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  • Theory of Mind processing in autism spectrum disorder : Compensation by executive function, the limitations and the prospect  [in Japanese]

    吉田 翔子 , 横山 佳奈 , 永田 雅子 , YOSHIDA Shoko , YOKOYAMA Kana , NAGATA Masako

    … This paper classifies Theory of Mind into three stages, and describes the possibility that autism spectrum disorder (ASD) can compensate Theory of Mind by executive function. … Theory of Mind is the ability to understand and predict the actions and thoughts of others based on the mental state of others. …

    名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科紀要. 心理発達科学 (66), 31-39, 2020-01-31

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  • Construction of a Syntactic Processing Automaticity Measurement for Japanese EFL Learners

    HAMATANI Sawako

    … Given the high complexity of the reading process, research on reading problems has widely relied on componential analysis, a method that divides reading into higher- and lower-level processes. … In lower-level processes, text information is retrieved, while in higher-level processes, text information is processed for comprehension. …

    ARELE: Annual Review of English Language Education in Japan 31(0), 145-160, 2020


  • How does psychological distance from a criminal case affect verdict?:From the perspective of timing of the incident  [in Japanese]

    Taniguchi Yuri , Ikegami Tomoko

    Trope & Liberman(2010)が提起した解釈レベル理論(Construal level theory)では、対象に対し て知覚した心理的距離が遠いほど中心的特徴(e.g., 行為者の特性)の観点から、近いほど対象の周辺 的特徴(e.g., 行為の生起状況)の観点から対象が表象され、また、この現象は潜在レベルと顕在レベ ルの処理両方に影響すると主張されている。そこで、本研究では 2 つ …

    Japanese Journal of Law and Psychology 18(0), 99-116, 2020


  • Psycholinguistic Perspectives Underpinning the Effects of Practice in Second Language Acquisition

    大塲 貴志 , Takashi Oba

    … However, as practice can be widely defined, L2 teachers need to understand the effective type of practice and the way of integrating practice into their lessons. …

    学苑 (948), 14-21, 2019-10


  • Influence of retention period on retrieving emotional memory : examining for explicit and implicit memory tasks in the elderly  [in Japanese]

    上野 大介 , 増本 康平 , 佐藤 眞一 , 権藤 恭之 , Ueno Daisuke , Masumoto Kouhei , Sato Shinichi , Gondo Yasuyuki , ウエノ ダイスケ , マスモト コウヘイ , サトウ シンイチ , ゴンドウ ヤスユキ


    生老病死の行動科学 (23), 37-44, 2019-03-09

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  • Reconsideration of children's social understanding through ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) research on intuitive mentalizing  [in Japanese]

    久保 ゆかり

    本稿では、他者理解に困難を抱えることが中核的な臨床像となるASD(自閉スペクトラム症/自閉症スペクトラム)の研究成果を見ていくことによって、他者理解の発達について、従来示されていたものとは異なる見え方を提示した。他者理解には、表情や身体の動き、声のトーン等に基づく直感的他者理解と、概念や知識等に基づく内省的他者理解の2種類があると考えられる。従来、直感的他者理解は未熟で原初的なものであり、より高次 …

    東洋大学人間科学総合研究所紀要 (21), 133-151, 2019-03



    … Comprehensive comparisons of the various features of different types of donors have thus been elaborated on as their economic and political roles have solidified. … Subsequently, the focus has also expanded to cover the growing significance of cooperation between 'new donors' themselves, beyond high-profile groups such as the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa). …

    IDS Bulletin = IDS Bulletin 49(3), 1-180, 2018-06-30


  • Implicit and explicit processes of higher-order cognition: Study on insight problem solving and person cognition  [in Japanese]

    Orita Ryo , Hattori Masasi

    The Proceedings of the Annual Convention of the Japanese Psychological Association 82(0), L-036-L-036, 2018


  • Development of Computing Methods for Analysis of Joining-Induced Thermal Conduction, Residual Stress and Deformation in Thin Plates  [in Japanese]

    MA Ninshu , SERIZAWA Hisashi

    Journal of Smart Processing 7(1), 14-20, 2018


  • Creation of Common Spaces in a Small City in Mediterranean Europe: Findings from Falset in the Catalan Mountainous Area  [in Japanese]

    Takenaka Katsuyuki

    <p>都市は,人や活動が集まることで,共同的な価値が生み出される空間である。都市を生活の場として共有する人々のつきあいが生活の質や満足感を高め,町に一体感を生む。本研究は,共同的な価値形成の核となる空間を「共同空間」とよび,それを成立させている顕示的・非顕示的な制度やプロセスについて,地中海都市のフィールド調査を通じて可視化する試みである。調査地として,カタルーニャ(スペイン)中山間地 …

    Japanese Journal of Human Geography 70(3), 327-346, 2018


  • Variable procedural/declaratif et methodologies d'enseignement des langues etrangeres

    SAGAZ Michel

    … Cognitive sciences are able to explain some of the processes involved in the acquisition of a foreign language. … An important contribution to the didactics of foreign languages concerns the differentiation between procedural and declarative cognitive operations. … Indeed, the alternative between procedural and declarative operations represents a critical cognitive variable with respect to choosing the nature of the teaching methodology to promote. …

