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  • Research and Development Activities of JAEA for HTGR System Realization  [in Japanese]

    峯尾 英章 [他]

    Ατομοσ : journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan = アトモス : 日本原子力学会誌 62(9), 504-508, 2020-09

  • Research and Development Activities of JAEA for HTGR System Realization  [in Japanese]

    Mineo Hideaki , Nishihara Tetsuo , Ohashi Hirofumi , Goto Minoru , Sato Hiroyuki , Takegami Hiroaki

    <p> 高温ガス炉は,ヘリウムガス冷却,黒鉛減速の熱中性子炉で,優れた固有の安全性を有しており,発電のみならず,水素製造などの多様な熱利用に用いることができる。このため,わが国のみならず,海外においても温室効果ガス排出量削減に有効な技術として期待されている。本稿では,ガスタービン発電や水素製造などの熱利用施設と高温ガス炉で構成される高温ガス炉システムの実用化に向け,日本原子力研究開発機 …

    Journal of the Atomic Energy Society of Japan 62(9), 504-508, 2020


  • High temperature electrical resistivity of rigid thermal insulation fabricated from carbon fiber felt  [in Japanese]

    Iwashita Norio

    … <p>Rigid thermal insulation material fabricated from carbon fiber felt has been used for high temperature applications such as heating in an artificial graphite furnace, e.g., silicon semiconductor manufacture. … atmospheres was barely noticeable for isotropic graphite and glass-like carbon.</p> …

    TANSO 2020(294), 101-105, 2020


  • Irradiation Effects on Mechanical Properties and Microstructures of Carbon Materials for Fusion Reactors  [in Japanese]

    UNO Kota , KURUMADA Akira , ITOH Goroh , ATSUMI Hisao

    … In this research, an isotropic graphite, a pyrolytic graphite and a C/C composite were irradiated by neutron with a low temperature and a high neutron flux in the research reactor (BR2) of Belgium. …

    The Proceedings of Ibaraki District Conference 2019.27(0), 408, 2019



    Wang Yu , Zhang Jian , Lou Mengqi , Xie Feng , Ma Jie , Yang Xiaobao

    … The key achievements of fuel performance in HTGRs include the design, improvement, and development of tristructural isotropic (TRISO)-coated fuel particle, which contains a central fuel kernel with four subsequent layers on the outside. …

    The Proceedings of the International Conference on Nuclear Engineering (ICONE) 2019.27(0), 1300, 2019


  • Temperature dependence of the coefficient of thermal expansion of different artificial graphites and the dimensional change during heat treatment of carbonized specimens

    Iwashita Norio

    … <p>The linear thermal expansion of two artificial graphite products, an isotropic graphite and an extruded nipple electrode, was measured during heating up to 2400 °C by a newly developed device with a non-contact laser micro-gage. … For the isotropic graphite and the parallel specimen of the nipple electrode, temperature dependences of the CTE below 500 °C were different. …

    TANSO 2019(289), 148-153, 2019


  • Comparison between Diamagnetic Magnetic Force by Graphite and PG Disks and Levitation Rotation of Non-controlled Magnetic Levitation Motor.

    FUNATSU Tsunemasa

    … The author made prototype an uncontrolled magnetic levitation motor using a permanent magnet and graphite. … The author derived the equation for obtaining the diamagnetic magnetic force of isotropic graphite and anisotropic graphite. … Furthermore, it was found that the diamagnetic magnetic force distribution in the X axis direction of isotropic graphite and anisotropic graphite are different. …

    Journal of the Japan Society of Applied Electromagnetics and Mechanics 27(2), 258-263, 2019


  • Irradiation Effects on Mechanical Properties of Graphite Materials for Fusion Reactors  [in Japanese]

    UNO Kota , KURUMADA Akira , MIYATA Satoru , ATSUMI Hisao , ITOH Goroh

    … In this research, isotropic graphites, a pyrolytic carbon and a C/C composite were irradiated by neutron with a low temperature and a high neutron flux in the research reactor (BR2) of Belgium. …

    The Proceedings of Ibaraki District Conference 2018.26(0), 425, 2018


  • First Principles Calculation of Unoccupied States of Monolayer Naphthalene on Graphene  [in Japanese]

    Wella Sasfan/Arman , Sawada Hiroyuki , Kawaguchi Nana , Muttaqien Fahdzi , Inagaki Kouji , Hamada Ikutaro , Morikawa Yoshitada , Hamamoto Yuji

    … We next investigate the unoccupied states of the tilted naphthalene on graphene and focus on the image potential states (IPSs) as observed experimentally on the naphthalene-graphite interface. … Unlike the effective mass of LGIPS, which is isotropic, the effective mass of the new IPS is anisotropic. …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2017A(0), 261-262, 2017


  • Structural analysis of carbon materials by microscopy and image processing  [in Japanese]

    Oshida Kyoichi

    … They were also used to analyze the pore shapes of isotropic graphite from optical micrographs. …

    TANSO 2017(278), 91-102, 2017


  • The change in resistance of a graphite heater at high temperatures  [in Japanese]

