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  • Electrochemistry of metals using molten salts and ionic liquids  [in Japanese]

    上田 幹人

    溶融塩および高温化学 = Molten salts 63(1), 3-10, 2020

  • Accelerated Method for Designing Flow-Through Chromatography of Proteins

    Hasegawa Sumiko , Chen Chyi-Shin , Yoshimoto Noriko , Yamamoto Shuichi

    … In this paper, we developed a simple and fast method for determining the sample feed volume for FTC processes by ion-exchange chromatography. … The proposed method was verified by a model separation system (removal of dimer from BSA monomer by anion exchange chromatography).</p> …



  • Desorption Behavior of Fukushima-derived Radiocesium in Sand Collected from Yotsukura Beach in Fukushima Prefecture

    NAGAO Seiya , TERASAKI Soichiro , OCHIAI Shinya , FUKUSHI Keisuke , TOMIHARA Seiichi , CHARETTE Mathew A. , BUESSELER Ken O.

    … These results indicate that about 10% of radiocesium adsorbed on the sand is mainly desorbed by ion exchange of potassium ion in seawater, though the concentration of major cation, or sodium ion, in seawater makes a small contribution on <sup>137</sup>Cs desorption from the sand samples.</p> …

    Analytical Sciences 36(5), 569-575, 2020


  • Novel Ionexchange Membrane with Polyolefin Reinforcement  [in Japanese]

    Fukuta Kenji

    … Novel ionexchange membrane has been developed using polyolefin reinforcement as the alternative to ordinal polyvinylchloride (PVC) material. …

    MEMBRANE 45(2), 81-84, 2020


  • Synthesis and Magnetic Properties of M<sup>2+</sup>Ti<sup>4+</sup> Substituted Ba<sub>12</sub>Fe<sub>28</sub>Ti<sub>15</sub>O<sub>84</sub>

    Yasuda N. , Kittaka S. , Kono Y. , Sakakibara T. , Kakizaki K. , Kamishima K.

    … The highest substitution amounts of M-Ti for Fe were consistent with the Ti-ion preference of each transition metal site reported before, suggesting that substituted Ti ions also preferred the sites with high Ti-ion occupancies. … was increased, which means that the substitution weakened the super-exchange interactions between Fe-O-Fe. …

    Journal of the Magnetics Society of Japan 44(3), 70-74, 2020


  • Enantioseparation and Determination of Levofloxacin and (<i>R</i>)-ofloxacin in Environmental Waters by Normal Phase LC/MS/MS

    ORIHARA Tomoaki

    <p>本研究では,逆相LCでは分離が困難なエナンチオマーであるレボフロキサシン((<i>S</i>)-オフロキサシン)と(<i>R</i>)-オフロキサシンを対象として,順相LC-MS/MSを用い分離・測定する方法について検討を行った.移動相を<i>t</i>-ブチルメチルエーテル/エタノール/酢酸/エチレンジアミ …

    BUNSEKI KAGAKU 69(3), 105-113, 2020


  • Hydrogen Depth-profiles in Nb Hydrides Formed in Supercritical Water

    Soda Kazuo , Sugiura Shinya , Yamaguchi Kanta , Kato Masahiko , Niwa Ken , Hasegawa Masashi , Suzuki Kohtaku , Ishigami Ryoya , Ikenaga Eiji

    … and/or NbD<i><sub>x</sub></i>, formed in supercritical water under extremely high pressures and temperatures were studied as a function of the depth from the hydride surface via ion-beam analyses (elastic recoil detection analysis with Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, ERDA/RBS). … The exchange of D with H was suggested in the surface region for the hydride specimen formed with D<sub>2</sub>O. …

    e-Journal of Surface Science and Nanotechnology 18(0), 152-158, 2020


  • Determination of Cadmium in Water Samples by Electrochemical Hydride Generation Atomic Fluorescence Spectrometry Using Series Graphite Tubes as Electrolytic Cells under Constant Voltage

