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  • 汉日词汇关联性对中国学生的单词训读记忆效果考察

    滕 小春 , 森冈 文泉


    中国古典文学研究 : 広島大学中国古典文学プロジェクト研究センター年報 (14), 53-61, 2017-03

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  • WA in the Japanese Vocabulary  [in Japanese]

    Yamauchi Yoichiro , Wang Jianying

    … There are many words which include "WA(話)" in Japanese vocabulary. … Those words are very important when people communicate using the Japanese language. … Recently the Chinese character WA is fixed to be pronounced as "WA" in ONYOMI (Chinese-like way) and "HANASU" in KUNYOMI (Japanese way). … You can find examples of them in Shijing. …

    Bulletin of Nara University of Education Cultural and social science 46(1), 339-347, 1997-11


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