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  • Investigation of the Causes and Prevention of Complications of Total Laparoscopic Hysterectomy at our Hospital – The Efficacy of the Surgical Manual Prepared by Collaboration Among Several Departments –  [in Japanese]

    Ogishima Daiki , Hamamura Kensuke

    … <p>Although the number of total laparoscopic hysterectomy (TLH) procedures has rapidly increased with the development of a vessel sealing system, complications of TLH are often reported. … Because we observed a high frequency of perioperative complications at our hospital, we devised safety measures and investigated the causes of the complications. …

    Nihon Gekakei Rengo Gakkaishi (Journal of Japanese College of Surgeons) 44(4), 663-669, 2019

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  • Ischemic Complications after Surgical Clipping of Anterior Choroidal Artery Aneurysms  [in Japanese]

    IDEGUCHI Minoru , HADEISHI Hiromu

    … <p>Clipping procedures for anterior choroidal artery (AChA) aneurysms carry a greater risk than clipping of other aneurysms. … We suggest that the high frequency of dome type is a key contributor to the high rate of ischemic complications of AChA aneurysms. …

    Surgery for Cerebral Stroke 47(5), 337-342, 2019

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  • Presurgical Evaluations for Epilepsy Surgery : State-of-the-Art 2019  [in Japanese]

    Matsumoto Riki , Miyamoto Susumu , Kikuchi Takayuki , Yamao Yukihiro , Nakae Takuro , Kobayashi Katsuya , Shimotake Akihiro , Yoshida Kazumichi , Kunieda Takeharu , Ikeda Akio

    … We introduce both fundamental diagnostic procedures and state-of-the-art techniques, such as wideband electroencephalographic (EEG) analysis (from ictal direct current [DC] potentials to high-frequency oscillations), analysis of cortico-cortical evoked potentials, and stereotactic EEG (SEEG). …

    Japanese Journal of Neurosurgery 28(6), 316-325, 2019

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    INABA Yuhei , SAITOH Yusuke , KOBAYASHI Yu , SUGIYAMA Ryuji , SUKEGAWA Ryuji , OZAWA Kenichiro , TARUISHI Masaki , FUJIYA Mikihiro , OKUMURA Toshikatsu

    … It is recommended that novice endoscopists perform EUS by using a high-frequency ultrasound probe (HFUP), which is inserted through a standard colonoscope. … In such cases, additional use of low-frequency probes (12 or 7.5MHz) is helpful for obtaining satisfactory images. … The overall accuracy of invasion depth diagnosis for determining the choice of therapy (i.e., endoscopic resection or surgery) was not very high at 77.0% (211/274). …

    GASTROENTEROLOGICAL ENDOSCOPY 61(5), 1145-1157, 2019

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  • Safety and Efficacy of Transvenous Lead Extraction With a High-Frequency Excimer Laser ― A Single Center Experience ―

    Yoshitake Takakatsu , Takahashi Yoshihide , Kawabata Mihoko , Hirao Kenzo , Goya Masahiko , Sasaki Takeshi , Shiohira Shinya , Sekigawa Masahiro , Shirai Yasuhiro , Lee Kiko , Yagishita Atsuhiko , Maeda Shingo

    … The procedures were performed with 40-Hz sheaths in 150 patients (group 1: 270 leads) and 80-Hz sheaths in 65 (group 2: 99 leads). … </p><p><b><i>Conclusions: </i></b>Transvenous lead extraction using high-frequency laser sheaths was as highly successful as with low-frequency laser sheaths in Japanese patients. …

    Circulation Journal 82(12), 2992-2997, 2018

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  • Poor Rhythm Outcome of Catheter Ablation for Early-Onset Atrial Fibrillation in Women ― Mechanistic Insight ―

    Yu Hee Tae , Yang Pil-Sung , Kim Tae-Hoon , Uhm Jae-Sun , Kim Jong-Youn , Joung Boyoung , Lee Moon-Hyoung , Pak Hui-Nam

    high-frequency (HF), P=0.010) than men. … </p><p><b><i>Conclusions: </i></b>Among patients with early-onset AF who underwent catheter ablation, women showed poorer clinical outcomes than men after de novo and second procedures. …

    Circulation Journal 82(9), 2259-2268, 2018

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  • Solidification Microstructure of AlCoCrFeNi<sub>2.1</sub> Eutectic High Entropy Alloy Ingots

