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  • Redefinition of the Kelvin and Thermodynamic Temperature Measurement  [in Japanese]

    山田 善郎

    熱測定 47(2), 70-75, 2020-04

  • Measurement of Temperature of Micro Scale in Microwave Heating  [in Japanese]

    樫村 京一郎 , 藤井 隆司

    … It has been pointed out that a large temperature gradient exists in a narrow region of a micrometer scale in a material heated by microwaves, but the development of this measurement method is insufficient to detect the gradient. …

    中部大学総合工学研究所 (32), 11-15, 2020-03


  • Experimental determination of the emissivity of nuclear graphite at high temperature conditions

    CHAI Penghui , WU Yang , OKAMOTO Koji

    … <p>In a High-Temperature Gas-cooled Reactor (HTGR), radiation is the dominant form of heat transfer due to the high temperature environment. … In this paper, the emissivity of nuclear grade graphite IG-110 was measured in the temperature range from 500 °C to 1000 °C by using an infrared thermometer. …

    Mechanical Engineering Letters 6(0), 20-00204-20-00204, 2020


  • Expansion of high temperature creep test data for failure evaluation of BWR lower head in severe accident

    YAMAGUCHI Yoshihito , KATSUYAMA Jinya , KAJI Yoshiyuki , OSAKA Masahiko , LI Yinsheng

    … In particular, creep data corresponding to the high temperature region near the melting point of materials is important in evaluating creep deformation under severe accident conditions. … In particular, creep test data with long rupture times at high temperatures are expanded using a tensile test machine that can measure the elongation of test specimens in a noncontact measurement system. …

    Mechanical Engineering Journal 7(3), 19-00560-19-00560, 2020


  • Fundamentals of Combustion Diagnostics Using Laser Induced Fluorescence (LIF)  [in Japanese]

    FAN Yong , SAIKI Yu , WAN Sui , LEE Minhyeok , SUZUKI Yuji

    … <p>Planar laser induced fluorescence (PLIF) is a powerful tool to probe two-dimensional species and temperature distribution in combustion fields. … In this paper, the basic principle of laser induced fluorescence (LIF), two-photon absorption LIF (TALIF) for species measurements and 2 line LIF for temperature measurements has been reviewed. …

    Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan 62(200), 132-142, 2020


  • Sinter Pot for Temperature Measurement of the Top Layer during and After the Ignition

    Taira Kenji , Hara Kyosuke

    … <p>For achieving high sinter yield and quality, various technologies are being implemented and developed to control the heat pattern during the sintering reaction. … Further improvements in these technologies necessitate detailed time-course profiles of temperature at all sinter-bed heights; … however, no technique has yet been reported for determining the temperature distribution in the top layers of the sinter bed at high spatial and time resolutions. …

    ISIJ International, 2020


  • Accurate Synchrotron Hard X-ray Diffraction Measurements on High-Temperature Liquid Oxides

    OHARA Koji , ODA Hirohisa , NAKATA Yui , TAMARU Haruka , ISHIKAWA Takehiko , SAKATA Osami , ONODERA Yohei , KOHARA Shinji , KOYAMA Chihiro , MASUNO Atsunobu , MIZUNO Akitoshi , OKADA Jumpei T. , TAHARA Shuta , WATANABE Yuki

    … We adopted a combination of the aerodynamic levitation technique and the synchrotron hard X-rays to reveal the structure of high-temperature liquid oxides. … To achieve accurate diffraction measurements, the two-axis diffractometer at the high-energy X-ray diffraction beamline BL04B2 of SPring-8 was upgraded. …

    International journal of microgravity science and application 37(2), 370202, 2020


  • Examination of Factor to Influence Dental Implant Stability Quotient Change

    Matsumoto Keisuke , Inoue Kazuya , Imagawa Naoko , Nakajima Yoichiro , Nakano Hiroyuki , Ueno Takaaki

    … One method for evaluating osseointegration that has garnered attention is measurement of the implant safety quotient (ISQ) using resonance frequency analysis, but there have been few studies that have observed chronological changes in ISQ in the same implant type. … Here, we observed chronological changes in ISQ in high-temperature acid-etched implants. …

    Journal of Hard Tissue Biology 29(2), 131-134, 2020


  • Practices and challenges of disaster nursing for Japanese nurses sent to Nepal following the 2015 earthquake

    MIURA Shiori , KONDO Akiko , TAKAMURA Yuki

    … Participants also experienced challenges using certain materials due to the high temperature and humid climate (e.g., wound dressings); … Some nurses had difficulty using Fahrenheit thermometers, as they were unfamiliar with the measurement system. …

    Health Emergency and Disaster Nursing 7(1), 46-54, 2020


  • Numerical Analysis of Bubble Behavior and Pressure Rise Phenomena Due to Arc under Insulating Oil in Closed Vessel  [in Japanese]

    Tadokoro Tomo , Kotari Masashi , Ohtaka Toshiya , Iwata Mikimasa , Tanaka Yasuhiro

    … A dynamic pressure rise with the generation of the bubble, may lead to blowout of the oil and a high-temperature flammable gas. … Furthermore, the authors append physical properties of gas and effects of arc energy into the bubble based on measurement and calculation results. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 140(4), 230-240, 2020


