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    FUJII Haruyuki , HIRATA Sadayo , SHINOZAKI Ken-ichi

    … This paper describes the characteristics of the process of co-creating verbal expression of the judgement skill.</p><p> Seven types of the verbal expressions, which are made to evaluate the workmanship of the coral stone fences on the basis of visual information of the coral stone fences shown in the pictures, are extracted from the conversations to discuss about the workmanship as follows;</p><p> 1. …

    Journal of Architecture and Planning (Transactions of AIJ) 86(779), 345-355, 2021


  • Visualization of Japanese-Chinese parallel translation system of tara conditional sentence : Focusing on 1000 tara conditional sentences from 100 modern novels  [in Japanese]

    李 光赫 , 趙 海城 , LI Guanghe , ZHAO Haicheng

    … After visualizing the corresponding relations between 7 semantic classifications of tara conditional sentence and 13 Chinese translation patterns by network analysis and correspondence analysis, a systematic diagram combining these two types of information was created. …

    ことばの科学 (34), 149-165, 2020-12

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  • SBML Level 3: an extensible format for the exchange and reuse of biological models

    Sarah M Keating , Dagmar Waltemath , Matthias König , Fengkai Zhang , Andreas Dräger , Claudine Chaouiya , Frank T Bergmann , Andrew Finney , Colin S Gillespie , Tomáš Helikar , Stefan Hoops , Rahuman S Malik‐Sheriff , Stuart L Moodie , Ion I Moraru , Chris J Myers , Aurélien Naldi , Brett G Olivier , Sven Sahle , James C Schaff , Lucian P Smith , Maciej J Swat , Denis Thieffry , Leandro Watanabe , Darren J Wilkinson , Michael L Blinov , Kimberly Begley , James R Faeder , Harold F Gómez , Thomas M Hamm , Yuichiro Inagaki , Wolfram Liebermeister , Allyson L Lister , Daniel Lucio , Eric Mjolsness , Carole J Proctor , Karthik Raman , Nicolas Rodriguez , Clifford A Shaffer , Bruce E Shapiro , Joerg Stelling , Neil Swainston , Naoki Tanimura , John Wagner , Martin Meier‐Schellersheim , Herbert M Sauro , Bernhard Palsson , Hamid Bolouri , Hiroaki Kitano , Akira Funahashi , Henning Hermjakob , John C Doyle , Michael Hucka , Richard R Adams , Nicholas A Allen , Bastian R Angermann , Marco Antoniotti , Gary D Bader , Jan Červený , Mélanie Courtot , Chris D Cox , Piero Dalle Pezze , Emek Demir , William S Denney , Harish Dharuri , Julien Dorier , Dirk Drasdo , Ali Ebrahim , Johannes Eichner , Johan Elf , Lukas Endler , Chris T Evelo , Christoph Flamm , Ronan MT Fleming , Martina Fröhlich , Mihai Glont , Emanuel Gonçalves , Martin Golebiewski , Hovakim Grabski , Alex Gutteridge , Damon Hachmeister , Leonard A Harris , Benjamin D Heavner , Ron Henkel , William S Hlavacek , Bin Hu , Daniel R Hyduke , Hidde Jong , Nick Juty , Peter D Karp , Jonathan R Karr , Douglas B Kell , Roland Keller , Ilya Kiselev , Steffen Klamt , Edda Klipp , Christian Knüpfer , Fedor Kolpakov , Falko Krause , Martina Kutmon , Camille Laibe , Conor Lawless , Lu Li , Leslie M Loew , Rainer Machne , Yukiko Matsuoka , Pedro Mendes , Huaiyu Mi , Florian Mittag , Pedro T Monteiro , Kedar Nath Natarajan , Poul MF Nielsen , Tramy Nguyen , Alida Palmisano , Jean‐Baptiste Pettit , Thomas Pfau , Robert D Phair , Tomas Radivoyevitch , Johann M Rohwer , Oliver A Ruebenacker , Julio Saez‐Rodriguez , Martin Scharm , Henning Schmidt , Falk Schreiber , Michael Schubert , Roman Schulte , Stuart C Sealfon , Kieran Smallbone , Sylvain Soliman , Melanie I Stefan , Devin P Sullivan , Koichi Takahashi , Bas Teusink , David Tolnay , Ibrahim Vazirabad , Axel Kamp , Ulrike Wittig , Clemens Wrzodek , Finja Wrzodek , Ioannis Xenarios , Takahiro G Yamada , Anna Zhukova , Jeremy Zucker

