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  • The meteorological Observations in the Far-East by Jean Barthe, Physician on the French Frigates La Virginie and La Sibylle

    Demarée Gaston R. , Mikami Takehiko , Beillevaire Patrick , Tagami Yoshio , Zaiki Mayumi , Tsukahara Togo , Hirano Junpei

    … The mid-1850s were a particularly interesting moment as regards instrumental meteorological observations, which were then given guidelines for their international standardization. … This presentation deals with the meteorological observations carried out by the naval physician Jean Barthe on board of the French frigate La Sibylle which took part in the Anglo-French naval operations conducted against Russian ships and defenses in the northern Pacific during the Crimean War. …

    The 34th International Symposium on the Okhotsk Sea & Polar Oceans, 2019-02


  • Climate Characteristics in the South-eastern Kanto Region of Japan Derived from Mid to Late 19th Century Meteorological Records  [in Japanese]

    ZAIKI Masumi , MIKAMI Takehiko , HIRANO Junpei , GROSSMAN Michael , KUBOTA Hisayuki , TSUKAHARA Togo

    … <p> Past meteorological records are important for improving our understanding of past, present, and future climates. … Imaging and digitization of historical paper-based instrumental meteorological records must be carried out before these records are lost to decay. … A data rescue project is underway to preserve Japanese instrumental meteorological records from the 19th century. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 127(4), 447-455, 2018

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  • Reconstructing Typhoons Affecting Japan in 1877  [in Japanese]

    GROSSMAN Michael J. , ZAIKI Masumi , MIKAMI Takehiko , MOCK Cary

    … <p> Historical documentary sources provide important data for the reconstruction of typhoons before the collection of systematic instrumental records by official government meteorological agencies. … and 5) data tables from the Imperial Meteorological Observatory in Tokyo. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 127(4), 457-470, 2018


  • Climate Variations in Tokyo since the Edo Period  [in Japanese]

    財城 真寿美 , 三上 岳彦

    地学雑誌 122(6), 1010-1019, 2013

  • Climate Variations in Tokyo since the Edo Period  [in Japanese]

    ZAIKI Masumi , MIKAMI Takehiko

    …  Climate variations in Tokyo based on reconstructed summer temperatures since the 18th century and instrumental meteorological data from the 19th century to the present are discussed. …

    Journal of Geography (Chigaku Zasshi) 122(6), 1010-1019, 2013


  • Documenting 19th Century Typhoon Landfalls in Japan

    Grossman Michael J. , Zaiki Masumi

    … Such records can used for periods that have no instrumental data and to add detail to periods with limited data. … 5) Japan Imperial Meteorological Observatory Maps and Records. … Combining data from these multiple sources makes it possible to reconstruct a meaningful record of typhoons of the past. …

    アジア太平洋研究 (38), 95-118, 2013


  • Data rescue of 19th century instrumental meteorological records in Southeast and East Asia  [in Japanese]


    1.はじめに<br> 最近の地球規模の急激な気温上昇に関連して,過去の気候変動の正確な把握に基づいた将来予測の重要性が認識されている.近年,全球規模の長期気候データセットの整備が進められるなか,欧米諸国を中心に地域ごとの長期気候データの整備と解析を行うプロジェクトが盛んに行われている.これらの先駆けとなったのは,Manley(1974)の17世紀までさかのぼるCentral Engla …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2010f(0), 189-189, 2010


  • The 19th century 1841-1883 meteorological records in Beijing, China  [in Japanese]

    ZAIKI Masumi , Phil JONES , TSUKAHARA Togo , MIKAMI Takehiko

    … Recovery of nineteenth-century Tokyo/Osaka meteorological data in Japan. …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2008s(0), 82-82, 2008


  • Empirical Green's function simulation of broadband ground motions on Genkai Island during the 2005 West Off Fukuoka Prefecture earthquake

    Miyake Hiroe , Tanaka Yasuhisa , Sakaue Minoru , Koketsu Kazuki , Ishigaki Yuzo

    … We have conducted an aftershock observation on the island in order to verify site amplification due to steep topography and to record aftershocks for reproducing ground motion during the mainshock by the empirical Green's function method. … The simulated ground velocities exceed 1 m/s with a dominant period of 1-2 s due to the forward rupture directivity, and the instrumental seismic intensity reaches 6.6. …

    Earth, Planets and Space 58(12), 1637-1642, 2006



    MURAOKA Nanae , MARUYAMA Yoshihisa , YAMAZAKI Fumio

    … This study proposes the estimation method of JMA (Japan Meteorological Agency) instrumental seismic intensity using neighboring ground motion records. … Finally, using the estimated PGA and PGV, the JMA instrumental seismic intensity was obtained. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 71(603), 179-186, 2006

    J-STAGE  AIJ  References (23) Cited by (1)

  • Empirical Method for Estimating J.M.A. Instrumental Seismic Intensity from Ground Motion Parameters Using Strong Motion Records during Recent Major Earthquakes  [in Japanese]