  • Study on Correction Method of Signal Distortion under Temperature Gradient for Space Charge Measurement of HVDC Cables  [in Japanese]

    Morita Shosuke , Kawashima Tomohiro , Murakami Yoshinobu , Hozumi Naohiro

    … <p>The waveform immediately after the start of measurement has been used as a calibration waveform in the space charge measurement for HVDC cables. … However, space charge accumulation may occur at high temperature during the acquisition of the calibration waveform, which may affect the accuracy of signal processing. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Power and Energy 140(4), 271-276, 2020


  • Experimental and numerical evaluation of temperature variation by frictional heating at the interface between snow and ski

    OKAJIMA Junnosuke , OKABE Takahiro , MIYAMOTO Naoto , MORIMOTO Tatsuo , TSUNODA Kazuhiko , HATAKEYAMA Nozomu

    … <p>To evaluate the frictional heating effect during ski gliding by temperature measurement, a temperature measurement system was developed and evaluated numerically and experimentally. … The portable temperature measurement system with high temperature resolution and accuracy consisted of thermistors and a portable logger with a 24-bit A–D convertor. …

    Journal of Biomechanical Science and Engineering 15(1), 19-00507-19-00507, 2020


  • Development of Wide-range Viscometer and the Viscosity Measurement for SiO<sub>2</sub>–Na<sub>2</sub>O–NaF System

    Takeda Osamu , Yamada Masaya , Kawasaki Masane , Yamamoto Mayu , Sakurai So , Lu Xin , Zhu Hongmin

    … <p>A rotating crucible viscometer previously developed by the authors was improved in order to measure wide-range of viscosity values with high reliability. … Relative error in torque measurement was less than 1.5%, and calibration curves had a good consistency for all experiments. …

    ISIJ International 60(3), 590-596, 2020


  • Flow Stress Measurement and Dynamic Response Analysis of Hot Compression Test Machine at High Strain Rates

    Park Hyeon-Woo , Kim Kyunghyun , Park Hyung-Won , Yanagimoto Jun

    … A high-speed compression test up to a strain rate of 300 s<sup>−1</sup>, which is the compression speed of 3600 mm∙s<sup>−1</sup> … for a 12-mm-high cylindrical specimen, is necessary as a strain rate of 100–300 s<sup>−1</sup> …

    ISIJ International 60(3), 573-581, 2020



    Aizawa Tatsuhiko , Yoshihara Sho-Ichiro

    … The high temperature nitriding was characterized by precipitation of chromium nitrides in the surface layer. … The low temperature nitriding was characterized by localization in the nitrogen supersaturation. … This behavior was analyzed and described by observation and measurement of microstructure below the nitriding front end. …

    SEATUC journal of science and engineering 1(1), 13-20, 2020


  • Soot Formation Using Shock Tubes  [in Japanese]

    ISHII Kazuhiro

    … In this article, researches on soot formation using shock tubes are introduced in terms of measurement techniques of soot particles such as laser scattering/extinction method and laser-induced incandescence. … Furthermore, ambient temperature rise during soot formation process is mentioned, with reference to measurement of soot particle temperature. …

    Journal of the Combustion Society of Japan 62(199), 24-33, 2020


  • In-situ measurement of weld quality during MAG welding using laser ultrasonic  [in Japanese]

    OTAKI Satoshi , MATSUIDA Taketo , NOMURA Kazufumi , IMURA Fumiya , KITA Ryosuke , ASAI Satoru

    … Laser ultrasonic technique (LUT) is applicable for measurement under high temperature condition because of the non-contact and remoteness. … SAFT image obtained by in-process measurement was evaluated to confirm the presence or absence of welding defect indication. … These results suggest that in-process measurement using LUT is very effective technique for detecting weld defects. …



  • Measurement of Light Emission with Partial Discharge at the Stator Coil End of a Rotating Machine under Operating Temperature  [in Japanese]

    Onoda Takaaki , Kumada Akiko , Hidaka Kunihiko , Umemoto Takahiro , Nakamura Takahiro , Karasawa Kazunari

    … Light emission of partial discharge at such SG on a model bar system under operating temperature is measured by a photomultiplier tube and a digital camera equipped with an image intensifier. … It is found that light emission of PD on SG system decreases under operating temperature. … Small PD which occurs at lower voltage under high temperature may prevent the occurrence of the subsequent PD.</p> …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 140(2), 70-71, 2020


  • OBSERVED THERMAL AND ODOR ENVIRONMENT IN ELDERLY WELFARE FACILITIES:Results of summer survey on two facilities in Kasugai city  [in Japanese]

    YOKOE Aya , MITSUDA Megumi , TANAMURA Toshimi , YAMAHA Motoi , NEPAL Bishnu

    … In each facility, the parameters of thermal environment, i.e., temperature and humidity, were continuously measured at a representative point for 24 h. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 85(767), 29-35, 2020


  • High Pressure Rheology of Lubricants (Part 4):―Proposal of Liquid State Equation and Estimation of High Pressure Density―  [in Japanese]

    KANEKO Masato

    … <p>The physical properties of lubricant under high temperature and high pressure include high pressure viscosity, high pressure density, bulk modulus, coefficient of thermal expansion, etc. … It is important to know these high pressure physical properties in machine design. …



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