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  • High pressure inhibits signaling protein binding to the flagellar motor and bacterial chemotaxis through enhanced hydration.

    Hata Hiroaki , Nishihara Yasutaka , Nishiyama Masayoshi , Sowa Yoshiyuki , Kawagishi Ikuro , Kitao Akio

    High pressure below 100 MPa interferes inter-molecular interactions without causing pressure denaturation of proteins. … Using molecular dynamics (MD) simulations and parallel cascade selection MD (PaCS-MD), we show that high pressure increases the water density in the first hydration shell of CheY and considerably induces water penetration into the CheY-FliM interface. …

    Scientific Reports (10), 1-13, 2020-02-11


  • Effect of Cobalt-Content on Mechanical Properties of Non-Equiatomic Co–Cr–Ni Medium Entropy Alloys

    Yoshida Shuhei , Ikeuchi Takuto , Bai Yu , Tsuji Nobuhiro

    … <p>Non-equiatomic high entropy alloys (HEAs) and medium entropy alloys (MEAs) are expected to have the potential to exhibit good mechanical properties due to abundant composition designs compared to equiatomic alloys. … = 20 (Co20), 40 (Co40), 60 (Co60) at%) MEAs were processed to very high plastic strains by high-pressure torsion (HPT) and subsequently annealed under proper conditions to obtain FCC single-phase and uniform fine grain sizes. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 61(4), 587-595, 2020


  • Fracture toughness of aluminum alloys in air and 115 MPa hydrogen gas and strength design of thick-walled cylinder  [in Japanese]

    MATSUOKA Saburo , IIJIMA Takashi , ENOKI Hirotoshi , YOSHIDA Satoko , HAMADA Shigeru , MATSUNAGA Hisao , YAMABE Junichiro

    … Stretch zone, dimples and inclusions at the dimple bottom were observed on the fracture surface by means of scanning electron microscopy. …

    Transactions of the JSME (in Japanese) 86(882), 19-00350-19-00350, 2020


  • Grain Refinement of AZ31 and AZ61 Mg Alloys through Room Temperature Processing by UP-Scaled High-Pressure Torsion

    Masuda Takahiro , Horita Zenji

    … This study presents application of an up-scaled high-pressure torsion (HPT) process to AZ31 and AZ61 Mg alloys for ultrafine grain refinement. … Microstructural evolution was evaluated by hardness measurement and microscopy observations including tensile testing. …

    Materials Transactions 60(7), 1104-1110, 2019-08-01


  • Dinoflagellate nucleus contains an extensive endomembrane network, the nuclear net

    Gregory S. Gavelis , Maria Herranz , Kevin C. Wakeman , Christina Ripken , Satoshi Mitarai , Gillian H. Gile , Patrick J. Keeling , Brian S. Leander

    … To better understand these unique mitotic features, we reconstructed the nuclear architecture of Polykrikos kofoidii in 3D using focused ion beam scanning electron microscopy (FIB-SEM) in conjunction with high-pressure freezing, freeze-substitution, TEM, and confocal microscopy. …

    Scientific Reports 9(1), 839, 2019-01-29


  • Evaluation of Durability of SCM435 Steel for High-pressure Hydrogen System by Continuous Cathodic Hydrogen Charging SSRT:(Effects of Hydrogen Charging Method)  [in Japanese]

    MISAWA Tomoya , SAITO Hiroyuki , TSUJI Hirokazu

    … <p>As an alternative method to evaluation of slow strain rate technique (SSRT) under high-pressure hydrogen gas, Continuous Cathodic Hydrogen Charging SSRT tests were performed. … Relative reduction of area (RRA) values obtained by tests with continuous charge at a cathode were equivalent to those performed in hydrogen gas at pressure of 69 ~ 115 MPa. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2019(0), OS0613, 2019


  • The Ductility Loss Mechanism of a Precipitation-hardened Iron-based Superalloy A286 with Internal Hydrogen  [in Japanese]

    HOSOI Hyuga , TAKAKUWA Osamu , OGAWA Yuhei , MATSUNAGA Hisao

    … <p>The hydrogen embrittlement mechanism of a precipitation-hardened iron-based superalloy A286 was investigated by slow strain rate tensile (SSRT) test in combination with the analyses of surface slip step patterns and internal deformation substructures via optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) techniques. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2019(0), OS0609, 2019


