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  • An Optimized Level Set Method Based on QPSO and Fuzzy Clustering

    YANG Ling , FU Yuanqi , WANG Zhongke , ZHEN Xiaoqiong , YANG Zhipeng , FAN Xingang

    … <p>A new fuzzy level set method (FLSM) based on the global search capability of quantum particle swarm optimization (QPSO) is proposed to improve the stability and precision of image segmentation, and reduce the sensitivity of initialization. … The new combination of QPSO-FLSM algorithm iteratively optimizes initial contours using the QPSO method and fuzzy c-means clustering, and then utilizes level set method (LSM) to segment images. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(5), 1065-1072, 2019


  • Uncertain Interval Data EFCM-ID Clustering Algorithm Based on Machine Learning

    Mao Yimin , Liu Yinping , Khan Muhammad Asim , Wang Jiawei , Mao Dinghui , Hu Jian

    … <p>In clustering problems based on fuzzy c-means (FCM) for uncertain interval data, points within the interval are usually assumed to have uniform distribution, resulting in the difficulty of accurately describing the interval. …

    Journal of Robotics and Mechatronics 31(2), 339-347, 2019



    OSARAGI Toshihiro , KIMURA Masashi , OKI Takuya

    … A fuzzy c-means clustering and a genetic algorithm (GA) were employed to dispatch responders to demanders and to determine the best travel routes. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 84(757), 743-750, 2019


  • A Study on Rough Membership C-Means Clustering Based on Fuzzy Binary Relations  [in Japanese]

    加藤 弘規 , 生方 誠希 , 野津 亮 , 本多 克宏

    電気学会研究会資料. ST 2018(39-54・56-78・80-84), 225-230, 2018-09-26

  • Global recommendation based on soft clustering  [in Japanese]

    兵頭 幸起 , 伊藤 豪 , 石原 憲之 , 濱上 知樹 , 寺尾 勇一 , 林 慧子 , 佐野 貴洋 , 竹林 奈々子

    電気学会研究会資料. ST 2018(85-102・104-118), 147-152, 2018-09-26

  • Automatic operation system of waste incineration plant using artificial intelligence  [in Japanese]

    川端 馨 , 小浦 洋平 , 藤吉 誠

    EICA : journal of EICA : 環境システム計測制御学会誌 23(1), 3-7, 2018

  • 八郎湖を対象とするASTERデータを用いたFuzzy c-means法による水質特徴解析  [in Japanese]

    松井 解 , 景山 陽一 , 横山 洋之

    Tohoku-Section Joint Convention Record of Institutes of Electrical and Information Engineers, Japan 2018(0), 40-40, 2018


  • Fuzzy classification of smart wellness cities referring to structural factors  [in Japanese]

    Yasuda Yoshiyuki , JIANG Bin , Inokuchi Hiroaki , Akiyama Takamasa

    … ここでは、ファジィクラスター分析(ファジィc-means法)を用いて、スマートウエルネスシティを類型化する。 …

    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 34(0), 60-63, 2018


  • Estimation of each q value for multi-q extension of Tsalli entropy based FCM  [in Japanese]

    OKACHI Ryosuke , YASUDA Makoto

    <p>我々は、FCM法にTsallisエントロピー最大化と確定的アニーリング(DA)法を組み合わせた、単一のq値を用いるクラスタリング手法を開発した。さらに我々は、単一のq値を用いる手法を拡張して、クラスタごとにそれぞれq値を割り当てる手法を提案した。同手法では、各q値は、帰属度関数がクラスタの分布に合うように定める必要があるが、このため、新たにパラメータを導入して各q値を算出している …

    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 34(0), 879-882, 2018


  • Evaluation of cracks on the pavement for combining deep learning and Fuzzy C-Means classifier  [in Japanese]

    Nakayama Masayoshi , Katada Tatsuya , Miyake Toshihide , Hattori Hiroshi , Harada Hiroki

    … 課題となっている.そこで阪神高速グループが取り組んでいるコミュニケーション型共同研究として,阪神高速技術(株),日立造船(株),(株)ニチゾウテックの3社共同で,前述の作業省力化を目的としたひび割れ率自動算出システムの開発を実施している.本稿では,その開発で主軸となる深層学習とファジィC平均(以下FCM)を組み合わせた識別器によるひび割れ検出機能の性能評価について報告する.</p> …

    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 34(0), 571-573, 2018


  • Effects of Semi-supervised Learning on Rough Set C-Means Clustering  [in Japanese]

