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  • Effects of Low-Dose X-ray Irradiation on Melanin-Derived Radicals in Mouse Hair and Skin

    Ken-ichiro Matsumoto , Ueno Megumi , Nakanishi Ikuo , P. Indou Hiroko , J. Majima Hideyuki

    … To find the possible index for long term and low dose irradiation, the effect of repeated low dose X-ray irradiation on the melanin-derived radicals in mouse hair and tail skin was investigated. … An aliquot (~10 mg) of the hair sample was weighed accurately and stuffed in a plastic tube. … Melanin-derived radicals in hair and tail samples were measured by X-band (9.4 GHz) electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectrometer. …

    Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 67(2), 174-178, 2020-06


  • Effects of low-dose X-ray irradiation on melanin-derived radicals in mouse hair and skin

    Matsumoto Ken-ichiro , Ueno Megumi , Nakanishi Ikuo , Indo Hiroko P. , Majima Hideyuki J.

    … <p>To clarify a possible index for long-term and low-dose irradiation, the effects of repeated low-dose X-ray irradiation on the amount of melanin-derived radicals in mouse hair and tail skin were investigated. … The hair sample (~10 mg) was weighed accurately and stuffed into a plastic tube. … Melanin-derived radicals in hair and tail samples were measured by X-band electron paramagnetic resonance spectrometry. …

    Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition 67(2), 174-178, 2020


  • Identification and mapping of central pair proteins by proteomic analysis

    Dai Daniel , Ichikawa Muneyoshi , Peri Katya , Rebinsky Reid , Huy Bui Khanh

    … <p>Cilia or flagella of eukaryotes are small micro-hair like structures that are indispensable to single-cell motility and play an important role in mammalian biological processes. … In this study, we re-evaluated the CP proteins by conducting a similar comprehensive CP proteome analysis comparing the mass spectrometry results of the axoneme sample prepared from <i>Chlamydomonas</i> …

    Biophysics and Physicobiology 17(0), 71-85, 2020


  • Development of Human Hair Reference Material Supporting the Biomonitoring of Methylmercury

    HARAGUCHI Koichi , HORVAT Milena , CHAN Hing M. , RAND Matthew , CIRTIU Ciprian M. , KIM Byoung-Gwon , NIELSEN Flemming , YAMAKAWA Akane , MASHYANOV Nikolay , PANICHEV Nikolai , PANOVA Elena , SAKAMOTO Mineshi , WATANABE Tomoaki , KANEKO Naoki , YOSHINAGA Jun , HERWATI Ranny F. , SUOTH Alfrida E. , AKAGI Hirokatsu , MATSUYAMA Akito , YAMAMOTO Megumi , HUNG Dang T. , NAGASAKA Hiromitsu , UCHIDA Keisuke , ITO Yasunori , KODAMATANI Hitoshi

    … <p>A certified reference material, NIMD-01, was developed for the analysis of mercury speciation in human hair. … We collected the hair of Vietnamese males from a barbershop in Hanoi in 2016 and prepared 1200 bottles containing 3 g of sieved and blended hair powder. … Extended uncertainties were estimated by sample homogeneity, long- and short-term stabilities, and a characterization from measurements made by collaborating laboratories.</p> …

    Analytical Sciences 36(5), 561-567, 2020

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  • Development of a Method for Estimating the Time Point of Hair Contamination in Retort Pouch Foods  [in Japanese]

    Yamashita Azusa , Shinohara Yuji , Sakai Hiroaki , Miyamoto Yasuhisa , Suzuki Koji , Nagatomi Yasushi

    … <p>DNA from hair that has undergone retort pouch sterilization shows considerably more fragmentation. … Assessing the extent of DNA fragmentation using a PCR assay could therefore be applied to infer the sterilization history of a contaminated food sample. … Such assessments could make it possible to determine whether a food sample had been contaminated by hair during the production process. …

