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  • Visualization of the Link between Helical Fusion Reactor Design and R&D Activities  [in Japanese]

    後藤 拓也 , 宮澤 順一 , 柳 長門 , 室賀 健夫

    プラズマ・核融合学会誌 = Journal of plasma and fusion research 97(4), 232-237, 2021-04

  • Conceptual Design of HFIR Irradiation Experiment for Material Compatibility Study on Liquid Sn Divertor

    KONDO Masatoshi , GERINGER Josina W , KATOH Yutai , HATANO Yuji , PINT Bruce A. , JUN Jiheon , RUSSELL Nick , McDUFFEE Joel , AKIYOSHI Masafumi , TANAKA Teruya , OONO Naoko , MIYAZAWA Junichi

    … <p>Liquid Sn is one of the promising coolants for liquid surface divertor concept of fusion reactors. … The purpose of the present study is to develop the conceptual design of the irradiation test capsule which enables material compatibility tests for the alumina forming steels - liquid metal systems under neutron irradiation in the High Flux Isotope Reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, USA. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 16(0), 2405040-2405040, 2021


  • Progress on Integrated Neutron Diagnostics for Deuterium Plasma Experiments and Energetic Particle Confinement Studies in the Large Helical Device During the Campaigns from FY2017 to FY2019

    OGAWA Kunihiro , ISOBE Mitsutaka , OSAKABE Masaki

    … <p>To achieve a steady-state fusion burning plasma, energetic particle confinement studies have been performed in fusion devices. … Deuterium plasma experiments in the Large Helical Device starting from March 2017 have expanded the energetic ion confinement study toward a helical-type fusion reactor. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 16(0), 1102023-1102023, 2021


  • Change in Hydrogen Thermal Desorption Characteristic of Reduced Activation Ferritic/Martensitic Steel with Creep  [in Japanese]

    KOMAZAKI Shin-ichi , OHYAMA Tsunakazu , SATO Koichi , TANIGAWA Hiroyasu , NOZAWA Takashi , HAMAGUCHI Dai , WATANABE Yoshiyuki

    … <p>The change in hydrogen thermal desorption characteristic of reduced activation ferritic/martensitic (RAFM) steel for fusion reactor blanket due to creep was investigated to examine the applicability of thermal desorption analysis (TDA) to remaining-life assessment. …

    Journal of the Society of Materials Science, Japan 70(2), 140-146, 2021


  • Conceptual design of DEMO blanket materials test modules for A-FNS

    Kwon Saerom , Sato Satoshi , Ota Masayuki , Nakamura Makoto , Oyaizu Makoto , Ochiai Kentaro , Kasugai Atsushi

    … A conceptual design of Advanced Fusion Neutron Source, A-FNS, has been conducted to achieve early realization of fusion-like neutron irradiation test for fusion reactor materials in Japan. … A-FNS provides eight test modules to obtain irradiation data for fusion reactor materials. …

    Nuclear Materials and Energy (25), 100800, 2020-12


  • Conductivity of Gadolinium (III) Oxide (Gd_2O_3) in Hydrogen-containing Atmospheres

    M. Khalid Hossain , Kawaguchi Kaname , Hashizume Kenichi

    … In this study, Gd_2O_3 was used to investigate the conductivity in H_2O and D_2O mixed with argon (Ar) atmospheres, and also in pure Ar and oxygen atmospheres ranging from 773 K to 1373 K to understand its possible application in the fusion reactor's tritium permeation barrier and purification system. … Therefore, Gd_2O_3 could be a potential material, but much improvement is required for the tritium recovery and purification system of nuclear fusion reactors. …

    Proceedings of International Exchange and Innovation Conference on Engineering & Sciences (IEICES) (6), 1-6, 2020-10-22

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  • Concept Design of Bi-2212 Superconducting Joint for the Central Solenoid Magnet of China Fusion Engineering Test Reactor

    Yang Haojun , Lu Kun , Huang Xiongyi , Rong Jian , Song Yuntao

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 89(9), 094201-1-5, 2020-09


  • 2-D Evaluation of Bred Tritium Using Neutron Imaging Plate

    Mukai K. , Ogino Y. , Yagi J. , Konishi S.

    … Tritium breeding performance of a fusion blanket is a key parameter for the self-sufficient fueling of a fusion reactor, and thus designed to validate the performance of a neutronics experiment. … Deuterium–deuterium (DD) fusion neutrons were generated using a compact fusion device at an average neutron production rate of 1.5×10⁵ n/s by applying high voltages. …

    IEEE Transactions on Plasma Science 48(6), 1831-1835, 2020-06


  • Lithium Vapor Chemistry of Hyper-Stoichiometric Lithium Metatitanate Li₂.₁₂(₂)TiO₃+y

    Mukai Keisuke , Yasumoto Masaru , Terai Takayuki

    … Developing a better ceramic breeder (Li-containing oxide) is a key challenge for realizing fuel-self-sufficient fusion reactors. … 2), have been developed for a demonstration fusion reactor as high Li density enhances fuel tritium production. …

    The Journal of Physical Chemistry C (124), 10870-10877, 2020-05-21


  • Comprehensive modeling of hydrogen transport and accumulation in titanium and zirconium

    Hamamoto Yoshiki , Uchikoshi Takeru , Tanabe Katsuaki

    We developed kinetic models of hydrogen absorption in Ti and Zr. The models comprise series connections of the hydrogen-transport processes of surface dissociative adsorption and recombinative desorpt …

