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  • Reliability and validation of the Positive Aspects of Caregiving scale among Japanese caregivers of people with dementia

    Furukawa Hidetoshi , Greiner Chieko

    … Reliability was evaluated by examining the internal consistency and test-retest reliability. … Exploratory factor analysis with maximum likelihood estimation and oblique rotation was performed to assess the PAC scale structure. …

    International Journal of Nursing Sciences 8(2), 210-214, 2021-04-10


  • Mesoscale-dependent near-inertial internal waves and microscale turbulence in the Tsushima Warm Current (Ocean Mixing Processes (OMIX) : Impact on Biogeochemistry, Climate and Ecosystem)

    Kawaguchi Yusuke , Wagawa Taku , Yabe Itsuka , Ito Daiki , Senjyu Tomoharu , Itoh Sachihiko , Igeta Yosuke

    … This study examined characteristics of near-inertial internal waves (NIWs) associated with the background mesoscale field near the Tsushima Warm Current. … The fall 2019 expedition found details of wave and turbulence properties associated with the mesoscale structure of paired vortices, where a cyclone and anticyclone were, respectively, adjacent to the east and west. …

    Journal of oceanography 77(2), 155-171, 2021-04


  • 〈Original Paper〉Pressure-based manipulation of the protein-fatty acid interaction  [in Japanese]

    伊藤 大樹 , 櫻井 一正

    … In these complexes, the interaction between protein and fatty acid is not specific and protein assumes intermediate state with a loosely packed tertiary structure. … We have been investigating the pressure effects on function, structure, dynamics and stability of protein molecules. … High-pressure NMR measurements told us that, under ambient pressure, only fatty acid binding to the internal cavity of βLG was observed whereas, at higher pressure, fatty acid also bound to another binding site of βLG. …

    近畿大学先端技術総合研究所紀要 = Memoirs of Institute of Advanced Technology, Kindai University (26), 1-10, 2021-03-31


  • Preliminary study of teacher feedback behavior in physical education classes  [in Japanese]

    山本 浩二 , 中須賀 巧 , 島本 好平 , 杉山 佳生

    … In this study to examine the cognitive structure of the feedback behavior of teachers in physical education classes in the preliminary. … Each of their subscales had generally satisfactory score of internal consistency. … Similarly, covariance structure analysis revealed a moderate fit the scale's factor analysis model (GFI=.90, AGFI=.88, CFI=.92, RMSEA=.07). …

    健康科学 (43), 117-125, 2021-03-25

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  • Development of the scales of organizational environments that promote gratitude among university athletes  [in Japanese]

    久保 昂大 , 杉山 佳生

    … After identification, we calculated Cronbach's alpha coefficients and obtained high internal consistencies with respect to all subscales. … Furthermore, confirmatory factor analyses of these scales indicated that we need to revise the factor structure of the public gratitude system. …

    健康科学 (43), 82-88, 2021-03-25

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    劉 璠

    … Using smartphones, users can perceive their structure and experience their internal spaces on real scale. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. デザイン工学研究科編 = Bulletin of graduate studies. Art and Technology (10), 1-6, 2021-03-24

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    桃沢 徹

    … With the development of technology, the black box of the internal structure is being promoted, and if this is left unattended, it will not be possible to deal with unexpected dangers. …

    法政大学大学院紀要. デザイン工学研究科編 = Bulletin of graduate studies. Art and Technology (10), 1-6, 2021-03-24

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  • Practical Research of the Dual River Leaders System in the Context of Watershed Governance : A Case Study of Guiyang City, Guizhou Province  [in Japanese]

    黄 璇 , 胡 毓瑜 , 三好 恵真子 , Huang Xuan , Hu Yuyu , Miyoshi Emako

    … It was born in the reform of the government's internal administrative system, and developed during the process of seeking cooperation between government and non-government. … Moreover, we present new insights that challenge the inherent structure of China's environmental governance. …

    大阪大学大学院人間科学研究科紀要 (47), 43-73, 2021-03-08

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  • The theoretical structure of internal control audit in Japan  [in Japanese]

    井上 善弘

    会計論叢 = Meiji accounting review (16), 67-74, 2021-03

  • Organizational Innovation and Cooperation in local governments : Through the test case of innovations of Housing Authority, Special Purpose Govern-ment in U.S.  [in Japanese]

    前山 総一郎

    本稿では,21世紀においての状況の変化において,「組織イノベーションの可能性」に焦点を当て,そこで組織のイノベーションが地方自治体/行政組織に何をもたらすかを明確に示すために,「特定目的自治体」(SPG)という,アメリカの小規模の自治体のイノベーションを効率的なテストケースとした.その際,組織スタディーズの観点から,組織が変動に迫られる場合にあっての「組織の環境適用」(organizational …

    都市経営 : 福山市立大学都市経営学部紀要 = Urban Management : Bulletin of the Faculty of Urban Management, Fukuyama City University (13), 79-93, 2021-02-26

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  • Intraspecific niche partition without speciation: individual level web polymorphism within a single island spider population

