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  • In situ X–ray diffraction studies of hydrous aluminosilicate at high pressure and temperature

    ABE Ryota , SHIBAZAKI Yuki , OZAWA Shin , OHIRA Itaru , TOBE Hiromu , SUZUKI Akio

    … <p>In situ X–ray diffraction studies of the phase relation of Al<sub>2</sub>SiO<sub>4</sub>(OH)<sub>2</sub> … We observed the coexistence of δ–AlOOH and stishovite at 31.0 GPa and 1500 °C and the formation of phase Egg together with corundum at 30.6 GPa and 1600 °C. …

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 113(2), 106-111, 2018


  • Hydrothermal synthesis of lead-free perovskite (Bi<sub>1/2</sub>K<sub>1/2</sub>)(Zr<i><sub>x</sub></i>Ti<sub>1−</sub><i><sub>x</sub></i>)O<sub>3</sub> powders

    ITO Makoto , HAGIWARA Manabu , FUJIHARA Shinobu

    … Single-phase BKZT powders with various nominal Zr contents as high as <i>x</i> … = 0.10 were obtained using amorphous hydrous oxide (Zr<i><sub>x</sub></i>Ti<sub>1−</sub><i><sub>x</sub></i>)O<sub>2·</sub><i>n</i>H<sub>2</sub>O precursors prepared by the hydrolysis of Zr- and Ti-alkoxides, whereas a reaction using a mixture of crystalline TiO<sub>2</sub> …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 125(6), 454-457, 2017


  • Composition of diamond-forming media in cuboid diamonds from the V. Grib kimberlite pipe (Arkhangelsk province, Russia)

    Zedgenizov Dmitry A. , Malkovets Vladimir G. , Griffin William L.

    … Grib kimberlite pipe (Arkhangelsk province, NW Russia) reveal two contrasting types: carbonatitic and hydrous-silicic. … Significant variations in phase relations and in the ratios between different phases in the microinclusions of different diamonds are consistent with the potentially wider compositional variations expected for local volumes of diamond-forming fluids/melts. …

    GEOCHEMICAL JOURNAL 51(3), 205-213, 2017


  • Pressure–induced crystallization of biogenic hydrous amorphous silica

    KYONO Atsushi , YOKOOJI Miho , CHIBA Takashi , TAMURA Tomoya , TUJI Akihiro

    … The results showed that the spindle–shaped diatom frustule was composed of hydrous amorphous silica. … Pressure–induced phase transformation of the diatom frustule was investigated by in situ Raman spectroscopic analysis. … That is, with compression and heating, hydrous amorphous silica can be readily crystallized into quartz, moganite, and coesite. …

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 112(6), 324-335, 2017


  • Computational Investigation on the Hydrous Material in the Earth and Planetary Interiors  [in Japanese]


    … In this article, recent progresses of the existence of hydrous materials in the Earth's interiors were reviewed. …

    The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology 27(3), 183-188, 2017


  • Project 5 Studies on Actinides and Fission Products Performed at the KURRI Hot Laboratory (27P5)

    Fujii T.

    … (27P5-1) [25]PR5-2 Effect of Solid Phase Transformation on the Solubility Product of Thorium Hydrous Oxide at 363 K. …

    KURRI Progress Report 2015(APRIL 2015 – MARCH 2016), 24-32, 2016-08


  • Pressure–volume–temperature equation of state of ε–FeOOH to 11 GPa and 700 K

    SUZUKI Akio

    <p>A new synchrotron X–ray diffraction study of ε–FeOOH has been carried out to determine the pressure–volume–temperature (<i>P</i>–<i>V</i>–<i>T</i>) equatio …

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 111(6), 420-424, 2016


  • Preparation of porous titania particles by partial dissolution and heat treatment of hydrous titania  [in Japanese]

    KOJIMA Takashi , BABA Tsukasa , OTA Kosuke , YUKITA Chieko , INAMOTO Kohei , UEKAWA Naofumi

    … Porous titania particles were prepared by partial dissolution of hydrous titania and subsequent heat treatment. … Uniform and spherical particles of hydrous titania were prepared by hydrolysis of titanium alkoxide at different hydrolysis conditions. … The as-prepared hydrous titania particles were soaked in ethanol to dissolve the weakly polycondensed part of the particles. …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 124(12), 1226-1228, 2016


  • Hydrogen Site Analyses of Dense Hydrous Mantle Minerals by Pulsed Neutron Powder Diffraction  [in Japanese]

    OKUCHI Takuo , TOMIOKA Naotaka , PUREVJAV Narangoo

    … site positions and occupancies in the crystal structures of synthetic hydrous ringwoodite [γ-(Mg<sub>1.72</sub>Fe<sub>0.17</sub>D<sub>0.22</sub>)(Si<sub>0.97</sub>D<sub>0.12</sub>)O<sub>4</sub>] and dense hydrous magnesium silicate (DHMS) phase E [Mg<sub>2.28</sub>Si<sub>1.31</sub>O<sub>6</sub>D<sub>2.22</sub>] have been determined for the first time by high-resolution …

    The Review of High Pressure Science and Technology 26(2), 140-148, 2016


  • Chemical Composition of Mantle Wedge Fluids  [in Japanese]

    KAWAMOTO Tatsuhiko

    …  Subduction-zone magmatism is triggered by the addition of H<sub>2</sub>O-rich slab-derived flux: aqueous fluids, hydrous partial melts or supercritical fluids from the subducting slab through reactions. … Under low-pressure conditions, those aqueous fluids and hydrous silicate melts remain isolated phases due to the miscibility gap. … As pressure increases, the miscibility gap disappears and the two liquid phases becomes one phase. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 124(3), 473-501, 2015