    … <p>In order to propose an empirical method for estimating Japan Meteorological Agency instrumental seismic intensity from ground motion parameters, the strong motion records during recent major earthquakes, e.g., the 2000 Tottori-ken Seibu earthquake and the 2004 Niigata-ken Chuetsu earthquake, are compiled. …

    Journal of Social Safety Science 7, 241-246, 2005-11-01

    J-STAGE  NDL Digital Collections  References (17) Cited by (3)

  • Analysis of climatic variations based on the instrumental meteorological records in the 19^th century in Japan.  [in Japanese]

    ZAIKI Masumi , MATSUMOTO Keiko , TSUKAHARA Togo , MIKAMI Takehiko

    日本地理学会発表要旨集 = Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers (64), 105, 2003-10-11

    References (4)

  • Analysis of climatic variations based on the instrumental meteorological records in the 19th century in Japan.


    はじめに 今日,気候の過去の動向把握・将来予測が求められているなか,その解析のベースとなる全球規模のデータセットの整備が行われてきた.さらにその基盤となる地域ごとの,長期気候データベースの構築とその解析を行うプロジェクトがヨーロッパ諸国を中心に行われている. 一方日本では,1880年代以降の気象庁による気象観測データが一般的なデータセットであった.1880年代以前の観測記録については,ほとんど知ら …

    Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 2003f(0), 143-143, 2003


  • The instrumental meteorological records at Dejima, Japan in 19^<th> century : Data Homogeneity  [in Japanese]

    ZAIKI Masumi , MIKAMI Takehiko , KONNEN G. P. , JONES P. D.

    日本地理学会発表要旨集 = Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 61, 109, 2002-03-01

    References (3)

  • Humidity and Temperature Effects on LaCoste & Romberg Gravimeters.

    Wahabi Abdelbar El , Ducarme Bernard , Ruymbeke Michel Van

    … Romberg (LCR) gravimeters are able to record small non tidal gravity variations for periods ranging from some days to several months if one corrects the instrumental effects due to air temperature and humidity. … In order to reach a similar result with LCR gravimeters in stations where the temperature and humidity are not stable, some experiments were performed in the fundamental station of Brussels in the Royal Observatory of Belgium (ROB) using the LCR G8 to study the meteorological influences. …

    Journal of the Geodetic Society of Japan 47(1), 10-15, 2001


  • The instrumental meterological records at Dejima, Japan in 19^<th> century  [in Japanese]

    ZAIKI Masumi , MIKAMI Takehiko , KONNEN G. P. , JONES P. D.

    日本地理学会発表要旨集 = Proceedings of the General Meeting of the Association of Japanese Geographers 59, 139, 2001

    References (1)

  • Source Parameters of the 1948 Fukui Earthquake Inferred from Low-gain Strong-motion Records  [in Japanese]

    KIKUCHI Masayuki , NAKAMURA Misao , YAMADA Makoto , FUSHIMI Minoru , TATSUMI Yoshiki , YOSHIKAWA Kazumitsu

    … Using low gain strong motion data at several observatories of Japan Meteorological Agency and Kyoto University, we investigate the source process of the 1948 Fukui earthquake. … In the waveform inversion we consider the uncertainty of instrumental constants (pendulum period, magnification and damping constant), timing, and chart speed. …

    Zisin (Journal of the Seismological Society of Japan. 2nd ser.) 52(1), 121-128, 1999-06-30

    J-STAGE  References (14) Cited by (6)

  • Characteristics of Observed P-waves from the 1923 Kanto Earthquake at Regional Observation Stations:On Photographs of Seismograms Preserved at the Japan Meteorological Agency

    TAKEMURA Masayuki , HAMADA Nobuo

    … 96 photographs of seismograms from the 1923 Kanto earthquake (<i>M</i>=7.9) have been preserved at JMA (the Japan Meteorological Agency). … These seismograms were obtained at meteorological observatories in and around Japan and Tohoku Imperial University in Sendai, whose epicentral distances are within about 2000km. … First, a type of seismograph and its instrumental characteristics are examined for each record from old materials and old records preserved at JMA. …

    Zisin (Journal of the Seismological Society of Japan. 2nd ser.) 49(2), 141-168, 1996


  • Telemetry bottom pressure observation system at a depth of 2,200 meter.

    TAKAHASHI Michio

    … Characteristic instrumental noises are occasionally recognized on the records. … A linear trend of the record due to the aging of quartz is +9.6cmH<SUB>2</SUB>O/year in 1979. …

    Journal of Physics of the Earth 29(1), 77-88, 1981


  • Behavior of a Detached Eddy "Harukaze" around the Seamount of Daiiti- and Daini_Kinan Kaizan  [in Japanese]

    Konaga Shunji , Nishiyama Katsunobu

    … Moreover a thermal fine structure, appearing at about 400 m depth, suggests a large instrumental error in the XBT record. …

    Papers in Meteorology and Geophysics 29(3), 151-156, 1978


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