    Darko D. Cotoras , Miyuki Suenaga , Alexander S. Mikheyev

    … but, do adaptive radiations occur on small islands without internal geographical barriers? … Despite analysing 36 803 loci across 142 individuals, we found no relationship between web type and population structure, which was only weakly geographically differentiated. …

    Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 288(1945), 20203138, 2021-02-17


  • Biofilm Spreading by the Adhesin-Dependent Gliding Motility of Flavobacterium johnsoniae. 1. Internal Structure of the Biofilm

    Sato Keiko , Naya Masami , Hatano Yuri , Kondo Yoshio , Sato Mari , Nagano Keiji , Chen Shicheng , Naito Mariko , Sato Chikara

    … We used electron microscopy and time-lapse fluorescence microscopy to investigate the structure of colonies formed by wild-type (WT) F. …

    International Journal of Molecular Sciences 22(4), 1894, 2021-02-14


  • Compiling ONNX Neural Network Model Using MLIR

    Tung D. Le , Gheorghe-Teodor Bercea , Tong Chen , Alexandre E. Eichenberger , Haruki Imai , Tian Jin , Kiyokuni Kawachiya , Yasushi Negishi , Kevin O'Brien

    … In particular, we introduce two internal representations: ONNX IR for representing ONNX operators, and Kernel IR as an intermediate representation for efficiently lowering ONNX operators into LLVM bitcode. … In this presentation, we will discuss the overall structure of the framework and show some practical examples of converting ONNX operators and models. …

    情報処理学会論文誌プログラミング(PRO) 14(1), 18-18, 2021-01-27


  • The Self-resilience Mechanism of Polymers that Realizes High-value-added Material Recycling of Plastics  [in Japanese]

    八尾 滋 , パントン パチヤ , 大久保 光

    日本包装学会誌 30(1), 15-25, 2021

  • STRUCTURE OF CLASSIFICATION IN CONTEMPORARY ARCHITECTURE WITH A CIRCULAR PLAN:A study on the geometry and scale in architecture Part 2  [in Japanese]

    OHMURA Takahiro , KATAGIRI Yuji , IWAOKA Tatsuo

    … of a circular form (referred to as the "circular plan"), which includes many examples and examines it as a model of architectural geometry to highlight the relationship between geometry and contemporary architecture.</p><p> </p><p>To clarify a structure of classification and an existence of regularity in contemporary architecture that comprises a circular plan, we conducted Cluster Analysis, Correlation Analysis, Multiple Correspondence Analysis (MCA) and Canonical Correspondence Analysis (CCA) using qualitative data …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(783), 1581-1591, 2021


  • Development of a Collective Cohesion Questionnaire for sports  [in Japanese]

    SUGIYAMA Takuya , NAKAMURA Takehiko , NISHII Ryo

    … Exploratory factor analysis and confirmatory factor analysis of the data obtained from 1,131 of the subjects confirmed the structure of 4 factors and 13 items. … As a result, confirmatory factor analysis of 256 subjects confirmed a 4 factor structure. … Although the internal consistency of the scale and the validity of the criteria were also confirmed, the stability of the scale in the retest method was only moderately correlated with all 4 factors. …

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences) 66(0), 327-342, 2021


  • Rheological Analysis of Electrode Slurries for Secondary Battery  [in Japanese]

    Komoda Yoshiyuki

    … The internal structure of the slurry for electrodes is one of the unknown factors in the process. … The effect of particle concentration on the viscosity of dense slurries, the concept expressing the viscosity of bimodal slurries, and the significance of viscoelasticity of slurry related to the internal structure are explained. …

    Journal of the Society of Powder Technology, Japan 58(4), 178-185, 2021


  • Application of Multiple Iso-Surface Rendering to Improvement of Perceived Depth in Transparent Stereoscopic Visualization

    Aoi Daimon , Hasegawa Kyoko , Li Liang , Sakano Yuichi , Tanaka Satoshi

    … <p>Three-dimensional data visualization employing the CT and MRI techniques is widely used to understand the complex internal structure of the human body. … In this study, we aimed to improve the accuracy of the perceived 3D structure by introducing multiple iso-surfaces as a visual guide. …

    Journal of Advanced Simulation in Science and Engineering 8(1), 128-142, 2021


  • Identifying Parameters from Discharging and Relaxation Curves of Lithium-Ion Batteries Using Porous Electrode Theory

    Inoue Gen , Mashioka Hiroki , Kimura Naoki , Tsuge Yoshifumi

    … <p>In order to improve the performance of Lithium-ion secondary batteries (LiBs) for electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles, it is very important to understand the internal transport phenomena and resistance under a high rate condition to increase power density. … Especially, it is important to focus on the actual porous electrode structure, and the Li ion and electron conductivity have to be evaluated by the effective conductive path with the actual electrode material properties. …



  • Vibration Control with Phase Compensation of Tip Acceleration in a Flexible Slewing Arm  [in Japanese]

    IDEI Osamu , IMAI Jun , TAKAHASHI Akiko , TAKEMOTO Masatsugu

    … The rigid body model of the arm is employed as a nominal model, and a tuning rule of the time delay in the phase compensator for vibration suppression is proposed focusing on the IMC (Internal model control) structure. …

    Transactions of the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers 57(5), 260-266, 2021


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