    Nagase Takeshi , Takemura Mamoru , Matsumuro Mitsuaki , Maruyama Toru

    … eutectic high-entropy alloy (EHEA) ingots were successfully obtained by high-frequency melting and centrifugal metal-mold casting under an Ar flow. … In order to more precisely explain the background, the purpose of the study, the experimental procedures, and the results, some parts of the contents were revised. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 59(2), 255-264, 2018


  • Word association in Russian and connected components of graphs  [in Japanese]

    上原 順一 , Uehara Junichi , ウエハラ ジュンイチ

    … In the First section I created an ideal tree diagram which expresses the processes of word association ― a stimulus word has tree response words, with these tree words set as stimuli and procedures repeated. … In the Second section I analyzed the graphs of 10 high frequency words as stimuli words. …

    言語文化研究 (44), 19-31, 2018

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  • Efficacy of forced coagulation with low high-frequency power setting during endoscopic submucosal dissection

    Ishida Tsukasa , Toyonaga Takashi , Ohara Yoshiko , Nakashige Tadao , Kitamura Yasuaki , Ariyoshi Ryusuke , Takihara Hiroshi , Baba Shinichi , Yoshizaki Tetsuya , Kawara Fumiaki , Tanaka Shinwa , Morita Yoshinori , Umegaki Eiji , Hoshi Namiko , Azuma Takeshi

    … The treated vessel diameter, compressed vessel frequency, and bleeding frequency after cutting the vessels were noted by therecorded videos. … CONCLUSION F1-10 method is suggested to achieve a stronger hemostatic effect than the S method in clinical procedures and ex vivo models. …

    World Journal of Gastroenterology 23(29), 5422-5430, 2017-08-07


  • The Cornerstone for <i>in Vitro</i> Propagation and Ploidy Stability of <i>Myrsine</i> (Primulaceae) Species

    Spadeto Micheli Sossai , Carrijo Tatiana Tavares , Carvalho Carlos Roberto , Clarindo Wellington Ronildo

    … A high frequency of germination (100%) was observed from mature seeds pre-treated with hydrochloric acid and inoculated into medium supplemented with gibberellic acid. … The first reliable and relatively rapid procedures provided morphologically normal seedlings of <i>M. …

    CYTOLOGIA 82(4), 385-390, 2017


  • A compact utral-wideband bandpass filter with broad stopband based on step-impedance stub-loaded tri-mode resonator

    He Yuhong , Ma Zhewang , Yang Xuexia

    … The advantages of such resonator are easy control of its frequency response and highly compact in structure compared with other resonators. … Moreover, a lowpass filter (LPF) is utilized to suppress the unwanted high-frequency harmonics of the proposed UWB BPF. … Design and synthesis procedures with details are provided, and good agreement between simulated and measured results is also observed. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 14(3), 20161214-20161214, 2017


  • A Study on Dental Force Acceleration in High-frequency Procedures  [in Japanese]

    Futoshi NAKAMURA , Takumi SATO , Aki SHIOMI , Nobuaki OKUMURA , Hiroko ISHIZAKI , Harue ITO , Takako NAKAJIMA , Noritaka FUJII

    … However, it is difficult to teach force acceleration at the clinical site of dental procedures. … The dental force they used for five dental procedures was measured by a mannequin equipped with a scale under the mandible. …

    The Journal of Japanese Dental Education Association 32(1), 22-28, 2016

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  • Evaluation of Internal Emotional Changes During Pediatric Dental Treatment:Comparison between Electrodermal Activity and Short-time Heart Rate Variability  [in Japanese]

    KITAMURA Kaoru , YOSHIHARA Toshihiro , HOSHINO Megumi , OSHIMA Shohei , TANEICHI Risa , YAWAKA Yasutaka

    … In addition, we recorded electrocardiogram findings obtained during tooth extraction procedures, which were divided into the following sessions ;relaxation, advance notice of dental treatment, external anesthesia, infiltration anesthesia, tooth extraction, and astriction. …

    The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Dentistry 54(4), 450-461, 2016


  • Effects of Upper Airway Obstruction on Maxillofacial Dentition in Childhood and Contribution of Pediatric Dentistry to Treat Sleep Apnea  [in Japanese]

    IWASAKI Tomonori

    … Pediatric obstructive sleep apnea syndrome occurs at a high frequency, with a prevalence of 2% in otherwise health children. … In the future, we hope to examine the efficacy of application of orthodontic procedures for treatment, such as rapid maxillary expansion or mandibular forward induction, for social contributions from the field of pediatric dentistry.</p> …

