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  • Interpersonal communication on the Japanese concept ``Ma''

    Tseng Chia-huei , Wang Ya-Ting , Shioiri Satoshi

    … In this presentation, I will try to offer a few examples (e.g. music appreciation of silence, Japanese comic story-telling, Rakugo) to demonstrate that it is possible to use an interdisciplinary approach to investigate the concept of ``Ma'' … Furthermore, this may provide a starting point for designers and engineers to device into the interpersonal communication on other abstract concepts.</p> …

    Acoustical Science and Technology 41(1), 2-5, 2020


  • An Introduction to Beach Therapy : Effect of Relaxation on Psychological Indicators in a Coastal Environment  [in Japanese]

    大塚 彰 , 石倉 英樹 , 馬屋原 康高 , 宮原 崇 , 上川 紀道 , 加藤 みわ子 , 富樫 誠二

    … In modern society, a large number of individuals are suffering from stress, mainly associated with interpersonal relationships, work, lifestyles, and physical fatigue. … Based on the results, we will disseminate beach therapy as an approach of preventive medicine that is expected to become more important in the future, and effectively use it as a resource for tourism. …

    広島都市学園大学雑誌 : 健康科学と人間形成 = Journal of Hiroshima Cosmopolitan University : health sciences and human formation 5(1), 15-22, 2019-05

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  • University Students' Subjective Experiences of Their Situational Changeovers in Relations with Friends : Bottom-Up Approach by Open-End Questionnaire and Semi Constructed Interview  [in Japanese]

    大谷 宗啓

    … results of open-end questionnaire and semi constructedinterview indicated that:(a)situational changeovers were not so much contemporary adolescentsʼnovel interpersonal behavior as understandable interpersonal behavior on the code of known universal mechanisms;(b)they were versatile behavior for any orientations;(c) university students did not want to act them in case of unnecessary to situational changeovers;(d)they recognized high costs above benefi ts in relation with homogeneous others, on the other hand, …

    滋賀大学教育学部紀要 (68), 99-113, 2019-03-31


  • Workshop on Vocabulary : Words and How They Function in Texts

    Palmer Roger , Roger Palmer

    … Vocabulary development underpins reading success, and forms part of a comprehensive language program focusing on extensive and intensive reading of whole texts via a genre-based approach. … Special consideration will be given to reference chains and lexical strings, and the way vocabulary is unpacked through ideational, interpersonal and textual meaning. …

    Hirao School of Management review = Hirao School of Management review (9), 23-29, 2019-03-31

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  • The Growth of First Year University Students  [in Japanese]

    住岡 恭子

    … the Modified Grounded Theory Approach (M-GTA), a model of the psychological process underlying the growth of the students emerges, which comprises 26 concepts, 13 categories, and 6 category groups.From the model, students first consider the "attractiveness of the university" as their "motivation for admission." Second, "motivation for admission," "attractiveness of the university," and "interpersonal relationships" are factors that regulate "students' lives." Last, students begin to "reflect on themselves," gradually …

    臨床心理学部研究報告 = Reports from the Faculty of Clinical Psychology Kyoto Bunkyo University (11), 17-32, 2019-03-01

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  • <Review Article> A Theoretical Study for Promoting Self-Authorship in University Physical Education Class as Liberal Education  [in Japanese]

    佐藤 冬果 , 坂本 昭裕 , Fuyuka SATO , Akihiro SAKAMOTO

    … Literature reviews were done on the research carried out by Baxter Magolda : 1) about the three dimensions of SA (Epistemological, Intrapersonal, and Interpersonal), 2) the four phases of the developing process, and 3) the conditions that foster the development of SA (i.e., Learning Partnership Model). … As a result of the literature review and comparison with diverse studies about the educational structure of PE, PE classes using a constructionism approach have the possibility to be an effective practice to promote SA. …

    大学体育研究 = Journal of Sport and Physical Education Center University of Tsukuba (41), 1-14, 2019-03


  • Clients' Subjective Experiences of Counselor's Empathy during Trial Counseling : A Quantitative Analysis Using Interpersonal Process Recall  [in Japanese]

    田中 寿夫 , 神 信人 , 須藤 駿太郎

    臨床心理学 = Japanese journal of clinical psychology 19(1), 89-102, 2019-01

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  • Reorienting Cosmo-Global Education: The OECD, Derrida, and the Hospitality of Thinking


    … Yet how far does the OECD notion, and the broader models of global education it means to stand for, consolidate a picture that fails to do justice to the complex nature of human interpersonal and intercultural ethics? … I approach Derrida's thinking on hospitality via certain narratives, including scenes from Nobel Prize-winning novelist J.M. …

    Educational Studies in Japan 13(0), 23-37, 2019


  • Factors Related to the Inter-professional Team Approach among Professionals at Home-visit Nursing Agencies, Home-visit Care Agencies and Agencies Preparing Care Service Plans in Geriatric Home Care  [in Japanese]

    Matsui Taeko , Ayabe Takako , Oki Asami

    … <p>The objective of this study was to identify the factors related to the practice degree of utilizing an inter-professional team approach among home-visit nurses, home-visit chief helpers and care managers. … 781 (52.1%) valid responses were obtained.</p><p>The following factors were found to be related to the practice degree which the capacity to carry out an inter-professional team approach: a good relationship with care recipients; … favorable interpersonal relationships at work; …

