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  • Factors Affecting Farmers' Resilience to Food Insecurity in the Peanut Belt of Senegal

    FALL Maouloud Talla

    … The paper examines determinants that influence resilience to food security using a survey of 140 rural farm households in the Peanut Belt of Senegal. … Targeted aid from the local nongovernmental organisation and partners provided care and food to vulnerable households. … Households that solely rely on agricultural production to survive face severe risks of food insecurity. … Besides, homes with aged household head face with food insecurity. …

    国際開発研究フォーラム 48(10), 1-17, 2018-03

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  • Weather Derivative to Incorporate Multiple Weather Factors and Agricultural Insights into Option Pricing Model::A Case Study for the U.S. Seed Production Business  [in Japanese]

    Fukushima Takumi , Nakaoka Hidetaka

    農業は、その収益(収穫量)が天候リスクに悩まされている事業のひとつである。これまで各国政府は自国の食料安全保障政策の観点から、また、農民の経営安定への支援を目的として、各国独自の農業保険を整備してきている。ところが、いずれの国においてもこうした従来型の農業保険が効率的に運営されていないのではないかとの批判にさらされている。例えば、米国のように手厚い農業補助金(税金)の使い方が政争の具にされている国 …

    Communications of the Japan Association of Real Options and Strategy 9(1), 88-101, 2017


  • Associations among anthropometric measures, food consumption, and quality of life in school-age children in Tanzania

    Ohnishi Mayumi , Leshabari Sebalada , Ambikile Joel Seme , Oishi Kazuyo , Nakao Yuko , Nishihara Mika

    … The factors associated with quality of life (QOL) and anthropometric measurements as outcomes of food consumption were examined among school-age children in Tanzania.</p><p><b>Methods:</b> … The survey probed sociodemographic characteristics such as age, gender, living with family members, number of meals/snacks per day, food consumption in the previous 24 hours, and QOL, as well as anthropometric measurements (height and weight). …

    Journal of Rural Medicine 12(1), 38-45, 2017

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  • Estimation of rice yield by SIMRIW-RS, a model that integrates remote sensing data into a crop growth model

    MAKI Masayasu , SEKIGUCHI Kosuke , HOMMA Koki , HIROOKA Yoshihiro , OKI Kazuo

    Food security has become a serious concern recently in Southeast Asia. … The reduction of agricultural land because of economic development is decreasing the food supply. … Simultaneously, due to rapid population growth, the food demand is increasing. … Therefore, to ensure a stable food supply, it is important to estimate the supply capability of rice, which is the staple food in most Asian countries. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 73(1), 2-8, 2017


  • Cropping intensity and seasonality parameters across Asia extracted by multi-temporal SPOT vegetation data

    TATSUMI Kenichi

    … The analyses used fitted Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) time-series data derived from SPOT VEGETATION 10-day synthesis (VGT S10) instruments. … Detailed analyses of crop seasonality will contribute to progress across a range of agricultural concerns, including local and large-scale food security and the management of complex agricultural systems.</p> …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 72(3-4), 142-150, 2016


  • Use of Remote Sensing Signatures for Smart Agriculture and Food Security  [in Japanese]

    INOUE Yoshio

    Journal of The Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 55(9), 750-757, 2016


  • Comparison of Empirical Regression Models for Estimating LAI of Paddy Rice from Several Vegetation Indices Derived from UAV Images

    MAKI Masayasu , KATSURA Keisuke , OKI Kazuo

    … Recently, food security has become a major world-wide concern. … The development of a stable food supply system is necessary. … The management of crop growth is one of the most important aspects of precision agriculture, and it requires the accurate monitoring of the spatial distribution of the leaf area index (LAI) of target crops at the field scale. …

    Journal of The Remote Sensing Society of Japan 36(2), 100-106, 2016


  • Safety Security of Foods with Food Additives : Consideration on the Use of Food Additives and Approach to the Use of Food Additives as a Safety Management Index  [in Japanese]

    山﨑 裕康

    日本防菌防黴学会誌 = Journal of Antibacterial and Antifungal Agents 43(9), 431-434, 2015-09

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  • Comparative Performance of Corn, Sorghum and Pearl Millet Growing under Saline Soil and Water Environments in Aral Sea Basin


    … Agricultural sustainability and food security in arid and semi-arid areas of the Aral Sea Basin are limited by the salinization of arable land, and by water availability. …

    Journal of Arid Land Studies 25(3), 269-272, 2015


  • Development of Rice Analog as a Food Diversification Vehicle in Indonesia

    Budijanto Slamet , Dewi Yuliana Nancy

    … Indonesia's high dependency on rice makes the country prone to food insecurity. … To improve food security, the government of Indonesia started a food diversification program in 1974. … "Rice analog" (RA) meets the criteria and could be developed as a food diversification vehicle. …

    Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture 10(1), 7-14, 2015


  • Access to Livelihood Assets under the Influence of a Climate Event in Upland Northern Laos

