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  • Design of self-referenced wide input voltage range LDO using enhanced current mirror buffer and improved lead compensation

    Liu Sheng , Zhao Menglian , Yang Zhao , Wu Xiaobo

    … <p>This letter presents the self-referenced architecture to simplify design process and current mirror based power stage with wide input voltage to expand the application range of low-dropout (LDO) regulator. … Featuring a BiCMOS symmetrical operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) whose input and power supply are also the output of LDO, the LDO itself is a voltage reference as well as a voltage regulator. …

    IEICE Electronics Express, 2020


  • A 0.4-V 6.6-μW 75-dB SNDR Delta-Sigma Modulator Employing Gate-body-driven amplifier with local CMFB loop and Robust Clock Generator for Implantable Biomedical Devices

    Chen Yan , Chen Yousheng , Guo Yan

    … <p>This paper presents an ultra-low-voltage (ULV) high-resolution low-power continuous-time delta-sigma modulator for implantable biomedical devices. … The 2<sup>nd</sup>-order single-bit modulator adopts feed-forward architecture and a new fully differential ULV amplifier to achieve high signal-to-noise plus distortion ratio (SNDR) and power-efficient operation under 0.4-V supply. …

    IEICE Electronics Express, 2020


  • Comparison of Electrosynthesis of Ammonium Persulfate by Membrane Electrolytic Cells with Shared Catholyte and with Separate Catholyte

    ZHOU Junbo , WU Yutong , WANG Chao , GAO Liping

    … The model results showed that there appeared the bias ionic current from the low resistance electrolytic cell to the high resistance electrolytic cell with shared catholyte. … The experimental results showed that the cathode current of the PGN membrane electrolytic cell was 56 A lower than its anode current with shared catholyte while the cathode current of the ceramic membrane electrolytic cell was 56 A higher than its anode current at the supply voltage of 5.3 V. …

    Electrochemistry, 2020


  • Theoretical and Experimental Analyses of Dynamic Performance of Three-Level Buck Converters in Discontinuous Conduction Mode for Standby Mode Power Supply

    Yamauchi Yoshitaka , Sai Toru , Sakurai Takayasu , Takamiya Makoto

    … <p>A three-level buck converter in the discontinuous conduction mode (DCM), where the output power is typically less than 1W and the output current is less than several hundreds of mA, is a key circuit for integrated voltage regulators to achieve high efficiency at a light load in the standby mode operation of microprocessors. … A compensator design for the three-level buck converters in DCM and CCM in low-power application is discussed.</p> …

    IEEJ Journal of Industry Applications 9(3), 271-281, 2020


  • Loss Analysis from Capacitance between Windings in Multilayer Transformer and Loss Improvement by Winding Layer Layout Considering Working Voltage

    WATANABE Toshiyuki , OSHIKATA Tetsuya , NISHIJIMA Kimihiro , KUROKAWA Fujio

    … <p>An LLC converter has high efficiency and low noise and has thus recently attracted attention in the field of power supplies for use in information and communication systems. … A planar transformer is thought to be particularly effective in a high-frequency switching power supply because an ideal primary-secondary interleave structure can be formed by the multilayer structure, and the alternating-current (AC) resistance can be reduced. …

    IEICE Transactions on Communications E103.B(5), 517-523, 2020


  • Implementation of a 16-Phase 8-Branch Charge Pump with Advanced Charge Recycling Strategy

    PENG Hui , BAUWENS Pieter , PAUW Herbert De , DOUTRELOIGNE Jan

    … In a 4-stage version of this charge pump, a maximum power efficiency of 41% is achieved at 35µA output current and 11V output voltage from a 3.3V supply voltage. … The proposed multi-branch charge pump can also reach a very low output voltage ripple of only 0.146% at a load resistance of 1MΩ, which is attributed to the fact that the 8-branch charge pump can transfer charges to the output node eight times consecutively during one clock period. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E103.C(5), 231-237, 2020


  • A 65nm CMOS Process Li-ion Battery Charging Cascode SIDO Boost Converter with 89% Maximum Efficiency for RF Wireless Power Transfer Receiver

