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  • High-temperature operation of GaN-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers

    Chang Tsu-Chi , Kuo Shiou-Yi , Lian Jhen-Ting , Hong Kuo-Bin , Wang Shing-Chung , Lu Tien-Chang

    … We report GaN-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs) capable of high-temperature operation. … GaN-based VCSELs with an emission aperture 10 µm in diameter were fabricated, and their temperature-dependent lasing characteristics revealed that the VCSELs can endure 350 K, as measured under quasicontinuous-wave operation conditions. …

    Appl. Phys. Express 10(11), 112101, 2017-10-04


  • 春どり栽培用ワケギ鱗茎の貯蔵時の温度および湿度が種球品質に及ぼす影響

    川口 岳芳 , 房尾 一宏 , 尾崎 行生

    … ℃時400W)を庫内で1 時間あたり15 ~ 45 分稼動することが適していると考えられた.また,湿度設定機能を有する玄米保管用の貯蔵庫では,設定温度を3 ~ 5℃とし高湿度の設定とすることで,ワケギの鱗茎の貯蔵に適応できることが示唆された.The effects of temperature and humidity on bulb quality and sprouting after planting for spring-harvesting cultivation of Allium × wakegi Araki were investigated as compared with the conventional storage method by hanging under …

    九州大学大学院農学研究院学芸雑誌 72(2), 27-37, 2017-09


  • Influence of the growth method on degradation of InGaN laser diodes

    Bojarska Agata , Muzioł Grzegorz , Skierbiszewski Czesław , Grzanka Ewa , Wiśniewski Przemysław , Makarowa Irina , Czernecki Robert , Suski Tadek , Perlin Piotr

    … We demonstrate the influence of the operation current density and temperature on the degradation rate of InGaN laser diodes grown via metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy (MOVPE) and plasma-assisted molecular beam epitaxy (PAMBE). … The degradation rate of the MOVPE devices shows an exponential dependence on the temperature, with an activation energy of 0.38–0.43 eV, and a linear dependence on the operating current density. …

    Appl. Phys. Express 10(9), 091001, 2017-08-08


  • デシカント空調システムにおける外気の絶対湿度とシステム運転方式との関係

    石川 敏嗣 , 藤澤 一平 , 迫田 達也 , 林 則行

    … Co-generation system has become an effective method to solve the global warming and energy problem.The system can achieve high efficiency both by using electric generation and by exhaust heat recovery. … In this paper, experiments aimed at establishing system operation methods according to absolute humidity of outside air were conducted. …

    宮崎大學工學部紀要 46, 179-184, 2017-07-31


  • Dynamic resonant frequency control of ultrasonic transducer for stabilizing resonant state in wide frequency band

    Yokozawa Hiroki , Twiefel Jens , Weinstein Michael , Morita Takeshi

    … The resonant frequency can be shifted by a nonlinear effect or by increasing the temperature under high-power operation. … We propose a resonant frequency control method during the transducer’s operation that enables the dynamic compensation of resonant frequency shifts. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(7S1), 07JE08, 2017-06-19


  • 25Gb/s直接変調レーザを搭載したTO-CANの広温度範囲動作 (レーザ・量子エレクトロニクス)

    白尾 瑞基 , 中村 誠希 , 島田 征明 , 鈴木 洋介 , 境野 剛 , 野上 正道

    電子情報通信学会技術研究報告 = IEICE technical report : 信学技報 117(61), 73-77, 2017-05-25

  • Low-temperature sol–gel oxide TFT with a fluoropolymer dielectric to enhance the effective mobility at low operation voltage

    Yu Shang-Yu , Wang Kuan-Hsun , Zan Hsiao-Wen , Soppera Olivier

    … In this article, we propose a solution-processed high-performance amorphous indium–zinc oxide (a-IZO) thin-film transistor (TFT) gated with a fluoropolymer dielectric. … Compared with a conventional IZO TFT with a silicon nitride dielectric, a fluoropolymer dielectric effectively reduces the operation voltage to less than 3 V and greatly increases the effective mobility 40-fold. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(6), 060303, 2017-05-09


