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  • Verbal working memory, long-term knowledge, and statistical learning

    Saito Satoru , Nakayama Masataka , Tanida Yuki

    … Evidence supporting the idea that serial-order verbal working memory is underpinned by long-term knowledge has accumulated over more than half a century. …

    Current Directions in Psychological Science 29(4), 340-345, 2020-08-01


  • Neurocognitive Evaluation of Japanese Childhood Cancer Survivors

    AKIYAMA Kosuke , TOYAMA Daisuke , IKEDA Hirokazu , YAMAMOTO Shohei , IKEZAWA Satoru , HASEGAWA Yumi , SUGISITA Yumiko , KANEKO Ryota , OKAMOTO Naoko , KOGANESAWA Masaya , FUJITA Sachio , MATSUNO Ryosuke

    Long-term cognitive effects following acute lymphoblastic leukemia treatment have been reported for Caucasians; … Deviation intelligence quotients (IQ) for verbal comprehension (VC), perceptual reasoning (PR), processing speed (PS), and working memory (WM) were compared with the standardized mean and standard deviation (SD; …

    The Showa University Journal of Medical Sciences 32(1), 25-32, 2020

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  • Decreased hippocampal GLP-1 and the shift in the circadian rhythms are induced by long-term exposure of isoflurane with surgery in mice  [in Japanese]

    Iino Takeshi , Suda Takahiro , Hamamoto Tetsukazu , Seki Kenjirou

    … The spatial working memory subjected by spontaneous alteration in the Y-maze is significantly decreased 24 hours in mice with 2h-exposure of isoflurane plus abdominal surgery. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society 92(0), 1-P-019, 2019


  • Neuron loss and dysfunctionality in hippocampus explain aircraft noise induced working memory impairment: a resting-state fMRI study on military pilots

    Cheng Huijuan , Sun Guodong , Li Mei , Yin Minhong , Chen Hao

    … <p>Long-term aircraft noise exposure may cast a detrimental effect upon the working memory of military pilots, and the brain structural and functional bases of noise related cognitive impairment remains unclear. …

    BioScience Trends 13(5), 430-440, 2019

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  • Does working memory training enhance intelligence?  [in Japanese]

    Tsubomi Hiroyuki , Saito Satoru , Osaka Mariko , Osaka Naoyuki

    … <p>Working memory (WM) is a capacity-limited cognitive system that strongly relates to higher-order cognitive abilities including fluid intelligence. … It has been suggested that WM training can increase memory capacity, which in turn, improves general intellectual abilities. …

    The Japanese journal of psychology 90(3), 308-326, 2019

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  • Function of Working Memory in Processing of Auditorily Presented Sentences by Chinese Learners of Japanese Language : An Experimental Test Manipulating the Order of Context  [in Japanese]

    徐 暢

    … The purpose of this study is to investigate the function of working memory (WM) in processing the short passages auditorily presented to the Chinese advanced learners of Japanese language, with the order of context manipulated. … The results suggest that learners with large WM capacity tend to memorize the speech information by transferring propositions to their long-term memory. …

    広島大学大学院教育学研究科紀要. 第二部, 文化教育開発関連領域 (68), 167-176, 2019

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  • Separability of active semantic and phonological maintenance in verbal working memory

    Nishiyama Ryoji

    … Models of verbal working memory that incorporate active memory maintenance, long-term memory networks, and attention control have been developed. … Current studies suggest that semantic representations of words, evoked via long-term memory networks, are actively maintained until they are needed to fulfill a role. …

    PLoS ONE 13(3), 2018-03-07


  • A Theoretical Framework for Learning Second/Foreign Language Vocabulary in Pictorial Form

    Bates James William

    東京女子大学紀要論集 68(2), 139-159, 2018-03

  • Effect of botulinum toxin type-A treatment on non-motor symptoms and cognitive functions in patients with isolated adult-onset cervical dystonia

    Relja Maja , Miletic Vladimir

    … Cognitive functions were assessed using Cogtest: a computerized neurocognitive battery set of 5 tests examining several cognitive domains: Auditory Number Sequencing (ANS), Spatial Working Memory (SWM), Strategic Target Detection (STD), Continuous Performance Test- Flanker version (Flanker CPT) and Tower of London (ToL). … There was no impact on cognitive functions during this short term treatment. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO4-1-61, 2018


  • Brain histamine boosts reactivation of weak memory engrams and restores forgotten long-term memories in mice and humans

    Nomura Hiroshi , Ikegaya Yuji , Mizuta Hiroto , Norimoto Hiroaki , Masuda Fumitaka , Miura Yuki , Kubo Ayame , Saito Ryoki , Minami Masabumi , Takahashi Hidehiko

    … <p>Even after memories fade over long time, the lost memories may persist latently in the brain. … Reinforcement of positive modulators for retrieval of long-term memory may recover the ostensibly forgotten items. … However, how the retrieval of long-term memory is modulated is less understood than short-term memory. …

    Proceedings for Annual Meeting of The Japanese Pharmacological Society WCP2018(0), PO1-1-11, 2018


  • Observational Evidence of the Association Between Handgrip Strength, Hand Dexterity, and Cognitive Performance in Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Systematic Review

    Kobayashi-Cuya Kimi Estela , Sakurai Ryota , Suzuki Hiroyuki , Ogawa Susumu , Takebayashi Toru , Fujiwara Yoshinori