    Isshiki Yasuaki , Suzuki Dai , Ishida Ryo , Miyaji Kousuke

    … <p>This paper proposes and demonstrates a 65nm CMOS process cascode single-inductor-dual-output (SIDO) boost converter whose outputs are Liion battery and 1V low voltage supply for RF wireless power transfer (WPT) receiver. … The 1V power supply is used for internal control circuits to reduce power consumption. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics, 2020


  • A Compact TF-based LC-VCO with Ultra-Low-Power Operation and Supply Pushing Reduction for IoT Applications

    SUN Zheng , OKADA Kenichi , XU Dingxin , HUANG Hongye , LI Zheng , LIU Hanli , LIU Bangan , PANG Jian , SOMEYA Teruki , SHIRANE Atsushi

    … <p>This paper presents a miniaturized transformer-based ultra-low-power (ULP) LC-VCO with embedded supply pushing reduction techniques for IoT applications in 65-nm CMOS process. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics, 2020


  • A 16-bit 8-MS/s SAR ADC with a foreground calibration and hybrid-charge-supply power structure

    Zhang Zhenwei , Qiu Lei , Shan Yi , Dong Yemin

    … A nonbinary searching algorithm is adopted to speed up the conversion rate and overcome the incomplete settling of the reference voltage. … A foreground calibration method with low-cost circuitry is implemented to detect the mismatch of the capacitor digital-to-analog converter in calibration mode and compensate for the output code in conversion mode. … Moreover, the proposed ADC uses a hybrid-charge-supply power structure. …

    IEICE Electronics Express, 2020


  • Study on the single-event upset sensitivity of 65-nm CMOS sequential logic circuit

    LI Sai , HAN Jianwei , CHEN Rui , SHANGGUAN Shipeng , MA Yingqi , WANG Xuan

    … <p>This study uses a pulsed laser to investigate the sensitivity of a sequential logic circuit to a Single-Event-Upset (SEU) under different supply voltages, clock frequencies, and circuit architectures. … The results indicate that as the voltage decreases, the SEU sensibility of the circuit increases, and in particular at low voltage ranges, it increases significantly. …

    IEICE Electronics Express, 2020


  • 0.3 V 15-GHz Band VCO ICs with Novel Transformer-Based Harmonic Tuned Tanks in 45-nm SOI CMOS

    XU Xiao , SUGIURA Tsuyoshi , YOSHIMASU Toshihiko

    … <p>This paper presents two ultra-low voltage and high performance VCO ICs with two novel transformer-based harmonic tuned tanks. … The first proposed harmonic tuned tank effectively shapes the pseudo-square drain-node voltage waveform for close-in phase noise reduction. … To compensate the voltage drop caused by the transformer, an improved second tank is proposed. …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics, 2020


  • A 28-GHz-Band Highly Linear Stacked-FET Power Amplifier IC with High Back-Off PAE in 56-nm SOI CMOS

    CHEN Cuilin , SUGIURA Tsuyoshi , YOSHIMASU Toshihiko

    … A 4-stacked-FET structure is employed for high output power considering the low breakdown voltage of scaled MOSFET transistors. … A novel adaptive bias circuit is proposed to dynamically control the gate-to-source bias voltage for amplification MOSFETs. … At a supply voltage of 4 V, the PA IC has achieved an output power of 20.0 dBm with a PAE as high as 38.1% at the 1-dB gain compression point (P1dB). …

    IEICE Transactions on Electronics E103.C(4), 153-160, 2020


  • High-PSRR, Low-Voltage CMOS Current Mode Reference Circuit Using Self-Regulator with Adaptive Biasing Technique

    KONDO Kenya , TAMURA Hiroki , TANNO Koichi

    … <p>In this paper, we propose the low voltage CMOS current mode reference circuit using self-regulator with adaptive biasing technique. … It drastically reduces the line sensitivity (LS) of the output voltage and the power supply voltage dependence of the temperature coefficient (TC). …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E103.A(2), 486-491, 2020


  • Low Voltage Charge Pump Circuit with Double Boost Technique  [in Japanese]

