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  • Mission Statement for Football Clubs: Comparison between England Premier League and J-League

    KUBO Daisuke

    … There is a hypothesis that the English Premier League clubs, whose broadcast rights are over 50% of their total revenue, fail to place importance on individual customers. … This study analyzes football clubs' Mission Statements regarding who is targeted in order to create values or solve the problems they may have on a daily basis. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Sports Industry 30(3), 3_297-3_314, 2020


  • Basic Consideration of the Empress Zingu Period Diplomatic Article  [in Japanese]

    仁藤 敦史

    … est of Seven Gaya Kingdoms" in the third lunar month of the 49th year of the reign of Empress Jingū (249) in Nihon Shoki (Chronicle of Japan) has been long regarded as historical evidence of the conquest of Mimana (also known as "Imna" according to the Korean pronunciation) by the Yamato Court, backed by the objectivity of the three books of

    国立歴史民俗博物館研究報告 = Bulletin of the National Museum of Japanese History 211, 211-235, 2018-03


  • Research of influence of mission statement and autonomous employees  [in Japanese]

    Kawata Maki , Kino Yasunobu


    Abstracts of Annual Conference of Japan Society for Management Information 2018s(0), 9-12, 2018


  • Promoting of spectrum of L band SAR for disaster monitoring mission  [in Japanese]

    MAEDA Korehiro

    LバンドSARは、全天候観測、日夜観測、植生の影響が少ない形での地殻変動観測、森林伐採観測、氷の厚さ観測など災害監視にふさわしい特徴を有している。ITU-Rの無線通信規則上では、一次業務であるが、脚注により実質二次業務であり、帯域がわずか85MHzしかない。LバンドSARが災害監視に威力が発揮できるよう改善するためには、他業務との共用検討が不可欠であり、その成果の一部を報告する。なお、災害監視は、 …

    IEICE technical report 106(107), 39-42, 2006-06-14

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  • Life and Thought Development of Frank Oppenheimer : Backgrounds of the Establishment of The Exploratorium  [in Japanese]

    SEMBA Ai , OGAWA Masakata

    … The exhibitions of the Exploratorium, founded in 1969 by the physicist Frank Oppenheimer, are believed to be one of the origins of "hands-on exhibitions" … The mission statement of the Exploratorium, "the museum of science, art and human perception" …

    Journal of Science Education in Japan 25(2), 69-80, 2001

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  • A Painted Casket from Kucha, East Turkistan  [in Japanese]

    熊谷 宣夫

    … The Shin Saiiki-ki, record of the Central Asian expeditions by the Ōtani Mission, states that the Reverend Watanabe Tesshin, during the first expedition, discovered on July 9th, 1906 a wooden cinerary casket covered with gold leaf (Fig. 1) at the ruins of a temple on the west side of the River Subasi in Kucha, East Turkistan. … Paul Pelliot excavated several specimens of similar caskets of wood at the same spot. …

    美術研究 = The bijutsu kenkiu : the journal of art studies (191), 1-27, 1957-03-30


  • Murals from the Sites Nos. 3 and 5, Miran  [in Japanese]

    熊谷 宣夫

    … The murals at Mirān, previously reproduced in Vol. II of the Sai-iki Kōko Zufu. … (Illustrated Catalogue of Archaeological Discoveries in Chinese Turkestan), have thereafter been left in oblivion except that a fragment presumably representing the head of the Buddha. … I, b) has been known to be in the collection of the former Korean Museum under the jurisdiction of the Japanese Government-General of Korea. …

    美術研究 = The bijutsu kenkiu : the journal of art studies (179), 1-28, 1955-03-30


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