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  • Changes in the "Self" of students with experience of school refusal: The perspective of Dialogical self theory  [in Japanese]

    児玉 なみ , 石田 弓

    … An interview survey using "Dialogical self theory" was conducted, targeting five students with prior experience in school refusal from the perspective of three "I-positions." Results indicated that positive and negative aspects in the experience of school refusal were present in all positions. …

    広島大学心理学研究 (20), 133-146, 2021-03-31

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  • An Empirical Research on the Elucidation of the Characteristics of Image-motifs in Cosmetics Packages  [in Japanese]

    宮本 文幸

    商品研究 = Studies on Commodities 63(1・2), 31-45, 2021-03


    KONDO Kosuke , HASEBE Hisashi

    … Air volume and wind direction are adjusted by a cross flow fan and by an adjustment plate attached to the wall of the booth, respectively.</p><p> In this paper, we conducted PIV (Particle Image Velocimetry) by using a full-scale mock-up of a private booth and the personal air conditioning system. …

    Journal of Environmental Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) (781), 289-299, 2021-03


  • Examination of Media Theory based on the Social System Theory by Norbert Bolz : Searching for the Possibility of Applying His Theory to the Sociological Analysis of Media Culture  [in Japanese]

    伊藤 高史 , Takashi Ito

    … This research note is to clarify the major characteristics of Norbert Bolz'theory. … Having been significantly influenced by the social system theory of Niklas Luhmann, Bolz developed his own social theory and harshly criticized Jürgen Habermas's social theory based on the idea of communicative rationality. … Bolz also developed his own media theory and argued that the digital media revolution transformed our senses of reality. …

    評論・社会科学 = Social science review (136), 141-159, 2021-03

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  • Construction of fault geometry by finite-fault inversion of teleseismic data

    八木 勇治 , 奥脇 亮 , Kousuke SHIMIZU , Yuji YAGI , Ryo OKUWAKI , Yukitoshi FUKAHATA

    Conventional seismic source inversion estimates the earthquake rupture process on an assumed fault plane that is determined a priori. It has been a difficult challenge to obtain the fault geometry tog …

    Geophysical Journal International 224(2), 1003-1014, 2021-02



    FUJIWARA Syota , SUZUKI Haruna

    <p>本研究では住民の「主観的な地域の活力(SRV)」の性質と効果について地域イメージ理論を用いて検討した.具体的には住民が地域に対して持つ地域イメージがSRVに,SRVが住民に影響を与える因果関係を想定した.まず新聞のテキスト分析により地域イメージ尺度候補項目を作成し,それらの項目と地域愛着等の尺度についてアンケート調査を行った.地域イメージ尺度候補項目に関しての因子分析では5つの因 …

    Journal of Japan Society of Civil Engineers, Ser. D3 (Infrastructure Planning and Management) 76(5), I_473-I_483, 2021


  • Axiomatization of the Background Knowledge in Bayesian Theory of Perception

    … An adequate Bayesian theory of perception seems to require the axiomatization of the so-called "background knowledge". … The difficulty of the duplication or modeling of human object perception arises partly because of the problem of the so-called ambiguity of an image. … The probabilistic account of the ambiguity of an image is wanting in recent constructivist approaches to the duplication of human object perception. …

    Linkage: Studies in Applied Philosophy of Science 1(0), 15-25, 2021


  • Landing dynamics of a seagull examined by field observation and mathematical modeling

    Eisaki Yuri , Hikosaka Isamu , Kawabe Tohru , Aihara Ikkyu

    <p>A seagull (<i>Larus crassirostris</i>) has a high ability to realize its safe, accurate and smooth landing. We examined how a seagull changes its position when landing on a specif …

    Nonlinear Theory and Its Applications, IEICE 12(2), 205-224, 2021


  • Fan Community Identification: An Examination of Its Factor Structure, Antecedents, and Consequences in Professional Sports  [in Japanese]

    Yoshida Masayuki , Inoue Takahiro , Itoh Maki

    <p>映画、音楽、スポーツなどの娯楽産業には多くのファンコミュニティが存在する。本研究は人々の間でアイデンティティの共有が生じやすいプロスポーツチームのファンコミュニティに着目し、ファンコミュニティ・アイデンティフィケーションの因子構造を多次元的に明らかにするとともに、その先行要因と結果要因を理論的に説明することを目的とした。調査はプロ野球(研究1)とプロサッカー(研究2)のホームゲー …

    Journal of Innovation Management 18(0), 161-186, 2021


  • Ambivalent object relations of the Japanese living in Brazil with Japanese Brazilians:Stress and support sources for cross-cultural adaptation  [in Japanese]

    Sako Koyuri , Tanaka Tomoko

    … A modified-grounded theory approach (M-GTA) was used to identify whether the relationship with Nikkei was a stress or support source. … However, their image as being old-fashioned Japanese people was problematic. …

    Journal of Health Psychology Research 33(Special_issue), 249-258, 2021


  • Why does the Necker Cube appear as the three-dimensional shape?  [in Japanese]

    Hidaka Shohei , Takahashi Kohske

    … <p>Visual perception, receiving a two-dimensional (2D) visual input, often constructs the three-dimensional (3D) perceptual image. … Although there are generally multiple structures in the external world that give an equivalent two-dimensional retinal image, the perceptual process naturally and easily infers only one 3D structure as the solution. …