  • Electron microscopy of plant samples by using high-pressure freezing/freeze substitution method  [in Japanese]

    Sato Mayuko , Wakazaki Mayumi , Goto Yumi , Toyooka Kiminori

    <p>電子顕微鏡の試料固定には,大きく分けて化学固定法と凍結固定法がある.凍結固定法の利点として,化学固定法で起こる物質の流出や変形を防げること,生命現象を高い時間分解能で固定できること,免疫金染色法での抗原の保持が良いことなどが挙げられる.凍結固定法にはいくつかの方法があるが,大きな細胞をもつ植物試料には高圧凍結法が適している.我々はこれまでに,シロイヌナズナ,タバコの各種組織・培養 …

    PLANT MORPHOLOGY 31(1), 25-29, 2019


  • Various biological phenomena to be observed with electron microscopy  [in Japanese]

    Toyooka Kiminori , Osumi Masako

    <p>蛍光イメージングなど特定分子を可視化するための様々な光学顕微鏡技術が発展した現在でも,電子顕微鏡でしか捉えることができない多様な生命現象がある.日本植物学会 第 82回大会において,日本植物形態学会および特定認定非営利法人綜合画像研究支援との共催のもとで,単細胞藻類から樹木までの多様な生物材料を対象とし,様々な電子顕微鏡技術を駆使して微細構造レベルの解析を行なっている演者の方々が …

    PLANT MORPHOLOGY 31(1), 1-2, 2019


  • The development of cell coverings in armored dinoflagellates by electron microscopy  [in Japanese]

    Sekida Satoko , Horiguchi Takeo , Okuda Kazuo

    <p>渦鞭毛藻の遊走細胞はアンフィエスマと呼ぶ特有の細胞外被をもつ.アンフィエスマは原形質膜と原形質膜を裏打ちする多数の扁平なアンフィエスマ小胞(av)とその下側に配列する微小管からなる.有殻渦鞭毛藻では,avの内部に板状構造(鎧板)を含む.鎧板のパターン(形・数・配列)は種によって決まっており,属および種を分類するための重要な形質の一つである.渦鞭毛藻の細胞外被は細胞の周縁部全体に平 …

    PLANT MORPHOLOGY 31(1), 11-18, 2019


  • <i>In vitro</i> Simulated Digestion and Microstructure of Peppermint Oil Nanoemulsion

    Zhu Ying , Wang Zhongjiang , Zhou Yan , Tian Tian , Wang Zhaoyun , Qi Baokun , Zhang Xiaoyuan , Liu Jishan , Li Yang , Jiang Lianzhou

    … 3D confocal laser scanning microscopy and Cryo-scanning electron microscopy were used to observe the microstructure characteristics of peppermint oil nanoemulsion, which indicated that soybean protein was completely adsorbed at the oil-water interface of the nanoemulsion and presented a core shell structure. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 68(9), 863-871, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • High-Entropy Alloys with Hexagonal Close-Packed Structure in Ir<sub>26</sub>Mo<sub>20</sub>Rh<sub>22.5</sub>Ru<sub>20</sub>W<sub>11.5</sub> and Ir<sub>25.5</sub>Mo<sub>20</sub>Rh<sub>20</sub>Ru<sub>25</sub>W<sub>9.5</sub> Alloys Designed by Sandwich Strategy for the Valence Electron Concentration of Constituent Elements in the Periodic Chart

    Takeuchi Akira , Wada Takeshi , Kato Hidemi

    … <p>High-entropy alloys (HEAs) with a single hexagonal close-packed (hcp) structure were found in Ir<sub>26</sub>Mo<sub>20</sub>Rh<sub>22.5</sub>Ru<sub>20</sub>W<sub>11.5</sub> … The X-ray diffraction analysis, scanning electron microscopy observation, and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy analysis revealed that the Ir<sub>26</sub>Mo<sub>20</sub>Rh<sub>22.5</sub>Ru<sub>20</sub>W<sub>11.5</sub> …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 60(8), 1666-1673, 2019


  • Historical Studies by Polish Scientist on Ultrafine-Grained Materials by Severe Plastic Deformation

    Bryła Krzysztof , Edalati Kaveh

    … In this book, Erbel presented details of a high-pressure torsion (HPT) device for obtaining large strains, mechanism of microstructural fragmentation during large straining, evolution of mechanical properties (hardness, tensile properties and torque), and characterization of the microstructure by means of transmission electron microscopy (TEM). …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 60(8), 1553-1560, 2019


  • The Development of Vacancies during Severe Plastic Deformation

    Čížek J. , Janeček M. , Vlasák T. , Smola B. , Melikhova O. , Islamgaliev R.K. , Dobatkin S.V.

