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  • The Trend and Actual Condition of Small-Size Residence of Single-Person Households around the University Campuses in Seoul  [in Japanese]

    洪 銅基 , 坂井 猛 , デイビガルピティヤ プラサンナ , 郝 訳然

    … This study aims to identify measures to improve the living environment of Single-person households and university students in areas around the campus by examining the present conditions and efforts taken by the universities where the campus plan is carried out. … In order to improve the living environment of the single-person households in the surrounding area if university campuses; …

    都市・建築学研究 : 九州大学大学院人間環境学研究院紀要 (37), 39-48, 2020-01

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  • Relationships among Adverse Events, Physical Condition and Exercise Therapy Effect in Patients with Blood Tumors during Chemotherapy  [in Japanese]

    NAKAE Motomitsu , CHUMA Takayo

    <p>〔目的〕化学療法中の有害事象と身体状況,運動効果との関連性を検討することを目的とした.〔対象と方法〕対象は,化学療法目的入院の血液腫瘍患者でリハビリテーションが処方された症例である.運動効果指標はCancer Functional Assessment Set(cFAS),motor Functional Independence Measure(mFIM)を,栄養指標はGeri …

    Rigakuryoho Kagaku 35(3), 413-419, 2020

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  • Destructive Creation in the Reiwa Era Utilization of "the Concept of Modern Mibyou" as Presymptomatic Medicine

    Fukuo Yoshihiro

    令和に入り、平成時代に生じた人口減少による社会保障システムの"ゆがみ"が表面化しつつある。地域の過疎化、年金問題、とりわけ医療保障制度の継続は困難な状況であることが露呈されてきた。そこでパラダイムシフトの切り札として"未病"の活用が求められるようになってきた。理由は身体状態は「健康か病気か」の二つの概念しかないとするこれまでの二元論から脱却して、第三の心身状 …

    Journal of International Society of Life Information Science 38(1), 15, 2020

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  • Heart beat detection under the noncontact and clothing condition by means of microwave reflectometry : Future applications and perspectives  [in Japanese]

    丸山 徹 , 間瀬 淳

    … Therefore, this microwave refrectometry is useful in the home monitoring of the old persons living alone without invading their personal life and privacy. … More sophisticated improvements are warranted for the wide use of this device as a convenient compact module in near future. …

    健康科学 = Journal of health science 42, 1-10, 2020

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  • The Whole-body Fixation Method of Rats using Modified-Farmer's Fixative for Gross Anatomy

    Kawabata Ryuji , Ichihara Takashi

    … In this experiments, it was found that performing immersion fixation in addition to perfusion fixation and using a concentration of acetic acid: ethanol at 1:7 as the perfusion fixative are most appropriate condition for anatomical practices. … Through these improvements, we were able to make specimens of rat more suitable for dissection training and detailed observations. …

    Alternatives to Animal Testing and Experimentation 24(1), 1-10, 2019

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  • Intervention Through Nutrition Improvement and Exercise Programs of Multi-professional Collaboration for Users of Fee-based Assisted Living Homes for the Older People

    FUJIO Yuko , SATO Nobuhiro , IKUTA Noriko , MIYASHITA Hiroko , ISEZAKI Shiori , INOUE Rie , TAKAHASHI Yoshiko , OGASAWARA Seiji , SHIMADA Hiromi , SUGIYAMA Tomoto

    … Through activities targeting nutrition improvement and exercise programs, a three-month intervention was conducted for nine users of fee-based assisted living homes for the older people in Kanagawa Prefecture with an Alb level of <3.8g/dl. … The Alb levels and dietary intake of users with a favorable physical condition were maintained/ increased, while the values of those with a poor physical condition decreased (decreased Alb group). …

    Total Rehabilitation Research 6(0), 1-13, 2018

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  • A Study on Peculiarity and Positioning of Seikatsu Published by Hakubunkan : An Aspect of "Life" and "Middle Class" Grasped by the Mass Media in the Taisho Era  [in Japanese]

    久井 英輔

    ノートルダム清心女子大学紀要. 外国語・外国文学編, 文化学編, 日本語・日本文学編 = Notre Dame Seishin University kiyo 41(1), 51-65, 2017