  • Controlling the threshold voltage of SnO

    Liu Huixuan , Tan Rongri

    … We fabricated novel dual in-plane-gate electric-double-layer (EDL) SnO<inf>2</inf>nanowire transistors gated by chitosan using only one transmission electron microscopy (TEM) nickel grid mask at room temperature, and we successfully controlled its threshold voltage. … Their operation voltage was 1.0 V, because the EDL gate dielectric can lead to high gate dielectric capacitance (4.24 µF/cm<sup>2</sup>). …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(5), 055201, 2017-04-21


  • Investigation of multilayer SnSb

    He Zifang , Chen Shiyu , Wu Weihua , Zhai Jiwei , Song Sannian , Song Zhitang

    … The composition [SS (4 nm)/ZS (10 nm)]<inf>4</inf>exhibits a high crystallization temperature (T<inf>c</inf>∼ … 230 °C), high data retention temperature for 10 years (T<inf>10-yr</inf>∼ … A cell based on [SS (4 nm)/ZS (10 nm)]<inf>4</inf>achieves fast SET/RESET switching speed (∼10 ns) and low reset power consumption (the energy for RESET operation = 9.6 × …

    Appl. Phys. Express 10(5), 055504, 2017-04-07


  • Observation of persistent photoconductivity in Ni-doped MoS

    Ko Tsung-Shine , Chen Zheng-Wen , Lin Der-Yuh , Suh Joonki , Chen Zheng-Sheng

    … 10<sup>−7</sup>S cm<sup>−1</sup>at room temperature, which is lower than that of undoped MoS<inf>2</inf>(σ … We further fabricated undoped and Ni-doped MoS<inf>2</inf>photodetectors to understand the operation characteristics of MoS<inf>2</inf>-based photodetectors. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(4S), 04CP09, 2017-03-24


  • Characterization of breakdown behavior of diamond Schottky barrier diodes using impact ionization coefficients

    Driche Khaled , Umezawa Hitoshi , Rouger Nicolas , Chicot Gauthier , Gheeraert Etienne

    … Diamond has the advantage of having an exceptionally high critical electric field owing to its large band gap, which implies its high ability to withstand high voltages. … At this maximum electric field, the operation of Schottky barrier diodes (SBDs), as well as FETs, may be limited by impact ionization, leading to avalanche multiplication, and hence the devices may breakdown. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(4S), 04CR12, 2017-03-15


  • Positive bias temperature instability of SiC-MOSFETs induced by gate-switching operation

    Murakami Eiichi , Furuichi Takahiro , Takeshita Tatsuya , Oda Kazuhiro

    … Despite the advances in SiC-MOSFET technology in recent years, high-temperature stability remains a significant issue. … In this work, we examine the positive bias temperature instability of SiC-MOSFETs induced by gate-switching operation (AC-PBTI). …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(4S), 04CR11, 2017-03-15


  • Bias temperature instability in tunnel field-effect transistors

    Mizubayashi Wataru , Mori Takahiro , Fukuda Koichi , Ishikawa Yuki , Morita Yukinori , Migita Shinji , Ota Hiroyuki , Liu Yongxun , O’uchi Shinichi , Tsukada Junichi , Yamauchi Hiromi , Matsukawa Takashi , Masahara Meishoku , Endo Kazuhiko

    … We systematically investigated the bias temperature instability (BTI) of tunnel field-effect transistors (TFETs). … In TFETs, although traps are generated in high-k gate dielectrics by the bias stress and/or the interface state is degraded at the interfacial layer/channel interface, the threshold voltage (V<inf>th</inf>) shift due to BTI degradation is caused by the traps and/or the degradation of the interface state locating the band-to-band tunneling (BTBT) region near the source/gate edge. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(4S), 04CA04, 2017-03-15


  • Integrated pressure and temperature sensor with high immunity against external disturbance for flexible endoscope operation

