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  • Ultra-Rapid Real-Time RT-PCR Method for Detecting Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Using a Mobile PCR Device, PCR1100

    Shirato Kazuya , Nao Naganori , Matsuyama Shutoku , Kageyama Tsutomu

    … Currently, two real-time RT-PCR assays targeting the upE and ORF1a regions of the MERS-CoV genome are widely used, and these are the standard assays recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). … However, conventional real-time RT-PCR assays require large laboratory instruments, and amplification takes approximately 2 h. …

    Japanese Journal of Infectious Diseases 73(3), 181-186, 2020


  • Application of hepatitis B virus-like particles to drug delivery vehicle.  [in Japanese]

    Sakai Chiho , Ookawa Hirohumi , Hosokawa Kouhei , Watanabe Tadashi , Ueda Keiji , Fujimuro Masahiro

    … We focused on a viral cell-tropism as a hint of the new drug delivery vehicle. … VLPs do not have viral genome and capsid protein; … VLPs consist of cell membrane and viral membrane-protein (cell receptor) that bind to the host cell. … Previous studies shown that HBV-VLPs were produced in cells which were co-expressing HBV two surface proteins, large S (LS)- and small S (SS). …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 93(0), 2-P-249, 2020


  • Whole-Genome Analysis of Human Papillomavirus Type 16 Prevalent in Japanese Women with or without Cervical Lesions

    佐藤 豊実 , Yusuke Hirose , Mamiko Onuki , Yuri Tenjimbayashi , Mayuko Yamaguchi-Naka , Seiichiro Mori , Nobutaka Tasaka , Toyomi SATOH , Tohru Morisada , Takashi Iwata , Tohru Kiyono , Takashi Mimura , Akihiko Sekizawa , Koji Matsumoto , Iwao Kukimoto

    … Recent large-scale genomics studies of human papillomaviruses (HPVs) have shown a high level of genomic variability of HPV16, the most prevalent genotype in HPV-associated malignancies, and provided new insights into the biological and clinical relevance of its genetic variations in cervical cancer development. … Here, we performed deep sequencing analyses of the viral genome to explore genetic variations of HPV16 that are prevalent in Japan. …

    Viruses 11(4), 350, 2019-04


  • A novel insect-infecting virga/nege-like virus group and its pervasive endogenization into insect genomes

    Kondo Hideki , Chiba Sotaro , Maruyama Kazuyuki , Andika Ida Bagus , Suzuki Nobuhiro

    … Furthermore, we discovered endogenous viral elements (EVEs) related to virga/nege-like viruses in the insect genomes, which enhances our understanding on their evolution. … A large variation in EVE patterns among Bombus species suggested that while some integration events occurred after the species divergence, others occurred before it. …

    Virus Research (262), 37-47, 2019-03-31


  • Xanthomonas citri jumbo phage XacN1 exhibits a wide host range and high complement of tRNA genes

    Yoshikawa Genki , Askora Ahmed , Blanc-Mathieu Romain , Kawasaki Takeru , Li Yanze , Nakano Miyako , Ogata Hiroyuki , Yamada Takashi

    … Its linear 384,670 bp double-stranded DNA genome encodes 592 proteins and presents the longest (66 kbp) direct terminal repeats (DTRs) among sequenced viral genomes. … The DTRs harbor 56 tRNA genes, which correspond to all 20 amino acids and represent the largest number of tRNA genes reported in a viral genome. …

    Scientific Reports 8(1), 4486, 2018-03-14


  • Xanthomonas citri jumbo phage XacN1 exhibits a wide host range and high complement of tRNA genes

    Yoshikawa Genki , Askora Ahmed , Blanc-Mathieu Romain , Kawasaki Takeru , Li Yanze , Nakano Miyako , Ogata Hiroyuki , Yamada Takashi

