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  • A Study into the Effectiveness of the Use of the Children's Story Swimmy in the Classroom:Utilizing Swimmy as a Topic in Elementary School Upper-Level Moral Education Individual Growth Classes  [in Japanese]

    TSUCHII Masahiro

    … In the current textbook, Moral Education has been repositioned as Special Subject - Moral Education. … Due to the textbook generally being the primary teaching material in most subjects, it has been decided to implement classes with the textbook as the core resource within Moral Education too. … However, in current government curriculum guidelines there is a specification to commit to the application of diverse teaching materials in the realm of Special Subject - Moral Education classes. …

    The bulletin of Kaichi International University 18(0), 99-106, 2019


  • Hormone Replacement Therapy and Breast Cancer Screening  [in Japanese]

    Takamatsu Kiyoshi , Hashimoto Shiho , Sugiyama Juri , Ogawa Mariko

    … In addition to the treatment of well-known symptoms and diseases, such as climacteric disorders, dyslipidemia and osteoporosis, HRT alleviates almost all complaints after menopause. … However, the direct effect of an HRT-induced increase in breast density on the risk of breast cancer remains a topic of discussion.Similar to the situation for average-risk women, the recommendations for breast screening in women receiving HRT differ worldwide. …

    Nihon Nyugan Kenshin Gakkaishi (Journal of Japan Association of Breast Cancer Screening) 27(2), 139-147, 2018

    J-STAGE Ichushi Web

  • Welcome to IBRA 2018

    Saggini Raoul

    … <p>It is with great excitement and need for international exchange that we are pleased to organize the 15th edition of the IBRA as the host institution. …

    BIOPHILIA 2018(1), 33, 2018


  • Metabolic energy cost of workers in agriculture, construction, manufacturing, tourism, and transportation industries

    POULIANITI Konstantina P. , HAVENITH George , FLOURIS Andreas D.

    … <p>The assessment of energy cost (EC) at the workplace remains a key topic in occupational health due to the ever-increasing prevalence of work-related issues. … It is hoped that this information will aid the development of future instruments and guidelines aiming to protect workers' health, safety, and productivity. …

    Industrial Health, 2018


  • <b>Attempt to Develop Japanese Translation of “NIH and FDA Release Protocol Template for Phase 2 and 3 IND/IDE Clinical Trials” </b>  [in Japanese]

    KOBAYAKAWA Masao , TERADA Mari , OHTSU Hiroshi , IZUMI Kazuo , SAITO Sho , HOJO Taisuke , WATANABE Hiroshi

    … We are also comparing the template with the Japanese Ethical Guidelines for Clinical Research Involving Humans. … We have compared each section/sub-section with the information to be included in the protocol, as described in the Japanese Ethical Guideline. …

    Rinsho yakuri/Japanese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 49(1), 35-38, 2018

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  • Literature reviews of practical studies on Japanese bullying prevention programs  [in Japanese]

    四辻 伸吾 , YOTSUTSUJI Shingo

    … This study analyzed Japanese bullying prevention programs used in educational settings, from the following perspectives: (1) statistical verification of program efficacy, and (2) confirmation of consistency with curriculum guidelines. … "confirmation of consistency with curriculum guidelines" means that the practice contents of the practiced bullying prevention program accorded with an aim and the contents such as each subject shown in curriculum guidelines. …

    名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科紀要. 心理発達科学 (64), 99-109, 2017-12-28

    IR DOI

  • Corporate Social Responsibility in Malaysia:A Conceptual Framework for Measuring Performances

    Yazreen MdYusoff Irma , Lau Sim Yee

    … The topic on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has attracted attention all around the world. … As reported by GRI (2012), only a few companies in Malaysia have taken the liberty to go beyond the requirement. …

    麗澤経済研究 = Reitaku International Journal of Economic Studies 25, 1-14, 2017-12-25


  • JLCS medical practice guidelines for thymic tumors: summary of recommendations

    Yokoi Kohei , Kondo Kazuya , Fujimoto Kiminori , Hara Masaki , Kadota Yoshihisa , Kawaguchi Koji , Kunitoh Hideo , Matsuno Yoshihiro , Nakajima Jun , Nishio Makoto , Ogawa Kazuhiko , Omasa Mitsugu

    … The Guideline Committee of the Japan Lung Cancer Society (JLCS) for Thymic Tumors published the Medical Practice Guideline for Thymic Tumors in Japanese as Chapter 3 of the Medical Practice Guidelines for Lung Cancers according to evidence-based medicine in December 2016. …

    Japanese Journal of Clinical Oncology 47(12), 1119-1122, 2017-12-01

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  • Literature Search for Clinical Practice Guidelines : Experience with "Clinical Practice Guideline for Chronic Active Epstein-Barr Virus Infection and Other Related Diseases (CPG-EBV)"  [in Japanese]

    石原 千尋 , 金田 佳子 , 小嶋 智美

    … This report presents examples and insights obtained through the activities of JMLA Expert Searching Working Group for Clinical Practice Guidelines. …

    医学図書館 = Igaku Toshokan 64(1), 11-16, 2017-03


  • Literature Search for Clinical Practice Guidelines : Experience with "Clinical Practice Guideline for Chronic Active Epstein-Barr Virus Infection and Other Related Diseases (CPG-EBV)"  [in Japanese]

    石原 千尋 , 金田 佳子 , 小嶋 智美 , ISHIHARA Chihiro , KANEDA Yoshiko , KOJIMA Satomi

    … This report presents examples and insights obtained through the activities of JMLA Expert Searching Working Group for Clinical Practice Guidelines. …

    医学図書館 = Journal of the Japan Medical Libraries Association 64(1), 11-16, 2017-03

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  • Recent Trends in New Topic Discussion of ICH Guidelines and Challenges for the Future, from Industry Perspectives  [in Japanese]