    文学部論叢 = Kumamoto journal of culture and humanities (108), 47-56, 2017-03


  • Effects of working memory load on empathic responses to narratives  [in Japanese]

    Fujiki Daisuke , Wakasugi Yoshihiko , Kadono Shoko , Iwamoto Risa , Shimada Hideaki

    … <p>When reading narratives, readers infer the emotions of characters and empathize with them. … This study, based on the dual-process theory, investigated which emotional responses (i.e., emotion inference, parallel response, or reactive response) in reading are caused by system 1 (unconscious, implicit, automatic, low-effort process) and which depend on system 2 (conscious, explicit, controlled, high-effort process). …

    The Japanese journal of psychology 88(4), 390-395, 2017


  • Watching Over System for Children in a Kindergarten based on a Human-monitoring Technology  [in Japanese]

    Suzuki Satoshi , Kurashima Shuhei , Hikosaka Sounosuke , Abe Nobuyuki

    … <p>Human monitoring technology (HMT) is one of significant engineering tools for the development of human society and brought life innovations with the change of the times. … The KG system aims to both manage the health-activities of kindergartners and support the kindergarten staffs and utilizes an activity recognition technique based on a data clustering method. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 137(1), 46-53, 2017


  • The effect of black or white clothing on self-perception of morality  [in Japanese]

    Uebayashi Kenji , Tado'oka Yoshika , Ishii Kunio , Murata Koji

    <p>社会における善悪判断を左右する道徳性が,外的要因により意識されないまま変化することが知られている。本研究は道徳性に変化を及ぼす要因の一つとして,着衣に注目した。特に,道徳性が白色および黒色と結びついていることに基づき,白色または黒色の着衣が,着用者の道徳性に関する自己認知に及ぼす影響を検討した。参加者は白色または黒色の衣服を着用した状態で,自己と道徳性の潜在的な結びつきを測る潜在 …



  • Review on how indoor physical environment implicitly influences interpersonal cognition and behavior  [in Japanese]

    Ishikawa Atsuo , Kusumi Takashi

    … When interacting with others, the indoor physical environment influences interpersonal cognition and behavior explicitly as well as implicitly. … Several studies in the field of traditional environmental psychology have focused on explicit processes such as pleasure, arousal, and stress. … Additionally, some models of interpersonal cognition and behavior have been proposed. …

    JAPANESE PSYCHOLOGICAL REVIEW 58(4), 530-554, 2015

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  • Methodological problems in animal metacognition research


    … Carruthers and Rithie 2012)' … responses without explicitly and consciously monitoring internal representations. … We argued that newly developed experimental paradigms to study explicit memory processes could be a key to reject Caruuthers' … skeptic argument and thus facilitate understanding how we access to the internal representations. …

    Japanese Journal of Animal Psychology 65(1), 45-58, 2015


  • Priming and implicit recognition depend on similar temporal changes in perceptual representations.

    Miyoshi Kiyofumi , Ashida Hiroshi

    … We assessed the impact of stimulus duration on perceptual priming (Experiment 1) and implicit recognition memory (Experiment 2). … Both the magnitude of priming and the accuracy of implicit recognition were lower with the longer stimulus presentation (350ms) compared with the shorter presentation (250ms). …

    Acta psychologica (148), 6-11, 2014-01-28


  • Positivity effect in explicit and implicit emotional memory  [in Japanese]

    UENO Daisuke , GONDO Yasuyuki , SATO Shinichi , MASUMOTO Kouhei

    これまでの研究では,顕在記憶にポジティヴ優位性がみられることが報告されているが,潜在記憶に感情価が及ぼす影響の年齢差については明らかにされていない.本研究では感情価が顕在記憶と潜在記憶に及ぼす影響に関する年齢差を検討した.実験1では,48名の若年者群と48名の高齢者群がポジティヴ,ネガティヴ,ニュートラルの写真をニュートラル単語の直前に呈示することによって感情価を付加した単語を記銘し,その後,自由 …

    The Japanese Journal of Cognitive Psychology 11(2), 71-80, 2014


  • Can Nations Forgive? : Japan, Korea, and China Remember the Past and Face the Future

    Burkman Thomas W.

    … Even though most do not degenerate into warfare, these instances of national hatred make it seem as if international reconciliation is an unattainable dream, and that the most we can do is manage conflict so that all-out war does not erupt. … Political forces can deliberately fan the flames of bitter memory in order to foster national unity and secure the favor of their domestic constituencies. … This study reviews the historical abuses that today divide Japan, China, and Korea. …

    アジア太平洋研究 (39), 67-88, 2014


  • Unconscious Nature of Insight Problem Solving : An Analysis Using Subliminal Priming by Continuous Flash Suppression  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Hiroaki , FUKUDA Haruaki

    … Growing evidence has suggested interesting dissociations between conscious and sub-<br>conscious processing in insight problem solving. … process of insight problem solving is largely governed by an implicit learning mecha-<br>nism that detects the differences between current and goal states, and regulates the<br> … If the implicit learning mechanism takes part<br> …

    Cognitive Studies 20(3), 353-367, 2013-09-01

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