    … Its linear 384, 670 bp double-stranded DNA genome encodes 592 proteins and presents the longest (66 kbp) direct terminal repeats (DTRs) among sequenced viral genomes. … The DTRs harbor 56 tRNA genes, which correspond to all 20 amino acids and represent the largest number of tRNA genes reported in a viral genome. …

    Scientific Reports (8), 2018-03-14


  • Complete Genome Sequence of a Novel RNA Virus Identified from a Deep-Sea Animal, <i>Osedax japonicus</i>

    Urayama Syun-ichi , Takaki Yoshihiro , Nunoura Takuro , Miyamoto Norio

    … <p>The deep sea, the largest biosphere on Earth, nurtures a large variety of animals. … We herein report the first full-length RNA viral genome sequence identified from the deep-sea animal, <i>Osedax japonicus</i>, called Osedax japonicus RNA virus 1 (OjRV1). … However, the phylogenetic position and genome structure of OjRV1 differed from those of viruses in <i>Togaviridae</i>. …

    Microbes and Environments 33(4), 446-449, 2018


  • Design and prototyping of a Bombyx mori nucleopolyhedrovirus-based genome assembly from PCR-amplified DNA fragments

    Harada Naoto , Ishibashi Daiki , Asano Shin-ichiro , Sato Masanao , Bando Hisanori

    … Recent technical advances on assembling DNA fragments has enabled generation of large, circular DNA of which length reached several hundred-kilobases. … Adaptation of such technologies to baculoviral genomics would allow for flexible manipulation of baculoviral genomes and thus generation of designed viral genomes for both basic and applied biology. …

    Journal of Insect Biotechnology and Sericology 87(3), 3_097-3_108, 2018


  • Development of basic technologies for improvement of breeding and cultivation of Japanese gentian

    Nishihara Masahiro , Tasaki Keisuke , Sasaki Nobuhiro , Takahashi Hideyuki

    … With its cool climate and large hilly and mountainous area, more than 60% of gentian production in Japan occurs in Iwate Prefecture. … Molecular biology techniques have been developed and applied in gentian breeding, including the diagnosis of viral diseases and analysis of physiological disorders to improve gentian production. …

    Breeding Science 68(1), 14-24, 2018


  • Characterization of canine coronavirus spread among domestic dogs in Vietnam

    van NGUYEN Dung , TERADA Yukata , MINAMI Shohei , YONEMITSU Kenzo , NAGATA Nao , LE Thanh Dinh Ha , KUWATA Ryusei , SHIMODA Hiroshi , MAEDA Ken

    … Furthemore, we succeeded in isolating CCoV/dog/HCM47/2015, the isolate was plaque-purified three times, and 3'-terminal one-third of the genome was analyzed. … Interestingly, the plaque-purified virus had a large deletion in ORF3abc and E genes (1,165 nt), and a short deletion in ORF7b gene (60 nt), suggesting that these regions are not necessary for <i>in vitro</i> … The isolated virus with a large deletion after <i>in vitro</i> …

    Journal of Veterinary Medical Science 79(2), 343-349, 2017

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  • Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome mimicking intravascular lymphoma  [in Japanese]

    AZUMA Taichi , SUEMORI Koichiro , MURAKAMI Yuichi , YASUKAWA Masaki

    … Since a diagnosis of intravascular large B cell lymphoma was strongly suspected, a random skin biopsy was performed but revealed no evidence of malignant lymphoma. … The severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome (SFTS) viral genome was detected in her serum obtained in the acute phase. …

    Rinsho Ketsueki 56(5), 491-495, 2015

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  • Engineering large viral DNA genomes using the CRISPR-Cas9 system

    Suenaga Tadahiro , Kohyama Masako , Hirayasu Kouyuki [他]

    Microbiology and immunology 58(9), 513-522, 2014-09

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  • Effects of Genetic and Environmental Factors on Neuropsychological Development  [in Japanese]

