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  • Relationship Between Water Supply and Sugar and Capsaicinoids Contents in Fruit of Chili Pepper (<i>Capsicum annuum</i> L.)

    Rathnayaka R. M. S. M. B. , Minami Minemo , Nemoto Kazuhiro , Prabandaka Sudasinghe Sathya , Matsushima Kenichi

    … The present research was conducted to evaluate the effect of water supply and harvesting date after flowering on sugar and capsaicinoid contents in fruit of the Japanese chili pepper cultivars 'Botankosho', 'Fushimiamanaga', 'Manganji', and 'Sapporo Oonaga Nanban'. … Fruit were harvested at 20, 30, 40, and 50 days after flowering (DAF). …

    The Horticulture Journal 90(1), 58-67, 2021


  • Effect of the climate change in the 21st century on apple cultivation in northern Tohoku  [in Japanese]

    ITO Daiyu

    … Due to the temperature increase, the date of flowering will advance at the rate 0.2 days year<sup>-1</sup> … Because the varietal difference in the flowering date will gradually increase, the insect pollination may become difficult at the end of this century. … Harvesting date will advance and delay in early- and late-maturing varieties, respectively. …

    Climate in Biosphere 20(0), 76-83, 2020


  • Models for Predicting Dates of Budding and Full Bloom of 'Delaware' Grape Based on the Daily Average Temperature  [in Japanese]

    Kamimori Masahiro , Miwa Yuka , Isobe Takeshi , Hosomi Akihiro

    <p>露地栽培のブドウ'デラウェア'の発芽日,満開日を日平均気温から予測することを目的として,大阪府羽曳野市における1963年から2019年にかけての50年分の発芽日,満開日の調査データを用いて,日平均気温を積算する方法(積算温度法),発育速度(DVR)とその積算値である発育指数(DVI)を用いた方法(DVR法)を検討した.発芽日,満開日の所用日数とその期間の平均気温は強い負の相関を示 …

    Horticultural Research (Japan) 19(2), 175-181, 2020


  • Genetic effect of a new allele for the flowering time locus <i>Ghd7</i> in rice

    Fujino Kenji , Yamanouchi Utako

    … <p>The optimization of flowering time is a key aspect in maximizing grain productivity in rice. … Allelic variations in genes for flowering time are major drivers in the wide adaptability of cultivated rice around the world. … Here, we identified a novel allele of flowering time gene <i>Grain number, plant height and heading date 7</i> …

    Breeding Science 70(3), 342-346, 2020


  • Long-term acceleration of flowering of <i>Cerasus × yedoensis</i> 'Somei-yoshino' and changes in air temperature and land cover in 24 cities in Japan  [in Japanese]

    TADA Yuki , MURAKAMI Akinobu , TEZUKA Yuta

    … <p>In order to clarify the long-term phenological shift caused by the urban heat island phenomenon, this study investigated the relationships between flowering dates of <i>Cerasus × yedoensis</i> … It was confirmed that the flowering date was accelerated as the temperature rises during the flower-bud growing period. … The actual number of flowering acceleration days tended to be smaller than the expected ones. …

    Journal of The Japanese Institute of Landscape Architecture 83(5), 715-720, 2020


  • Effects of Intermittent Low Temperature Storage Duration and Cycle on the Growth and Flowering of <i>Eustoma</i> (<i>Eustoma grandiflorum</i> L.) Seedlings Raised in the Summer

    Thu Phan Thao , Sasaki Satoshi , Fukushima Keigo , Tanaka Yoshiyuki , Yasuba Ken-ichiro , Yoshida Yuichi , Goto Tanjuro

    … The objective of this study was to investigate the effects of the total number of cold storage days and the lengths of ILTS cycles for seedlings on the subsequent growth and flowering of three cultivars with different susceptibilities to rosetting: 'Nancy', 'Exe Lavender', and 'Bolero White'. …

    The Horticulture Journal 89(3), 292-299, 2020


  • Prediction of Acid Concentration in Wine and Table Grape Berries from Air Temperature

    Sugiura Toshihiko , Sato Akihiko , Shiraishi Mikio , Amamiya Hidehito , Ohno Hiroshi , Takayama Norio , Miyata Nobuteru , Sakaue Takami , Konno Shohei