    Maeda Yusaku , Maeda Kohei , Kobara Hideki , Mori Hirohito , Takao Hidekuni

    … In this study, an integrated pressure and temperature sensor device for a flexible endoscope with long-term stability in in vivo environments was developed and demonstrated. … The integrated temperature sensor allows compensation for the effect of the temperature drift on a pressure signal. … Pressure and temperature monitoring was achieved even in a pH 1 acid solution. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(4S), 04CF09, 2017-03-14


  • Measurement and modeling of gate–drain capacitance of silicon carbide vertical double-diffused MOSFET

    Shintani Michihiro , Nakamura Yohei , Hiromoto Masayuki , Hikihara Takashi , Sato Takashi

    … Silicon carbide (SiC) is considered as one of the key materials to realizing device operations in high-temperature, high-frequency, and high-power applications. … By considering the operation of vertical power SiC MOSFETs, the proposed capacitance model correctly accounts for the capacitance modulation effect due to the channel that is formed when the gate voltage is higher than the drain voltage. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(4S), 04CR07, 2017-03-01


  • 90 °C continuous-wave operation of GaInAsP/InP membrane distributed-reflector laser on Si substrate

    Hiratani Takuo , Inoue Daisuke , Tomiyasu Takahiro , Fukuda Kai , Amemiya Tomohiro , Nishiyama Nobuhiko , Arai Shigehisa

    … The temperature dependence of a GaInAsP/InP membrane distributed-reflector laser bonded on a Si substrate — … which showed a low threshold current (0.29 mA) and a relatively high differential quantum efficiency (23% from the front side) at 20 °C — … A characteristic temperature of the threshold current, T<inf>0</inf>, of 84 K and a sub-mA threshold current operation up to 90 °C were obtained under a continuous-wave (CW) condition. …

    Appl. Phys. Express 10(3), 032702, 2017-02-22


  • High-temperature operation of 640 nm wavelength high-power laser diode arrays

    Imanishi Daisuke

    … We realized the fabrication of a red semiconductor laser array with high optical power and reliability using an AlGaInP-based compound semiconductor. … To obtain a high optical output, the semiconductor laser requires high-quality quantum wells. … In this work, we improved quantum well layer abruptness by applying high-temperature growth condition to quantum wells. …

    Jpn. J. Appl. Phys. 56(3), 032702, 2017-02-16


  • 高耐熱性能な超音波吸収材を使ったクランプオン超音波蒸気流量計の開発

    林 智仁 , 佐々木 宏 , 梅沢 修一 , 杉田 勝彦

    … <p>For energy efficient operation of steam facilities, it is often required to measure a wide range of vapor flow rate. … In the past, a clamp-on ultrasonic gas flow meter was developed, however there was a need for a damping material able to propagate ultrasonic wave through high temperature vapor pipe. …

    動力・エネルギー技術の最前線講演論文集 : シンポジウム 2017.22(0), B212, 2017


  • 製糖工場内未利用熱の蓄熱輸送システムにおけるゼオライトボイラの蒸気発生試験

    中居林 昂 , 藤井 祥万 , 兼松 祐一郎 , 菊池 康紀 , 中垣 隆雄

    … <p>In Tanegashima, milling of sugarcane is one of the main industries, and bagasse is burned at the bagasse boiler as biomass energy to generate steam for the sugar milling operation. … Consequently, temperature of flue gas remains high and a large amount of unused heat around 200 oC is exhausted during raw sugar production period from winter to spring. …

    動力・エネルギー技術の最前線講演論文集 : シンポジウム 2017.22(0), C113, 2017


  • エネルギーマネジメントのためのCO<sub>2</sub>ヒートポンプ給湯機のモデル化手法の検討

    坂東 泰彬 , 天野 嘉春

    … heat pump water heater is one of the high-efficiency apparatus to meet hot water demand. … Energy management in residential and commercial sector is one way to keep the system operation efficiently. … The Lorentz efficiency is identified by a series of experiments for typical residential hot water demand with variation of ambient temperature, inlet/outlet water temperature at gas-cooler of the heat pump unit. …

    動力・エネルギー技術の最前線講演論文集 : シンポジウム 2017.22(0), C121, 2017