  • Residues of Hydrous Peridotites in the Deep Earth's upper Mantle:Implications of Melting Experiments at High Pressures and High Temperatures  [in Japanese]


    Phase relation and chemical variations of residues obtained with melting experiments of dry and hydrous pyrolitic lherzolite are compared to understand the effects of water on chemical differentiation. … In hydrous conditions, the stability field of residual orthopyroxene, however, expands relative to olivine above solidus, and the harzburgitic residue contains a large amount of Mg-rich (Mg# > …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 124(3), 355-370, 2015


  • Hydrothermal interaction on amorphous silica spherules  [in Japanese]

    Kamigiku Mako , Yamasaki Yuko , Isobe Hiroshi

    オパールは,含水非晶質シリカ粒子が固結した規則的積層構造を持つことで知られている。オパールの構成単位である含水非晶質シリカ粒子は,オルト珪酸エチルの加水分解によって作成することができる。本研究では,合成した含水非晶質シリカ粒子が,熱水条件でどのような反応を示すかについて,主に赤外分光分析によって解析した。熱水反応によって形成される粒子間の充填物は,比較的低温または短期間の熱水反応ではシラノール基の …

    Abstracts for Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences 2014(0), 145, 2014


  • Synthesis and characterization of Al-H bearing Mg-bridgmanite  [in Japanese]

    Inoue Toru , Yabuki Tomomi , Kakizawa Sho , Fujino Kiyoshi , Yurimoto Hisayoshi , Kuribayashi Takahiro , Nagase Toshiro

    Mg-silicate perovskiteは下部マントルの主要構成鉱物であり、最近鉱物名としてbridgmaniteと命名された。このbridgmaniteには従来、あまり水が含まれないと考えられてきたが、我々はAl<sup>3+</sup>はH<sup>+</sup>とのカップリングに注目し、ここ数年研究を行ってきた。その中で、bridgmani …

    Abstracts for Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences 2014(0), 112, 2014


  • Formation of iron mineral fine particles by acidic hydrothermal alteration experiments of synthetic martian basalt

    ISOBE Hiroshi , YOSHIZAWA Miwako

    … In the run products at longer than 28 days at 100 °C and all run durations at 150 °C, initial precipitation of hydrous and low–crystalline iron oxide minerals form nuclei for crystalline aggregates of hematite with several micrometers in diameter. … Ferrous iron in olivine and glass phase can be oxidized to ferric iron by reaction with sulfuric acid in the low temperature hydrothermal conditions in anoxic conditions. …

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 109(2), 62-73, 2014


  • The role of hydrogen bond in the phase transition of hydrous minerals  [in Japanese]

    KOMATSU Kazuki

    … The neutron diffraction study for δ-AlOOH and δ-(Al<sub>0.86</sub>Mg<sub>0.07</sub>Si<sub>0.04</sub>)OOH resolved the long-standing problem of the symmetry of this phase. …

    Japanese Magazine of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 42(1), 18-24, 2013-01-30

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  • Powder neutron diffraction study of phase E  [in Japanese]

    Tomioka Naotaka , Okuchi Takuo , Narangoo Purevjav , Abe Jun , Harjo Stefanus , Aizawa Kazuya

    … 高密度含水マグネシウムケイ酸塩(DHMS)の一種であるphase Eの結晶構造は、これまで単結晶X線構造解析により明らかにされているが、その水素位置は未決定である。 … 本研究では、phase E構造中の水素位置と席占有率を求めることを目的とし、回折強度が水素位置に敏感な粉末中性子線回折実験を行った。 …

    Abstracts for Annual Meeting of Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences 2013(0), 121, 2013


  • Flower-like surface modification of titania materials by lithium hydroxide solution.

    Hasegawa George , Kanamori Kazuyoshi , Sugawara Yoshihiro , Ikuhara Yuichi , Nakanishi Kazuki

    … The analyses indicate that the flower-like materials are composed of layered hydrous lithium titanate. … The obtained flower-like structure can be retained up to 700°C, while the crystal phase transforms into Li(4)Ti(5)O(12). …

    Journal of colloid and interface science 374(1), 291-296, 2012-05-15


  • Flower-like Surface Modification of Titania Materials  [in Japanese]

    Hasegawa George , Kanamori Kazuyoshi , Nakanishi Kazuki , Sugawara Yoshihiro , Ikuhara Yuichi

    n型半導体性や光触媒機能を有しているチタニア(TiO<SUB>2</SUB>)は、様々な分野で応用されている非常に有用な物質であり、多種多様な形態を有するチタニア材料が作製されている。ゾル-ゲル法は、チタニア材料を作製する有用な方法の一つとして有用であり、粒子や薄膜など様々なチタニア材料の作製に用いられてきた。しかし、チタニア材料は非常に高い化学的安定性を有しており、後処理 …

    Preprints of Annual Meeting of The Ceramic Society of Japan<br>Preprints of Fall Meeting of The Ceramic Society of Japan 2012S(0), 64-64, 2012


  • Glycothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline ZrO2 powders at low temperature without mineralizers

    KIL Hyun-Sig , HWAG Su-Hyun , RYU Je-Hyeok , LIM Dae-Young , CHO Seung-Beom

    … Zirconia (ZrO<sub>2</sub>) nanoparticles were synthesized at temperature as low as 200°C through a glycothermal reaction using amorphous zirconium hydrous gel precursors and 1,4-butanediol as solvent, XRD and TEM data support that glycothermal processing method provides a simple low temperature route for producing highly crystallized ZrO<sub>2</sub> …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 120(1398), 52-57, 2012


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