    SHIMIZU Takeaki , UBUKATA Seiki , NOTSU Akira , HONDA Katsuhiro

    … <p>Hard C-Means (HCM)法のソフトコンピューティング拡張として,ラフ集合理論に基づきクラスターへの帰属の確実性や可能性を考慮したRough C-Means (RCM)法やRough Set C-Means (RSCM)法が提案されている.クラスタリングは一般に教師なし学習の枠組みで行われるが,部分的に教師情報を与えることで分類精度を向上させる半教 …

    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 34(0), 366-371, 2018


  • A Supplemental Study on Fuzzy Classication Function for Entropy-Regularized Fuzzy Clustering  [in Japanese]

    KANZAWA Yuchi , MIYAMOTO Sadaaki

    … <p>エントロピー正則化ファジィクラスタリング(Entropy-Regularized Fuzzy c-Means: eFCM) は代表的なファジィクラスタリング手法であり,その性質が詳細に調べられている.特に,対応するファジィ分類関数の無限遠点における値が,ある条件の下で0 または1 になる,すなわち,クリスプになることが理論的に証明されている.本報告では,上記の条件を満たさない場合の無限遠点に …

    Proceedings of the Fuzzy System Symposium 34(0), 617-619, 2018


  • Study on Noise Removal of UAV Data for Water Quality Estimation  [in Japanese]

    Totsuka Shin , Kageyama Yoichi , Ishikawa Masato , Kobori Bunyu , Nagamoto Daisuke

    Proceedings of the Japan Joint Automatic Control Conference 61(0), 1029-1031, 2018


  • Analysis of Water Quality Conditions of Lake Hachiroko, Japan, with Fuzzy C-means Using Terra ASTER Data  [in Japanese]

    Matsui Kai , Kageyama Yoichi , Yokoyama Hiroshi

    … 筆者らはこれまでに,瞬時性・広域性等に優れるリモートセンシングを用いたFuzzy c-means法(FCM法)による水質特徴解析を行った。 …

    Proceedings of IIAE Annual Conference 2018(0), 105-106, 2018


  • q-Divergence-Based Relational Fuzzy c-Means Clustering

    Kanzawa Yuchi

    <p>In this paper, a clustering algorithm for relational data based on q-divergence between memberships and variables that control cluster sizes is proposed. A conventional method for vectorial d …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 22(1), 34-43, 2018


  • Two-Stage Clustering Based on Cluster Validity Measures

    Hamasuna Yukihiro , Ozaki Ryo , Endo Yasunori

    … These experiments show that a trace of the fuzzy covariance matrix W<sub>tr</sub> …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 22(1), 54-61, 2018


  • Analysis of Temperature and <i>q</i>-Parameter Dependency of FCM with Tsallis Entropy Maximization

    Yasuda Makoto

    … By maximizing it within the framework of fuzzy <i>c</i>-means, statistical mechanical membership functions can be derived. … Based on this relationship, a <i>q</i>-incrementation deterministic annealing fuzzy <i>c</i>-means (FCM) algorithm is developed. …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 22(5), 666-673, 2018


  • Substituting Spatial by Temporal Information in Clustering of Audio Data for Defect Diagnosis

    Louhi Kasahara Jun Younes , Miyagusuku Renato , Fujii Hiromitsu , Yamashita Atsushi , Asama Hajime

    … Our previous works successfully demonstrated the possibility of discriminating defect hammering samples using fuzzy c-means with spatial information. …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2018S(0), 259-260, 2018


  • Characteristics of Rough Set <i>C</i>-Means Clustering

    Ubukata Seiki , Umado Keisuke , Notsu Akira , Honda Katsuhiro

    … <p>Hard <i>C</i>-means (HCM), which is one of the most popular clustering techniques, has been extended by using soft computing approaches such as fuzzy theory and rough set theory. … Fuzzy <i>C</i>-means (FCM) and rough <i>C</i>-means (RCM) are respectively fuzzy and rough set extensions of HCM. …

    Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics 22(4), 551-564, 2018


  • Fault diagnosis for high voltage circuit breaker based on timing parameters and FCM

    Wan Shuting , Dou Longjiang , Li Cong , Ma Xiaodi

    … A new fault diagnosis method based on timing parameters and Fuzzy C-means clustering (FCM) is proposed in this paper. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 15(9), 20180227-20180227, 2018


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