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  • Chord-aware automatic music transcription based on hierarchical Bayesian integration of acoustic and language models

    Ojima Yuta , Nakamura Eita , Itoyama Katsutoshi , Yoshii Kazuyoshi

    … Since chords and musical notes are deeply linked with each other, we propose joint pitch and chord estimation based on a Bayesian hierarchical model that consists of an acoustic model representing the generative process of a spectrogram and a language model representing the generative process of a piano roll. … The language model is formulated as a hidden Markov model that has chord labels as the latent variables and emits a piano roll. …

    APSIPA Transactions on Signal and Information Processing 7, 2018-11-22

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  • 自然言語処理と深層学習を用いた株式市場の予測

    白方 健司 , 津田 博史 , シラカタ ケンジ , ツダ ヒロシ , Shirakata Kenji , Tsuda Hiroshi

    … 分回帰モデル)及び深層学習を用いた機械学習モデルにより株式市場の価格変動の予測を試みた.本研究の目的は,PCRモデルと比較することで,深層学習による機械学習モデルの有効性を検証することである.その際,機械学習モデルには,単純なリカレントニューラルネットワーク(RNN)を使用した.Recently, there are many motivations to quantify text data and use them for investment because the technology of the natural language processing has …

    同志社大学ハリス理化学研究報告 = The Harris science review of Doshisha University 59(3), 163-172, 2018-10

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  • JFL環境における日本語学習者を対象とした内発的動機づけ研究の可能性 : 香港における日本のポピュラーカルチャーをきっかけとする学習者の検討から

    小林 由子

    … Intrinsic Motivation is important for Japanese learners in JFL (Japanese as Foreign Language) environment because they often triggered by their interest in Japanese language or culture. … In many Japanese language education studies, motivation theory in SLA (Second Language Acquisition) studies are applied. … Motivation models in SLA study partly intake psychological theory but the psychological theory in SLA study does not renew. …

    国際広報メディア・観光学ジャーナル 27, 157-172, 2018-09-30


  • On the Construction of Translation in Partial Bidirectionalization

    Soichiro Hidaka , Massimo Tisi

    … In our previous work, we have proposed a general framework of partially translating UX languages to BX ones to fully maintain the expressive power of the UX languages while allowing backpropagable updates on a part of target models. … In an additive transformation language, sequences of language constructs at different level of well-defined syntactic hierarchy in a transformation can be shorten to produce smaller outputs. …

    情報処理学会論文誌プログラミング(PRO) 11(2), 26-26, 2018-06-26


  • CEFR-based Lexical Simplification Dataset

    Uchida Satoru , Takada Shohei , Arase Yuki

    … This study creates a language dataset for lexical simplification based on Common European Framework of References for Languages (CEFR) levels (CEFR-LS). … Lexical simplification has continued to be one of the important tasks for language learning and education.There are several language resources for lexical simplification that are available for generating rules and creating simplifiers using machine learning. …

    Proceedings of International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation 11, 3254-3258, 2018-05


  • 中国の大学における日本語教育モデルの変革について

    郭 徳玉

    東京経済大学学術研究センター年報 = Annals of Tokyo Keizai University Academic Research Center (特別), 05-15, 2018-03-20


  • Mining Words in the Minds of Second Language Learners for Learner-specific Word Difficulty

    Yo Ehara , Issei Sato , Hidekazu Oiwa , Hiroshi Nakagawa

    … Therefore, we investigated theoretically and practically important models for predicting second language learners' vocabulary and propose another model for this vocabulary prediction task. … With the current models, the same word difficulty measure is shared by all learners. … Our model is also an extension of these current models in the sense that these models are special cases of our model. …

    情報処理学会論文誌 59(3), 2018-03-15


  • 型を用いた「書くこと」の実践

    Yamane Hideaki

    … There are many students who show hesitation and dissatisfaction when writing an essay was assigned in classes of Japanese language. …

    鳥取大学附属中学校研究紀要 49, 21-28, 2018-03-01


  • The Future of EFL Teachers

    KOIKE Anita

    … More and more schools in Asia, Europe and South America, from elementary schools to universities, are using Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) methodology for teaching academic subjects. … It has currently become one of the most popular teaching and learning models, especially in non-English speaking countries. …

    国際地域学研究 = Journal of regional development studies (21), 61-66, 2018-03


  • An Examination of the Sea Ice Rheology for Seasonal Ice Zones Based on Ice Drift and Thickness Observations

    Toyota Takenobu , Kimura Noriaki

    … The validity of the sea ice rheological model formulated by Hibler (1979), which is widely used in present numerical sea ice models, is examined for the Sea of Okhotsk as an example of the seasonal ice zone (SIZ), based on satellite-derived sea ice velocity, concentration and thickness. … Plain Language Summary Sea ice plays an important role in shaping the polar climate. … Therefore, it is quite important to accurately simulate its behavior in climate models. …

