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  • A Second Chance for Education: Examining the Roles of Education in Conflict and Peace based on Life Stories from Bosnia and Herzegovina

    … Many schools continued to operate, some functioned intermittently depending on the intensity of local fighting, and others were shut down. …

    Working Paper = Working Paper (187), 1-41, 2019-03-26

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  • Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Characteristics of Circular Tube Inserting Copper Wire with High Porosity  [in Japanese]

    SAITO Naoki , TAKEDA Tetsuaki

    … We used copper wires as porous materials and air as working fluids. … Copper wires were inserted in a circular stainless tube intermittently and air was blown inside a tube. …

    The Proceedings of the National Symposium on Power and Energy Systems 2018.23(0), B221, 2018


  • Brain activities during listening to ambiguous melodies revealed in fMRI / Follow-up report.  [in Japanese]


    <p>2種類の持続音(A4とE5)との間に断続的に繰り返される音(C5)を同時に聞くときに聞こえる幻想的な旋律C5-A4-C5-A4(Down)とC5-E5-C5-E5(Up)に,音楽の曖昧性が存在する.本研究では,以前の報告よりも脳活動のイメージをより明確にするために実験方法を変更した.(1)scan時のノイズが刺激を妨害することを防ぐためにscanと刺激提示を交互に行っていたが,本 …

    Transactions of Japanese Society for Medical and Biological Engineering Annual56(Abstract), S301-S301, 2018


  • Identification of Doctor-Nurse Interaction Patterns During Invasive Medical Examinations and Treatments  [in Japanese]

    Sagara Yumi , Funashima Naomi , Nakayama Toshiko

    研究目的は、患者の身体への侵襲を伴う診療(以下、侵襲を伴う診療とする)場面に存在する医師と看護師間相互行為パターンを解明し、目標達成する相互行為の特徴を考察することである。第1に、看護概念創出法を適用し、侵襲を伴う診療場面の医師行動を表す20概念を創出した。第2に、医師と看護師間相互行為を第1の結果と先行研究の結果「侵襲を伴う診療場面の看護師行動概念」を用いて分析し、相互行為の44要素および14機 …

    Journal of Research for Nursing Education 27(1), 67-80, 2018

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  • Low-Power Single-Slope Analog-to-Digital Converter with Intermittently Working Time-to-Digital Converter

    Uchida Daisuke , Ikebe Masayuki , Motohisa Junichi , Sano Eiichi

    … We propose a single-slope analog-to-digital converter (ADC) with an intermittently working time-to-digital converter (TDC). …

    Journal of Signal Processing 19(6), 219-226, 2015


  • Dynamic Behavior of EHD Extraction Phenomena of Liquids  [in Japanese]

    HANAOKA Ryoichi , MIZUNO Takanobu , TAKATA Shinzo , FUKAMI Tadashi , ANZAI Hidenobu

    … On the liquid extraction phenomena in which are caused by a nonuniform electric field, the dynamic behavior of the liquids has been investigated experimentally using three working liquids; … After swelling of the liquid, a large liquid drop is extracted intermittently from the top of a swelled liquid and it jumps toward the sphere electrode without the formation of a liquid column. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Fundamentals and Materials 131(10), 824-831, 2011-10-01

    J-STAGE  References (20)

  • Energy Saving of Oil Hydraulic Pump Unit by Idling Stop Using Accumulator:(1st Report: Comparison of energy saving among three kinds of pump unit)  [in Japanese]

    Sugimura Ken , Ota Sinpei , Doi Teturou , Suzuki Katsumasa , Nonaka Kenichirou

    … In this research, an intermittently operated hydraulic pump unit coupled with an accumulator (ACC pump unit), an inverter control-type hydraulic pump unit (INV pump unit), and a variable displacement-type hydraulic pump unit (VD pump unit) are tested. … Next, the relation among electricity consumption, efficiency, and duty ratio in the case of supplying working fluid to the load intermittently with a fixed cycle period was investigated, and the predominance of the ACC pump unit was made clear. …



  • Experimental coral transplantation in the moat of Kuta beach, Bali Island, Indonesia