    LIU Shuai , DUAN Xuchuan , SUN Jinsheng

    … The system did not have an ion exchange membrane and only needed a pump to transport the feed solution and waste. …

    Analytical Sciences 36(4), 419-423, 2020


  • The Na/Ca exchange was affected by KB-R7943, nicorandil and monensin in breast cancer cells  [in Japanese]

    Matsushita Natsuko , Kuraji Maki , Ookubo Akari , Takatori Yuki , Maeda Ayaha , Kimura Yuki , Shimizu Yoshiko , Takahashi Rei , Tsuchida Katsuharu

    <p>[Background] The Na<sup>+</sup>/Ca<sup>2+</sup> exchanger (NCX) plays a pivotal role in regulation of intracellular Ca<sup>2+</sup> concentration. NCX has …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 2-P-355, 2020


  • Sulfonated Poly(arylene perfluoroalkylene) Terpolymers as Novel Proton Exchange Membranes for High Performance Fuel Cells

    Long Zhi , Miyake Junpei , Miyatake Kenji

    … The SPAF-P terpolymers with reasonable molecular weight and various ion exchange capacity (IEC = 1.85–3.18 meq g<sup>−1</sup>) provided transparent and flexible membranes. …

    Bulletin of the Chemical Society of Japan 93(3), 338-344, 2020


  • Preparation and crystal structural properties of Er<sup>3+</sup>–exchanged GTS–type sodium titanosilicate

    FUJIWARA Keiko , KAWATA Naomi , NAKATSUKA Akihiko

    … The Er<sup>3+</sup>–exchange experiments revealed that the Er<sup>3+</sup>–exchange amounts (<i>x</i>) increase with increasing the concentration of ErCl<sub>3</sub> … aqueous solutions and the higher treatment temperature more effectively promotes ionexchange. … Thermogravimetry–differential thermal analysis (TG–DTA) measurements showed that the exchange of Na<sup>+</sup> …

    Journal of Mineralogical and Petrological Sciences 115(1), 59-64, 2020


  • Creation of new 2D materials using boron  [in Japanese]

    KONDO Takahiro

    <p>我々は最近,二ホウ化マグネシウム(MgB<sub>2</sub>)に含まれるマグネシウムの正イオンを水素の正イオン(プロトン)と交換することにより,これまでにない水素とホウ素のみで構成される新しい2次元物質「ホウ化水素(HB)シート」が室温・大気圧下という温和な条件で生成することを見いだした.この物質は150℃以上の加熱や紫外線照射で自身の分解生成物として …

    Oyo Buturi 89(3), 152-156, 2020


  • Regioselective Hydrogenation of <i>trans</i>-1-Phenyl-1,3-butadiene on Modified Pd/MOF Catalysts

    MIYAKE Takanori , TSUCHIYA Shun , MATSUMURA Ryousuke , SANO Makoto , SUZUKI Toshimitsu

    <p>修飾Pd/MOFを触媒としてトランス-1-フェニル-1,3-ブタジエンの位置選択的な水素化を65 ℃,5.0 MPaの水素圧力(ゲージ圧)下の液相で検討した。MIL-101構造の金属-有機構造体MOF–CrはCr<sup>3+</sup>をコーナーのカチオンとし,カチオンをつなぐリンカーにテレフタル酸を用いて調製した。MOF–Crと基本的に同じ構造を有する …

    Journal of the Japan Petroleum Institute 63(2), 96-101, 2020


  • Laundry Detergent Compatibility and Dehairing Efficiency of Alkaline Thermostable Protease Produced from <i>Aspergillus terreus</i> under Solid-state Fermentation

    Abu-Tahon Medhat Ahmed , Arafat Hussam Hassan , Isaac George Saad

    … The produced alkaline protease was purified by precipitation with iso-propanol and then purified through gel filtration and ion exchange column chromatography with a yield of 53.58% and 5.09- fold purification. …

    Journal of Oleo Science 69(3), 241-254, 2020


  • Flux Growth of Functional Inorganic Crystals with Ion Exchange Abilities  [in Japanese]