    Nuclear Materials and Energy (23), 2020-05


  • Feedforward Anti-Sway Control Method for Crane Payload Constrained to Target Trajectory  [in Japanese]

    SUGAWARA Yoshiki , FURUTA Sotaro , TAKEDA Masakazu

    … <p>Nuclear fusion technology is moving into the engineering design stage to secure a safe and stable energy resource for the next generation. … Maintenance and inspection technology of nuclear fusion reactor is also essential for the realization of continuous fusion power generation. … The environment inside of and around the reactor is strong radiation, high vacuum, strong magnetic field and high temperature environment. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2020(0), 546, 2020


  • Analysis of the suspended flexible body's vibration behavior carried by overhead crane  [in Japanese]

    UEHARA Masaki , SUGAWARA Yoshiki , TAKEDA Masakazu

    … <p>In helical type fusion reactor, a spiral coil is used for the internal structure, which results in very severe structural constraints and is a major obstacle to the maintenance systems. …

    The Proceedings of the Dynamics & Design Conference 2020(0), 516, 2020


  • Introduction of Fusion Reactor Design Group, QST and Joint Special Design Team for Fusion DEMO  [in Japanese]

    UTOH Hiroyasu

    TEION KOGAKU (Journal of Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan) 55(6), 418-419, 2020


  • Dynamics of Hydrogen Isotope Absorption and Emission of Neutron-Irradiated Tungsten

    TOYAMA Takeshi , YAJIMA Miyuki , OHNO Noriyasu , KUWABARA Tatsuya , ALIMOV Vladimir Kh. , HATANO Yuji

    … Approximately 10% of the absorbed D was released by annealing, suggesting that a heat treatment of the plasma-facing component of a fusion reactor at moderately elevated temperatures could contribute to the removal of accumulated hydrogen isotopes. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 15(0), 1505081-1505081, 2020


  • Evaluation of Neutronic and Thermophysical Characteristics of Molten Salts Specialized for Long-Lived Fission Products Transmutation in a Fusion Reactor

    KITASAKA Taku , SHISHIDO Hiroki , HASHIZUME Hidetoshi

    … <p>This study proposes new molten salts, which are specialized for transmuting long-lived fission products (LLFP) using a helical fusion reactor FFHR-d1, as a neutron source. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 15(0), 2405077-2405077, 2020


  • Edgewise-Strain-Free Helical Winding Using High-Temperature Superconducting Tape Conductor

    NARUSHIMA Yoshiro , MIYAZAWA Junichi , MATSUNAGA Shinnosuke , YANAGI Nagato

    … <p>Optimization of the helically-winding structure required for the helical fusion reactor utilizing the high temperature superconductor (HTS) tape is studied by numerical calculation. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 15(0), 1405076-1405076, 2020


  • Empirical Formulas for Estimating Self and Mutual Inductances of Toroidal Field Coils and Structures

    ITOH Yasuyuki , UTOH Hiroyasu , SAKAMOTO Yoshiteru , HIWATARI Ryoji , Joint Special Design Team for Fusion DEMO

    … A regression function was also obtained for calculating rough values of self-inductances of toroidal-shape structures such as a vacuum vessel in a Tokamak-type fusion reactor. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 15(0), 1405078-1405078, 2020


  • Behavior of a Tracer-Containing Compact Toroid in a Transverse Magnetic Field

    SEKI Taichi , TAMURA Naoki , NARUSHIMA Yoshiro , KOBAYASHI Daichi , SASAKI Rika , MINAMIGI Asuna , ASAI Tomohiko , GOTA Hiroshi , ROCHE Thomas , MATSUMOTO Tadafumi , TAKAHASHI Toshiki

    … <p>Studying impurity behavior in a magnetically confined plasma is essential for fusion reactor developments. … A tracer-containing compact toroid (TCCT) injection have been developed as a new tracer injection technique for studying impurity accumulation and behavior in magnetically confined fusion plasmas. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 15(0), 2402069-2402069, 2020


  • Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy of F82H steel  [in Japanese]

    Oshikane Yasushi , Hajiri Touko , Ibano Kenzo

    <p>核融合研究の原型炉実現に向けた低放射化フェライト鋼として,F82Hが主たる材料となっている.プラズマ-壁相互作用が核融合炉の性能/運転に大きく影響を与えることが広く認知されており,複雑なプラズマ-壁相互作用を理解するには,プラズマ対向材料表面の分析が必須である.実験期間中に装置を大気解放することなく,その場診断により表面分析を行うことができ,組成分析が容易なレーザー誘起ブレークダ …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2020S(0), 808-809, 2020


  • Comparative Studies on the Control Algorithm for the High-Density Ignition Regime in FFHR-d1

    MITARAI Osamu , SUGIYAMA Shota , YANAGI Nagato , NARUSHIMA Yoshiro , SAKAMOTO Ryuichi , GOTO Takuya , MATSUURA Hideaki , SAGARA Akio

    … <p>In the Force Free Helical Reactor FFHR-d1 (R∼15.7 m, a∼2.5 m, B<sub>o </sub>∼4.5 T, <β>∼5 % and the fusion power of 3 GW) [1,2], it is demonstrated that the thermally unstable operation is better to achieve the higher density and lower temperature plasma (n(0)∼ 9 × 10<sup>20 </sup>m<sup>−3 </sup>and T(0)∼7 keV) than the impurity injection method. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 15(0), 2405059-2405059, 2020


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