    ENDO Shubun , Prasetyo Rahmadi , NISHIHIRA Moritaka , ONAKA Susumu

    … Corals were transplanted on substrates, and underwater working time was also measured. … Monitoring for more than 2 years was continued intermittently for coral survival, growth, effect of environmental factors on the survival, etc. …



  • Study of Fatigue Feeling among Newly Employed Women and Experienced Women by Differences of Postures  [in Japanese]

    KUMAZAWA Mitumasa

    繊維加工,あるいは縫製等の軽作業において,作業姿勢の異なる3社の新入高卒女性従業員と経験者について「自覚症状しらべ」を行い作業姿勢と自覚疲労の関連について調査した.調査対象の作業姿勢は,多工程持ち,立位,椅子座位である.この結果,自覚疲労の訴えは,多工程持ちと椅子座位は大きな差異はみられず,立位作業であることが椅子座位に比してただちに自覚疲労の増加に結びつかないものの,同じ立位であっても,歩行量あ …

    Journal of Japan Industrial Management Association 58(3), 228-238, 2007

    J-STAGE  References (29) Cited by (2)

  • B231 Wall Temperature Fluctuation of Pulsating Heat Pipes  [in Japanese]

    HOKAZONO Toshiyuki , NAGASAKI Takao , ITO Yutaka

    … Heat transport characteristics of pulsating heat pipe were investigated by using 12 turn copper tubes with water as the working fluid. … It was found that the oscillating behavior differs depending on the inclination angle in the case of relatively small heat loads (less than 500W), in which the oscillation occurs intermittently. …

    The Proceedings of the Thermal Engineering Conference 2006(0), 269-270, 2006



    ZHANG Bai-hai , MA Yan-feng , CHENG Hai-feng , PENG Guang-zheng

    … Stick-slip is a kind of motion in which the piston stops its motion intermittently because of the friction force. … In this paper a neural network (NN) classifier is set up as a new method to predict the occurrence of stick-slip by different dynamic working parameters.<BR>The classifier is made of an NN, and the training samples come from the simulation. …

    Proceedings of the JFPS International Symposium on Fluid Power 2005(6), 812-816, 2005


  • The Vision System where a Subset of Impulses is Used as the Processing Unit of Pattern Recognition  [in Japanese]

    KARASAWA Shinji

    神経細胞はインパルスを活動単位とし、神経伝達物質が伝達される活動は初見も再認識も同様である。通常の神経細胞は正のインパルスの発火パターンを一つの正のインパルスに情報圧縮する。この活動が画像要素および作製中の画像要素の活動を組み合わせて画像認識の活動を行う。なお、活動単位を巡回して保持できるループを配列した平面を2枚準備すれば、2つの画像を照合して共通部分を抽出できる。ある活動から異なる領域に同時に …

    Technical report of IEICE. PRMU 103(151), 7-12, 2003-06-27

    References (17) Cited by (3)

  • Important Roles of Maintenance Mechanics of Agricultural Machines at Shimane University Educational and Experimental Farm  [in Japanese]

    Hirose Yoshihiko , Takeda Hisao , Yamagishi Kazuto , 伊藤 憲弘

    … To clarify roles of maintenance mechanics of agricultural machines at the Shimane University educational and experimental farm, We analyzed working times required for maintaining and repairing of the machines from 1996 to 2000. … Since a grain combine was intermittently and most frequently used through the year, the maintaining time for it was the longest in all machines. …

    Bulletin of the Faculty of Life and Environmental Science,Shimane University (8), 93-97, 2003

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  • Development of a New Technology for Direct-Seeding of Rice Using a Seed-Shooting Seeder Combined with a Paddy Harrow  [in Japanese]

    冨樫 辰志

    水稲作の省力化・低コスト化・軽労化を進めるため、日本型直播稲作技術の開発が農林水産省を中心に1990年代より始められた。著者等は、移植様式に近い安定した栽培管理が可能で、良食味品種にも適用できる直播技術として打込み式代かき同時土中点播技術を開発した。本技術のキーテクノロジーは打込み式代かき同時土中点播機である。本機の第1の特徴は、代かきハローで仕上げ代かきを行いながら、開発した鋸歯形打込みディスク …