    … <p>A high density of lattice defects is introduced to materials by severe plastic deformation (SPD). … Numerous experimental techniques, in particular electron microscopy, X-ray, electron and neutron diffraction, etc. … This study summarizes the results of the investigation of lattice defects in UFG metals with fcc (Al, Ni, Cu), bcc (Fe, Nb, W) and hcp (Mg, Ti) structure prepared by high pressure torsion (HPT). …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 60(8), 1533-1542, 2019


  • The Effect of Severe Plastic Deformations on Phase Transitions and Structure of Solids

    Blank Vladimir D. , Popov Mikhail Yu. , Kulnitskiy Boris A.

    … <p>This paper presents data on the study of phase transitions in solids under pressure with shear deformation. … The studies were carried out by electron microscopy and optical (Raman) spectroscopy. … A description of a high pressure diamond anvil shear cell is also provided.</p> …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 60(8), 1500-1505, 2019


  • Structure and Functional Properties of Antioxidant Nanoemulsions Prepared with Tea Polyphenols and Soybean Protein Isolate

    Tian Bo , Wang Yixiao , Wang Tuanjie , Mao Lijing , Lu Yini , Wang Huiting , Feng Zhibiao

    … <p>In this study, tea polyphenols (TP) was added to a soy protein isolate (SPI) to prepare nanoemulsions by ultra-high pressure homogenization (UHPH). … The nanoemulsions were characterized by a confocal laser scanning electron microscopy, infrared spectroscopy, dynamic rheometer and size-potential analyzer. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 68(7), 689-697, 2019

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • Grain Refinement of AZ31 and AZ61 Mg Alloys through Room Temperature Processing by UP-Scaled High-Pressure Torsion

    Masuda Takahiro , Horita Zenji

    … <p>This study presents application of an up-scaled high-pressure torsion (HPT) process to AZ31 and AZ61 Mg alloys for ultrafine grain refinement. … Microstructural evolution was evaluated by hardness measurement and microscopy observations including tensile testing. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 60(7), 1104-1110, 2019


  • Nanofiberization and Characterization of Silk  [in Japanese]

    Kondoh Kenji , Morimoto Yuuki , Ogura Kota , Murayama Seigo , Terada Dohiko , Iwatsubo Satoshi

    <p>シルクは化粧品主原料の1つであり,化粧品中での機能は肌の保湿,毛髪や肌への保護作用が知られている。本研究では,湿式微粒化装置でシルクナノファイバー懸濁液を作製し,特性を評価した。作製されたシルクナノファイバー懸濁液を乾燥させてFE-SEMでの観察,BET法での比表面積の計測を行い,シルクがナノファイバー形態であることを確認した。作製したシルクナノファイバー懸濁液でセルロースナノフ …

    Journal of Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan 53(2), 112-117, 2019


  • Atomization and Changes in Chemical Composition by Laser Ablation in Liquid prior to Determination of Trace Elements in Gallium Nitride

    HIROSAWA Koki , FURUTA Naoki

    … Particle size analysis by dynamic light scattering confirmed that LAL atomized the single-crystal GaN, and scanning electron microscopy/energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry revealed that LAL sampling converted the GaN to gallium oxide particles. … The atomization and changes in the chemical composition allowed for easy digestion of the sampled particles with nitric acid and a hot plate instead of with hydrochloric or sulfuric acid, a microwave digestion system, and a high-pressure vessel. …

    Analytical Sciences 35(5), 557-563, 2019


  • Mechanosynthesis and Reversible Hydrogen Storage of Mg<sub>2</sub>Ni and Mg<sub>2</sub>Cu Alloys

    Nobuki Tohru , Okuzumi Yuki , Hatate Minoru , Crivello Jean-Claude , Cuevas Fermin , Joubert Jean-Marc

    … Their morphology and structural properties were characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray Diffraction (XRD). … High Pressure Differential Scanning Calorimetry (HP-DSC) was used to evaluate their hydrogenation properties. …

    MATERIALS TRANSACTIONS 60(3), 441-449, 2019


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