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  • HGF/c-Met signaling regulates early differentiation of placental trophoblast cells

    MA Yeling , YU Xin , LI Yu-xia , WANG Yan-Ling

    … <p>Depletion of hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) or mesenchymal-epithelial transition factor (c-Met) in mice leads to fetal lethality and placental maldevelopment. … However, the dynamic change pattern of HGF/c-Met signaling during placental development and its involvement in the early differentiation of trophoblasts remain to be elucidated. …

    Journal of Reproduction and Development, 2021


  • Differentiation of Dental Pulp-Derived MSCs into Hepatocyte-Like Cells and Their Therapeutic Use for Chemical Liver Injuries of Rats

    Hara Hajime , Sano Kimito , Ishikawa Hiroshi , Ohkoshi Shogo

    Journal of hard tissue biology 29(4), 215-221, 2020-10

  • Decreased miR-200b-3p in cancer cells leads to angiogenesis in HCC by enhancing endothelial ERG expression

    Moh-Moh-Aung Aye , Fujisawa Masayoshi , Ito Sachio , Katayama Hiroshi , Ohara Toshiaki , Ota Yoko , Yoshimura Teizo , Matsukawa Akihiro

    … Transcription factor ERG (erythroblast transformation-specific (ETS)-related gene) is essential in endothelial differentiation and angiogenesis, in which microRNA (miR)-200b-3p targeting site is expected by miRNA target prediction database. … We investigated whether hepatocyte-derived miR-200b-3p governs angiogenesis in HCC by targeting endothelial ERG. …

    Scientific Reports 10(1), 10418, 2020-06-26


  • A Case of Autoimmune Hepatitis during Brodalumab Treatment for Psoriasis

    Serizawa Naotaka , Hoashi Toshihiko , Saeki Hidehisa , Kanda Naoko

    … <p>Autoimmune hepatitis (AIH) is a chronic inflammation of the liver caused by hepatocyte-specific autoantigens. … Psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory skin disease characterized by a skewed interleukin-17 immune response and dysregulated epidermal hyperproliferation and differentiation. …

    Journal of Nippon Medical School 87(6), 359-361, 2020


  • Potential of human iPS cell-derived intestinal epithelial cells as a tool for pharmacokinetic assessment  [in Japanese]

    Yamashita Tomoki , Yokota Jumpei , Inui Tatsuya , Mizuguchi Hiroyuki

    安全な経口投与医薬品の効率的な開発のためには、前臨床段階で生体のヒト腸管における薬物動態を正確に予測することが必要である。しかしながら、現状の<i>in vitro</i>腸管薬物動態評価系には、種差や、薬物代謝酵素・トランスポーターの発現が低い(無い)などの課題がある。そこで、ヒトiPS細胞から作製した腸管上皮細胞(ヒトiPS細胞由来腸管上皮細胞)に期待が寄せられている。 …

    Drug Delivery System 35(4), 309-318, 2020

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  • Differentiation of Dental Pulp-Derived MSCs into Hepatocyte-Like Cells and Their Therapeutic Use for Chemical Liver Injuries of Rats

    Hara Hajime , Sano Kimito , Ishikawa Hiroshi , Ohkoshi Shogo

    … This study aims to investigate the potential of dental pulp-derived MSCs (DP-MSCs) to differentiate into cells with hepatocyte function and to examine the therapeutic effects of these cells on acute chemical liver injuries of rats. … MSC fractions from dental pulp were cultured using specific reagents containing activin A and hepatocyte growth factor (HGF). … DP-MSCs differentiated into polygonal hepatocyte-like cells (HLCs) that produced albumin and converted ammonium to urea. …

    Journal of Hard Tissue Biology 29(4), 215-222, 2020


  • Generation of Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell-Derived Hepatocyte-Like Cells for Cellular Medicine

    Deguchi Sayaka , Takayama Kazuo , Mizuguchi Hiroyuki

    … <p>Liver transplantation and hepatocyte transplantation are effective treatments for severe liver injuries, but the donor shortage is a serious problem. … Therefore, hepatocyte-like cells generated from human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells with unlimited proliferative ability are expected to be a promising new transplantation resource. … The technology for hepatic differentiation from human iPS cells has made great progress in this decade. …

    Biological and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 43(4), 608-615, 2020

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  • Multipotent Neurotrophic Effects of Hepatocyte Growth Factor in Spinal Cord Injury

    Yamane Kentaro , Misawa Haruo , Takigawa Tomoyuki , Ito Yoshihiro , Ozaki Toshifumi , Matsukawa Akihiro

    Hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) is one of the neurotrophic growth factors and has been listed as a candidate medicine for SCI treatment. … Moreover, HGF exerts positive effects on transplanted stem cell differentiation into neurons. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 20(23), 6078, 2019-12-02


  • Enhanced hepatic differentiation in the subpopulation of human amniotic stem cells under 3D multicellular microenvironment

    鄭 允文 , 八木 洋也 , 濱田 洋実 , 礒田 博子 , 小田 竜也 , 大河内 信弘 , Kinji Furuya , Yunwen ZHENG , Daisuke Sako , Kenichi Iwasaki , Dong-Xu Zheng , Jian-Yun Ge , Li-Ping Liu , Tomoaki Furuta , Kazunori Akimoto , Hiroya YAGI , Hiromi HAMADA , Hiroko ISODA , Tatsuya ODA , Nobuhiro OHKOHCHI

    … Moreover, no hepatic differentiation protocol for AECs has yet been established. … The 2D and 3D culture were compared by relative gene expression using several differentiation protocols. … TJP1, associated with epidermal growth factor receptor, and MET, associated with hepatocyte growth factor receptor, were upregulated and may be important for hepatic differentiation. …

    World Journal of Stem Cells 11(9), 705-721, 2019-09


  • Pharmaceutical Research on Liver Diseases Using iPS Cell and Genome Editing Technologies  [in Japanese]

    Takayama Kazuo

    … It is expected that human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPS)-derived hepatocyte-like cells, which faithfully reproduce hepatic functions, would be a valuable tool for drug discovery. … Hepatic differentiation from human iPS cells has been performed using growth factors, but the hepatic differentiation efficiency was quite low and liver functions of human iPS cell-derived hepatocyte-like cells were lower than those of primary human hepatocytes. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 139(10), 1219-1225, 2019

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  • Association of hemoglobin concentration with handgrip strength in relation to hepatocyte growth factor levels among elderly Japanese men aged 60?69?years: a cross-sectional study

    Shimizu Yuji , Yamanashi Hirotomo , Noguchi Yuko , Koyamatsu Jun , Nagayoshi Mako , Kiyoura Kairi , Fukui Shoichi , Tamai Mami , Kawashiri Shin-Ya , Arima Kazuhiko , Maeda Takahiro

    … Since hepatocyte growth factor (HGF) regulates muscle satellite cell production and differentiation, which is stimulated by organ injury, the supportive effect of hemoglobin should thus be stronger for participants with high HGF than for those with low HGF. …

    Environmental Health and Preventive Medicine 23(1), 56, 2018-11-06


  • Pigment epithelium-derived factor negatively regulates CD36 expression and lipid accumulation in non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    Huang Kuang-Tzu , Hsu Li-Wen , Chen Chien-Chih , Chen Kuang-Den , Lin Chih-Che , Chen Chao-Long

    … During disease progression, NAFLD is often accompanied by hepatocyte injury and inflammation, a condition referred to as non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). … Interestingly, decreased PEDF expression was observed during adipogenic differentiation of rat adipose-derived stem cells (AdSCs) and CD36 was also up-regulated. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO3-6-34, 2018


  • Regulation of Cell differentiation by FXR and LXR and carcinogenesis  [in Japanese]

    FUJINO Tomofumi , KATO Rei , BEPPU Masaki , MURAKAMI Satoshi , HAYAKAWA Makio

    … またFXRは、分化を制御する転写因子 hepatocyte nuclear factor-4 alpha の発現を促進することを見出している(JB, 2012)。 …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 45.1(0), P-173, 2018


  • <i>In vitro</i> and <i>ex vivo</i> Functional Evaluation of a Hollow Fiber-type Bioartificial Liver Module Containing ES Cell-derived Hepatocyte-like Cells

    Mizumoto Hiroshi , Amimoto Naoki , Miyazawa Toru , Tani Hideki , Ikeda Kaoru , Kajiwara Toshihisa

    … For hepatic differentiation of cultured cells, differentiation-promoting agents were added to the culture medium. …

    Advanced Biomedical Engineering 7(0), 18-27, 2018


  • Aberrant differentiation and proliferation of the liver epithelial system in chronic liver diseases and liver cancers  [in Japanese]

