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  • The contents and the issues of the support programs for grandparents caring for infant grandchildren  [in Japanese]

    ISHII Kuniko

    The purpose of this study was to clarify contents and issues of the existing support programs for Japanese grandparents caring for infant grandchildren. The study participants were nine certified nurs …

    Japanese journal of maternal health. 52(2), 311-318, 2011-07-01

    Ichushi Web  References (7) Cited by (1)

  • Grandparents' needs for support programs while caring for their grandchildren  [in Japanese]

    石井 邦子 , 井出 成美 , 佐藤 紀子 , 林 ひろみ

    … grouped into 34 subcategories and into eleven categories, including "finding ways to find fulfillment in caring grandchildren", "guidance on how to support their adult children as parents", "guidance on decision-making about how to care for grandchildren based on their own parenting", "ways to cope with physical and psychological burden with respect to aging", "information and skills improvement with regard to caring for infant grandchildren", "opportunities to communicate with other grandparents", and "guidance on decision-making about how to care for …

    千葉看護学会会誌 16(2), 27-34, 2011-01

    IR  Ichushi Web  Cited by (1)

  • Perception of parental control practices: exploratory analysis using retrospective reports of female university students  [in Japanese]

    内海 緒香

    … 2) A hierarchical cluster analysis for social demographic data indicated 4-groups solution, which varied by house ownership, maternal educational and career status, parental and grand-parental occupation. …

    Journal of the Graduate School of Humanities and Sciences 13, 199-207, 2010


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