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  • Effects of the Behavioral Intervention for Functional Help-Seeking: Focused on Help-Seeking Skills  [in Japanese]

    本田 真大 , 新井 邦二郎 , 石隈 利紀

    本研究の目的は援助要請の機能性向上を目標とした介入法の効果を検証することである。援助評価への心理教育と援助要請スキルとソーシャルサポート提供スキルへのソーシャルスキルトレーニングによる介入プログラムを作成し,大学院生,高校生,中学生を対象に実施した。介入の結果,援助要請スキル,ソーシャルサポート提供スキル,被援助志向性に一定の介入効果が認められた。本研究の結果から,効果測定の尺度,研究計画,介入法 …

    学校臨床心理学研究 : 北海道教育大学大学院教育学研究科学校臨床心理学専攻研究紀要 (17), 11-21, 2020-03


  • Effects of the Behavioral Intervention for Functional Help-Seeking : Focused on Help-Seeking Skills  [in Japanese]

    本田 真大 , 新井 邦二郎 , 石隈 利紀

    学校臨床心理学研究 : 北海道教育大学大学院研究紀要 (17), 11-21, 2019

  • Theoretical Examination about “Help-seeking Focused Counseling”  [in Japanese]

    HONDA Masahiro , MIZUNO Haruhisa

    … The aim of this paper was to propose the theoretical framework for research about interventions for help-seeking as “help-seeking focused counseling.” … The main ideas in this paper were the purpose and target of “help-seeking focused counseling,” … Future research about “help-seeking focused counseling” …

    Japanese Journal of Counseling Science 50(1), 23-31, 2017

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  • The Clinical Course and Economic Burden of somatoform Disorder in Adolescent : A Preliminary Study  [in Japanese]

    Hashizume Masahiro , Tsuboi Koji , Hani Manami , Hasegawa Kumiko , Tsutsui Sueharu

    … The results showed that 6(50%)patients with undifferentiated somatoform disorder demonstrated high recovery from their symptoms at follow-up and there were only 2(17%)patients who showed inadequate help-seeking behaviors. … However, in 80% of patients, functional impairments at work or study were observed. …

    Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine 40(7), 517-523, 2000

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  • Somatization in Social and Cultural Perspective : From research to clinical strategies  [in Japanese]

    Laurence J.Kirmayer , 中嶋 照夫 , 中村 道彦

    … In psychiatric nosology, the somatoform disorders are characterized by medically unexplained somatic symptoms and may include many patients with functional somatic syndromes due to physiological disturbances. … An integrative model of persistent somatization is outlined in which constitutional, cognitive and social factors amplify bodily distress and lead to help-seeking and disability. …

    Japanese Journal of Psychosomatic Medicine 37(5), 311-319, 1997

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