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  • Tensegrity representation of microtubule objects using unified particle objects and springs

    Pramudwiatmoko Arif , Gutmann Gregory , Ueno Yutaka , Kakugo Akira , Yamamura Masayuki , Konagaya Akihiko

    … In order to overcome this lack of interaction, this research takes tensegrity representation of molecular objects reproducing experimental results and creates interactive 3D objects to be presented in a virtual reality (VR) environment. … We developed a unified particle object model using springs and particles which we call anchors which act as tensegrity structure of the object to support conformation of filament-type objects such as microtubules. …

    Chem-Bio Informatics Journal 20(0), 19-43, 2020


  • On the Classification of Knowledge-of-exponent Assumptions in Cyclic Groups

    KRAIEM Firas , ISOBE Shuji , KOIZUMI Eisuke , SHIZUYA Hiroki

    … <p>Inspired by the work of Ghadafi and Groth (ASIACRYPT 2017) on a certain type of computational hardness assumptions in cyclic groups (which they call ``target assumptions''), we initiate an analogous work on another type of hardness assumptions, namely the ``knowledge-of-exponent'' …

    Interdisciplinary Information Sciences 25(1), 67-74, 2019

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  • BUBUU : 3D Animation With Interactive Projection Mapping  [in Japanese]

    Witthayathada Ongon , Nishio Koichi

    … <p>The purpose of this project focused on investigating the effect of using interactive art with a sense of humor for mental health therapy in the children's ward. … Therefore, this project considered to increase patients emotional well-being through interactive art objects. … This study utilizes the therapeutic 3D projection mapping which displays the 3D animations projection mapping on a polyester balloon as call BUBU. …



  • Why highly educated Japanese women are not playing a more active role in society : A case study using Ueno's qualitative analysis method  [in Japanese]

    加藤 望 , 中坪 史典

    … This study outlines the social background and difficulties faced by one Japanese woman, Hanako, who is responsible for paid work, childcare, and housework.Data were collected through interactive interviews and analyzed using Ueno's qualitative analysis method. …

    幼年教育研究年報 41, 31-40, 2019

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  • Design of a Massage-Inspired Haptic Device for Interpersonal Connection in Long-Distance Communication

    ハリタイパン ラリター , Haritaipan Lalita , Hayashi Masahiro , MOUGENOT CELINE , Mougenot Celine

    … We designed a device for distant interactive massage to be used during online conversation and we assessed its e ect on interpersonal connection with eight pairs of Chinese participants in romantic relationships. … All pairs were asked to engage in a conversation, either through a video call or through a massage-assisted video call. …

    Advances in Human-Computer Interaction (2018), 2018-07


  • Use of Reflection Coefficients of Burg's Method for Improvement of Visual Support Way in Pronunciation Practice

    Karigome Ryosuke , Hanazaki Izumi

    … <p>In pronunciation practice, the trainees essentially need interactive supports to progress. …

    Transactions of the Institute of Systems, Control and Information Engineers 31(6), 220-227, 2018


  • Execution of workshop making a paper doll reacting with player's breathing and evaluation:Development of module detecting player's breathing and its evaluation via workshop  [in Japanese]

    Mitani Atsushi , Muramatsu Masumi , Yoshioka Kiyomi

    … To realize this activity program, we proposed an interactive device that reacts with users' various palpating actions. … Based on the active art nurse call module our past research, a novel module that can detect breathing as well as palping was developed. …



  • Pixel Selection and Intensity Directed Symmetry for High Frame Rate and Ultra-Low Delay Matching System

    HU Tingting , IKENAGA Takeshi

    … <p>High frame rate and ultra-low delay matching system plays an increasingly important role in human-machine interactive applications which call for higher frame rate and lower delay for a better experience. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E101.D(5), 1260-1269, 2018


  • Classification of Utterances Based on Multiple BLEU Scores for Translation-Game-Type CALL Systems

    KUWA Reiko , KATO Tsuneo , YAMAMOTO Seiichi

    … <p>This paper proposes a classification method of second-language-learner utterances for interactive computer-assisted language learning systems. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E101.D(3), 750-757, 2018


  • QoE-Oriented Traffic Control Based on Collaboration Between Terminal and Network Functions(Researches and Overseas Activities)  [in Japanese]

    吉野 秀明 , Hideaki Yoshino

    … In this paper, we proposed the reservation congestion contr ol scheme which realizes the interactive communication efficiently under the condition of congestion after disasters. … W e clarified that the proposed method can achieve a high call completion rate and suppress the reservation delay using improved method applying priority control. …

    日本工業大学研究報告 = Report of researches, Nippon Institute of Technology 46(4), 33-36, 2017-02


  • A Substantial Study of the 'Teachers' Utterance Approach' which Promotes Students' Independent and Interactive Deep Learning:—A 5th Grade Science Class 'the Flow of the Rivers'—  [in Japanese]