    … Its modular form consists of a core suited to representing reaction-based models and packages that extend the core with features suited to other model types including constraint-based models, reaction-diffusion models, logical network models, and rule-based models. …

    Molecular Systems Biology 16(8), e9110, 2020-08-26


  • Harnessing the Power of Narratives in Teaching English  [in Japanese]

    山岡 大基

    日本の学校英語教育においては,「実践的な英語コミュニケーション能力の育成」という目標が強調されるにつれて,ナラティブは実用的価値が低いとみなされ,教材から駆逐されつつあり,特に検定教科書については,テクスト・タイプは説明文に過度に傾斜している現状である。しかしながら,そのような認識はナラティブについての浅薄な理解に基づくものである。言語コミュニケーションにおいてナラティブそのものが占める部分は大き …

    中等教育研究紀要 (66), 95-107, 2020-03-31

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  • A Study on the Syntactic Problems of Japanese Nominal and Adjectival Copula Sentences with a Topic

    谷守 正寛 , Masahiro TANIMORI

    … nominal copula sentences including the ones terminating with a copula da preceded by an adjectival noun that is regarded as a kind of noun here and adjectival copula sentences terminating with a copula preceded by an i-adjective, the author considers the essential prototype of these two types of sentences to be designated by 'A wa B' possibly without the Japanese copula da or without its polite equivalent desu, partly due to the linguistic fact that the copula is not necessarily indispensable for framing Japanese nominal sentences and adjectival …

    言語と文化 = The Journal of the Institute for Language and Culture (24), 89-112, 2020-03-10

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  • Diagrams for logics  [in Japanese]

    Sato Yuri , Mineshima Koji

    … <p>The use of diagrams, instead of linguistic and symbolic representations, in logical reasoning has been the subject of continuous research interest over the last few centuries. … More recently, according to some applications to computer sciences, various diagrammatic systems have been developed to handle extended types of logical information and reasoning. …

    Cognitive Studies: Bulletin of the Japanese Cognitive Science Society 28(1), 139-152, 2020


  • EVALUATION OF REPAIR TIME BY AUTOMATIC GENERATION OF LOGIC NETWORK OF REPAIR SCHEDULE:- Automatic generation of logic network and optimization of number of workers considering types of works -  [in Japanese]

    OKANO Hajime , NAGAYA Kazushi , NAKAMURA Masato , HASEGAWA Kan , KUSAKA Akihiro

    … In this paper, the repair schedule is expressed as a logical network, and a method for automatically generating a logical network for the building repair schedule is proposed, given the member repair schedule.</p><p> Given a list of preceding activities that need to be performed immediately before each activity, the node number of the logical network can be automatically determined, that means that a logical network has been created. …

    Journal of Structural and Construction Engineering (Transactions of AIJ) 85(775), 1233-1243, 2020


  • An ATM Security Measure to Prevent Unauthorized Deposit with a Smart Card

    OGATA Hisao , ISHIKAWA Tomoyoshi , MIYAMOTO Norichika , MATSUMOTO Tsutomu

    … <p>Recently, criminals frequently utilize logical attacks to Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) and financial institutes' … We proposed a security measure utilizing peripheral devices in an ATM for smart card transactions to prevent "unauthorized cash withdrawals" of logical attacks, and the fundamental framework as a generalized model of the measure in other paper. …