    Phanxay INGXAY , Isao HIROTA , Satoshi YOKOYAMA

    … The findings indicate that natural capital had the highest index value in the 2010 normal climate, whereas human capital had the highest value in the 2011 climate event. … Financial capital had the lowest index in both climate conditions. … Outside employment was an additional strategy in households to achieve their livelihood goals, including food security and household income generation, under conditions of economic change and climate events. …

    Geographical review of Japan series B 87(2), 131-145, 2015


  • Development of a Tool for Socio-Economic Evaluation of Agricultural Technologies Directed toward Adaptation to Climate Change

    KOBAYASHI Shintaro , FURUYA Jun

    … In the present world affected by climate change, developing agricultural technologies to adapt to climate change is one of the most important challenges to mitigate the impacts of climate change on food security. …

    Japan Agricultural Research Quarterly: JARQ 49(2), 135-141, 2015


  • Satellite Earth Observation for Food Security  [in Japanese]

    OYOSHI Kei , NUKUI Tomoyuki , SOBUE Shinichi

    地球観測衛星データから、農業統計情報や農作物の生育に関する早期警戒情報を得られることができれば、食料安全保障に関わる意思決定において有用である。宇宙航空研究開発機構(JAXA)に属する筆者らは、国内外の研究機関や大学、利用者となる機関と連携して地球観測データの食料安全保障分野への利用に関わる研究開発を実施してきた。地球観測衛星データを活用する総合的な作物監視システムを実現するには、耕作地図作成シス …

    Journal of the Japanese Agricultural Systems Society 30(1), 27-33, 2014


  • Rice farmers' response to climate and socio-economic impacts: a case study in North Sumatra, Indonesia

    KAWANISHI Masato , MIMURA Nobuo

    … Four factors are identified as those affecting the change in land use: (1) climate conditions, (2) economic environment, (3) rice planting index, and (4) distance from palm oil enterprise estates. … The responses of the farmers to the rice planting index and the proximity to palm oil enterprise estates, both of which vary across the province, are differentiated into three types: (1) land use conversion from rice production to oil palm plantation, (2) conversion to other cash crops, and (3) staying with rice production. …

    Journal of Agricultural Meteorology 69(1), 9-22, 2013


  • Dietary Energy Density Is Inversely Associated with the Diet Quality Indices among Iranian Young Adults


    … Therefore, this study was conducted to report the relationship between dietary energy density and diet quality index in Iranian youths. … A validated semi quantitative food frequency questionnaire was used to assess the usual dietary intakes. … Diet quality was assessed by healthy eating index (HEI), nutrient adequacy ratio (NAR), and mean adequacy ratio (MAR). …

    Journal of Nutritional Science and Vitaminology 58(1), 29-35, 2012

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  • Food technology  [in Japanese]

    成瀬 雄二郎 , 土屋 広司

    <p>科学技術の側面を重視しながら,食糧技術の今後の約30年の将来ビジョンについて考察する.歴史的に考えると,世界人口の推移に呼応して食糧生産に関係する注目すべき技術が数多く出現している.食糧技術の発展史で注目すべき要素は,品種改良,化学肥料,農薬,灌〔かん〕漑〔がい〕技術,農業機械および物流技術である.一方,歴史的な蓄積技術だけでは世界的に複雑化する食糧問題を解決することが困難になっ …

    Oyo Buturi 79(8), 735-737, 2010-08-10


  • The role of aid allocation in some aspects of food security in Northern Ethiopia: micro analysis

    URAGUCHI Zenebe Bashaw

    … Based on primary household food security survey data collected for five years from 450 households in two sub-districts of northern Ethiopia, the thrust of this study was to explore the role and problem of aid in achieving food availability, access and diversity. …

    Forum of international development studies (39), 75-97, 2010-03

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  • Food-Systems Linkages and Value Chain Buildings in the East Asian Countries  [in Japanese]

    SHIMOWATARI Toshiharu , NATORI Masahiko

    … This paper explores the current situation of the food systems from the perspective of global linkages and value chain building in East Asian countries. … According to official index of East Asian trade amount in the World increased by more than 20 times from 1980 to 2008. … Food trade and per capita food consumption also Rose during this period, the diet, high in livestock products, high in processed foods, low in grains and pulses. …

    Journal of Food System Research 17(2), 64-75, 2010


  • Analysis of Market Strategies of Farmers in the Upper West Region of Ghana: A Spatial Equilibrium Approach

    Ndamani Francis

    … These crops are the principal sources of food and income for farm households. … Therefore, variability in prices of the crops at different markets tends to adversely affect the incomes and food security of poor rural farmers. … Data on the Consumer Price Index was obtained from the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning of Ghana. …

    Journal of Developments in Sustainable Agriculture 3(2), 104-116, 2009


  • Development of Food Security Index Introducing Information on the Market Situations

    Lee Wonjin , Nagaki Masakazu

    … If the market is dominated by some exporters, food security will be fragile in the grain import countries. … Not only self-sufficiency rate but also information on the market situations becomes important to assess food security. … Food security can be understood by three concepts of availability, affordability and utilization. …

    Agricultural Information Research 18(1), 60-64, 2009


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