    Uemi Allex , Hino Shota , Masui Yoshihiro

    … However, the power and voltage that can be harvested are very small. … Therefore, a power supply circuit is required to solve this problem. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Electronics, Information and Systems 140(1), 16-23, 2020


  • An Integrated Wideband Operational Transconductance Amplifier with Complementary Slew-Rate Enhancer

    LU Deng-Fong , HSIA Chin , LEE Kun-Chu

    … <p>The paper presents a low power, wideband operational trans-conductance amplifier (OTA) for applications to drive large capacitive loads. … In order to satisfy the low static power dissipation, high-speed, while reserving high current driving capability, the complementary slew-rate enhancer in conjunction with a dual class AB input stage to improve the slew-rate of a rail-to-rail two-stage OTA is proposed. …

    IEICE Transactions on Fundamentals of Electronics, Communications and Computer Sciences E103.A(1), 295-296, 2020


  • Design and Analysis of Low-Power Low Dropout Regulator without Op-Amps  [in Japanese]

    Araki Kakeru , Abidin Zainul , Mudjirahardjo Panca , Tanno Koichi

    … Conventional Low Dropout (LDO) regulator that the difference between input and output voltages is controlled by an operational amplifier (op-amp) in continuous time requires a static steady-state current and phase compensation in the feedback path. … In addition, it is difficult to use low-supply-voltage because it is difficult to operate general op-amp at low-voltage. …

    宮崎大學工學部紀要 (48), 85-89, 2019-07


  • Early Study for Performance Improvement of Unmanned Air Vehicle by Plasma Actuator  [in Japanese]

    SEKIMOTO Satoshi , FUJII Kozo , YONEDA Hiroshi

    … In particular, the effectiveness of plasma actuators at low Reynolds numbers has been shown in past studies. … However, since it is difficult to implement a high voltage power supply system for driving a plasma actuator on a UAV due to the limitation of the airframe size, there are few examples of enhancing the performance of the UAV with the plasma actuator. …

    The Proceedings of Mechanical Engineering Congress, Japan 2019(0), S05213, 2019


  • 高抵抗電極を用いた微細軸の放電加工  [in Japanese]

    Hayashi Ryuki , Koyano Tomohiro , Ashida Michihiro , Hosokawa Akira , Hurumoto Tatsuaki , Hashimoto Yohei

    <p>微細放電加工において,放電痕の大きさが,加工可能な最小サイズを決定する.本研究では,単結晶シリコンを工具電極として採用することで,放電痕の微小化をはかっている.また,さらなる微細化のために,ナノメートルの分解能を有するピエゾステージを採用している.さらに,放電エネルギーを低減させるために,低電源電圧下での微細軸加工実験を行った.その結果,先行研究と比べて,微細軸作製成功確率が向上 …

    Proceedings of JSPE Semestrial Meeting 2019A(0), 133-133, 2019


  • A 1.8 V 0.918 ppm/°C CMOS bandgap voltage reference with curvature-compensated

    Pan Gao , Hua Qing , Zhang Bo

    … <p>A new precise current mode bandgap voltage reference with TlnT compensation of non-linear temperature is proposed. … By using the voltage difference of two transistors working in different current states, the nonlinear compensation term of TlnT is generated. … At the same time, the optimal high-precision reference voltage source is obtained by using the method of piecewise compensation. …

    IEICE Electronics Express 16(23), 20190616-20190616, 2019


  • Common-mode Noise Suppression by Recovery Charge Difference Compensation in a Balanced Bridgeless PFC  [in Japanese]

    Shirakawa Kazuhiro , Arai Syunsuke , Tokumasu Akira , Taki Hiroshi , Shimizu Toshihisa

    … The on-board charger consists of a power factor correction (PFC) circuit and a DC/DC converter, and low noise is required to reduce the mass and weight of the noise filter. … The ground voltage at the load side fluctuates due to the difference in recovery electric charge between the pair of diodes in the rectifying section of the PFC, and the common-mode noise performance deteriorates. …

    IEEJ Transactions on Industry Applications 139(11), 916-923, 2019


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