    FUJIMOTO Yoshihiro , SATO Yuri , MASUDA Hiromitsu , OGURA Yasuhiko

    … <p>The aim of this study is to prove the importance of the 'teachers' utterance approach', which promotes students' Independent and Interactive Deep Learning. … We found that the teachers urged the students to learn on their own initiative, for example, to call out with an investigating group, to talk with an outing, and so on. …

    Journal of Research in Science Education 58(2), 159-173, 2017


  • Locomotion Control with Inverted Pendulum Model and Hierarchical Low-Dimensional Data

    HAN Ku-Hyun , PARK Byung-Ha , JUNG Kwang-Mo , HAN JungHyun

    … <p>This paper presents an interactive locomotion controller using motion capture data and an inverted pendulum model (IPM). … The motion data of a character is decomposed into those of upper and lower bodies, which are then dimension-reduced via what we call hierarchical Gaussian process dynamical model (H-GPDM). …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E100.D(11), 2744-2746, 2017


  • EFL Students' Perceptions on the Use of Online Fantasy Sports

    SILSBEE Steven

    … The goals of the study were to determine students' perceptions of (a) how well fantasy sports facilitated communication, (b) the overall experience of playing fantasy sports, and (c) how the use of CALL benefited playing fantasy sports. … Responses showed that students agreed most to items which stated that elements of CALL were beneficial to playing fantasy sports. … Students also agreed to a considerable extent that fantasy sports helped to promote interactive communication. …



  • Becoming 'TouTubers' : Using webclips in the ELF classroom

    Magasic Michelangelo

    … In particular, the medium of webclips supports Björkman's suggestions because: it presents a diverse range of English speakers and communication situations, it is an interactive learning material which reflects real-life English, and, when used as a practical exercise, the medium encourages learners to develop their own voices and modes of expression. …

    The Center for ELF journal 2(1), 18-25, 2016-04

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  • The Effects of an Interactive Learning in the CALL Classroom for Science Majors through Move Analyses on English Science Research Papers  [in Japanese]

    照井 雅子

    [抄録]著者専攻: 英語教育学

    近畿大学教養・外国語教育センター紀要. 外国語編 6(1), 173-184, 2015


  • Langevin Rigid : Animating Immersed Rigid Bodies in Real-time

    Xie Haoran , Miyata Kazunori

    … We call our method the Langevin rigid approach because the generalized Langevin equations are applied to represent the effects of turbulent flow generated at the body surface. … The Langevin rigid approach precomputes added-mass effects and the vertical loads from turbulent model, and executes the rigid body solver in runtime, so that this method is straightforward and efficient to the interactive simulations. …

    芸術科学会論文誌 13(1), 1-10, 2014-03-20


  • Responsive Visualization for Data Mining using three.js  [in Japanese]

    SUZUKI Aya , KUGAWA Natsumi , IGARASHI Aimi , TSUNODA Eri , Fujimura Ko

    … In this paper, these complex data are modeled as property graphs in which vertices and edges have multiple properties, and the property graphs are visualized as an interactive 3D model. … We call this approach "responsive visualization" and we shows that it is useful for finding important characteristics from the complex network. …

    IEICE technical report. Life intelligence and office information systems 113(479), 47-52, 2014-03-07

  • A Proposal of Virtual Painting on 3D Object for Interactive Projection Mapping  [in Japanese]

    熊谷 賢二 , 向田 茂 , 隼田 尚彦 , 斎藤 一 , 安田 光孝

    エンタテインメントコンピューティングシンポジウム2013論文集 (2013), 249-250, 2013-09-27


  • Performance Analysis of Internet-Based Call Centers with Interactive Voice Response and Retrial Customers  [in Japanese]


    … Recently, call centers are getting important from a customer service point of view because they have a significant impact on customer satisfaction. … In general, most of the management cost for call centers is dominated by labor cost for Customer Service Representatives (CSRs), and it is important for companies to manage CSRs in a cost-effective manner, keeping a high quality of customer service. …

    IEICE technical report 112(463), 219-224, 2013-03-07

  • Current status and future development of IUGONET data analysis software  [in Japanese]

    Tanaka Yoshimasa , Shinbori Atsuki , Umemura Norio , Hori Tomoaki , Abe Shuji , Koyama Yukinobu , Hayashi Hiroo , Ueno Satoru , Sato Yuka , Yatagai Akiyo , Ogawa Yasunobu , Miyoshi Yoshizumi , Seki Kanako , Miyashita Yukinaga , Segawa Tomonori

    … UDAS is a plug-in software of TDAS (THEMIS Data Analysis Software suite) written in IDL (Interactive Data Language), and thus can call useful routines to visualize and analyze time series data and GUI included in TDAS. …

    JAXA research and development report JAXA-RR-12-006, 63-70, 2013-03

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