    … Although the number of days from the full-flowering date to harvest date varied with the cultivar, the temperature throughout the period of 40 to 50 days before the harvest date was the most strongly correlated with the titratable acidity of all tested cultivars. …

    The Horticulture Journal 89(3), 208-215, 2020


  • A novel genotype DATTO5 developed using the five genes exhibits the fastest heading date designed in rice

    Fujino Kenji , Ikegaya Tomohito

    … <p>The optimization of heading date is a key aspect for maximizing grain productivity in cereal crops including rice. … The combinations of genes for heading date, a quantitative trait, are a major driver in the wide adaptability of cultivated rice worldwide. … (quantitative trait locus for days-to-heading on chromosome 3), for early flowering time in the F<sub>2</sub> …

    Breeding Science 70(2), 193-199, 2020


  • Development of a model to predict the date of loquat fruit ripening  [in Japanese]

    KONNO Shohei , SUGIURA Toshihiko , TANIMOTO Emiko , HIEHATA Naofumi , TSUTAKI Yasunori , YAMADA Hidenao , IWATA Koji

    … The most accurate predictions were made when we started DVR calculations with our models from the next day of the end of flowering date (about 22 to 27 days from full bloom). … The models enable to estimate the period of fruit ripening for 'Mogi', 'BN21 gou' and 'Biwa Nagasaki No.24' tree with mean errors of 3.9 days, 4.2 days and 2.9 days, respectively, although flowering time and fruit developing period varies at each region. …

    Climate in Biosphere 20(0), 41-48, 2020


  • Winter wheat phenological development model with a vernalization function using sigmoidal and exponential functions

    KAWAKITA Satoshi , ISHIKAWA Naoyuki , TAKAHASHI Hidehiro , OKUNO Rintaro , TAKAHASHI Tadashi

    … Cultivation data for five winter wheat cultivars with relatively strong vernalization requirement were collected for several years (more than 4 years), and the model for flowering date prediction was calibrated based on the sowing date for each cultivar. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 76(2), 81-88, 2020


  • Assessment of deterioration in skin color of table grape berries due to climate change and effects of two adaptation measures

    SUGIURA Toshihiko , SHIRAISHI Mikio , KONNO Shohei , SATO Akihiko

    Journal of agricultural meteorology = 農業気象 75(2), 67-75, 2019-04

  • Relations between Fruit Weight and Flowering Date, Number of Fruit per Cluster and Cumulative Temperature in 'Natsutayori' Loquat  [in Japanese]

    UCHINO Koji , IWATA Koji , KUKITA Hitoshi , KUMAMOTO Osamu

    <p>ビワ'なつたより'における大果生産技術を確立するために,果実重と開花日,果房当たり果実数および積算温度との関係を調査した.果実重は,11月中旬~1月上旬開花では60 gを超え,1月中旬開花では最小であった.果房当たり果実数2個では同3個および4個よりも,果実重がやや大きかった.開花が遅くなると,果形指数は大きくなり,果実縦断面の形は短卵形から円形になった.果実重と成熟日数および基 …

    Research for Tropical Agriculture 12(2), 59-64, 2019


  • Effects of Japanese Knotweed Mulch Farming on Cultivation of Eggplants  [in Japanese]

    Hidehiro INAGAKI , Kana HASEGAWA , Sakiko KUBOTA , Koji NISHIKAWA , Kazuko NARUSE

    <p>伝統的な刈敷き栽培は,ススキやヨシなどのイネ科植物を用いるのが一般的である.しかしながら,徳島県剣山系の伝統農法では一般的な刈敷き栽培にはススキを用いるのに対して,ナス科作物の栽培にはタデ科多年生雑草であるイタドリが経験的に用いられている.この要因は明確ではない.そこで本研究では,イタドリの表層施用がナスの生育や収量,品質に及ぼす影響を検討した.</p><p&g …

    Japanese Journal of Organic Agriculture Science 11(1), 32-37, 2019


  • A climatological study on flowering of <i>Hydrangea macrophylla</i> in Japan  [in Japanese]