    Bulletin of the National Agricultural Research Center for Kyushu Okinawa Region (41), 1-51, 2002-12

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  • Development of a Sewing Machine for Burley Tobacco Leaves (Part 1) : Production of a sewing machine for sewing leaves to garland rope  [in Japanese]

    HATTORI Nobuyoshi , MAEKAWA Yoshiaki , ASAI Kineo , OSAMURA Kazuo , MIYAKE Yasuhiko

    バーレー種タバコの葉編み作業を省力化する目的で, 新たなミシン葉編み機の試作研究を行った。試作機はコンベヤと編み込み部から構成される。コンベヤは30mmずつの間欠駆動となっており, コンベヤ上に所定ピッチ上で並べた葉と, 懸吊する連縄とを縫合することで連を形成する。葉編み作業は2名または3名で行い, 処理能力1.3~2.1分/連で, 従来の連編み機の56~73%の時間短縮が見込まれた。その他, 乾 …

    JOURNAL of the JAPANESE SOCIETY of AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY 61(5), 133-140, 1999-09-01

    J-STAGE  References (6)

  • The Critical Depth for Pits on Carbon Steel in the Concentrated Aqueous Solution of Lithium Bromide Containing Chromate at Elevated Temperatures

    Kojima Yoichi , Tsujikawa Shigeo

    … Pitting corrosion behaviors for carbon steels in the working fluid for absorption heating and refrigerating systems were investigated. … When a carbon steel merely immersed in the solution, micro-pits which were shallower than <i>r</i>* generated intermittently at potentials above <i>E</i><sub>z</sub>. …

    Zairyo-to-Kankyo 47(1), 49-57, 1998


  • Study on Intermittently Self-excitation Drive Controlled Vibratory Punch Press (1st Report):Fundamental Analysis and Considerations of Necessary Excitation Force

    KOIZUMI Kunio , YOKOYAMA Yasuo

    … Behavior of tool system which consists of one degree of freedom mass-spring system is characterized by repetitive steady-state motion for impact working like as hammering, punch-ing and press. … The tool motion don't have an effect on fine variation of working condition by means of the self-excitation which makes to act pull up and down excitation forces between pre-setted switch on and off positions, respectively. …

    Journal of the Japan Society for Precision Engineering 56(8), 1417-1423, 1990


  • AV Material Production and its Application : A Trial through 'Microteaching' to Internalize Some Viewpoints on Teaching-Learning Process  [in Japanese]

    Wakisaka Yoshio , Zenmyo Nobuo

    … 'Microteaching' in the TEFL classes was regarded as a part of the consecutive activities in 'causal sequence', which began with establishing aims and objectives of TEFL, and developed into working on a teaching material along with making a lesson plan, conducting a microlesson based on the plan, analyzing the microlesson along with its evaluation, and establishing renewed objectives for the following lesson. …

    Soken studies 10, 1-53, 1988-03

  • Studies on the development of farm power from solar energy. (III). Development of the convection type of solar pumping system.:Development of the Convection Type of Solar Pumping System  [in Japanese]

    IMOU Kenji , KITANI Osamu , OKAMOTO Tsuguo , SAKAI Naoki

    自然循環式ランキンサイクルによる太陽熱ポンプシステムを設計・試作し, 実験を行った。このサイクルでは作動流体の圧送ポンプを用いず, 電磁弁によって作動流体の液を間欠的に移送する。本報ではこのサイクルについて理論的考察を行った。また実験結果からシステムの特性を調べた。



  • Evaluation of Myocardial Protection Methods by Isolated Working Canine Heart Perfusion Apparatus  [in Japanese]

    Osako Tsutomu

    … Group 2 was subgrouped into 2-a and 2-b: the hearts of the first subgroup were perfused intermittently at 30-minute intervals with a lactated Ringer's solution (50 ml) at pH 8, as well as subjected to surface cooling; … those of the second subgroup were intermittently perfused with a lactated Ringer's solution containing potassium (25 mEq/1). …

    The Journal of Kansai Medical University 36(3), 505-515, 1984


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