    YOKOTA Masafumi , TOMOTAKE Emi , HIYOSHI Hironobu , SAITO Hironobu

    … <p>In October 2015, the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH), formerly the International Conference on Harmonisation that was set up in 1990, established the ICH association, a legal entity under Swiss law, aiming for further expansion of ICH membership and global outreach for implementation of ICH guidelines. … Given its successful track record of delivering more than 80 harmonized guidelines, development of harmonized guidelines continues to be the central role of the ICH. …

    Regulatory Science of Medical Products 7(2), 131-141, 2017

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  • Data management issues in mobile ad hoc networks

    HARA Takahiro

    … <p>Research on mobile ad hoc networks (MANETs) has become a hot research topic since the middle 1990's. … Our studies published in early 2000's have developed a new research field as data management in MANETs. … Also, our recent studies are expected to be significant guidelines of new research directions. …

    Proceedings of the Japan Academy, Series B 93(5), 270-296, 2017


  • Commentary on Japanese Pediatric Guideline for Food Allergy 2016 Chapter 7 Oral Food Challenge Test  [in Japanese]

    Yanagida Noriyuki , Nagao Mizuho , Ebisawa Motohiro

    … <p> The topic of oral food challenge (OFC) has been addressed in Chapter 7 of the Japanese Pediatric Guideline of Food Allergy 2016.</p><p> In addition to detailing the guidelines, Chapter 7 defines and highlights the purpose of OFC, risk assessment, and establishment of an OFC system based on evidence. … As shown in the summary, there are 5 major changes. …

    Nihon Shoni Arerugi Gakkaishi. The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Allergy and Clinical Immunology 31(3), 302-312, 2017

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  • An Empirical Study of English Education in Taiwan:-Analysis of lesson topics within senior high school English MOE-accredited textbooks published between 1983 and 2008-  [in Japanese]

    HIRAI Seiko

    … The specific goals of this study are:</p><p></p><p>1) To examine the structural and functional features of the recent versions of Taiwanese senior high school English textbooks.</p><p></p><p>2) To examine socio-cultural, politico-economic, and historical aspect influences on lesson topic contents</p><p></p><p></p><p></p><p> …

    KITASATO REVIEW Annual Report of Studies in Liberal Arts and Sciences 22(0), 67-101, 2017


  • Current Status of Global Clinical Trials and Studies on Population Differences within East Asians for Promotion of East-Asian Clinical Trials  [in Japanese]

    SAITO Yoshiro , UYAMA Yoshiaki , SAI Kimie , TOHKIN Masahiro

    … While several domestic guidelines have been released in recent years to assist in initiating global clinical trials, this issue was adopted as an ICH topic (E17) in 2014, and a draft of guideline was released to the public in 2016 for public consultation. … As a part of agenda for Japan-Korea-China Director-General Meeting on Pharmaceutical Affairs, Japan has been heading studies on differences in pharmacokinetic and drug responsiveness among East-Asian populations. …

    Regulatory Science of Medical Products 7(1), 61-69, 2017



    TOTSUKA Marina , TAKAHASHI Susumu , ICHINOSE Toshikatsu , MARUYAMA Ippei , YAGI Shigeharu , SHICHIRI Kenji , TAKAHASHI Yuji

    … Many researches on this topic have been done in both material and structural fields. … After the exposure of five months, one of the specimens is cut as shown in Figure 5 to investigate the stress-strain relationship of the concrete near the top and the bottom of the specimen. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 82(731), 105-114, 2017


  • The Potential of Film Production as an Educational Tool in Japan

    HASE Kaihei

    … Currently, a much discussed education topic in Japan is the cultivation of 'capable individuals'. … However, such cultivation methods have not been defined in terms of academic ability beyond broadly sketched guidelines. … The present study considers the effectiveness of film production as a means of cultivating the promise of an individual. …

    The Media Education Research Journal 6(2), 30-39, 2016-02


  • The Educational Policy for Foreign Residents in Japan and the Issues of the Education of Foreign Students  [in Japanese]

    磯田 三津子

    … From the 1970s until the present, local school districts in Japan have formulated various documents with the title The Educational Policy for a Foreign Resident in Japan (hereafter "the Policy") as guidelines for realizing these goals. … In order to discuss the second topic, I analyzed Kyoto City Teaching Plan (from grade 1 to 6) as an example of one school district that has accepted the concept of the foreign student education. …

    埼玉大学紀要. 教育学部 = Journal of Saitama University. Faculty of Education 65(2), 59-71, 2016


  • <b>Development and Evaluation of Automatic PDF Generation Algorithm for Review in Institutional Review Board and the Institutional Review Board Support System </b>  [in Japanese]

    HARAI Satohide , MORIMOTO Mashu , KONDO Masami , KISHINO Tohru , NOMURA Kyouichi

    … The introduction and promotion of information technology (IT) in institutional review boards (IRB) have been a topic of intense discussions. … For sponsors and clinical trial offices, introduction of IT has been shown to result in benefits such as shortening of preparation time, reduction of paper waste, and cost reduction. …

    Rinsho yakuri/Japanese Journal of Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics 46(5), 225-231, 2015

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  • Assessing Writing Self-Efficacy : Constructing a Scale

    Burrows Lance

    … [Abstract] Albert Bandura first started writing about self-efficacy and its predictive value on human functioning and extensive research supporting his self-efficacy theory has been conducted in several fields, such as educational psychology, health, medicine, and athletics. … It has not been until the past ten years, however, that self-efficacy has emerged as a topic of research within the field of foreign language learning. …

    生駒経済論叢 12(1), 57-64, 2014-07


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