    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E103.D(3), 590-601, 2020


  • Generic Construction of Adaptively Secure Anonymous Key-Policy Attribute-Based Encryption from Public-Key Searchable Encryption

    HAYATA Junichiro , ISHIZAKA Masahito , SAKAI Yusuke , HANAOKA Goichiro , MATSUURA Kanta

    … Concerning PEKS that can specify logical disjunctions and logical conjunctions as a search condition, it is known that such PEKS can be (generically) constructed from anonymous attribute-based encryption (ABE). … However, it is not clear whether it is possible to construct this types of PEKS without using ABE which may require large computational/communication costs and strong mathematical assumptions. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E103.A(1), 107-113, 2020


  • On the Distribution of the Strong Preterite Plural and the Preterite-Present Present Plural Forms in the Proto-Germanic Verb System

    Tanaka Toshiya

    … paper focuses on the fact that, although the preterite tense formations of the strong verbs and the present tense formations of the preteritepresent verbs in ancient Germanic languages and Proto-Germanic tend to be similar in form, there seem to be two crucial morpho(phono)logical differences: (A) Class IV and V plural formations of the two distinct verbs at issue show an outstanding morphological discrepancy, as represented below: strong preterite plurals preterite-present present plurals having a long vowel in the root pointing to an original …

    英語英文学論叢 = Studies in English language and literature (70), 33-51, 2020

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  • How Caregivers Determine Whether Young Children are Experiencing Enjoyment  [in Japanese]

    鈴木 裕子 , 森 佑季

    … This data analysis method is suited for small-scale qualitative data such as open-ended surveys, and its unification of logical coding and qualitative data analysis is effective for this study. … It was demonstrated that they derive different types of enjoyment from the changing play. …

    愛知教育大学幼児教育研究 (20), 45-54, 2019-07-31


  • Possible Biomarkers for Cancer Immunotherapy

    Otoshi Takehiro , Nagano Tatsuya , Tachihara Motoko , Nishimura Yoshihiro

    … Although cancer immunotherapy has shown promise in various types of malignancies, thus far, the proportion of patients who can benefit from ICIs is relatively small. … The expression of programmed cell death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) is a logical biomarker for the prediction of response to anti-PD1/PD-L1 immunotherapies. …

    Cancers 11(7), 935, 2019-07-03


  • Why Do Patients with Non-odontogenic Toothache Want to Have Their Tooth Extracted?: An Explanation to Patients from a Logical Perspective  [in Japanese]

    Sakuma Yasushi

    症例の概要:54歳女性.抜髄後の難治性疼痛に対し,歯科医師から「歯を抜かないといけないような悪いところが無い」と言われたにもかかわらず納得せずに抜歯を希望した.最終的に他院で抜歯を受けたが,非歯原性歯痛と思われた.<br>考察:非歯原性歯痛は歯痛を生じうる疾患であるが,執拗に抜歯を希望されることが少なくない.患者が抜歯を希望するのは,歯痛の原因が歯にあると患者自身が思ったからである.な …

    Japanese Journal of Orofacial Pain 12(1), 33-38, 2019

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  • Integration of Human Inference Process Based on a Value Driven Associative Memory  [in Japanese]

    MIYATA Masahiro , OMORI Takashi

    <p>従来,人の推論には直観的推論と論理的推論の2種類があるとされる.これまでに直観的推論はベイズ推論に代表される確率的な手法により,論理的推論はTree探索に代表されるシンボル的な手法により,それぞれモデル化されてきた.一方で,推論と脳部位とを対応付けた研究はあるが,脳の神経回路を考慮した論理的推論のメカニズムについて言及したものは少ない.脳における論理的推論過程のモデルは未解決であ …

    Journal of Japan Society for Fuzzy Theory and Intelligent Informatics 31(3), 712-721, 2019