  • Current Status and Future Expectation on Epilepsy Care in Japan from the Results of Survey in Patients with Epilepsy-I -Patient Behavior, and Factors Driving Choice of Hospital and Physician-  [in Japanese]

    Yamauchi Toshio , Kawakubo Mieko

    てんかんを抱える人たちの現状を明らかにし、より質の高い医療を行うための示唆を得るべく、様態も多様な成人てんかん患者男女300名に対し、WEB調査を行った。本論文では、患者の受診行動や求めていることについて検討した。通院施設や診療科の選択とてんかんの様態に関連はなく、最初の受診先で治療を継続している人が約4割、決まった主治医がいる人は9割以上であった。主治医は、ある程度の専門性があれば、てんかん専門 …

    Journal of the Japan Epilepsy Society 33(1), 37-49, 2015

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  • The verification of awakening mood improvement effect due to dawn simulation  [in Japanese]

    青木 真理 , 神川 康子 , 戸田 直宏 [他] , 八田 和洋

    光は,目を通して脳を刺激し,目覚めや生体リズムに影響を与えている。自然環境の光は毎朝同じではなく,天候や季節によっても左右され,都合よく浴びることができない。先行研究では,高齢者において高照度光照射により認知機能が改善されたり,成人において起床前漸増光照射により生活リズムが改善されたりするという報告がされているが,小学生など児童を対象とした研究は未だ結論が得られていない。そこで本研究では,小学生と …

    富山大学人間発達科学部紀要 10(1), 121-127, 2015

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  • Low back pain condition and intervention in women resting after childbirth(Second report)Effects of guidance on wearing postpartum undergarments  [in Japanese]

    Fukuyama Tomoko , Takahashi Yui , Konishi Tomoko , Saijo Hiromi , Takahashi Hiroe , Tajima Mariko , Akai Yukiko

    本研究では分娩直後から1ヵ月間,腹帯や骨盤ベルトなどの産褥リフォームインナーで正しく腰部や骨盤周囲を固定する着用指導によって,腰痛改善の効果と,理学的診察法の有用性について検討することを目的とした。対象は正常経膣分娩で分娩直後から腰痛を自覚し,産褥リフォームインナーの着用を希望する着用腰痛群(72名)と,腰痛を自覚するが着用を希望しない非着用腰痛群(11名)の83名である。測定尺度には, Visu …

    Maternal health 55(1), 145-152, 2014-04

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  • The effect of a home exercise program for patients with hemophilia  [in Japanese]

    Goto Miwa , Takedani Hideyuki , Kubota Minoru , Haga Nobuhiko , Nitta Osamu

    <b>目的</b> : 血友病患者に対するホームエクササイズ (HE) 効果を検討すること<br><b>方法</b> : 16~60歳の血友病患者にHEを指導し, 12週間の介入前後に身体機能評価と自記式質問紙調査を行った. HEは, 膝伸展筋力の強化と膝屈曲筋群の持続的伸張, 活動量計装着下での身体活動促進とした. 評価項目は, 膝関節 …

    An Official Journal of the Japan Primary Care Association 37(1), 22-26, 2014

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  • The Lives and Experiences of ALS Patients without Tracheostomy Positive Pressure Ventilation : Using the Framework of the Life Structure Theory and Resources of Living  [in Japanese]

    TANAKA Emiko , TSUCHIYA You , HIRANO Yuko , OHBU Sadayoshi

    ALSは終末期には呼吸筋麻痺で死亡と認識されてきたが,1980年代以降医療機器等の発展後,呼吸筋麻痺後を含め「新しいALS観」が提唱された.しかし現在も装着率は3割にとどまる.本研究は遺族に対し,生活構造論と生活の資源を用い,装着者(5例)と照合し,非装着者(13例)の病の経験と生活を調査した.結果から,(1)アイデンティティは社会制度の利用に影響を与える,(2)情報提供の適切な時期,量は個々の生 …

    Japanese Journal of Social Welfare 53(4), 82-95, 2013

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  • The Study on the Transformation of the Food Culture of Eating Sea Cucumbers : The Case of Liaodong Peninsula in China  [in Japanese]