    The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Dentistry 54(1), 1-8, 2016

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  • Endoscopic Posterior Nasal Neurectomy Using the Coblator System  [in Japanese]

    Tabata Takahisa , Kitamura Takuro , Hohchi Nobusuke , Kise Yasuhiro , Takenaga Fumiko , Koizumi Hiroki , Suzuki Hideaki

    … <p>Objective: The present study was aimed at evaluating the usefulness of a high frequency bipolar system (Coblator system) as a cutting device for posterior nasal neurectomy (PNN) in patients with allergic rhinitis.</p><p>Methods: Nineteen patients with intractable allergic rhinitis who underwent PNN in our hospitals were enrolled in this study. … All surgical procedures were performed endoscopically under general anesthesia. …

    Nihon Bika Gakkai Kaishi (Japanese Journal of Rhinology) 55(2), 153-158, 2016


  • Suprascapular nerve catheter and axillary nerve block in arthroscopic shoulder surgery on chronic spinal cord injury patient  [in Japanese]

    SATO Makoto , SASAKAWA Tomoki , ONODERA Yoshiko , KUNISAWA Takayuki

    … Before surgery, ultrasound-guided SNC and ANB were performed using a high-frequency linear ultrasound probe. … In conclusion, combining SNC and ANB is an effective and safe technique with intraoperative anesthesia and postoperative analgesia for certain procedures of arthroscopic shoulder surgery. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Pain Clinicians 23(1), 37-40, 2016

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  • Internal Hernia after Gastrectomy with Roux-en-Y Reconstruction  [in Japanese]

    Hanada Keita , Ikai Iwao , Hata Hiroaki , Kikuchi Shiori , Nakanishi Hiroki , Saji Masashi , Matsusue Ryo , Narita Masato , Yamaguchi Takashi , Otani Tetsushi

    … Regarding surgical factors, gastrectomy procedures, approach methods, or the root of reconstruction did not affect the incidence of internal hernia. … Internal hernia after gastrectomy with Roux-en-Y reconstruction can be recognized at relatively high frequency. …

    The Japanese Journal of Gastroenterological Surgery 48(11), 890-896, 2015

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  • Increase in Operator's Sympathetic Nerve Activity during Complicated Hepatobiliary Surgery: Evidence for Surgeons' Mental Stress

    Yamanouchi Kosho , Hayashida Naomi , Kuba Sayaka , Sakimura Chika , Kuroki Tamotsu , Togo Michita , Katayama Noritada , Takamura Noboru , Eguchi Susumu

    … Additionally, the parameters were compared in various procedures during the operations. … By frequency domain method using electrocardiograph, we measured the high frequency (HF) component, representing the parasympathetic activity, and the low frequency (LF)/HF ratio, representing the sympathetic activity. …

    The Tohoku Journal of Experimental Medicine 237(3), 157-162, 2015

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  • Rapid evaluation of the frequency of gene targeting in rice via a convenient positive-negative selection method

    Saika Hiroaki , Mori Akiko , Endo Masaki , Osakabe Keishi , Toki Seiichi

    … Although gene targeting (GT) is a useful technology for precise mutagenesis of target sequences, its frequency is quite low. … Establishing experimental procedures using a model system will enable us to improve this frequency and apply to GT as a universal system. … Here, we propose a convenient system with which to evaluate the frequency of site-directed mutagenesis via GT using a positive-negative selection method. …

    Plant Biotechnology 32(2), 169-173, 2015


  • A Case of Recurrent Obstructive Pneumonia with Hilar and Mediastinal Lymphadenopathies due to Polyp Caused by a Plastic Bronchial Foreign Body in Place for 3 Years  [in Japanese]

    Komatsu Taiyo , Mori Takeshi , Suzuki Makoto , Uramoto Hideshi , Kohrogi Hirotsugu , Hirosako Susumu , Sakamoto Yasumiko , Kojima Keisuke , Okamoto Shinichiro , Saeki Sho , Ichiyasu Hidenori , Fujii Kazuhiko , Ikeda Koei

    … Three bronchofiberscopy procedures showed a polyp in the truncus intermedius and histopathology of the lesion showed non-specific inflammation. … Because hilar and mediastinal lymphadenopathies were so large as to suggest malignancy, we performed bronchofiberscopy to resect the polyp by a high frequency snare under general anesthesia. …

    The Journal of the Japan Society for Respiratory Endoscopy 37(4), 435-440, 2015

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