    TANIMORI Masahiro , Masahiro TANIMORI

    主題マーカーとしての日本語の助詞ハは一般的な文法解釈では説明不能な文が多々存在する。本稿では日本語の主題化の特性を追記的に解いていこうと試みるものであるが,主題がそれに続くコメント(評言)に含まれるどのような格関係にもないところの要素にも導かれていき得ること,或いは,主題と繋がれる要素との間の想定される論理的格関係を中和し得る機能を持つことの証左を幾つか例示しつつ,仮に論理的に主題に導かれ得る要素 …

    言語と文化 (23), 71-86, 2019

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  • Vocabulary guidance pertaining to "thinking" and "logic" in Japanese language education : In association with educational guidance on logical writing  [in Japanese]

    松崎 史周 , Fumichika Matsuzaki

    … This report explores the researches on vocabulary guidance pertaining to "thinking" and "logic" in Japanese language education, examining what kind of words and phrases have been selected and what kind of educational guidance has been provided, organizing their achievements and problems, and presenting the direction to develop the vocabulary guidance leading to the growth of logical expressiveness. …

    日本女子体育大学紀要 = Bulletin of Japan Women's College of Physical Education 48, 153-162, 2018-03

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  • Effects of Understanding the Logical Structure of Rule and Case Examples on the Application of Rule  [in Japanese]

    Shindo Toshihiko , Magara Keiichi

    ルールを教示された学習者がルール表象を形成した場合でも,そのルールを事例に適用できないことがある。本研究は,ルール表象を形成した学習者には2つのタイプ(タイプ1とタイプ2)があり,タイプ2の者がルールの適用に失敗することを明らかにした。「銅は電気を通す」という事例とともに「金属は電気を通す」というルールを大学生(N=74)に教え,ルール表象を形成したと考えられる対象者(N=39)を抽出した。このう …



  • The Classification of the Discourse Markers to Introduce New Topics:From the Viewpoint of Discourse Comprehension  [in Japanese]

    TANAKA Naomi

    <p> 本稿は,日本語会話において,話題転換時の新規話題導入発話の冒頭で用いられる「話題開始のための談話標識」を,聞き手の談話理解の手がかりとして分類することを目的とし,「BTSJによる日本語話し言葉コーパス」に収録された日本語母語話者による初対面雑談会話 (47会話,計13時間40分) で観察された当該表現について,聞き手が汲み取る情報の種類により分類した。その結果,観察された表現は …

    Journal of Japanese Language Teaching 170(0), 130-137, 2018


  • Effects of Definitions of Logical Implication on Unit Structure of Logic in Textbooks: Praxeological Analysis of a High School Mathematics Textbook Focusing on Indirect Proof  [in Japanese]

    HAKAMATA Ryoto , UEGATANI Yusuke , HAYATA Toru

    … The purpose of this paper is to elaborate effects of definitions of logical implication on the unit structure of logic in mathematics textbooks.  Especially, this study focuses on the effects of their definitions on indirect proof.<b> </b>For this purpose, we carried out praxeological analysis of a Japanese high school mathematics textbook within Anthropological Theory of the Didactic.  The analysis consists of two parts …

    Journal of JASME : research in mathematics education 24(1), 161-168, 2018


  • Development of the System which Enables Dynamic Data Check Regardless of EDC Systems Type  [in Japanese]

    Nishida S , Jingushi K , Furushima D , Yamamoto N , Iwao T , Yamada T

    <p> 臨床研究のデータマネジメント業務において,EDCシステムに入力されたデータの品質を確保するため,入力データに対して目視チェックとロジカルチェックを実施している.従来の臨床研究では,目視チェックによりエラー項目を検出するケースがほとんどであった.しかしながら,データ量が多くなるにつれてチェック作業に長い時間を要し,人為的ミスが起きる可能性が高くなる.そこで我々は,効率的に品質の高 …

    Japan Journal of Medical Informatics 38(2), 105-113, 2018

    J-STAGE  Ichushi Web 

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