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  • A survey on ideal marriage partner of young woman  [in Japanese]

    宇田川 瑞季 , 平馬 彩夏 , 森野 むつみ , 岡部 聖 , 酒元 日菜子 , 澤井 玲奈 , 白倉 実奈 , 渡邉 野々花 , 井上 信子

    人間研究 (56), 69-77, 2020-03

  • Two Types in the Concept of Kyosei : "Kyosei by Utility" and "Kyosei by Meaningfulness"  [in Japanese]

    八木 景之 , Yagi Kageyuki , ヤギ カゲユキ

    … it's meaningfulness is felt by the individual, so it requires a partner, as a result of which kyōsei is established. … In this paper, I would like to propose a new classification of the kyōsei concept based on these two ideal types. …

    共生学ジャーナル (4), 30-54, 2020-03

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  • Romantic Relationships and Ideal Partner Preferences  [in Japanese]

    玉宮 義之 , 澁澤 茉利亜

    白鴎大学教育学部論集 13(2), 21-33, 2019-11


  • Experiences of Spousal Caregivers of Persons with Dementia in Elderly Couple Households  [in Japanese]

    Kobayashi Saori , Shiratani Kae , Tadaka Etsuko , Ito Eriko , Okochi Ayako , Arimoto Azusa

    <p><b>目的:</b>高齢夫婦のみ世帯において認知症高齢者を介護する配偶者の経験を質的帰納的に記述し,今後の支援への示唆を得ることを目的とした.</p><p><b>方法:</b>研究参加者は,首都圏在住の高齢夫婦のみ世帯において,認知症高齢者を在宅介護している配偶者であり,本研究の趣旨を理解し,研究協力への同意 …

    Journal of Japan Academy of Community Health Nursing 21(1), 32-39, 2018

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  • Do wishes facilitate conceptual association in IAT?: Relation between romantic fantasy and satisfaction of married life  [in Japanese]

    Asoh Naoko , Sakamoto Akira

    … their explicit romantic perceptions toward their actual partner (RF-actual), their explicit romantic wishes for their ideal partner (RF-ideal), and their implicit construct association of their actual partner with Prince Charming in IAT (RF-IAT) were assessed. …



  • <Articles>The Ideal Marriage in Pride and Prejudice: Through Elizabeth's and Darcy's Views of Their Fathers  [in Japanese]

    高橋 一馬

    … Among Jane Austen's novels, Pride and Prejudice (1813) is said to be the happiest one because of the ideal marriage between Elizabeth and Darcy. … First, this paper examines the relationship between Elizabeth and her father, Mr. Bennet, and then, discusses how his education influenced on his daughters, especially Elizabeth, in her choice of a partner. …

    文芸表象論集 = Literary Arts and Representation (5), 24-39, 2017-12-31

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  • Living with a Male Partner:The Service and Celibacy of Female 'Lay Ascetics' in Haridwar, North India  [in Japanese]

    Hamaya Mariko

    本論文の目的は、北インド巡礼地ハリドワールで暮らす女性「家住行者」たちが、男性パートナーへの奉仕実践を通じてどのように自己を陶冶しようとしているのか、明らかにすることである。ヒンドゥーの出家者は、原則として禁欲の規範を遵守すべきとされており、それは性行為の制御から食事の摂生まで生活全般を律するものである。しかし、男性行者たちのあいだでは、往々にして性的禁欲の側面が強調 …

    Japanese Journal of Cultural Anthropology 82(3), 273-289, 2017


  • Japanese Immersion Education in Richmond Elementary School  [in Japanese]

    塩見 和広

    … In this paper, I wish to note the historical background to classroom activities which I studied at our partner institution Richmond Elementary School in Portland, Oregon, USA. … There are many suggestions that Japanese elementary schools can learn from various examples of an ideal style in language education, by utilizing a bilingual system. …

    国際教育研究センター紀要 = Bulletin of International Education Research Center Kobe Shinwa Women's University (2), 95-103, 2016-03-31


  • Effects of mothers' romantic fantasy on frequencies of their daughters accessing media contents: Mediated by mothers' attitudes  [in Japanese]

    麻生 奈央子

    … Their romantic illusion toward their actual\partner (RI) and romantic fantasies toward their ideal partner (RF) were assessed by self-reports.\Participants were also assessed their attitudes in selection of media contents for their daughters, as\well as frequencies of their daughters accessing the Cinderella stories through mediums such as books\and DVD. …

    人間文化創成科学論叢 (18), 69-78, 2016-03-31


  • The effect of depressive mood on pursuing the ideal partner  [in Japanese]

    Hattori Yosuke , Ikeda Kenji , Kobayashi Masanori , Ito Yuichi

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 79(0), 1PM-109-1PM-109, 2015


  • Feminization of Yoga and the Ideal Female Body:Participant observation of a yoga class aimed at improvement of sexual function  [in Japanese]

    MIZUNO Eri

    … Then women with infertility cameto the place.Second, we examined how the ideal female body is defined in yoga. … This way refer to the body's ability to achieve pregnancy or childbirth, healthy menstruation, the sex hormones that are secreted normally, which is important when there is a sexual relationship with a partner. …

    Journal of Sport and Gender Studies 13(0), 134-147, 2015


  • Regulation of communal norms corresponding to partner responsiveness: The moderating effect of attachment anxiety  [in Japanese]