    Food Hygiene and Safety Science (Shokuhin Eiseigaku Zasshi) 61(1), 41-46, 2020

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  • Forensic species identification of mammals targeting the 16S rRNA gene by direct sequencing  [in Japanese]

    Kutsuwada Yukinobu

    … For each mammalian DNA sample, PCR products were analyzed by gel electrophoresis with modified universal primers. … The top hits for sequence homology for each sample matched the actual species, or closely-related species. … In conclusion, this effective method may be used in routine forensic practices to identify the species of unknown mammalian biological samples, such as from blood, body fluid, tissue, hair, and bone.</p> …

    Japanese Journal of Forensic Science and Technology 25(1), 67-81, 2020


  • Sentiment of Time vs. Expressions in the Commercial : Relationship between the Expression in the Advertisement and Sentiment of the Period  [in Japanese]

    井徳 正吾

    … There are several ways to represent a particular period in history in a commercial such as by the fashion, the make-up and hair, the words in the script (i.e. the actors and narrator), the music, the art design and background, the ad copy, the graphics (i.e. the font) as well as the expressions used, the camera movement and direction, and the general tone and manner of the spot. … Toyota Prius' commercial were used as a sample commercial for this study. …

    情報研究 = Information and communication studies (60), 1-15, 2019-01


  • Planar profile of nanoscale vibrations in sensory epithelium of the inner ear with an advanced OCT imaging system  [in Japanese]

    Choi Samuel , Nin Fumiaki , Ota Takeru , Hibino Hiroshi

    … sensory hair-cell, supporting-cell, and extracellular-matrix layers. … Conventional optical coherence tomography (OCT) systems planarly scan the sample to reconstitute the image and analyze the motions. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 92(0), 3-O-24, 2019


  • Structure and Its Extensional Properties of Straightened Hair Prepared by Heat Treatment with Glyoxylic Acid  [in Japanese]

    Ishimori Tsunayuki , Watanabe Daisuke , Arai Kozo

    … <p>The hair straightening method applying heat-treatment with glyoxylic acid (GA) at about 180 ̊C was studied. … The stress-strain relationship of GA/heattreated hair was also studied. … It was revealed that from the WAXS, DSC study and stress-strain characteristics of treated sample, new crosslinking is introduced into the rod region of the intermediate filament (IF), a slight decrease in the degree of crystallinity but an increase in the thermal stability of the α-crystallites. …

    Journal of Fiber Science and Technology 75(6), 72-92, 2019


  • On-site Determination of Arsenic, Selenium, and Chromium(VI) in Drinking Water Using a Solid-phase Extraction Disk/Handheld X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer

    HAGIWARA Kenta , KOIKE Yuya , AIZAWA Mamoru , NAKAMURA Toshihiro

    … For the preconcentration of As, Se, and Cr(VI), a 50-mL aqueous sample was adjusted to pH 4, followed by passage through a Ti-loaded anion-exchange disk (Ti-AED). … Both sides of the Ti-AED were coated with an adhesive cellophane tape prior to drying using a cordless hair iron, followed by a handheld XRF measurement. …

    Analytical Sciences 34(11), 1309-1315, 2018

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  • A Review of Hormone Analysis on Primate Ecology  [in Japanese]

    KINOSHITA Kodzue

    … Recently noninvasive samples are often used for the hormone analysis in both captive and wild animals (e.g., urine, feces, and hair). … However, when excrement is used as a sample, it should be noted that there is a species specificity in the excretion route of hormones and the time taken for excretion. …

    Primate Research 34(1), 5-15, 2018


  • Amplitude variability of auditory brainstem response in relation to cochlear synaptopathy  [in Japanese]

    Taiji Hidenobu , Okamoto Yasuhide , kanzaki Jin

    … New insights from animal studies suggest that the most vulnerable elements in the inner ear are the synaptic connections between the inner hair cells and the cochlear neurons. … In a normal-hearing subject, the standard deviation of the wave I amplitude tended to decrease as the sample size increased from 500 to 2000 repetitions. …