    Nursing Journal of Kagawa University 23(1), 23-32, 2019

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  • Transforming Favorite Lipsticks into Long-Lasting Products Using an Over-Coating Film  [in Japanese]

    Azuma Ryuta , Kakimoto Ryo , Hokao Emi

    … One common approach to developing a long-lasting, non-smearing lipstick product is using volatile oils and film-forming agents to create a thin film on the lip surface. … Another approach is to use a polyethylene glycol or glycerin-modified silicone oil to create a lipstick comprising of a moisture gel that matches the natural moisture in the lips. …

    Journal of Society of Cosmetic Chemists of Japan 53(3), 188-196, 2019


  • Structure of Japanese Interpersonal Trait Words: An Analysis Based on the Psycho-Lexical Approach  [in Japanese]

    Hashimoto Yasuhiro , Oshio Atsushi

    … <p>This study examined the circumplex structure of Japanese interpersonal trait words based on a psycho-lexical approach. … Seven hundred and nineteen undergraduate students rated 259 interpersonal trait words in regard to how accurately these words described their personality; …

    The Japanese Journal of Personality 28(1), 16-27, 2019


  • Communication Learning Support for Pragmatic Language Disorders Using a Humanoid Robot  [in Japanese]

    YABUKI Keigo , SUMI Kaoru

    … People with pragmatic language disorders tend to have problems with interpersonal relationships with typical development because they cannot understand the meaning of ambiguous utterances. … Results of the evaluation experiment show that the learning effect was more remarkable than the text-based approach. …

    Proceedings of the Annual Conference of JSAI JSAI2019(0), 1O4J1203-1O4J1203, 2019


  • The role of body-to-mind approach based on oriental method: Multifaceted effect on the problems induced by "Super Competitive Society"  [in Japanese]

    Amemiya Rei

    … Under such circumstances, the psychological, physical, and interpersonal burdens imposed on people will become more significant, and as a result, it is expected that health problems, performance inhibitions, and dilution of social relations will worsen. … As a means of addressing this issue, Japanese society must adjust its solution from that of traditional Western methods such as the top-down approach to a new strategy. …

    Emotion Studies 4(1), 42-49, 2019


  • Support for a patient transferred for long-term medical treatment with a strong desire for home care:<sub>―</sub>One case study of a patient who depends on his wife for everything<sub>― </sub>  [in Japanese]

    Miyahara Kazusa

    … This example was the discharge support, or social work approach, of a patient with a strong desire for home care, but relies on his wife for all of his daily needs. … In other words, as a specialist of interpersonal help, the medical social worker is asked to provide timely information necessary for a patient and his/her family, respect their choices and decisions, and provide that support. …

    Research bulletin of Tokushima Bunri University 97(0), 39-42, 2019

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  • Review of studies using projection methods on substance use disorders  [in Japanese]

    松井 一裕 , 河野 荘子 , 森田 美弥子 , MATSUI Kazuhiro , KONO Syoko , MORITA Miyako

    … Nevertheless, there were common problems such as interpersonal relationships and reality-testing and thought disorder. … Moreover, interpersonal relationship problems and pathology comparable to schizophrenia were also reported. … It is also suggested that research should not only clarify characteristic of substance use disorders but also lead to a treatment approach for individuals with substance use disorders by interpreting individual themes by using projective methods. …

    名古屋大学大学院教育発達科学研究科紀要. 心理発達科学 (65), 93-105, 2018-12-28

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  • A Switching Hybrid Dynamical System: Toward Understanding Complex Interpersonal Behavior

    Yamamoto Yuji , Kijima Akifumi , Okumura Motoki , Yokoyama Keiko , Gohara Kazutoshi

    … Complex human behavior, including interlimb and interpersonal coordination, has been studied from a dynamical system perspective. … We review the applications of a dynamical system approach to a sporting activity, which includes continuous, discrete, and switching dynamics. … Continuous dynamics identified switching between in- and anti-phase synchronization, controlled by an interpersonal distance of 0.1 m during expert kendo matches, using a relative phase analysis. …

    Applied Sciences 9(1), 39, 2018-12


  • The Process of Developing Interpersonal Style in Patients with Narcolepsy  [in Japanese]

    羽澄 恵 , 本多 真

    臨床心理学 = Japanese journal of clinical psychology 18(4), 475-485, 2018-07

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  • Facilitating English Communication Skills and Interpersonal Competence through the Medium of Educational Drama

    Richard R.P. Gabbrielli

    … In the present article, in addition to the facilitation of English communication skills, particular reference is made to nurturing interpersonal competence. …

    安田女子大学大学院紀要 = The journal of the Graduate School, Yasuda Women's University (23), 35-55, 2018-03-31

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  • Narcissism and Immersion in Smartphones : A Behavioral Observation Approach  [in Japanese]

    加藤 仁 , Kato Jin , カトウ ジン

    … In order to understand what psychological factors trigger immersion in smartphones, we examine how narcissism is related to smartphone use in a subway with a behavioral observation approach. …

    対人社会心理学研究 = Japanese journal of interpersonal and social psychology (18), 43-52, 2018-03

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