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  • Multiple levels of perceived fairness and social protests : Effects of the immutability belief, social efficacy, and estimated costs  [in Japanese]

    KAWASHIMA Nobuyoshi , OHBUCHI Ken-ichi , KUMAGAI Tomohiro , ASAI Nobuko

    … We also hypothesized that three psychological variables-immutability belief, low social efficacy, and estimated costs of social changes-would regulate the positive relationship between multiple levels of perceptions of unfairness and protests (H2). … In addition, the results of immutability belief and the estimated costs of social changes basically supported H2, but the results of low social efficacy did not. …

    Japanese Journal of Social Psychology 27(2), 63-74, 2012


  • The Persuasion Scene of Seneca's Tragedy  [in Japanese]


    … But the problem of 'the extent to which Seneca projected philosophical belief into his tragic writing' …

    Journal of Classical Studies 41(0), 92-103, 1993


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