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  • Pyrrole-Imidazole Polyamides as artificial genetic switches  [in Japanese]

    Sugiyama Hiroshi

    … <p>We have been undertaking original research on the molecular recognition of DNA by antitumor antibiotics, and the analysis of atom-specific chemical reaction on DNA.<sup> … To extend recognition sequence, we introduce host-guest system to facilitate cooperative binding to target sequence.<sup> …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 1-S10-3, 2020


  • A Fluorescently Ratiometric Natural Probe for Selective Detection of Sulfur Dioxide Derivative and Host-Guest Supramolecular Regulation

    TONG Xingyu , YE Ting , YU Yali , GAO Longlong , FEI Yifan , ZHANG Qingqing , GAO Heng , YAN Chenxiao , SHAO Yong

    … The nucleophilic addition reaction of HSO<sub>3</sub><sup>−</sup> … Furthermore, cucurbit[8]uril was used as an efficient host to encapsulate SG for an improved selectivity for HSO<sub>3</sub><sup>−</sup> …

    Analytical Sciences 36(3), 367-372, 2020


  • Properties of Biopolymers Detection with Piezoelectric Polymer Biosensor in Relaxation Behavior Process  [in Japanese]

    Takeda Mariko , Yahagi Kouki , Hirata Takamichi , Kuroiwa Takashi , Nakajima Chie , Suzuki Yasuhiko , Munakata Fumio

    … In the biopolymer detection, the relaxation was shifted to the low frequency with the fluorescently labeled avidin (the host material) immersion time. … With accompanying fluorescently labeled biotin (the guest material) adsorption by host-guest reaction, the relaxation shifted to low frequency. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Sensors and Micromachines 140(2), 43-49, 2020


  • Creation of Porous Functional Materials based on Self-organization of Multinuclear Metallomacrocycles  [in Japanese]

    Tashiro Shohei

    … It was also found that MMFs with multiple binding pockets on the pore surface served as excellent host frameworks for precise molecular arrangement, chiral recognition, sizespecific catalytic reaction, and in situ observation of a molecular adsorption process. … This method is therefore one of the promising ways to develop unique porous materials such as highly efficient and selective catalysts based on the precise arrangement of guest compounds and metal ions in the pores.</p> …

    Bulletin of Japan Society of Coordination Chemistry 71(0), 39-48, 2018


  • Direct Adhesion between Materials Using Noncovalent Bond and Covalent Bond  [in Japanese]

    TAKASHIMA Yoshinori , SEKINE Tomoko , HARADA Akira

    … We observed an external stimuli responsive adhesive system between cyclodextrin host-gels (CD gels) and guest molecules modified glass substrates (guest Sub). … Using Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction as covalent bond formation reaction, we observed direct adhesion between dissimilar materials (polymeric and inorganic materials). …

    Hyomen Kagaku 38(2), 61-66, 2017


  • Anomalous cage effect in the excited state dynamics of catechol in the 18C6-catecol host-guest complex

    Morishima Fumiya , Kusaka Ryoji , Inokuchi Yoshiya , Haino Takeharu , Ebata Takayuki

    This is a preprint of an article published by American Chemical Society in Journal of Physical Chemistry B, 2015, available online:

    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 119(6), 2557-2565, 2015-02-12


  • Adhesion Using the Covalent Bond Formation Reaction at the Soft Material Interface  [in Japanese]

    SEKINE Tomoko , TAKASHIMA Yoshinori , HASHIDZUME Akihito , YAMAGUCHI Hiroyasu , HARADA Akira

    … We reported the direct adhesion of hydrogels through host-guest interactions. … The selectivity of the host-guest interaction between cyclodextrins (CDs) and hydrophobic guest molecules were employed for gel adhesion on the macro scale. … We applied these reactions to adhesion between materials, choosing the Suzuki-Miyaura cross-coupling reaction. …

    KOBUNSHI RONBUNSHU 72(10), 590-596, 2015


  • Chemiluminescence in Organic Reactions : Fundamental Investigation and Application of Peroxyoxalate Chemiluminescence and Related Chemiluminescent Reactions  [in Japanese]


    … Chemiluminescence is a phenomenon in which an electronically excited fluorescent molecule is generated during the chemical reaction and emits light as a visual output. … The chemiluminescence of the suitable phosphonate carbanions during the oxy-Wittig type reaction was also mentioned, in which the phospha-1,2-dioxetane is the most likely high-energy intermediate. …

    Journal of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan 70(10), 1018-1029, 2012-10-01

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  • Construction of Various Supramolecular Structures Based on mono-Functionalized Pillar[5]arene  [in Japanese]

    DEMACHI Kazuki , KITAJIMA Keisuke , OGOSHI Tomoki , YAMAGISHI Tada-aki

    … We synthesized mono-deprotected pillar[5]arene by controlling the deprotection reaction. …

    Abstracts of Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry 2011(0), 236-236, 2011


  • Synthesis and property of cryptand substituted at bridgehead position  [in Japanese]

    YAMATO Kyohei , SETSUNE Jun-ichiro

    … Cryptand-like porphyrinoids composed of three arms of 1,3-bis(2-pyrryl)arenes are regarded as having great potential in the host-guest chemistry, but their tripyrrylmethane connection node is easily oxidized to lead to degradation especially under acidic conditions in the light. … DDQ oxidation followed by the reaction with 1,3-bis(2-pyrryl)benzene proceeded under acidic conditions to give the target cryptand. …