    Nagai Taku

    … Recent advances in genome analysis indicate that large numbers of common gene variants shape any individual's disease risk, including that for major mental illnesses. … Polyriboinosinic-polyribocytidilic acid (polyI:C) is known to induce strong innate immune responses that mimic immune activation by viral infections. …

    YAKUGAKU ZASSHI 134(10), 1029-1035, 2014

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  • Oncolytic Virus Therapy for Malignant Glioma  [in Japanese]

    ITO Motokazu , TODO Tomoki

    … A number of oncolytic HSV-1 viruses have been developed in recent years that have mutations in genes associated with neurovirulence and/or viral DNA synthesis to restrict viral replication to transformed cells.<br>  In designing recombinant viruses for clinical use, it is essential that ample safeguards be employed. …

    Japanese Journal of Neurosurgery 22(8), 613-618, 2013-08-20

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  • Recent progress in adenovirus vectors : focusing on VA-deleted AdV  [in Japanese]

    KONDO Saki , MAEKAWA Aya , SAITO Izumu , KANEGAE Yumi

    … We succeeded to identify a viral protein that cause the immune responses and reported ''low-inflammatory AdVs'' that mostly solve this problem. … However, to develop the ultimate form of this vector, it is necessary to remove virus-associated RNA (VA RNA) genes from the AdV vector genome. … they are not essential for viral growth but have important roles to make appropriate circumstances for this virus. …

    Uirusu 63(2), 155-164, 2013


  • RNA silencing as a tool to uncover gene function and engineer novel traits in soybean

    Kasai Megumi , Kanazawa Akira

    … RNA silencing has also been induced using viral vectors, which is particularly useful for gene function analysis. … So far, three viral vectors for virus-induced gene silencing have been developed for soybean. … One of the features of the soybean genome is the presence of a large number of duplicated genes. …

    Breeding Science 61(5), 468-479, 2012


  • Positive and negative regulation of transcription from HIV provirus  [in Japanese]

    OKAMOTO Takashi

    … The RNA genome of retroviruses including human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) will be converted into DNA, called "propvirus". … This proviral DNA will be integrated into host cell genome and behave like host genes. …

    Uirusu 61(1), 81-90, 2011-06-01

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  • Generation of Micronuclei during Interphase by Coupling between Cytoplasmic Membrane Blebbing and Nuclear Budding

    Utani Koh-ichi , Okamoto Atsushi , Shimizu Noriaki

    … A large cytoplasmic bleb was found to frequently entrap lamin B1-negative micronuclei, which were connected to the nucleus by a thin chromatin stalk. … Chromatin extrusion through lamina breaks has been referred to as herniation or a blister of the nucleus, and has been observed after the expression of viral proteins. … The budding was most frequent during S phase and more efficiently entrapped small extrachromosomal chromatin than the large chromosome arm. …

    PLoS ONE 6(11), e27233, 2011


  • Transduction of full-length dystrophin to multiple skeletal muscles improves motor performance and life span in utrophin/dystrophin double knockout mice

    Kawano Ryoko , Ishizaki Masatoshi , Maeda Yasushi , Uchida Yuji , Kimura En , Uchino Makoto

    … No viral vector except the helper-dependent adenovirus vector (HDAdv) can package 14-kilobase (kb) full-length dystrophin complementary DNA (cDNA), and HDAdv is considerably safer than old-generation adenovirus vectors because of the large-size deletion in its genome. …

    Molecular Therapy 16(5), 825-831, 2008-05


  • Genetic analysis for the rice stripe resistance of Japanese upland rice varieties and wild rice species  [in Japanese]

    前田 英郎

    … Rice stripe disease is one of the most important viral diseases affecting the rice (Oryza sativa L.) production in the temperate regions of East Asia, especially in China, Korea and Japan. … The QTL on chromosome 11 showed large effect for RSV and the LOD peak was detected near a RFLP marker G257. … rufipogon (A genome) was studied. … officinalis (C genome) was studied. …

    近畿中国四国農業研究センター研究報告 (7), 71-107, 2008-03

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