    AUDIOLOGY JAPAN 61(2), 145-153, 2018

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  • Surface modification processing of Co-elinvar for hair spring using Na<sub>2</sub>SO<sub>4</sub> electrolyzed oxidizing water  [in Japanese]

    SATO Unkai , TAKEUCHI Masao , TSUCHIYA Kazuhiro

    … Co-elinvar alloy is widely used as the material of watch main hair spring. … To improve the disentangled characteristics of hair spring after shape processing, it is necessary to roughen the surface. … The result of immersion test showed that when using supersonic together, compared with the case of only immersion, the scar of etching in test pieces surface becomes more homogeneous, but the section size and the Young's modulus of sample pieces decrease. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 84(860), 17-00510-17-00510, 2018


  • Optimal Infrared Wave Length for Healing Pigmentations

    Keiko Kohmoto , Fumiyoshi Kuwashima

    IEICE Proceeding Series (29), 156-158, 2017


  • Proposed Protocol for Human Hair Cortisol Extraction without Pulverization  [in Japanese]

    YOSHIDA Reina , NOMURA Shusaku

    … <p>Cortisol that is released into the blood stream in response to psychological stress and accumulates in human hair during its growth. … Thus, human hair cortisol (HHC) can be considered a retrospective and long-term index of stress. … One of the issues is that excessive pulverization of hair samples during HHC extraction can reduce extraction efficiency. … In the present study, we investigated the effects of hair pulverization and extraction time on HHC extraction. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 55(5), 205-209, 2017

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    HASEGAWA-OHIRA Masako , YOSHIDA Reina , YAMAGUCHI Ayumi , IZAWA Shuhei , HONDA Hajime , NOMURA Shusaku

    … The aims of this study were to extract the stress biomarkers from human hair samples and explore the optimalprocedure for this extraction. … Consequently, the three stressbiomarkers, cortisol, testosterone, and dehydroepiandrosterone were successfully extracted from the hair sample.Moreover, the pulverization method had no impact on the determination procedure. …

    Japanese Journal of Physiological Anthropology 22(3), 153-159, 2017

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  • Regulation and leveling of measurement noises in the multichannel functional near-infrared spectroscopy (fNIRS)  [in Japanese]

    Yamada Toru , Umeyama Shinji , Kamoshida Atsushi

    … <p>Difference in the amplitudes of measurement noises among data in the multichannel fNIRS prevents statistical comparison among data based on based on the assumption of equality in sample variance. … The multichannel fNIRS signals with measurement noises in different amplitude were obtained with using a hair-covered phantom. …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering 55Annual(3PM-Abstract), 216-216, 2017


  • A Case of Vitiligo Vulgaris Associated with Sjögren Syndrome Successfully Treated with Excimer Light Irradiation and Topical Vitamin D<sub>3</sub>  [in Japanese]

    Otsuka Rui , Funasaka Yoko , Saeki Hidehisa

    … A blood sample was positive for antinuclear and anti-SS-A antibodies. … administration led to repigmentation around the hair follicles without causing photodermatosis. …

    Nihon Ika Daigaku Igakkai Zasshi 13(2), 97-100, 2017

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  • Screening of methamphetamine and amphetamine in hair by in-line solid phase extraction capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry  [in Japanese]

    Sasajima Yasuhide , Morikawa Yoshifumi , Suenami Koichi , Sato Kiyohito , Takekoshi Yuji , Lim Lee Wah , Takeuchi Toyohide

    …  In-line solid phase extraction capillary electrophoresis-mass spectrometry (In-line SPE-CE/MS) has been developed for the screening of methamphetamine (MA) and amphetamine (AP) in hair. … Since the filtrate of digested hair samples could be injected directly into the In-line SPE-CE/MS system, enzyme-based digestion techniques were investigated for the pre-treatment of hair samples. …

    Japanese Journal of Forensic Science and Technology 22(1), 1-8, 2017


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