    Hayashi Fumitaka , Teshima Katsuya

    <p>  Water is indispensable for our daily life as well as sustainable development of our society. Besides, the Goal 6 of sustainable development goals (SDGs) aims to supply clean and accessible …

    Journal of the Japanese Association for Crystal Growth 46(4), n/a, 2020



    Miyazaki Hidetoshi , Kitano Yuta , Makinose Yuki , Handa Makoto , Nakashima Takeshi

    … <p>Herein we synthesized Na-type bentonite by hydrothermal ion exchange from Ca-type bentonite. … ions by hydrothermal treatment using ion-exchanged water or NaCl aqueous solution, respectively. …

    Clay Science 23(3), 47-53, 2020


  • Phospholipid-Dependent Functions of a Macrocyclic Analogue of the Ion-Channel-Forming Antibiotic Gramicidin A

    Mao Ji , Itoh Hiroaki , Sakurai Kaori , Inoue Masayuki

    … <p>An ion-channel-forming natural peptide, gramicidin A (<b>1</b>), exhibits potent antimicrobial activity against Gram-positive bacteria, although medical applications are limited to topical use due to its mammalian cytotoxicity. … provides a promising starting point for developing new ion-channel-based systemic antibacterial agents because of its low mammalian cytotoxicity compared to that of the parent <b>1</b>. …

    Chemical and Pharmaceutical Bulletin 68(2), 173-178, 2020


  • Severe Colonic Stenosis after Surgery for Colonic Necrosis Associated with Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate  [in Japanese]

    Abe Kaoru , Sato Wataru , Umezu Hajime , Wakai Toshifumi , Kameyama Hitoshi , Tanaka Kana , Oyanagi Hidehito , Hotta Shinnosuke , Tajima Yosuke , Nakano Mae , Nakano Masato , Shimada Yoshifumi

    <p>症例は68歳,男性.慢性腎不全による高カリウム血症に対しポリスチレンスルホン酸ナトリウムを内服中に急性心不全を発症し,弁置換術,弁形成術が施行された.術後9日目に腹痛と血便が出現した.上行結腸壊死による汎発性腹膜炎と診断し,結腸右半切除と二連銃式の人工肛門造設術を行った.術後半年後の人工肛門閉鎖の際に左側結腸に狭窄を認め,残存結腸全摘,直腸S状部切除を行った.下行結腸に著明な狭窄 …

    Nippon Daicho Komonbyo Gakkai Zasshi 73(2), 64-69, 2020


  • Study on Adsorbents for Metal Ions Using Porous Silicate and Cellulose Fiber  [in Japanese]

    OSHIMA Syunichi

    <p>溶媒抽出法で用いられるβ-ジケトン型キレート試薬を担持したメソポーラスケイ酸塩MCM-41への二価金属イオンの吸着挙動を明らかにした。検討した金属イオンはキレート試薬と1:2錯体を形成し,MCM-41表面に吸着することを見出した。またMCM-41表面の疎水性を制御することにより,金属イオンの吸着能を改善できることが示唆された。さらに,窒素ドナー原子を有する多座配位子をセルロース繊 …

    Journal of Ion Exchange 31(1), 1-8, 2020


  • Separation of Cobalt and Nickel Ions Using Electrodialysis Reversal in the Presence of Ethylene Diamine Tetraacetic Acid  [in Japanese]

    TAKAHASHI Hiroshi , TAKAHASHI Kasumi , FUJITA Kazuki , NISHIDE Tsutomu

    <p>EDTA(エチレンジアミン四酢酸二ナトリウム)存在下において極性反転型電気透析法(ED-R)によりコバルトとニッケルイオンの分離を行った。通常の電気透析(ED)を行った場合,ニッケルイオンとコバルトイオンの膜透過速度にはほとんど差がなく,イオン交換膜の選択性のみでは両金属種の分離は困難であった。これに対してEDTA存在下で電気透析を行った場合,コバルトイオンが優先的に陽イオン交換 …

    Journal of Ion Exchange 31(1), 9-15, 2020


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