    … Also, one cross-sectional and three longitudinal studies found an association with cognitive domains, such as language, memory, visuospatial ability, working memory, and processing speed. … Although handgrip strength was associated with cognitive performance, it is unclear which variable at baseline affects the other in the long-term. …

    Journal of Epidemiology 28(9), 373-381, 2018

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  • Establishment of evaluation system for short-term memory and working memory  [in Japanese]

    Ishikawa Yasuyuki , Suzuki Yuka , 岩﨑 すみれ , Syoda Shiho

    Memory can be classified into at least short-term memory and long-term memory based on its retention time. … Short-term memory usually disappears immediately, but when some event, gaze or novelty happens at the same time, it is selectively converted to long-term memory. …



  • Schizophrenia-like phenotypes in mice with NMDA receptor ablation in intralaminar thalamic nucleus cells and gene therapy-based reversal in adults

    Yasuda K , Hayashi Y , Yoshida T , Kashiwagi M , Nakagawa N , Michikawa T , Tanaka M , Ando R , Huang A , Hosoya T , McHugh T J , Kuwahara M , Itohara S , 林 悠

    … The mutant mice exhibited various schizophrenia-like phenotypes, including deficits in working memory, long-term spatial memory, and attention, as well as impulsivity, impaired prepulse inhibition, hyperlocomotion and hyperarousal. …

    Translational Psychiatry (7), e1047, 2017-02


  • Neurocognitive performance of a girl with acute lymphoblastic leukemia: a prospective longitudinal case study  [in Japanese]

    Sato Satomi , Takimoto Tetsuya , Fujii Miu , Ishida Toshiaki , Kosaka Yoshiyuki , Dairoku Hitoshi

    <p>小児の急性リンパ性白血病 (ALL) の治療に必須のmethotrexate (MTX) 大量療法や髄注は,知的な能力に影響を及ぼしうる長期的な神経毒性(白質脳症を含む)が懸念される.今回,MTX大量療法を行ったALL標準リスクの診断時年齢4歳女児の知的な能力について縦断的な前向き調査を行った.WISC-IV知能検査を1年ごとに計4回実施した.対象児は,ALL発症前までは成長発達 …

    The Japanese Journal of Pediatric Hematology / Oncology 54(5), 403-407, 2017


  • The Relation between Grade Points and Cognitive/Non-cognitive Ability  [in Japanese]

    藤本 浩一

    本研究は認知的/非認知的能力と学業成績の関係を検討した。70 名の女子大学生が順唱、逆唱、語音整列、謎かけ、類推テストの5 つの認知的テストを受けた。非認知的能力を検査するために、エゴグラムが実施された。認知的能力に関する結果は、短期記憶を測る順唱、ワーキングメモリを測る逆唱と語音整列は学業成績と有意な相関がなかった。謎かけと類推テストも学業成績と有意な相関がなかった。エゴグラムの2 つの状態が学 …

    Journal of the Faculty of Human Sciences, Kobe Shoin Women's University = 人間科学部篇 : JOHS (5), 1-8, 2016-03

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  • Decrease in the visual search and spatial working memory function accompanying Long-term Consecutive Visual Search  [in Japanese]

    Oki Kazuma , Koshizawa Ryo , Takayose Masaki , Jujo Akira , Morinaga Masaki , Takahashi Ryosuke , Koyama Yuzo

    … <p>  We investigated the influence of a long-term consecutive visual search (LTCVS) on a cerebral activity during visual search and spatial working memory (VSSWM).</p><p>  Ten subjects performed VSSWM tasks before and after LTCVS tasks. …

    Health and Behavior Sciences 14(2), 59-65, 2016

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  • Long-term phonological knowledge supports serial ordering in working memory.

    Nakayama Masataka , Tanida Yuki , Saito Satoru

    … It has also been demonstrated repeatedly that long-term phonological knowledge contributes to serial ordering. … The effects demonstrated in this article indicate the long-term associations of position representations and elements. …

    Journal of experimental psychology. Learning, memory, and cognition 41(5), 1570-1578, 2015-09


  • Incorrect Answer in Pretest and Memory Fixation

    Tanaka Saeko , Miyatani Makoto

    … Receiving a test is also known to promote learning and long-term retention of memory. … However, it has not been investigated whether the pre-test effect in promoting long-term retention of memory differs by the characteristics of students or not. …

    Theory and research for developing learning systems 1, 1-13, 2015-03


  • Incorrect Answer in Pretest and Memory Fixation  [in Japanese]

    田中 紗枝子 , 宮谷 真人

    … 本論文は,Theory and Research for Developing Learning Systems, Vol.1 所収の英語論文 "Incorrect answer in pretest and memory fixation" の日本語訳論文である。 …

    学習システム研究 ([1]), 4-15, 2015-03

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  • Functional analysis of α1,6- fucosyltransferase deficient mice and underlying molecular mechanism  [in Japanese]

    Fukuda Tomohiko , Gu Jianguo

    糖タンパク質に付加された糖鎖はさまざまな生物活性を持つと考えられているが,特定の糖鎖構造との関係を示した研究は少ない。しかし,脳組織に発現する N 型糖鎖はα1,6 フコース修飾されている割合が高いことが知られている。我々は N 型糖鎖の根元にα1,6 フコースを転移する糖転移酵素(Fut8)欠損マウスの表現型が神経疾患のいくつかの症状・特徴と類似していることを見い出し,人 …

    Japanese Journal of Biological Psychiatry 26(2), 95-101, 2015

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