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  • The Self-Sustenance of the Thai Automobile Industry: The Role of Toyota Motor Thailand  [in Japanese]

    川邉 信雄

    Waseda business review (40), 75-115, 2006


  • Continuity and Discontinuity of Management by Overseas Chinese : Entrepreneurship in the Thai Auto Parts Industry  [in Japanese]

    KAWABE Nobuo

    過去数十年にわたる東南アジアの経済発展における華人企業の役割が注目され, 華人企業者の経営特質に関する研究が活発になっている。その特質としては, 同族性やネットワーク, 華人企業と国家・多国籍企業との関係, リスク志向・金融志向・多角化志向の経営戦略などについて議論されてきた。また研究対象の多くは, 大規模な複合企業であった。本稿では, 複合企業ではなく, 近年自動車産業の発展が目覚しいタイの地場 …

    Waseda business review (38), 3-21, 2005


  • Agricultural Policy and Structure under the Economic Growth of Japan  [in Japanese]

    Tokiwa Masaharu

    … As the result, the outflow of labour from rural communities expanded, many peasants had to have side-jobs, and the "self-sustenance peasant" … This facts show a failure of the agricultural policy based on the "Agricultural Basic Law", which was to bring up the "self-sustenance peasant" …

    The Journal of Agrarian History 15(1), 1-26, 1972


  • Serfdom, Autocracy and Russian Cotton Industry  [in Japanese]

    WADA Haruki

    … The author intends to criticize the contemporary Soviet interpretation, according to which the rise of the cotton industry in the serfdom Russia was the most important process of the genesis of industrial capitalism in Russia. … In the second half of 1840-s, Russian cotton spinning mills increased rapidly and achieved basically the self-sustenance of yarns. …

    The Journal of Agrarian History 8(2), 21-39, 1966


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