese]

    KAWAYAMA Iwao , NAKSNISHI Hidetoshi , ITO Akira , KHANDOKER SalekAbu , 高山 和久 , MURAKAMI Hironaru , TONOUCHI Masayoshi

    … Laser Terahertz Emission Microscopy (LTEM) acquires an image of the THz emission on a sample by scanning it with femtosecond laser pulses. … We report on the results of the detection of THz waves generated from the multicrystalline silicon solar cell excited by femtosecond laser pulses and imaging the amplitude of THz waves, which reflect the instantaneous and local electric power generation. …

    IEICE technical report. Electron devices 112(364), 89-92, 2012-12-17

  • Ultrafast Dynamics of Photo-Excited Nano-Structured Metal Surfaces by Femtosecond Time-Resolved Photoemission Electron Microscopy  [in Japanese]

    KUBO Atsushi

    レーザー研究 40(8), 579-586, 2012-08-15

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  • Imaging of Surface Plasmon Polariton Fields by Femtosecond Laser Excited Photoemission Electron Microscopy  [in Japanese]

    KUBO Atsushi , PETEK Hrvoje

    表面科学 : hyomen kagaku = Journal of the Surface Science Society of Japan 33(4), 235-241, 2012-04-10

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  • Imaging of Surface Plasmon Polariton Fields by Femtosecond Laser Excited Photoemission Electron Microscopy  [in Japanese]

    KUBO Atsushi , PETEK Hrvoje

    Femtosecond laser excited two-photon photoemission electron microscopy facilitates the studies on optical properties and dynamics of surface plasmon polariton (SPP) wave packets beyond the diffraction limit. … In this article we review our recent work on imaging of SPP wave packets excited by an obliquely incident 10 fs laser pulse at a single slit fabricated in a thin silver film. …

    Hyomen Kagaku 33(4), 235-241, 2012


  • Time-resolved photoelectron imaging using a femtosecond UV laser and a VUV free-electron laser

    Liu S. Y. , Ogi Yoshihiro , Fuji Takao , Nishizawa Kiyoshi , Horio Takuya , Mizuno Tomoya , Kohguchi Hiroshi , Nagasono Mitsuru , Togashi Tadashi , Tono Kensuke , Yabashi Makina , Senba Yasunori , Ohashi Haruhiko , Kimura Hiroaki , Ishikawa Tetsuya , Suzuki Toshinori

    … A time-resolved photoelectron imaging using a femtosecond ultraviolet (UV) laser and a vacuum UV freeelectron laser is presented. …

    Phsical Review A 81(3), 2010


  • Femtosecond time-resolved imaging of surface plasmon  [in Japanese]

    KUBO Atsushi

    … <p>The propagation of surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs) on silver film is imaged by time-resolved photoemission electron microscopy, which composes a combination of femtosecond-laser-based two-photon photoemission and photoemission electron microscopy. …

    Oyo Buturi 78(10), 976-980, 2009-10-10

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  • Femtosecond Time-resolved Photoemission Electron Microscope Studies of Surface Plasmon Dynamics  [in Japanese]

    KUBO Atsushi , PETEK Hrvoje

    … By combining interferometric time-resolved two-photon photoemission and photoemission electron microscopy, we demonstrate imaging of surface plasmon dynamics with 60 nm spatial resolution and 0.33 fs frame interval. …

    Journal of the Vacuum Society of Japan 51(6), 368-376, 2008-06-20

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