    Abstracts of Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry 2011(0), 235-235, 2011


  • Clathrate formation of conformationally rigid Diels-Alder adducts of phencyclone. Role of CH/pi and CH/O interaction in host-host network.  [in Japanese]

    Abe Masaki , Fukumatsu Kaori , Yamaguchi Koki , Yoshitake Yasuyuki , Otsuka Masami , Harano Kazunobu , Eto Masashi

    … A novel clathrand having a conformationally-rigid framework was synthesized by the Diels-Alder (DA) reaction of phencyclone with acenaphthylene and the inclusion property was investigated. … The host DA adduct enclathrated ketones, cyclic ethers and aromatics. … Especially, aromatic guests, such as benzene, were strongly incorporated within the host lattice, and the desolvation temperatures were extremely higher than the boiling point of the pure guests. …

    Abstracts of Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry 2011(0), 223-223, 2011


  • Synthesis and functional properties of cyclic nonaphenylenes and pentadecaphenylenes  [in Japanese]

    Rahman Mohammad Jalilur , Hanai Yoshimi , Yamakawa Jun , Takase Masayoshi , Nishinaga Tohru , Iyoda Masahiko

    … Using this reaction, the synthesis of cyclic nonaphenylenes and cyclic pentadecaphenylenes have been carried out. … inner cavity to form host-guest complexes. …

    Abstracts of Symposium on Physical Organic Chemistry 2011(0), 21-21, 2011


  • Synthesis of Macrocyclic Compounds Using the Paternò-Büchi Dimerization Reaction  [in Japanese]


    2位にケトン部位をもつフラン誘導体を合成し、それらの光反応をおこなうことで、通常のPaternò-Büchi反応では見られないC3位での反応から生じるオキセタンや1,6-ビラジカルを経由して生じる化合物が観測できるのか検討した。その結果、分子内環化反応生成物でなく、分子間で2回のPaternò-Büchi反応が進行して生成した二量体が主生成物として得 …

    Abstracts of Papers: Host-Guest Chemistry Symposium 2011(0), 66-66, 2011


  • Studies on Click Reaction at Surface Confined Nanospace  [in Japanese]

    Itano Shintaro , Tahara Kazukuni , Tobe Yoshito


    Abstracts of Papers: Host-Guest Chemistry Symposium 2011(0), 60-60, 2011


  • CH/pi Interaction in the Transition State of Enzymatic Reaction  [in Japanese]

    Ema Tadashi , Yoshida Daiki , Nakano Yasuko , Kamata Shusuke , Korenaga Toshinobu , Sakai Takashi


    Abstracts of Papers: Host-Guest Chemistry Symposium 2011(0), 59-59, 2011


  • Synthesis of Anthracene Dimer and Trimer Linked by Bipyridine Rings  [in Japanese]

    GOTO Tsukasa , YOSHIZAWA Michito , AKITA Munetaka


    Abstracts of Papers: Host-Guest Chemistry Symposium 2011(0), 50-50, 2011


  • Molecular capsule that changes the color responding to perchlorate ion  [in Japanese]

    Handa Ayako , Kondo Mitsuru

    過塩素酸イオンは最も陽イオンとの相互作用が小さい陰イオンとして知られている。そのため、水溶液中の過塩素酸イオンの検出は非常に困難で、過塩素酸イオンに反応して呈色する検出試薬は未だ開発されていない。本研究では、過塩素酸イオンの存在に対して選択的にカプセル分子を形成する二核銅錯体の合成と構造決定を行った。ヒドロキシル基を有するビスイミダゾール型の架橋配位子と硫酸銅などの銅イオンを種々の陰イオンを含む水 …

    Abstracts of Papers: Host-Guest Chemistry Symposium 2011(0), 40-40, 2011


  • Convergent Synthesis of Saccharide-Linked Ethynylpyridine Oligomers and their Higher-Order Structures  [in Japanese]

    Makida Hiroki , Abe Hajime , Inouye Masahiko

    Huisgen 反応によりエチニルピリジンオリゴマーの末端に糖を連結させることで、糖連結エチニルピリジンオリゴマーの集約的合成を可能とした。合成した糖連結オリゴマーについて UV-vis スペクトルや CD スペクトルを測定したところ、らせん型高次構造の形成を示す典型的な誘起 CD が観測された。

    Abstracts of Papers: Host-Guest Chemistry Symposium 2011(0), 113-113, 2011


  • Synthesis of [2]Rotaxanes by the Catalytic Cross Coupling Reaction in the Presence of Macrocyclic Copper Complexes  [in Japanese]

    Ugajin Kenta , Yamasaki Ryu , Saito Shinichi


    Abstracts of Papers: Host-Guest Chemistry Symposium 2011(0), 109-109, 2011


  • The synthesis of tape-shaped anthracene-pyridine oligomers with hydrophilic groups  [in Japanese]

    Liu Fu , Iijima Takayuki , Yoshizawa Michito , Akita Munetaka

    … Linear oligomers consisting of π-conjugated large aromatic molecules are expected to exhibit unique structural, spectroscopic properties, and host-guest interactions. … The anthracene trimer was obtained by Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reaction by using 2-anthryl-6-bromopyridine derivatives. …

    Abstracts of Papers: Host-Guest Chemistry Symposium 2011(0), 103-103, 2011


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