    Okada Masaki , Yoshimoto Osamu , Tatsumi Makoto , Ohta Naoto

    Graphite materials are often used for heaters in industrial furnaces that are expected to attain temperatures higher than 2000 °C. … This study investigated the effect of gas atmosphere on the resistance of a box-shaped heater made from isotropic graphite. …

    TANSO 2016(271), 2-9, 2016


  • Influence of Deuterium Retention on Secondary Electron Emission from Graphite under Deuterium Plasma Exposure

    KANEKO Tatsuya , OHNO Noriyasu , NAKAMURA Yuki , YAMAGIWA Masato , MATSUNAMI Noriaki , KAJITA Shin , TAKAGI Makoto

    … <p>The influence of deuterium retention on the electron-impact secondary electron emission (SEE) is studied in isotropic graphite (ETU-10). … While deuterium retention increased with decreasing graphite sample temperature, the sheath voltage on the sample surface decreased. …

    Plasma and Fusion Research 10(0), 1402009-1402009, 2015


  • Apparatus for measuring the relative electrical resistivity of graphite materials at high temperatures by direct heating  [in Japanese]

    Yoshimoto Osamu , Okada Masaki , Ohta Naoto

    … A new direct heating apparatus was developed for measuring the relative electrical resistivity of graphite materials in the range from room temperature to 3000 °C. … The temperature dependence of the relative resistivity of isotropic high-density graphite, extruded graphite and graphite sheets showed an initial decrease to a minimum at around 600 °C followed by a linear increase up to 3000 °C. …

    TANSO 2015(268), 166-170, 2015


  • Weight loss of isotropic high-density graphite during oxidation  [in Japanese]

    Sato Yukiko , Shiota Shinji , Sano Fumi , Shimizu Yumi , Osaki Hirotaka , Nishi Yoko

    … The weight loss of isotropic high-density graphite products as a result of oxidation was measured at different temperatures under a constant flow of dried air: at 550 °C for 24 h under an air flow of 4 L min<sup>-1</sup>, at 700 °C for 2.5 h under 4 L min<sup>-1</sup>, and at 1200 °C for 1 h under 2 L min<sup>-1</sup>. …

    TANSO 2015(268), 160-165, 2015


  • Development of a device for the measurement of the thermal expansion of artificial graphite materials at high temperature  [in Japanese]

    Iwashita Norio

    … A device that simultaneously measures the dimensional changes of artificial graphite due to thermal expansion by two methods, contact and non-contact, has been developed. … The contact method uses high-density isotropic graphite as a reference material, measurement jigs and a heater in electric furnace. …

    TANSO 2015(268), 135-137, 2015


  • Infinity Possibilities of "Isotropic Graphite" : From Solar Cell to Atomic Power  [in Japanese]

    國本 英治

    化学工学 78(8), 532-534, 2014-08

  • OS1203 Digital image analysis of isotropic graphite porosity using 3D X-ray computed tomography  [in Japanese]

    SUMITA Junya , SHIBATA Taiju , MUTO Takenori , MIHASHI Masahiko , SATO Masahiro , YAMASHITA Ryo , SAKABA Nariaki

    Isotropic graphite has homogeneous characteristic such as thermal expansion in all direction, high strength due to fine-grain structure and low characteristic variation in addition to characteristics of general graphite. … Since graphite is porous material containing 20% of porosity, the characteristics of graphite strongly depends on shape and volume distribution of pore. …

    The Proceedings of the Materials and Mechanics Conference 2014(0), _OS1203-1_-_OS1203-3_, 2014


  • Direct bonding of AlN and graphite by spark plasma sintering

    OKUNI Tomoyuki , MIYAMOTO Yoshinari , ABE Hiroya , NAITO Makio

    … AlN powders were simultaneously sintered and bonded to isotropic graphite disks at temperatures of 1800 and 1900°C under 30 MPa by spark plasma sintering (SPS). … The bonding mechanism is proposed as follows: as the temperature increases, a molten Al–Y–O phase forms and flows into the open pores of graphite. … phase forms, resulting in a physical bond between the graphite and AlN. …

    Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan 121(1413), 448-451, 2013


  • Kinetic studies on the changes in structural and physical properties of isotropic graphite during graphitization  [in Japanese]

    OKADA Masaki , TATSUMI Makoto , OHTA Naoto

    … The effect of the residence time at different temperatures on the graphitization of an isotropic baked block was investigated by measuring the changes in structural and physical properties; … The same shift factors to convert between heat-treatment temperature and time could be used to obtain master curves for the structural and physical properties measured, suggesting that the graphitization of these isotropic baked block and calcined cokes proceeds by almost the same process. …

    TANSO (252), 54-62, 2012-04-01

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  • Determination of Pipe Wall Thickness using the Four-point Probe Technique  [in Japanese]

    YAMASHITA Masato

    … The starting specimen, which is made from isotropic graphite, has a form of 11.5 mm outer radius, 52.4 mm length and 8.01 mm wall thickness. …

    Journal of The Japanese Society for Non-Destructive Inspection 61(10), 545-552, 2012


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