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  • A study on physical education instruction that aims life-long sports − Including motor proficiency of boccia and self-efficacy −  [in Japanese]

    洞井 秀之 , 藤田 紀昭 , 金森 克浩

    … of the basic motor skill, the basics of relation with others, the basic movement that is necessary for everyday life, acquisition of a feeling of self-efficacy2)By taking in the contents of training menu providing by Aichi Boccia Association, Specifically learning principle for the way of throwing balls, training with using newspaper, thinking strategy to get points and using recreational boccia rule, it is possible to create the instruction that aims life-long sport. …

    日本福祉大学スポーツ科学論集 = The Journal of Sport Sciences, Nihon Fukushi University (4), 1-10, 2021-03-31


  • Effect of an exercise program targeting knee pain on medical costs of elderly community-dwelling adults  [in Japanese]

    YAMADA Takuya , ARAO Takashi , FUKUDA Yoshiharu , SATO Shinichiro , MARUO Kazushi , NAKAMURA Mutsumi , NEMOTO Yuta , TAKEDA Noriko , SAWADA Susumu , KITABATAKE Yoshinori

    <p><b>目的</b> 本研究の目的は,地域在住自立高齢者に対する膝痛改善教室(教室)が医療費の推移へ与える効果を検討することであった。</p><p><b>方法</b> 2015年1月から2月の間に山梨県都留市A地区在住の自立高齢者を対象に非ランダム化比較試験として4週間の教室を実施した。本研究の分析対象者は,教 …

    Nihon Koshu Eisei Zasshi(JAPANESE JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH), 2021


  • Proposal for practice in mixed-gender classes - What we have found from hurdling practice.  [in Japanese]

    戸井 有希 , 安井 仁

    男女が活動を共にして社会を形成すること,共に運動に親しみ,健康の保持増進に努めることは重要とされ,今や当たり前となっている。しかし,現在のところ,中学校では保健体育の授業において,男女共習で授業を行うという授業形態は定着しておらず,男女共習の研究も多く見られない。そこで,本校の保健体育の授業を男女共習に移行していくきっかけとして,ハードル走において,男女共習での授業を実践した。実践において,生徒の …

    鳥取大学附属中学校研究紀要 (51), 135-141, 2020-03-01


  • Event Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction among Long-distance Runners

    Okayasu Isao

    … <p>In recent years, leisure, including sports and physical activity, has been shown to have positive effects on life satisfaction. … However, enough empirical evidence regarding long-distance running has not yet been provided. … Additionally, running event participants' attitudes regarding life satisfaction with life-long sports needs to be understood. …

    International Journal of Sport and Health Science, 2020


  • Current issues in access to care services for the elderly in Japan focusing on special permanent residents and foreign-born Japanese: A report by the Monitoring Report Committee of the Japanese Society of Public Health  [in Japanese]

    OHURA Tomoko , OKUMURA Jiro , WASHIO Masakazu , ISHIZAKI Tatsuro , OTSUBO Tetsuya , ANZAI Masaya , KAI Ichiro , UEKI Shouzoh , YANIWA Sayuri , FUJIWARA Yoshinori

    <p> 日本は世界の最長寿国の一つであり,介護リスクが高い75歳以上にも在留外国人が含まれる。今後,外国人の流入の増加や国際結婚などによる国際化が見込まれる日本においては,高齢者に占める外国人や外国系日本人の増加に伴い,日本語を第一言語としない高齢者が介護を受ける機会が増加することが予測される。</p><p> 現時点における日本の在留外国人ならびに外国系日本人高 …

    Nihon Koshu Eisei Zasshi(JAPANESE JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH) 67(7), 435-441, 2020

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  • Investigation of the exercise and sports life stage scale using latent rank theory  [in Japanese]

    KONDO Ryosuke

    … The purpose of this study was to investigate the applicability of the exercise and sports life stage (ESLstage) scale. … The scale items related to each element of "do", "watch" and "support" in ESL (exercise and sports life) were selected from the questionnaire (Japan Sports Agency, 2019b) by fish-bone diagram analysis. …

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences) 65(0), 321-336, 2020


  • I've Always Played : Recapturing Experiences through the Life Course from a Life History of an Older Woman in Hokkaido  [in Japanese]

    小坂井 留美

    … The purpose of the present study was to describe life-long experiences by a life history of an older woman in Hokkaido and to consider the essential factor of life-long sport. … Life histories were taken by interviews twice. …

    北翔大学生涯スポーツ学部研究紀要 (11), 109-117, 2020

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  • Relationship between the mission statement and growth of a community sports club  [in Japanese]

    SHIBATA Hiroki , SHIMIZU Norihiro

    … <p>  It is believed that the creation and popularization of community sports clubs(CSC)are important for raising the quality of community sport life. … In particular, long creation period and lively discussions, cognition for community issues, and positive attitude toward creating a mission statement were strongly related to the implementation of mission management.</p><p>  2. …

    Japanese Journal of Management for Physical Education and Sport 32(0), 1-23, 2019


  • The Role and Importance of Physical Literacy in Athlete Development and Physical Education : A Case Study of Canada and Its Applicability in Japan  [in Japanese]

    早乙女 誉 , CULOS-REED S. Nicole

    スポーツ産業学研究 = Journal of Japan Society of Sports Industry 28(2), 141-148, 2018-04

  • Promote the nation's participation in sport to realize a life-long sport society  [in Japanese]

    谷藤 千香

    [要旨] 文部科学省やスポーツ庁が主導する国のスポーツ政策では、スポーツ参画人口の拡大が求められている。スポーツ参画人口には「する」「みる」「ささえる」が挙げられるが、いずれも政策目標達成には至っていない。とりわけ、「ささえる」については停滞しており、東京オリンピック・パラリンピック等の開催に向けてスポーツボランティアの養成等が行われているが、これらのスポーツイベントにおけるボランティアだけではそ …