    Journal of Geophysical Research Oceans 123(2), 1406-1428, 2018-02-05

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  • 大学間連携による日本語教育実習のモデル形成の試み

    藤平 愛美 , Fujihira Manami , フジヒラ マナミ

    大阪大学日本語日本文化教育センターは、共同利用拠点として国内諸大学で日本語教育を学ぶ学生に対して、教育実習の場所と機会を提供してきた。それぞれの大学において教育実習の位置づけや背景が異なるため、各大学の現状に合わせてカスタマイズした形での教育実習を構築してきた結果、大きく5つの教育実習モデルに集約できるようになった。本稿では、教育実習を外部機関に委託する上での問題点を指摘する。そして、これまでのC …

    大阪大学日本語日本文化教育センター授業研究 (16), 23-39, 2018-02

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  • Hierarchical Coordinate Structure Analysis for Japanese Statutory Sentences Using Neural Language Models

    Yamakoshi Takahiro , Ohno Tomohiro , Ogawa Yasuhiro , Nakamura Makoto , Toyama Katsuhiko

    … <p>We propose a method for analyzing the hierarchical coordinate structure of Japanese statutory sentences using neural language models (NLMs). …

    自然言語処理 25(4), 393-419, 2018


  • The Long Arc of History: Neural Network Approaches to Diachronic Linguistic Change

    Jo Eun Seo , Algee-Hewitt Mark

    … Numeric representations of language allow us to statistically quantify and compare the significance of discursive changes and capture linguistic relationships over time. … Here, we compare two deep learning methods of quantitatively identifying the chronology of linguistic shifts: RNN classification and RNN language modeling. …

    Journal of the Japanese Association for Digital Humanities 3(1), 1-32, 2018


  • 移植骨実物大立体模型の血管柄付き腓骨移植術への応用

    佐々木 康介 , 五谷 寛之 , 田中 祥貴 , 吉村 奉修 , 八木 寛久

    … This study was performed to evaluate the usage of full-scale three-dimensional (3D) bone models in vascularized fibula graft surgery. … A standard triangulated language (STL) file for each bone model was constructed from CT data using commercially available computer software. …

    日本マイクロサージャリー学会会誌 31(3), 132-136, 2018


  • 自然演繹に基づく論理推論の文間類似度学習・ 含意関係認識への応用

    谷中 瞳 , 峯島 宏次 , Martinez-Gomez Pascual , 戸次 大介

    <p>文と文がどのような意味的関係にあるかという文間の関連性の計算は,情報検索や文書分類,質問応答などの自然言語処理の基盤を築く重要な技術である.文の意味をベクトルや数値で表現する手法は未だ発展途上であり,自然言語処理分野においては,様々な機械学習による手法が活発に研究されている.これらの手法では,文字や単語を単位としたベクトルを入力として,それらの表層的な出現パターンとその振る舞いを …

    自然言語処理 25(3), 295-324, 2018


  • libRCGA: a C library for real-coded genetic algorithms for rapid parameter estimation of kinetic models

    Maeda Kazuhiro , Boogerd Fred C. , Kurata Hiroyuki

    … star</sup>/JGG), are implemented in C language and paralleled by Message Passing Interface (MPI). …

    IPSJ Transactions on Bioinformatics 11(0), 31-40, 2018


  • 小型コンピュータにおける深層学習アプリケーションの動作検証

    西崎 博光 , レオ チー シャン , 牧野 浩二

    … The verification experiments show that a program based on a deep learning library implemented by C++ language fast run and simple neural network models could work in real-time on small computers. …

    電気学会論文誌. C 138(9), 1108-1115, 2018


  • Trueness and precision of digital impressions obtained using an intraoral scanner with different head size in the partially edentulous mandible

    Hayama Hironari , Fueki Kenji , Wadachi Juro , Wakabayashi Noriyuki

    … Mandibular Kennedy Class I and III models with soft silicone simulated-mucosa placed on the residual edentulous ridge were used. … The reference models were converted to standard triangulated language (STL) file format using an extraoral scanner. … For conventional impressions, pressure impressions of the reference models were made and working casts fabricated using modified dental stone; …

    日本補綴歯科学会雑誌 62(3), 347-352, 2018


  • A fully digital approach to replicate functional and aesthetic parameters in implant-supported full-arch rehabilitation

    Monaco Carlo , Ragazzini Nicola , Scheda Lorenzo , Evangelisti Edoardo

    … Through the first set, standard tessellation language 1 (STL1), provisional restorations screwed to implants and the surrounding gingival tissue was captured. … Using STL4, the master models with implant analogues were 3D printed. …

    日本補綴歯科学会雑誌 62(3), 383-385, 2018