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  • Wavefront Correction Using Deformable Mirror for Extended Scene: Experimental Result

    MIYAMURA Norihide , SAKO Nobutada

    … <p>We are developing an image based adaptive optics system using a micro electro mechanical system (MEMS) deformable mirror for earth observing sensors. … We proposed two algorithms for control of the deformable mirror, a stochastic parallel gradient descent (SPGD) optimization and a deformable mirror diversity estimation. … We developed an adaptive optics system testbed using a commercial astronomical telescope and a MEMS deformable mirror. …



  • Unrevealed electronic and optical properties of the layered oxychalcogenides (LaO)CuCh (Ch = S, Se, Te): A density-functional study

    Muhammady Shibghatullah , Sutjahja Inge , Rusydi Andrivo , Winata Toto , Takase Kouichi , Darma Yudi

    … We calculate the electronic and optical properties of layered oxychalcogenide (LaO)CuCh (Ch = S, Se, Te) systems by using generalized gradient approximation method based on density-functional theory. … Using Drude–Lorentz model, highest dielectric constants and optical dichroism are found in (LaO)CuTe, while p-type conductivity is stronger in (LaO)CuSe system. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(12), 121201, 2017-11-06


  • Characterization of the functions and proteomes associated with membrane rafts in chicken sperm

    Ushiyama Ai , Tajima Atsushi , Ishikawa Naoto , Asano Atsushi

    … In this study, we isolated membrane rafts from chicken sperm as a detergent-resistant membranes (DRM) floating on a density gradient in the presence of 1% Triton X-100, and characterized the function and proteomes associated with these domains. … Furthermore, using an avidin-biotin system, we found that sperm DRM is highly enriched in a 60 KDa single protein able to bind to the inner perivitelline layer. …

    PLOS ONE 12(11), e0186482, 2017-11

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  • 補正用CT画像のピクセルサイズが共役勾配法によるSPECT再構成画像に与える影響

    奥田 恭平 , 崎本 翔太 , 藤井 進 , 井田 智延 , 森山 茂

    日本放射線技術学会雑誌 = Japanese journal of radiological technology 73(10), 1039-1044, 2017-10

  • Dynamics of Deformable Active Particles

    Ohta Takao

    … Fluid droplets in a surfactant solution undergo translational motion under certain conditions by generating a gradient of the surface tension. … Our basic assumption is that the migration velocity and lower modes of the shape deformation of a spherical particle (a circular particle in two dimensions) are the relevant slow degrees of freedom of the system. …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86(7), 072001-1-20, 2017-06-13


  • Microscopic Theory of Spin-Wave Spin Torques Induced by Temperature Gradient

    Yamaguchi Terufumi , Kohno Hiroshi

    … We study thermally induced spin torques due to spin waves, or magnons, in a ferromagnet based on the Luttinger's linear response theory for the treatment of temperature gradient. … The model we consider is "microscopic" in that it includes, in addition to localized spins responsible for the magnetization, a "reservoir" that introduces Gilbert damping into the spin system. …

    Journal of the Physical Society of Japan 86(6), 063706-1-4, 2017-05-26


  • Oval gradient coils for an open magnetic resonance imaging system with a vertical magnetic field

    Matsuzawa Koki , Abe Mitsushi , Kose Katsumi , Terada Yasuhiko

    … Existing open magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) systems use biplanar gradient coils for the spatial encoding of signals. … We propose using novel oval gradient coils for an open vertical-field MRI. …

    Journal of magnetic resonance 278, 51-59, 2017-05

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  • Combinatorial screening of halide perovskite thin films and solar cells by mask-defined IR laser molecular beam epitaxy

    Kawashima Kazuhiro , Okamoto Yuji , Annayev Orazmuhammet , Toyokura Nobuo , Takahashi Ryota , Lippmaa Mikk , Itaka Kenji , Suzuki Yoshikazu , Matsuki Nobuyuki , Koinuma Hideomi

    … As an extension of combinatorial molecular layer epitaxy via ablation of perovskite oxides by a pulsed excimer laser, we have developed a laser molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) system for parallel integration of nano-scaled thin films of organic–inorganic hybrid materials. … A computer-controlled movable mask system enabled the deposition of combinatorial thin film libraries, where each library contains a vertically homogeneous film with spatially programmable A- and B-layer thicknesses. …

    Science and technology of advanced materials 18(1), 307-315, 2017-04

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  • HW/SW複合環境における画像の勾配に基づく高速なエッジ保存平滑化フィルタの実装 (スマートインフォメディアシステム)

    小松 弘人 , 田向 権 , 末竹 規哲 , 古賀 崇了

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 116(482), 95-100, 2017-03-02

  • Combined effects of immigration potential and habitat quality on diadromous fishes

    Terui Akira , Miyazaki Yusuke

    … Here, we examined how immigration potential influences habitat associations of four diadromous fishes in the Shubuto River system in Hokkaido, Japan: sculpins (Cottus sp. … A multilevel modeling approach revealed that immigration potential had a "bottom-up effect" on local habitat-abundance relationships (current velocity and substrate coarseness), but habitat preferences did not vary along the gradient of immigration potential. …

    Limnology 18(1), 121-129, 2017-01

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  • 振動子の相互作用を用いた匿名移動体群の自律的群分割・統合