    王 慧琴

    特集 : 社会学 社会心理学 文化人類学投稿論文

    哲学 128(-), 347-367, 2012-03


  • Equity access focus on health-seeking behavior, nutrition, safe water, and sanitation in Laos PDR

    Pholsena Soulivanh

    … and (3) to determine the relationship between people's health condition and social determinants/predictors.Methods: We conducted a study by comparing two national cross-sectional surveys: the Lao Economic and Household Consumption Surveys (LECS) from FY 2002-03 (LECS III) and FY 2007-08 (LECS IV). …

    Journal of the National Institute of Public Health 60(5), 439-440, 2011-10

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  • John Stuart Mill's Theory of the Stationary State in Connection with the Law of the Falling Rate of Profit  [in Japanese]

    MAEHARA Naoko

    … clarifies that the richest and most prosperous countries would very soon attain the stationary state of capital and wealth, if no further improvements were made in the productive arts. … He believed that further improvements in the productive arts and better distribution of property would bring the ideal condition of society, even in the stationary state. …

    Political Economy Quarterly 47(3), 79-90, 2010


  • 1A1-F14 Robot control inspired by Escherichia Coli chemotaxis

    DallaLibera Fabio , Ikemoto Shuhei , Minato Takashi , Ishiguro Hiroshi , Menegatti Emanuele

    Living beings like bacteria search food using extremely simple strategies that reveal to be very robust. … The strategy underlying the algorithm consists in simply repeating control signals that lead to condition improvements. …

    The Proceedings of JSME annual Conference on Robotics and Mechatronics (Robomec) 2010(0), _1A1-F14_1-_1A1-F14_4, 2010


  • Atypical Employment and, Improvement of Working Condition : Equal Treatment in Employment Examined  [in Japanese]

    NAGATA Shun

    living conditions. … Their living conditions are characterized by: i) the growing poverty rate (as revealed by OECD report), ii) a rapid increase in the number of the working poor, and iii) the poor working conditions of atypical employment. … These directives brought about improvements in employment status of atypical employment by narrowing the wage gap between typical employment and atypical employment. …

    Political Economy Quarterly 46(2), 58-69, 2009


  • Present Condition and Problems of Rice Industry in Cambodia

    石川 晃士

    … The agricultural sector is where the poor are employed and earn a living in Cambodia. … Therefore, the challenge for Cambodian rural development is to grasp the present situation and prioritize the constrains to increase productivity and generate improvements within the rice industry, and develop the strategies to overcome the existing obstacles. …

    Kyoto Working Papers on Area Studies: G-COE Series (12), 1-29, 2008-12


  • The effects of moisturizing gel to prevent dry mouth in patients with cerebrovascular disease  [in Japanese]

    Sudo Eiichi , Maejima Ichiro

    … 管障害後遺症患者9人(平均年齢83.8±2.4歳,男性3人,女性6人)を対象に予め口腔ケア·チェックリスト,口腔ケア·アセスメント表を作成し,保湿ジェル使用後から6カ月間,ADL(activities of daily living),身体状況,摂食状況,口腔内所見等を週に1回観察·評価した.また前記の中で6人(平均年齢83.8±2.5歳,男性2人,女性4人)を対象に,保湿ジェル使用前後の6カ月に於いて,発熱日数,抗菌薬投 …

    Nippon Ronen Igakkai Zasshi. Japanese Journal of Geriatrics 45(2), 196-201, 2008


  • Cell Metabolism Monitoring with MEMS Sensor  [in Japanese]

    NAKABEPPU Osamu , SAKAYORI Junichi

    … Cells and living tissue slightly but always generate metabolic heat as long as they are alive. … On the other hand, further improvements in thermal sensing ability can be expected with use of the MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) technology. … The calorimeter showed a sensitivity of 0.62 V/W under the condition of including culture solution, time constant of the calorimetric cell of 90 sec, and a noise equivalent power of 60 nW, which corresponds to metabolic heat of 3 × …

    Thermal Science and Engineering 14(4), 115-120, 2006-10-01

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