    Nishikawa Yuji

    <p>慢性肝疾患と肝腫瘍の病態を理解するためには肝上皮系細胞の分化・増殖異常を正確に把握することが重要である.成熟肝における肝細胞と肝内胆管上皮細胞は機能も形態もまったく異なっているが,細胞起源は共通であり,胎生後期から新生児期に門脈結合織に接するアルブミン陽性肝芽細胞が胆管上皮細胞に分化する.肝細胞は最終分化した後も表現型の可塑性を保ち,コラーゲン基質の増加などの微小環境の変化により …

    Kanzo 59(1), 7-22, 2018

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  • Adrenergic receptor agonists induce the differentiation of pluripotent stem cell-derived hepatoblasts into hepatocyte-like cells

    Kotaka Maki , Toyoda Taro , Yasuda Katsutaro , Kitano Yuko , Okada Chihiro , Ohta Akira , Watanabe Akira , Uesugi Motonari , Osafune Kenji

    … By screening a chemical library of 1, 120 bioactive compounds and known drugs, we identified the α1-adrenergic receptor agonist methoxamine hydrochloride as a small molecule that promotes the differentiation of hiPSC-derived hepatoblasts into ALBUMIN+ hepatocyte-like cells. …

    Scientific Reports (7), 2017-12-01


  • Generation of safe and therapeutically effective human induced pluripotent stem cell‐derived hepatocyte‐like cells for regenerative medicine

    Takayama Kazuo , Akita Naoki , Mimura Natsumi , Akahira Rina , Taniguchi Yukimasa , Ikeda Makoto , Sakurai Fuminori , Ohara Osamu , Morio Tomohiro , Sekiguchi Kiyotoshi , Mizuguchi Hiroyuki

    … Takayama, Naoki Akita, Natsumi Mimura, Rina Akahira, Yukimasa Taniguchi, Makoto Ikeda, Fuminori Sakurai, Osamu Ohara, Tomohiro Morio, Kiyotoshi Sekiguchi and Hiroyuki Mizuguchi "Generation of safe and therapeutically effective human induced pluripotent stem cell‐derived hepatocyte‐like cells for regenerative medicine", Hepatology Communications, Vol. 1 (10) 1058–1069, Wiley, 2017Hepatocyte‐like cells (HLCs) differentiated from human induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are expected to be applied for regenerative …

    Hepatology Communications 1(10), 1058-1069, 2017-10


  • The small G protein Arf6 expressed in keratinocytes by HGF stimulation is a regulator for skin wound healing

    Miura Yuki , Ngo Thai Bich Van , Furuya Momoko , Hasegawa Hiroshi , Takahashi Satoru , Katagiri Naohiro , Hongu Tsunaki , Funakoshi Yuji , Ohbayashi Norihiko , Kanaho Yasunori , 高橋 智 , 本宮 綱記 , 船越 祐司 , 大林 典彦 , 金保 安則

    … Here, we demonstrate that hepatocyte growth factor (HGF)/c-Met signaling-induced expression of the small G protein Arf6 mRNA in keratinocytes is essential for the skin wound healing. … Furthermore, Arf6 deletion from keratinocytes remarkably suppressed HGF-stimulated cell migration and peripheral membrane ruffle formation, but did not affect skin morphology and proliferation/differentiation of keratinocytes. …

    Scientific reports (7), 46649, 2017-04


  • Secreted Ectodomain of SIGLEC-9 and MCP-1 Synergistically Improve Acute Liver Failure in Rats by Altering Macrophage Polarity

    Ito Takanori , Ishigami Masatoshi , Matsushita Yoshihiro , Hirata Marina , Matsubara Kohki , Ishikawa Tetsuya , Hibi Hideharu , Ueda Minoru , Hirooka Yoshiki , Goto Hidemi , Yamamoto Akihito

    … This treatment induced anti-inflammatory M2, suppressed hepatocyte apoptosis, and promoted hepatocyte proliferation. … In addition, MCP-1 and sSiglec-9 synergistically promoted the M2 differentiation of bone marrow-derived macrophages via CCR2, accompanied by the production of multiple liver-regenerating factors. …

    Scientific Reports (7), 44043, 2017-03-08


  • Study about the regulation of cell differentiation by nuclear receptor FXR and LXR  [in Japanese]

    FUJINO Tomofumi , BEPPU Masaki , MURAKAMI Satoshi , HAYAKAWA Makio

    … 我々は以前、胆汁酸をリガンドとする核内受容体 farnesoid x receptor (FXR) が分化を制御する転写因子 hepatocyte nuclear factor-4 alpha の発現を促進することを見出した。 …

    Annual Meeting of the Japanese Society of Toxicology 44.1(0), P-178, 2017


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