    山下 駿野 , 倉林 大輔 , 服部 佑哉

    … <p>In this paper, we proposed a system in which robot swarms autonomously divide or merge themselves according to phase gradients emerged by coupled oscillators. … Although the agents in the proposed system were equipped local communication system only, they successfully organized group formations, and divided or merged them. … Simulations and experiments were carried out in order to verify the performance of the proposed system.</p> …

    日本機械学会論文集, 2017


  • Quantitative evaluation of plastic root responses to contiguous water gradient in rice

    Kano-Nakata Mana , Inukai Yoshiaki , Siopongco Joel DLC. , Mitsuya Shiro , Yamauchi Akira

    … For that purpose, we used the combination of chromosome segment substitution lines (Nipponbare/Kasalath CSSLs) and line source sprinkler (LSS) system of irrigation. … Results revealed that CV was not linked to root plasticity under contiguous water gradient in this study. … In contrast, norm of reaction was linked to root plasticity and better explained with curve than linear, especially for CSSL50 (the most plastic genotypes) under such gradient. …

    Plant Root 11(0), 70-78, 2017


  • データ同化を用いた高速道路サグ部における渋滞現象の分析

    高嶋 望都 , 塩見 康博

    本研究では,高速道路ネットワーク上の渋滞多発地点であるサグ部を対象にマクロ交通流理論と観測システムを連立させたデータ同化手法を用いて交通状態推定システムを構築した.まず,サグ部の交通状況の再現に適したフィルタを選択するために,拡張カルマンフィルタ及びパーティクルフィルタを用いて精度比較を行い,後者の非線形な事象への有用性を確認した.また,本システムを用いることで,検知器では観測されない交通流モデル …

    土木学会論文集D3(土木計画学) 73(5), I_1073-I_1082, 2017


  • 水中に侵入する球粒子上方に付着する気泡体積

    加藤 健司 , 脇本 辰郎 , 植田 芳昭 , 井口 学

    … The system energy (i.e., work of wetting, potential energy and surface energy of gas-liquid interface) was calculated at the breakdown of the axi-symmetric meniscus and the bubble volume was determined from the energy minimum condition. … First the critical depth of the sphere at the breakdown of liquid meniscus was considered from a dynamic equation in which the movement of triple-phase contact line is analyzed from the energy gradient on the sphere surface. …

    動力・エネルギー技術の最前線講演論文集 : シンポジウム 2017.22(0), B114, 2017


  • Microfluidic Platform for Analyzing the Thermotaxis of <i>C. elegans</i> in a Linear Temperature Gradient

    YOON Sunhee , PIAO Hailing , JEON Tae-Joon , KIM Sun Min

    … In this study, we developed a microfluidic system for effective thermotaxis analysis of <i>C. … The temperature gradient (15 – … The thermotaxis of wild type (N2), <i>tax-4</i>(<i>p678</i>) and <i>ttx-7</i>(<i>nj50</i>) mutants were effectively analyzed using this microfluidic system. … We believe that this system can be employed as a basic platform for studying the neural circuit of <i>C. …

    Analytical Sciences 33(12), 1435-1440, 2017


  • GAEを用いた自己組織化の概念に基づくアルゴリズムの実装と構造形態創生への適用

    島田 英里子 , 三井 和男

    … Such optimization problems can be solved iteratively, using gradient-based techniques. … Analysis by gradient-based MP techniques often involves jumping of solutions and analytical instability peculiar to non-linear problems, and it is difficult to apply to the computer aided systems as described above. … Analysis algorithms based on self-organizing algorithms are considered to be suitable for the above system due to their high robustness. …

    日本建築学会構造系論文集 82(741), 1835-1844, 2017


  • 生細胞試験用3次元磁気テザーの設計・試作と発生力制御

    松浦 大輔 , 青木 仁志 , 菅原 雄介 , 武田 行生

    … <p>The present paper discusses a systematic approach to figure out a practical and functional design of sextuple 3D-magnetic tweezer system to perform physical property measurement of biological cell specimens. … The authors carried out static and dynamical analyses of the electromagnetic system by using a theoretical model described with closed-loop magnetic circuit using concentrated magnetic charges and finite element analysis. …

    ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集 2017(0), 2P2-O03, 2017


  • ロボット顕微鏡OSaCaBeNによって明らかにする「移動行動のための線虫の脳内演算」

    木村 幸太郎 , 谷本 悠生 , 三浦 拓也 , 温 環涛 , 橋本 浩一

    … In this paper, we report a robot microscope system OSaCaBeN, which automatically tracks a behaving worm under a virtual odor gradient and measures its neural activity. …

    ロボティクス・メカトロニクス講演会講演概要集 2017(0), 2A2-Q05, 2017


  • Study on Noise Extraction and Correction of Time Series Satellite Profile Data Using Parallel Distributed System

    Park Jonggeol , Hanada Masaki , Kanemitsu Hidehiro , Nunohiro Eiji

    Satellite data has often been used to investigate damage from natural disasters (e.g., flood, drought, forest fire and volcano eruption) close to real-time. In particular, Terra/MODIS and Aqua/MODIS h …

    Journal of Signal Processing 21(6), 281-289, 2017