    Cognitive Studies: Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society 28(1), 25-38, 2021


  • RESEARCH ON THE POSITIONING OF LANDSCAPE IN THE FILM PRODUCTION PROCESS:-Discourse analysis on film director Wim Wenders with M-GTA-  [in Japanese]

    NARIHARA Takanori , KANKI Kiyoko

    … The reason for the selection was that it was consistent with the purpose of this study to enable the generation of a practical theory to explain and predict phenomena in the actual field.</p><p> In order to determine the target documents, we surveyed the websites and the catalogues. … Next, in order to capture the Surroundings, the structural form was selected in the antagonistic relationship between the image and the story 〈Lying on the form〉. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(780), 525-534, 2021


  • Research on Automatic Flaw Detection Using Radiographic Images by CNN

    YAMAMOTO Shunsuke , TSUKADA Yoshinori , HAGA Katsumi , HANADA Kazuhiko

    <p>鉄鋼材料の溶接部内部の品質評価には,超音波探傷試験の他に,放射線透過試験が用いられている.放射線透過試験は,放射線が試験体内を透過する性質およびフィルムを感光させる性質を利用して,試験体内の空洞や異物等をフィルムに投影する方法である.得られたフィルム画像の品質評価は,人が目視で行っている.そのため,経験則に依るところが大きく,習熟に時間を要し見逃しが発生する等の課題がある.そこで …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 33(1), 511-514, 2021


  • Design of the Convolution Layer Using HDL and Evaluation of Latency Using a Camera Signal

    KAMESAKA Ryoki , HOSHINO Yukinobu

    <p>畳み込みニューラルネットワーク(CNN)は画像認識分野において大きな注目を集めており,様々なアプリケーションへ適用され,近年では,IoTデバイスなどの組み込みシステムでの実用化が期待されている.しかし,CNNは計算コストが高く,高速化には一般的にGPUが必須で,小型の組み込み機器などの省電力システムへの実装は消費電力等の観点から困難である.また,近年FPGAは自動車やセキュリティ …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 33(1), 515-519, 2021


  • Automatic Acquisition of Immune Cells Location Using Deep Learning for Automated Analysis

    KUSUNOSE Shoya , SHINOMIYA Yuki , USHIWAKA Takashi , MAEDA Nagamasa , HOSHINO Yukinobu

    <p>免疫細胞の活動解析にAIを適用し自動化する需要は近年高まっており,その理由の1つとして解析者の人材不足が挙げられる.培養撮影された動画をフレームごとに進めながら活動を確認し解析するため,多くの手間がかかる.そこで,AI識別器をもちいて細胞画像を自動的に切り出すことができれば作業時間の短縮につながる.本研究ではこれらの作業短縮を目指す.AI識別器にはCNNという深層学習手法を用い, …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 33(1), 560-565, 2021


  • Current status and prospects of gastric X-ray examination  [in Japanese]

    NAKASHIMA Hirotaka

    <p>胃X線検査は長年にわたり胃がん検診の重要な検査法として用いられてきた。X線画像には胃病変の形態を直接的に描出するだけでなく,広く背景粘膜の性状を示現できる利点がある。この特性を取り入れた早期胃癌の診断法が「胃癌の三角」である。胃癌の三角は,胃癌の背景粘膜を固有腺と腸上皮化生,病理組織型を未分化型と分化型,肉眼型を陥凹型と隆起型にそれぞれ分類し,三つの要素を互いに関連付けることで局 …

    Nihon Shoukaki Gan Kenshin Gakkai zasshi 59(1), 9-19, 2021


  • <III. Oral Session I : Theory and Practice of Design> Analysis of Emotional Responses to Dot Patterns Using Physiological Measurement

    小山 慎一 , Song NANXIN , Hu HAOYE , Shinichi KOYAMA

    … To explore emotional responses while observing dots placed on the human face, we examined how the pupils respond to dot patterns (i.e., clusters of dots) placed on the human face or on the gray background image. … The participants were instructed to view an image of a face or a uniform gray square with/without dot patterns on it while pupillary responses were recorded. …

    Tsukuba Global Science Week 2020 Art & Design Session Proceedings, 15-18, 2020-11-21


  • <III. Oral Session I : Theory and Practice of Design> Categorizing Robot Appearance Attributes by Way of an Experimental Research Design

    Tung-Yi CHENG , Chun-Ching CHEN

    Title: Capacity for Depiction: The Role of Art and Design in Science 「描出力ー科学研究におけるアートおよびデザインの役割」Conference: Tsukuba Global Science Week 2020Date: November 21, 2020 (Held Online)Sponsored: University …

    Tsukuba Global Science Week 2020 Art & Design Session Proceedings, 23-26, 2020-11-21


  • <IV. Oral Session II : History and Theory of Art> Knowing and Not-Knowing : The Photograph as Experiment in Marina Gadonneix's Phénomènes


    … The photographic image, when used in the context of scientific enquiry, produces an image with a language and signification that the conventional photographic viewer cannot access. … Gadonneix's images move between fragmentary representations of laboratory space and spectacular experiments in action, maintaining an abstract sense of encounter which is resistant to the expectations of the image to explain and reveal. …

    Tsukuba Global Science Week 2020 Art & Design Session Proceedings, 37-40, 2020-11-21


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