    千葉大学国際教養学研究 = Chiba University journal of liberal arts and sciences 2, 81-93, 2018-03

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  • Research on Supporting Dual Career for Japanese Paralympians


    … <p>In the world of sports, not only game results but the viewpoint of career is significant to the life of an athlete. …

    Juntendo Medical Journal 64(Suppl.1), 33-33, 2018


  • The Autobiographical Memories of Organized Camp during Childhood::Using the Camp Memory Characteristics Questionnaire  [in Japanese]

    SATO Fuyuka , IMURA Hitoshi

    … <p>The memories recollected from an individual's life are referred to as autobiographical memory. … That is the activity of creating relations between different parts of one's past, present, and future life and personality and development. …

    Japan Outdoor Education Journal 21(2), 15-26, 2018


  • Long-term consequence lateral ankle sprain : a significant public and sports medicine concern in physical active populations  [in Japanese]

    TERADA Masafumi

    … A lateral ankle sprains (LAS) is the most prevalent lower extremity injury in sports and everyday life, posing a substantial healthcare burden and resulting in many long-term complications. … The presence of CAI decreases activity levels, limits occupational involvements, and adversely impacts quality of life, as well as develops an early onset of degenerative pathology in the ankle, requiring costly medical diagnostic techniques and extensive treatments. …

    Japanese Journal of Athletic Training 3(2), 99-106, 2018


  • A strategy for adjusting the distance of the standing long jump in young children.  [in Japanese]

    Ohtaka Chiaki , Fujiwara Motoko

    … The purpose of this study was to clarify the characteristics required for adjusting the distance of the standing long jump in young children.<br> …

    Taiikugaku kenkyu (Japan Journal of Physical Education, Health and Sport Sciences) 63(1), 281-290, 2018


  • Long-term Impact of Cardiorespiratory Fitness on Type 2 Diabetes Incidence: A Cohort Study of Japanese Men

    Kawakami Ryoko , Higuchi Mitsuru , Miyachi Motohiko , Blair Steven N. , Sawada Susumu S. , Lee I-Min , Gando Yuko , Momma Haruki , Terada Shin , Kinugawa Chihiro , Okamoto Takashi , Tsukamoto Koji

    <p><b>Background:</b> We sought to examine the association between cardiorespiratory fitness (CRF) and incidence of type 2 diabetes considering the follow-up period in a cohort of Ja …

    Journal of Epidemiology 28(5), 266-273, 2018

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • The Role and Importance of Physical Literacy in Athlete Development and Physical Education:<BR>A Case Study of Canada and Its Applicability in Japan

    SAOTOME Homare , CULOS-REED S. Nicole

    … sp;   The purpose of this article was to introduce the role and importance of physical literacy in Canadian Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD) and physical education, and to consider the applicability of physical literacy in Japanese athlete development and physical education.<BR>    Physical literacy can be described as “the motivation, confidence, physical competence, knowledge and understanding to value and take responsibility for engagement in physical activities for life”. …

    Journal of Japan Society of Sports Industry 28(2), 2_141-2_148, 2018


  • Aspects of Social Activities by Life Events Related to Healthy Life Expectancy among Community-dwelling Older People in Hokkaido  [in Japanese]

    小坂井 留美 , 上田 知行 , 佐々木 浩子 , 井出 幸二郎 , 花井 篤子 , 小田 史郎 , 本間 美幸 , 黒田 裕太 , 本多 理紗 , 小川 裕美 , 小田嶋 政子 , 相内 俊一 , 沖田 孝一

    本研究では,無作為抽出された北海道の在宅高年齢者を対象に,健康寿命関連イベント発生状況別に社会活動性の特徴を検討した。「死亡」,「入院」,「要支援・要介護」をまとめた発生割合は,約1.5年の追跡で5.6%であった。各イベント発生状況別の特性では,「死亡」の発生では社会的交流が少なくなっている傾向がみとめられた。「入院」では活動能力などの身体的な低下は認められるものの,社会的交流や知的能動性などは保 …

    北翔大学生涯スポーツ学部研究紀要 = Bulletin of Hokusho University School of Lifelong Sport (9), 127-132, 2018

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  • Health care by walking in an aging society and encouragement for tourism

    Oyabu Takashi , Kimura Haruhiko , Liu Aijun

    … It is becoming difficult to manage the social security system (mainly pensions, medical and long-term care). … The extension of healthy life expectancy and the improvement of labor force participation rate of the elderly can be proposed as a solution. … The willingness to work and thirst for knowledge of the elderly will be increased by going on a journey and enjoying a sport game. …

    Journal of Global Tourism Research 2(1), 25-31, 2017


  • Effect of exercise as the mental health solution in workplace  [in Japanese]

    Nagamatsu Toshiya

    … On the other hand, being sedentary for long periods is associated with worsemental health. … These findings suggest that physical activity enhances psychological well-being, and that constant recreational and sport activities effectively promote better mental health in the workplace. …


    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

  • ‘Reason of State in the English Renaissance(Literature)’  [in Japanese]


    … Meinecke, a German historian, this ‘noble sport’ … Nation into a revolutionary ‘subject’.<br>    To John Donne, a failure in life due to his religious faith and secret marriage, the trope doesn’t imply the Queen’s deformed body, but his own world of love. … He tries in vain to persuade his newlywed wife to live an eternal life with him like the Phoenix that resurrects as often as it dies. …

    Transactions of the Japan Academy 71(3), 115, 2017


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