    Torii Masaaki , Yamaguchi Takako

    <p>日本におけるアジサイの開花日(1987年~2016年)の経年変化と地域差について,近年の春の高温化および暖冬の影響を含め,気候学的観点から検討を行った.開花日の線形回帰分析の結果によれば,30年間の開花日変化率の全国平均(54地点)は,早期化の傾向が見られた.地点別の開花日変化率の分布では,西南太平洋側の地点で晩期化,北日本の地点で早期化という地域差が認められた.1987年~19 …



  • Determining Optimum Sowing Date for Linseed (<i>Linum usitatissimum</i> L.)  [in Japanese]

    Nakamoto Tomomi

    <p>播種期の違いが油料アマの収量と収量構成要素に及ぼす影響を明らかにすることを目的に,品種Lirina を2015年と2016年の2月から12月までの間ほぼ1週間おきに播種した.播種から開花までには40日以上の日数と約600度・日の有効積算温度(基準温度5℃)が必要であった.春播き(2月中旬から6月中旬),夏播き(7月下旬から9月中旬),秋播き(10月中旬から12月下旬)によって種子 …

    Japanese Journal of Crop Science 88(2), 143-148, 2019


  • Switching genetic effects of the flowering time gene <i>Hd1</i> in LD conditions by <i>Ghd7</i> and <i>OsPRR37</i> in rice

    Fujino Kenji , Yamanouchi Utako , Nonoue Yasunori , Obara Mari , Yano Masahiro

    … <p>Flowering time control in plants is a major limiting factor on the range of species. … Day length, perceived via the photoperiodic pathway, is a critical factor for the induction of flowering. … The module of <i>GIGANTEA (GI)</i>-<i>CONSTANS (CO)</i>-<i>FLOWERING LOCUS T</i> … is conserved in diverse plant species including the short day (SD) plant rice, where this module comprises <i>OsGI-Heading date 1</i> …

    Breeding Science 69(1), 127-132, 2019


  • Modeling the flowering sensitivity of five accessions of wild soybean (<i>Glycine soja</i>) to temperature and photoperiod, and its latitudinal cline

    Ohigashi Kentaro , Mizuguti Aki , Nakatani Keiko , Yoshimura Yasuyuki , Matsuo Kazuhito

    Flowering synchrony is essential to the occurrence of outcrossing, but the flowering phenology of wild soybean is less well researched than that of cultivated soybean. … We developed models to predict flowering initiation of wild soybean, based on the flowering initiation dates of wild soybean five accessions from different latitudes (31.4°N to 42.6°N) in growth chambers in which temperature and day length varied. …

    Breeding Science 69(1), 84-93, 2019


  • Evaluation of non-linear wheat development models and optimization methods for their parameter determination

    KAWAKITA Satoshi , INABA Syunji , TAKAHASHI Tadashi , KAMADA Eiichiro , ISHIKAWA Naoyuki , TAKAHASHI Hidehiro , OKUNO Rintaro

    … In this study, we developed three different wheat phenological models, a polynomial model and two sigmoid and exponential mixed (SEM) models developed by different parameter determination methods (the Nelder-Mead and augmented Lagrange multiplier methods), and determined which of these models is the most effective for predicting the flowering date in wheat. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 75(2), 120-128, 2019


  • Assessment of deterioration in skin color of table grape berries due to climate change and effects of two adaptation measures

    SUGIURA Toshihiko , SHIRAISHI Mikio , KONNO Shohei , SATO Akihiko

    … To assess the phenological shift, a model to estimate full-flowering date from air temperature was developed from observed full-flowering dated in Japan. … The full-flowering date of ‘Kyoho’ …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 75(2), 67-75, 2019


  • Tree Growth, Flowering, and Fruiting of 'Taishuu' Japanese Persimmon Grafted onto Dwarfing Rootstocks

    Tetsumura Takuya , Honsho Chitose , Asakuma Hideaki , Ishimura Shuji , Takita Takashi , Funaki Shogo , Uchida Hiroharu , Hidaka Takumi , Haranoushiro Syo , Udatsu Yasuhiro , Matsuo Mitsuhiro

    … The harvest date of 'MKR1' trees was significantly earlier than that of S and O-R trees. …

    The Horticulture Journal 88(1), 57-66, 2019


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