    Miyazaki Genta

    親密関係では共同規範に従った恩恵の授受を行うことが理想とされる。本研究は,我々は親密関係において常に共同規範を遵守するわけではなく,関係相手の応答性に応じて共同規範を柔軟に調節していること,また,そのプロセスが愛着不安によって調整されることを検討した。2つの調査(調査1の参加者は150名,調査2の参加者は188名)の結果,親密関係において相手が自分に対して非応答的であった過去の出来事を想起した人は …



  • Dissociations between Implicit and Explicit Measures of Romantic Fantasy: Actual and Ideal Partners  [in Japanese]

    Asoh Naoko , Sakamoto Akira , Numazaki Makoto

    本研究は,ロマンティック幻想(romantic fantasy:RF)の潜在測度と顕在測度の乖離について検討した。大学の女子学部学生65名(研究1)と73名(研究2)が参加し,IATで潜在RF(恋人と王子様の連合),質問紙で顕在RF(自分の恋人と王子様の連合)と理想RF(理想の恋人と王子様の連合)を測定した。その結果,(a)潜在RFは,顕在RFと有意に相関せず,理想RFと有意に正相関した。(b)潜 …

    The Japanese Journal of Personality 23(3), 156-170, 2015


  • Recent global movement on mental health

    Nonaka Shunsuke , Kurotaki Naohiro , Kusumoto Yuko , Kinoshita Hirohisa , Takeshima Tadashi , Ozawa Hiroki

    … Because not only the levels of medical care, but also the political and economic situations vary among countries,it is extremely difficult for a plan to be successfully implemented in every country with standardized methodology, even ifthe directionality is ethically correct and ideal. … The 5th mhGAP meeting was attended by 48 member states and 58 partner organizations.From Japan, 5 professionals attended the meeting and presented different viewpoints. …

    Acta Medica Nagasakiensia 60(1), 7-11, 2015

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  • Enhanced oxidative activities of cytochrome P450Rhf from Rhodococcus sp. expressed using the hyper-inducible expression system

    Ueno Motoi , Yamashita Midori , Takase Shigehiro , Hino Motohiro , Kobayashi Michihiko , Fujie Akihiko

    … Although the functional expression of Actinomycetes P450 in a closely related heterologous host can serve as a useful biocatalyst in whole-cell biotransformation assays, the co-expression of an electron transfer partner is required. … NCIMB 9784 is an ideal candidate, because it is fused to a reductase domain at the C terminus and does not require an electron transfer partner. …

    Journal of bioscience and bioengineering 117(1), 19-24, 2014-01


  • About the J-GRID (Japan Initiative for Global Research Network on Infectious Diseases)

    Nagai Yoshiyuki

    … (1) the construction of collaboration centers in Asian and African countries on a reciprocal basis between a Japanese university/institution and an overseas partner university/institution and (2) the networking of those collaboration centers and setting up its headquarters at RIKEN. … The mid-term evaluation made by the MEXT in FY2012 commended J-GRID as an ideal model to demonstrate Japan's leadership, in science and technology, and strongly recommended its extension in years to come after Term II terminates in FY 2014. …

    Tropical Medicine and Health 42(2SUPPLEMENT), S43-S46, 2014


  • Alice Chipman Dewey as an Educator : The Life and Thoughts of the Co-founder of the University of Chicago Laboratory School  [in Japanese]

    小柳 正司

    … At that time, however, for some college-educated young ladies like Alice, it was simply the emancipation from traditional family patriarchy to fall in with an ideal equal partner and compose a new family cooperatively with him. …

    鹿児島大学教育学部研究紀要. 教育科学編 66, 33-48, 2014


  • Performativity of Classic Tanka Poetry : Notes on the History of the Japanese Symbolic Poem(Theme Paper,<Special Issue>"The Performative in Narrative)  [in Japanese]

    SUKEGAWA Koichiro

    … This influential school expressed that their own ideal is the poets in the Manyoshu and declared that poems should be written from their unvarnished feelings, derived from their real lives. … In the same way, he pointed out those ardent expressions in women verses composed in the Nara and Heian era were stereotypes in Utagaki, which were meetings with the intention of finding a sexual partner. …

    The Journal of The Association for Narrative Studies 14(0), 54-70, 2014


  • Nahyaesoku and nationalism, and Tyesungu  [in Japanese]

    明 恵英

    … Judging from contents taken from among the above-mentioned two people, Tyesungu was the love of modern times and the suitable partner who could practice "the love of the body and soul" for wise Nahyaesoku. …

    言語と文化 = Language and Culture (23), 189-208, 2011-03-01


  • The marriage between Lydgate and Dorothea as the ideal: George Eliot's Middlemarch  [in Japanese]

    平出 昌嗣

    小説の理想として,リドゲイトとドロシアの結婚がある。なるほど,二人は別々の人生を生き,その結婚が描かれているわけではない。しかし,ドロシアにとってリドゲイトは,医療改革をしようとする理想への献身において彼女の理想の男性像であるし,またリドゲイトにとってもドロシアは,身を捨てて夫を助けようとする献身的な態度において理想の女性像である。実際二人は,最も苦しいときに相手の魂に触れ,深い心の交流を体験して …

    千葉大学教育学部研究紀要 59, 207-212, 2011-03


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