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  • An Implementation Design of a WLAN Handover Method Based on Cross-Layer Collaboration for TCP Communication

    TAENAKA Yuzo , TSUKAMOTO Kazuya , KASHIHARA Shigeru , YAMAGUCHI Suguru , OIE Yuji

    … The handover trigger and comparison are conducted by assessing the wireless link quality using the frame-retry information obtained from the MAC layer (cross-layer). … In addition, we use a new assessment scheme of wireless link quality, i.e., double thresholds of frame retry and comparison of frame retry ratio, in order to prevent handover oscillation caused by fluctuations in the wireless environment. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E96.B(7), 1716-1726, 2013


  • Saturation Performance Analysis of IEEE 802.11 WLAN under the Assumption of No Consecutive Transmissions

    KIM Seong Joon , HWANG Ho Young , KWON Jae Kyun , SUNG Dan Keun

    … We take into account a frame retry limit, freezing of backoff counter, and the dependence of backoff procedure on the previous channel status all together. …

    IEICE transactions on communications 90(3), 700-703, 2007-03-01

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  • Investigation of Novel Decision Criteria for Efficient Handover in WLANs  [in Japanese]

    IJIMA Ryouichi , TSUKAMOTO Kazuya , KASHIHARA Shigeru , OIE Yuji

    ユビキタスネットワークでは, モバイル端末(MN)は異なる管理ドメインの無線LAN(WLAN)間のハンドオーバを行う機会が増加するため, 異なるWLAN間の移動時にコネクションを維持すること, そしてハンドオーバ実行時にMN自身の通信品質とWLAN全体の通信品質の悪化を防ぐことが重要となる.既存手法ではハンドオーバの決定にネットワーク層(L3)以上の上位層で取得可能なパケットロスの発生, RTTを …

    IN 105(178), 67-72, 2005-07-07

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  • Throughput Analysis of IEEE 802.11e Wireless LANs and Efficient Block Ack Mechanism

    LEE Il-Gu , YOO Hyung-Joun , PARK Sin-Chong

    … In this paper, we express the expected throughput for the Block Ack policy in Polled TXOP as a closed form function of the number of burst MSDUs, the number of fragmented MPDUs, the data payload length, the frame retry count, the wireless channel condition, and the selected PHY mode. …

    IEICE TRANS. COMMUN., B 88(1), 402-407, 2005-01-01

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  • Handover Management for Real-time Communications in Wireless Local Area Networks  [in Japanese]

    KASHIHARA Shigeru , OIE Yuji

    モバイル端末がリアルタイム通信中に異なるドメインの無線LAN間を移動するとき,ハンドオーバ時のパケットロスにより瞬断や通信品質の劣化が生じる.本論文では,ハンドオーバ時のパケットロスを防ぐために,ハンドオーバ処理時間の削減と移動中の良好な無線LANの選択を行うハンドオーバ管理手法を提案する.まず,リンクレイヤハンドオフ処理時間を削減するため,モバイル端末に複数の無線LANインタフェースを搭載する. …

    IEICE technical report. Information networks 104(438), 7-12, 2004-11-19

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